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watching him


“How has life been since you moved here?” My best friend, Adaline, asked me as she crashed carelessly on the couch. I recently moved in with my parents to a great location in the city. However, as usual, they were gone on business vacations, and I was left alone in a big house.

“It’s good. My parents are gone, though,” I replied as I got her a cup of coffee.

“Then throw a party, Serena!” Adaline exclaimed as she jumped with excitement.

“I don’t want to throw a party. The last time I did, people fucked in my bed.” I groaned with disgust. It was a horrible scene, and over that, I had to clean the cum of my sheets of two complete strangers I didn’t even know.

“Yes, but it was fun! We all loved it.” Adaline said as winked at me, “At least, I did.”

“I know, but it’s too stressful. I also have neighbors, and they are going to create a scene if I throw a party here!” I exclaimed while pointing at the house beside me.

“Oh, come on, are we talking about that businessman next to your house? He literally brings whores into his house and fucks them with his window open. For the past week, you have been whining to me that the moans haven’t stopped, and you are unable to sleep!” Adaline argued.

I admit she was right. My neighbor, Mathew, was an old businessman, and he usually bought women into his house. It’s been over a weak I have heard loud moans and screams from his bedroom window.

I wish he could just close them down.

“I know, but I’m waiting for my parents to return than they’ll take care of this old man,” I said with a grin. I couldn’t wait.

“Come on. He isn’t that old. For his age, he’s pretty handsome!” Adaline said while directing her eyes towards the house nearby.

Matthew was getting inside his car and going for work. His body was thick with muscle. I sighed at his sheer, gorgeous perfection before closing the curtains.

“Enough of staring!” I exclaimed.

“I wasn’t the one staring; you were!” Adaline argued.

“Okay, whatever, we aren’t throwing a party. I might consider it in the future, but not right now. I have exams,” I cleared myself to her. She nodded her head and then shrugged.

“Your loss,” she took a sip of the coffee and then glanced back at me. “How do you manage to survive after seeing your hot neighbor pound into other women?” she asked.

I gasped at her question and slapped my hand at her shoulder, “Shut up, Adaline! Yes, he is hot, but I am trying not to overthink.”

“Do you see?” she asked.

“See what?” I furrowed my eyebrows together.

“When he’s fucking his women,”

“No!” I exclaimed as my eyes widened. “Of course not,” I lied. I don’t know how many times I have fingered myself while looking at him a spanking and thrusting his throbbing cock into other women. It was a sight no sane person could miss.


After a bit of conversation and games, Adaline left my house, and I returned back to studying for my exams, which were next week. I needed to put all my focus in there in order to graduate and then do my master’s.

I laid on my stomach and opened the book. My eyes surveyed around the information that was written inside the book. While reading, strange noises began echoing.

“Not again!” I groaned as I looked up at the window.

Matthew bought a new girl in his house this time. She seemed like an escort that he paid. The women had blonde hair, huge breasts, and a very curvy body. She was wearing a tight fitted dress that hugged her curves carelessly. I immediately got jealous, just looking at her beauty.

I watched Matthew enter the bedroom with his new woman. They began making out, and then he threw her on the bed. My insides tore apart as both of them got naked.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

This was going to be a long night. How was I supposed to study when my hot neighbor was pounding someone? He didn’t even bother to close the window. I believed he liked it when people heard his women scream and moan – it gave him some sort of satisfaction.

As Mathew penetrated his cock into the woman, she moaned his name and begged for me. He took her from the back and then from the front. Her tormented moans echoed through the entire neighborhood. I slammed my book down and headed out.

He needs to learn on how to close his windows.

I walked by to Mathew’s house in the cold and rang his bell. Once, twice, thrice. The naked Greek God showed up on the front door, partly covered – at least his bits were covered. I had seen them a hundred times over the past week.

He had an impressive cock for sure.

“Yes?” he asked as he opened the door.

I swallowed down the water that built in my mouth and straightened my posture. This wasn’t the time to be swooning over a partly naked neighbor.

“Could you please close your windows and quiet down a little bit?” I asked as I folded my hands across my chest.

“Why?” he replied with a cocky grin. “Trouble down there?”

My mouth hung open in surprise, “Yes, a lot of trouble. I am trying to study, so could you please close your windows and quiet down. I have literally seen you fuck 12 women over the past week. How much stamina do you even have?” I blurted out.

“Want to check it out?” he asked.

My breath caught in my throat as I looked away immediately. “Why do you think I want to check it out?”

“If you saw me fucking twelve girls last week, then I’m not the one causing trouble, stalker.” he leaned over at me and whispered.

“Well…” I tried to find a clarification for what Matthew had said. After an argument with myself, I agreed that he was right. I shouldn’t have peeked or look at him while he was fucking other women, that was wrong. As I tried to find words to strength my plead, his eyes turned dark with desire.

I disturbed a beast.

“I’m sorry for interrupting, I should leave now,” I said as I turned around to walk away, but he grabbed my hand and tugged me inside the house.

“You interrupted too much; now, I want you.” He stated before kissing me. I gasped as his tongue lashed over my lips. He tossed my hair aside and pushed me to the wall.

I moaned out of desire as he bit into my delicate flesh, “Fuck,” I gripped his hair as he broke the kiss and began leaving marks on my neck. I pressed my body against him as he cupped my throbbing breasts through the nightgown I was wearing.

It all escalated really quickly. One moment I was arguing, and the other moment I was fulfilling my favorite fantasy that has been haunting me for over a week.

Matthew dragged me to the room, and we stopped there. The woman was seated on the bed, naked and wet.

“Look, baby, I got us something more,” Matthew said to her.


The woman laid out on the mattress, waiting for her him, her legs were spread open, and she began touching herself as soon as she saw. I tore myself away from Matthew and crawled on the bed. My tongue made wet trails over her puckered lips as Matthew removed my clothes. His towel dropped, and his manhood came in my view.

Woah. It was quite more significant than I expected, also veiny and thick. I turned away from the woman and dipped my head towards his cock. Using the tip of my tongue, I made circular motions up and down his length.

The escort grabbed my legs and began eating me out while I choked on Matthew’s cock.

“Fuck, slut, you do a great job!” he groaned as he pushed his cock deeper into my warm mouth. He cupped my breasts and began playing with them while the escort licked my pussy. My nipples were hard as sharp dagger points.

My lips tightly encircled around his throbbing manhood as I felt him coming. He aggressively pumped into my mouth but stopped before he could explode.

“Now now my cock needs a cunt to release in,” he stated as he grabbed my hair and pushed me on the bed.

The escort sat above me and began teasing my swollen nipples. Our both cunts were on display for Matthew to fuck. He went into the escort first and penetrated her. She rotated her hips in slow circles around his cock, filling herself entirely.

I pressed my lips against her and silenced any moans. With each thrust, the headboard slammed the wall. She met his rhythm as Matthew’s cock seared into her.

Once he was done with the escort, he plunged into my wet heat that quickly gripped him. I screamed as I threw my head back with pleasure. He was impossibly huge, but it felt so good. My pussy tightened around his cock as he began to stretch me entirely.

“Oh my,” I moaned as he rode in and out of me again and again. The escort began rubbing and eating my pussy at the same time. I slid my tongue against her pussy lips as Matthew continued to pound me.

Hard, rough strokes rocked my body.

Matthew pulsing cock gushed into me, and the escort came on my tongue.

It was defiantly a night to remember.

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