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daddy's little slut

“Fuck me, daddy.” I moan while rubbing my sensitive clit. My nipples harden underneath the cold air as I push my fingers inside. I close my eyes and imagine my daddy pounding me with his thick cock. Oh, the bliss. Loud moans escape my lips as I find myself closer to a release.

The juices are ready to spill. The muscles on my arm tighten as I go faster. The heat within me flares as I rock my hips to match the rhythm of my fingers. With a final thrust, I cum and release my juices.

“Fuck,” I whisper quietly.

Sunlight gleams through the thick glass windows, and a soft breeze pushes itself inside my bedroom. When I return back to my senses, I jolt up, realizing what I had just done. My eyes narrow down in shame as I look at the wet spot on the bedsheet.

“Oh shit!” I curse before getting off the bed and ripping away the bedsheets. If daddy ever found that I touched myself without his permission, then it would be doomsday for me.

Thankfully, he was at work, so I had enough time to clean up the mess I made. Once I remove the bedsheets, I drag them to the laundry room and set them aside. I grab a pair of new sheets and put them across my bed.

Daddy couldn’t know that his slut pleased herself.

I jolt out of surprise when my phone begins to ring. I glance at the caller ID, and it’s my daddy.

“Hey, baby, how are you?” he says as I pick up the call.

My voice stutters as I speak, “I am fine…”

“Is there something wrong?” he asks with concern.

“No, daddy, everything is okay.” I smile, hoping he couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The last time I touched myself without his knowledge, I was punished for a week straight and then used as a slut for another whole week.

“Have you done something?” he questions suspiciously.

“No….nothing at all. I miss you. When are you going to be back?” I ask.

“I will be done with work early, so before evening, I will be back,” he says through the phone. “And I will be exhausted, so you know what to do,” he adds.

“Of course, daddy.”

When the sunsets, I begin to prepare my body for daddy. He loves seeing me all dressed up. It makes him happy. After taking a shower, I wear a pink colored bra and a pair of red panties. Above the panties, I wear a pink skirt that is small enough to cover my ass. Once I am done with clothes, I wrap a black color collar around my throat and then go ahead with placing a small butt plug that is attached with fur.

Recently, daddy and I began preparing my ass for anal. He bought a butt plug for me, so it could be easier to loosen my hole for his cock. While we never tried anal, I was really curious about it and hoped we could do it someday. Of course, that wasn’t going to be anytime soon since my hole was pretty tight, and we needed a lot of lube if we were ever going to try.

Once I am done getting ready, I take my place in front of the entrance door. I sit down on the floor and place my hands above my lap while waiting for daddy to return. My asshole tightens around the butt plug, and the fire inside me flames again.

No touching, Belle. I remind myself while maintaining my posture. If daddy ever saw me touching myself, he would turn my ass red with his sole hands, and it wouldn’t even take a moment.

My heart races as I hear the keys unlocking the door to our apartment. Daddy and I started living together a few months ago. I loved daddy from the bottom of my heart. Our desires were the same, and we were perfect for each other.

The door swings open, and daddy walks inside. As soon as he sees me, a smile appears on his lips.

“Oh kitty,” he mumbles before locking the door and coming towards me. His hands ruffle through my brown locks as he plays with me for a moment. “Have you been a good girl today?” he asks.

“Yes, daddy.” I lie without any hesitation. I wanted to tell him what I had done, but I was too afraid of the consequences. I didn’t want my ass to turn red.

“That’s my girl,” he leans down and places a warm kiss on my lips. I kiss him back, and then he moves away. “I am going to take a shower, baby, and then I will come to entertain you.” He says before walking inside our bedroom.

I walk behind him and watch him remove his office clothes. One by one, all the clothes come off, and his sleek, powerful body makes me want to drool. I admire his rippling muscles for a whole minute before he disappears into the washroom.

“Can I join you, daddy?” I ask while standing outside the door.

It had been a couple of days since he hadn’t fucked me. Usually, he woke up, went to work, came back, played with me a little, ate, and then went to sleep. My pussy was aching for his throbbing cock. The shower was a good place to get fucked, but I doubted whether he wanted it or not.

“No, baby, I will be out in a moment.” He says through the thick wooden doors.

I pout before walking out of the room. Daddy had been really busy recently. It was the work that was keeping him under stress. However, he promised once all the work was over. He was going to fuck the daylights out of me. I patiently waited for that day.

While daddy takes a shower, I go inside the kitchen and begin preparing his dinner. The TV is on full volume, and there is a cute, animated movie going on. Once I am done with cooking, I settle on the couch and watch the TV.

My focus stays on the cartoon, and I don’t even realize daddy going inside the laundry room. When he comes out, he has scowl plastered on his features. I quickly switch off the TV and run to his direction.

“Oh no,” I look down at the bedsheet he clutches onto. “I am sorry,”

“You touched yourself without my permission?” he asks angrily.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean too. When I woke up, I was too horny, and I forgot that I wasn’t allowed to touch myself.” I apologize immediately.

The silence between us spreads across the room. Daddy discards the wet sheets and then turns his eyes at me. A shiver runs down my spine as I see rage and disappointment.

“Remove your clothes. Daddy is going to teach you a fucking lesson,” he yells before removing his belt.

Oh no, I made him angry.

Quietly, I began removing my bra and my skirt. In the meantime, daddy goes to our bedroom and sits down. Once I am all naked and ready to be punished, I go to him.

“Come here,” he orders while patting on his lap.

Nervously, I bend over his lap. My bare ass is now visible to him. He grabs my hands and locks them behind my back.

“I am sorry, daddy.” I sob.

“Oh, you will be,” he groans before removing the butt plug from my ass. He spreads my legs, and I arch my back. Fire races through my body as he teases me with his deft fingers. They circle around my swollen clit before tracing all the way up to my asshole.

“How many times do I have to punish you for the same reason?” he asks before spanking my ass with his rough hands. I bite my lips and jump out of surprise.

“I am sorry, daddy,” I repeat as he hits me again.

After a couple more spankings, he lets me get up. By then, my ass is red and searing with pain. I stand in front of him naked as he starts tying my hands with rope. He doesn’t use cuffs or anything else, simple rough ropes that dig into my flesh.

I shiver in anticipation, but the idea of being bound by daddy seeps a heat inside my core. I wince out of pain as he reaches to grab my hair.

“Whose slut you are?” he asks as he pulls onto the collar he got for me. The collar was branded with his name.

Daddy Jason.

“Yours, daddy,” I whimper.

“That’s right, you’re my fucking slut, and that pussy belongs to me. You aren’t allowed to touch yourself without my permission. Do you fucking understand that?” he asks, and I nod my head.

“Yes, daddy.”

“I am going to fuck your pretty little asshole. Don’t act surprised. You know what was coming,” he says before pushing me against the bed.

I land on my stomach and try to wriggle, but the restraints don’t allow me to move. Daddy wraps his arm around my stomach and pushes my ass up. He moves his hand back to my hair, this time grabbing a fist full of it. I let out a small scream as blood rushes to my head.

My eyes widen with surprise as I hear daddy unzip his pants. Was he going to fuck me without any foreplay? Or lube? My asshole wasn’t ready for that…yet.

Flames of passion rip through me as daddy rubs his throbbing, hard cock against my wet pussy, enough to lubricate it.

“Wait…” I beg as he positions himself at the entrance of my asshole.

He pauses for a second and leans down to my ear, “If you think if going to lube your asshole, then you’re wrong. This is your punishment,” he whispers before entering without any warning.

A scream rips through my throat as the tips of cock enter my ass hole. I try to squirm and get away, but daddy keeps me on place.

“Daddy, please…” I beg.

“No pleases. Did you ask for permission when you touched yourself?” he asks before pushing another inch of his cock inside my asshole.

My asshole begins to stretch and fill up with his goodness. The pain becomes unbearable. I don’t complain as he continues to wreck my asshole. He stops for a second and pulls out. The emptiness inside my asshole begs for more.

“Look at you, all wet.” He taunts as he rubs his fingers through my wetness. He spits on my asshole before repositioning his cock once again.

This time, it feels different as he enters inside me. Tortured moans squeeze past my lips as he easily thrusts inside me.

“Fuck…” he groans before pushing deeper to the point where I couldn’t take anymore. With pain there is pleasure. “So, fucking tight,”

His fingers work on my clit as he pushes himself in and out of me. Screams and moans echo through the room. With shrieking passion, an orgasm rips through me quicker than ever.

“Did I ask you to fucking cum?” he grabs my hair and pulls me to himself.


“No, daddy,” I reply in raspy breaths. I wasn’t able to control it.


“I am sorry daddy,”

“I am going to rip you into two,” he warns before pounding inside me all over again.

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