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Erotic One-Shots

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Short stories that turn up the heat and make your skin sizzle. If you feel like reading some short steaming romance, feel free to take a look.

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He sits in front of me in every class we have together. His dark juicy curls call my name and beg me for my touch. He has a broad and muscular back, perfect to sink my nails into. He doesn’t know I exist, and I am content with that. That way, I can ogle him, and he won’t notice. Who would notice me anyways? I’m a nobody. A simple number in this huge university. If my professors and administration see me as a number, he probably does too. Just another girl, of many, that sits in a class with him.

He briefly looks to the right, right at his buddy that is sitting next to him. I take that opportunity to take in his features. I swear his jaw has been chiseled by the gods. Plump lips- bigger than mine, that’s for sure- sat perfectly under his pointed, but not an abnormally big nose. He wears dark-rimmed glasses, but I can see his eyes perfectly. Light brown with just a tinge of yellow around the pupil. The color of a warm breeze fall evening. He also has the most gorgeous eyelashes- not as long as mine- but still gorgeous. I have no clue what he is saying to his buddy, but a lopsided grin surfaces on his lips, and I swear my heart almost stops beating. He has the whitest teeth I have ever seen on a guy, let alone a college frat guy. And when he smiles, a very small dimple can be seen on his cheek.

I have one hand cradling my head and don’t feel the sliding of my hand until my head almost lands on the desk. Straightening my position, I don’t notice either that I have a thin line of drool in the corner of my mouth. My mouth is watering at only the sight of him, and that isn’t the only part of my body that is wet. Tightening my thighs together, I try to ignore the need for friction between my legs and focus on the Biology 101 class. It is a requirement for my BA in English, not that I mind. Science- any type- has always been in my life. I didn’t pursue it as a career, even though I know secretly my mother wanted me to. I always have seen nature as a hobby, not a full-time job.

Focusing on the whiteboard, I see that the professor had jotted down important tidbits of information and I hurry and take down notes.

“Hey, do you have a pen I can borrow? Mine just ran out of ink.” My hand freezes mid-sentence when I hear his deep masculine voice. Trying and failing to seem nonchalant, I raise my head out of my notebook and lock my eyes with his. I’ve always admired his looks from afar and when he was sitting before me in class, but I have never seen his face so close to mine before. My throat dries, all the water inside me being redirected into a specific place.

“If you don’t have one is fine.” He said, frowning a little. Not a frown of anger, but one of confusion. I was staring at him with my mouth slightly agape. I have to mentally slap myself to get functional again.

“I-I do have another pen.” I stumble around my words. Reaching down my bag on my left side, I search for a pen. As I come back up, there is an amused glint in his eyes. Does he know how he is affecting me?

“Here.” I hand him the extra pen I have and when I place it on his hand, I have to mentally slap myself again. I gave him the pink glittery pen, with a fuzzy head of plumes. My best friend had given it to me on Valentine’s Day. His eyes go down to the pen, an amused smirk on his delicious lips.

“Nice pen.” He says. I’m about to apologize and offer him another, but he spins back around and starts taking notes. Damn! How embarrassing. The rest of the class passes by in a blur. I’m too embarrassed and surprised by our interaction to concentrate on the difference between mammals and reptiles. Besides, I already know that stuff and would be really surprised if the rest of the class doesn’t know that already. But then again, this is college, you see everything here.

The moment the professor dismisses us, I start packing my things. After that, I stand up and I’m about to head out when he stops me.

“Don’t you want your pen back?” Turning, he stands beside his desk merely a foot away from me. His musky and dark cologne hits my nostrils and I have to withstand the need to become a puddle right in front of him. Extending my hand, I wait patiently. His eyes are locked on mine as he places my pen back in my hand, his fingers lightly brushing against my palm. An electrifying current runs through my body. The hairs in my body stand on end and I resist the urge to shiver.

“Your name is Elizabeth, right?” My eyes widen at the mention of my name on his lips.

“You know my name?” I blurt out and instantly my cheeks redden.

“We share some classes.” He explains, smiling at my reaction. Does he know? Does he know I’m drooling and panting on the inside for him?

“Right,” I respond, putting my pen back inside my bag.

“I’m Josh, but I guess you already knew that.” He says with a smirk. I wish the earth would open up underneath me and swallow me whole. I turn my head to the side, hoping my cheeks would stop reddening, but fully knowing that as long he was before me, they would stay like that.

“Do you have any plans for later tonight?” He asks me and I feel my core pool. At this rate, I’m going to dehydrate.

“Not really, why?” Turning my face to him again, I do my best to keep my composure. I shift from one foot to the other, trying to ignore the ache between my legs.

“There is a party at my house. You should come.” Is he asking me out? Me?

“I-I don’t know where you live.” I stutter. I’m stunned. Am I dreaming? I have been pinning for this guy since my first day of college and after two months he is speaking to me. He knows my name and is asking me out. Has hell frozen over?

“Here.” He snatches my phone from my left hand and starts typing in his number. My mouth wants to fall open, but I restrain myself. He gives me my phone back, a glint I can’t quite decipher in his eyes. “I’ll text you my address. Party starts at 9.” And with that, he walks past me. His shoulder brushes mine and I shiver. I think I can hear him chuckle, but when I walk a few steps behind him, I don’t hear anything. Maybe I imagined it. He can’t possibly know how much he affects me.

The rest of the day goes by quickly, and before I know, I am pondering what to wear in front of my open closet.

“Just wear whatever. Why does it matter?” My best friend chimes in from my bed. She is laying on her stomach, her hands holding her head up. Her legs are in the air moving back and forth slowly. In her caramel eyes, there is a look of amusement. She knows why I am fretting about tonight’s party. We met in our English class and since then we have been inseparable and something tells me that we are still going to be like that in the future.

“Esther,” I say tiredly, but with the same amusement in my eyes. “Please, help.”

“Me? You know that besides shoes- where I am really good at- I can’t be of much help. Just show a little cleave, every guy likes that.” She shrugs.

“I don’t want to come on as easy.”

“It is a party, Liz.” She tries to make me see reason. Neither of us is party girls, but we know how to dress up and attract attention when we want to. “Fine.” She hops off the bed and walks over to me. “Let’s see what we can find.” She says rummaging around my crowded closet.

After an hour, I stand before my floor-length mirror appreciating Esther’s work. She may think she has no style, but I think differently. A halter red dress hugged my curves like a second skin. My C-cup breasts are pushed up and on display. The skirt of the dress stops at mid-thigh also showing my toned legs. I love to take long walks and hike; my calves are shaped and toned. I have black pumps on and surprisingly they are as comfortable as my favorite sneakers. I used to not like to wear heels in high school because of my height, but after starting college that notion went out the window. At 5′7 I’m not nearly as tall as I thought and with Josh, there isn’t a problem either. He is 6′1. I even had to crane my head back a bit when I spoke with him earlier. Just remembering him, made my insides quiver with need. My curly dark brown hair is loose around my shoulders. I applied light makeup and decided to wear a long thin necklace that stops in the middle of my breasts. It is nothing special, but I know that it will attract attention to the area. I’m not usually this confident about my looks, but Esther did a bang-up job.

“You look hot.” She says behind me. I blush and turn around.

“You think?”

“Of course you do, honey. Josh is not going to know what hit him. He will be expecting little shy Liz and will find a reborn goddess before him.” She empowers me. She is trying to calm my nerves. It is definitely working.

“Remind me again why are you not coming with me,” I say, spinning around and making sure my subtle cat eye is not smudged. I thought that black eyeliner would not go with my dark brown eyes, but to my surprise it does. It gives me a mysterious seductive look.

“Because I have a test on Monday. You know I don’t go out when I have to study. Even more when that test is for my major’s class.”

“Okay, okay. Fine. Throw me into the lion’s den.” I say jokingly and turn around again.

“And you will come out having tamed them.” She says smiling. She really knows how to boost a girl’s ego. Grabbing my purse from the table, I wave goodbye to Esther and rush out the door.

Twenty minutes later, I arrive at his house. I had to circle the block a few times to find a parking space. I stop at the sidewalk in front of his house. The party is in full swing already, and I’m only half an hour late. I thought college parties usually didn’t start after two hours or three into it, but as I stand there, there are people already hanging on the front porch. Red cups are in hand while they talk among themselves. A few are in clusters, chatting and laughing. The double doors of the two-story red house are opened and the music can be heard from where I’m standing. The neighbors don’t seem to mind at all apparently.

Straitening my back and holding my head high, I start walking. As I go through the doors, a few people glance my way. I can feel their eyes burning on my skin and a combination of that, and the heavy bass of the music makes me hot all over. Guys and girls look me up and down as I keep walking and taking the place in. To my right people are laughing and drinking around a pool table. To my left, the- what I guess is the living room- has turned into the dance floor. The light is dim all around the house, but inside is barely visible. Only the pink and blue lights that stream occasionally on the floor, allow distinguishing the dancing bodies. I keep walking, ignoring the ogles of some males and the furious looks of some girls. Their eyes shone with rage as they thought they had some competition. But I wasn’t. I had eyes only for one guy here and that was who I was looking for.

Reaching the kitchen, the music doesn’t blast as high in here. There is a black kitchen island where drinks and snacks have been scattered. On the breakfast table to the right, there is more booze and food. People are clustered here too. A couple is making out beside the fridge. The girl is sitting on the counter and has her legs draped around the guy’s waist. They are making out like no one is watching. I tear my eyes away in time to collide with a wall. Raising my head, I see that I didn’t hit a wall but a guy. Heat stains my cheeks when I see who it is.


He is dressed in dark blue skinny jeans that hang dangerously low on his hips. A dark blue shirt sticks to his chest, threatening to rip apart at any minute by his muscles. His curls shine under the kitchen light. Surprisingly, he doesn’t wear his glasses. There is a faint shadow under his eyes, but instead of making him look tired, he looks mouth-watering; the darkness accentuating his eyes. His eyes roam around my face before slipping down to my body. I feel my cheeks redden even more and a pool of desire down at my stomach. He doesn’t care I am watching him roam his eyes over me. And even though I feel self-conscious about my appearance, I remember Esther’s words. I hold my head high and meet his eyes when he is done. He cocks one brow, a slight smile tugging on his plump lips.

“You came.” There is a hidden message in his words, but I don’t let him know that I know what he means.

“You thought I wasn’t?”

“Well, you don’t seem like the type who likes to party.”

“Looks can be deceiving.”

“Clearly.” His eyes roam over me again before meeting my own. His gaze is intense and holds my own. He keeps them on me until I feel like I’m going to hyperventilate and I break the connection.

“Do you want anything to drink?” He asks me moving towards the breakfast table. He takes random liquor bottles and starts pouring them on a red cup. There is a bottle of amber-colored alcohol. I glance at the name. Disaronno. He pours a drop into the cup along with strong clear liquor. In the end, he adds a splash of orange juice and hands it to me.

“How did you know I wasn’t a beer drinker?” I ask him as I take the cup. Taking a sip I peer at him over the rim of the cup. He looks at me waiting for my reaction to the drink.

“I don’t know. Instinct.” He answers me mischievously. I’m starting to think he knows more about me than I thought. First, he knew of my existence, and now he knows I don’t drink beer. What else does he know about me?

The alcohol glides down my throat smoothly. There is a hint of sweetness and kick to the drink. With just one sip, I feel my body grow hot, the alcohol already slipping into my veins.

“This is really good,” I tell him, lowering the cup. A drop escapes from the corner of my lips. Before I even have the chance to catch it, his hand is already there. He wipes it away with his thumb, but instead of drying it with a cloth, he sucks the drop from his thumb. I think I have stopped breathing.

“Delicious.” He voices, and I’m not sure if he is referring to the drink or something else. Has the temperature gone up two notches? I want to fan myself, but I mustn’t. “Do you dance?” He asks me. I only nod, not being able to utter a word. This guy is a surprise after surprise. He takes my purse from my hand and with the other gets a hold of me. He guides me out the same way I came in. While walking around people in the hallway, he stops before one of the doors. Letting my hand go, he takes a key out of his jean’s front pocket and unlocks the door. I briefly glance inside. It is a closet, nothing special. He places my purse on one of the wooden shelves before returning and locking it. I frown at tilt my head up. He glances down at me.

“This way you don’t have to worry about losing it, as some girls at parties do.” He explains to me. Taking my free hand again, he tugs me forward. We reach the dance floor, and we are quickly swallowed up by the ocean of bodies. The song “In Flames” from Digital Daggers plays and the bodies sway seductively with the music. I don’t know where the music comes from, but I bet there is a DJ or someone at the back of the room in charge of the music. I take a swig of my drink as I move my hips from side to side, not waiting for Josh to dance. He is a step away from me. I can feel his eyes leaving fires all over me, but I close my eyes and give in to the music. The surrounding bodies are heating up and sweating. Their skin brushing with my own and driving me into a lustful frenzy. Taking another swig of the drink, I feel myself relax. I came here for Josh, but I truly didn’t know what I was missing. People say that college parties are all wild and crazy. Those people do stupid things that they regret the next morning. But being here in the middle of this ocean of bodies I couldn’t feel more ecstatic. I was having the college experience and I could tell I wasn’t going to have a single regret.

The song changes to “you should see me in a crown” from Billie Eilish and the crowd goes wild. I smile and throw my hands up, the liquid in my cup sloshing a little. Before I know it, Josh’s hands are on my hips. He presses himself against me, swaying with me. I don’t know if it’s the alcohol in my system or just my confidence, but I start grinding on him. I lean my back to his chest before bending a bit forwards and thrusting my hips back. It is not overly vulgar but it is enough for him to have a good feel of my ass. Suddenly his hand snakes around my stomach and presses me hard to him. I can feel his breath on my neck, close to my ear.

“Don’t start something you will not finish.” He whispers/shouts in my ear. I grin and turn around. Circling my hands around his neck I dance. I sway my hips to the sides before going back and forth like a dangerous snake. In the darkness of the room, I can’t distinguish his face well, but when the blue light falls on his face, I see the look of hunger in his eyes. He is restraining himself. I can tell. His jaw is set. His eyes were hooded. That only makes me move my body even wilder in time with the dark music. My free hand falls on his chest, and a gasp escapes my lips at feeling his hard peck muscles. He reaches for my other hand and takes my drink from me. He downs what was left of it and throws the cup aside. Seeing as this is his house, he doesn’t have to care about the trash. His eyes become darker the longer I dance. He slightly moves to the music too, but he is too entranced by my own movements to do anything else. Then, he pulls me closer to him. My legs are apart, and I can feel one of his legs at my center. I’m straddling his legs, the friction giving me slight relief on my core.

“Remember what I told you.” He whispers in my ear again, his breath making me shiver all over. Feeling ballsy, I lean to his ear as well.

“What if I do want to finish what I start?” On purpose, I briefly touch my lips to his ear. I feel his intake of breath. I give him the same reaction he causes in me. Maybe that’s why he knows my name. Maybe that’s why he knows more than he lets on about me.

Faster than I can register it, he takes my head in his hands and presses his lips to mine. A gasp escapes me again, and he takes this opportunity to thrust his warm tongue inside my mouth. His tongue dances with mine like it should always have been there. It was like our lips were already familiar with one another. My hand snakes up his hair, the feeling of his soft curls on my hand is heavenly. One of his hands is behind my neck, holding me in place. The other is around my waist, pressing me firmly against him. The kiss escalates to the point where his hand leaves my neck and waist and travels down to my ass. He squeezes and I can’t hold the moan. I can feel his smile on my lips. He breaks the kiss. I unconsciously pout. Looking down at me, Josh runs his thumb on my swollen bottom lip.

“Don’t worry. It is not for long. But if I keep kissing you here, I will rip that little dress off you and fuck you in the middle of the dance floor.” He whispers/shouts in my ear. Hearing those words make my panties soaked. I need a change.

Taking my hand, he guides me away from the room and up the stairs. By now people are either too drunk or too high to notice us going up to the second floor. There are people up here too. They are around the hallway. Some are making out, others passed out sitting on the floor. None of them pay attention to us. Josh goes to the back of the hall and opens the door to his right. There is no one inside. A full bed with black and white bed covers sits on the left. On either side of it, there are black wood night tables. There is a digital clock on one reading in white letters 12:00 a.m. Has it really been that long? I must have lost track of time while dancing. There are posters on the walls. Strangely enough, the posters are not of half-naked girls, but galaxies and telescopes. This must be his room. He closes the door on my back and I jump.

“Jumpy are we?” He says leaning back on the door. He doesn’t turn the light on in the room. The only light is the silver-white of the full moon that swims through the window. It bathes everything in white and gives it an eerily soft seductive glow. It definitely gives him a predatory look. He looks ready to pounce on his prey. What have I gotten myself into?

In two strides he is before me. His lips crashing down on mine with a hunger not foreign to me. His hands roam around my waist and hips. He nips at my bottom lip and I understand him. I allow him to the entrance of my mouth again. His tongue warm and moist.

“Do you know how long I have wanted to do this?” He says as he trails wet kisses down my throat.

“W-What?” I say through my lustful haze.

“I waited and waited for you to come into one of my parties or for you to speak to me, but you never did. I’ve learned what you like and hated through your social pages, but it was never enough. I knew you stared at me from time to time, but you never spoke to me. I was even thinking you never had an interest in me and that was dreaming about you futilely. But then you were drooling staring at me in class today. I said fuck it.” He states.


“Then why didn’t you say anything to me before? Isn’t the guy the one that is supposed to make the first move?” I say panting. He kisses my shoulders and his teeth graze my skin. I moan. I can feel the smile on his lips.
“This is the twenty-first century, babe.” He replies. How infuriating! I have been pinning for him all this time like a fool, thinking I’m invisible to him when in truth he was interested all along. “Besides, I enjoyed watching you ogle me. I said to myself not to pursue you. You are too good for me. But then you come here, dressed as the goddess you are, and I am unable to keep my distance anymore.” My legs feel like giving away, but his strong arms are around me holding me still.

“Then don’t,” I whisper, hungrily. His lips find my own again, and he devours me. His hands find the skirt of my dress and in a swift motion, he pulls my dress over my head. I’m left only in my black lace thong. I didn’t put on any bra because the dress held my girls in place. He takes a step back. His eyes drink me in. Just when I am about to feel self-conscious, he presses me against him. The fabric of his shirt tickling my nipples and raising them.

“Take my shirt off.” He commands me between kisses. I quickly find the hem of his shirt and pull it off of him. The moment it is off, he lifts me off, my legs going around his waist. My breasts pressed tightly against his chiseled hot chest. The sensation is heavenly. He takes a few steps back and lays me down gently on my back on the bed. His lips leave my own only to trail more wet kisses down my neck. He keeps moving down until his tongue swirls around one of my nipples. A lustful sigh slips out my lips and I arch my back, pressing my breast to his wanting mouth. He switches to the other and playfully nips at my nipple.

“Hssss.” I breathe out. Pressing both of my breasts together next, his tongue dances around my nipples before he nibbles them. A rush of heat travels down my core. I need a release soon. He is driving me crazy. He lets go of my breasts and leaves a trail of kisses down my stomach. With each kiss, he comes closer to my core and I writhe beneath him.

“Eager?” His husky voice makes me raise my head. His eyes meet mine as his teeth grab hold of my panties. Too fast for me to comprehend, he rips them off me. The cool breeze coming from the opened window hits me and I whimper. He blows down on my sex, making me writhe even more. He grabs my legs and places them on his neck and scoots me closer to him. His eyes leave mine and fall on my core. He licks his lips before softly, tracing from the bottom to the top of my core. My legs tremble and my head falls back. He does the same motion a few times before his tongue parts my folds, and he starts eating me up like I’m his last meal. Moan after moan escapes my lips and I can feel a few of his down there. The vibration almost driving me to the edge. But he knows what he is doing. Before I can have my release, he slows down. He slips a finger in and I almost break down right then.

“Josh!” I breathlessly exclaim.

“You are so ready for me. Do you need me? Tell me what you want.” He says, not glancing up from the work he is doing.

“Josh please!” I plead, but it falls on deaf ears.

“What? Tell me.” He breathes down on my sex and starts flicking my clit with his tongue.

“I need you.” I breathe out loudly.

“What do you need?” He asks huskily, his voice full of lust as much as mine.

“I need you inside me.” I finally breathe out, not standing the torturous teasing anymore.

He stands and undoes his pants. He climbs on top of me. I can feel his throbbing member at my entrance. But he doesn’t push himself inside me yet. No. Instead, he grabs his cock, and with the tip of it starts gliding it up and down my clit. His eyes are down, paying close attention to what he is doing, but he looks up at me from time to time. He likes to see how he affects me, and damn it he is driving me insane with need.

“Jos-“, before I can even finish, he dives inside me. He stretches me to the max. There is a slight discomfort while I get used to his huge size. Slowly he starts moving in and out. He is giving me time to adjust to him. Soon, the discomfort is gone, and I am begging him to thrust faster. He eagerly complies. With each thrust, he comes closer to driving me over the edge. I’m close and I know he is too. But I don’t want this to end. With a strength I didn’t know I possessed, I flip us over. He lies on his back as I ride him.

“Elizabeth.” He breathes out. His eyes are full of lust but beneath I can see affection. This is not only a spur of the moment kind of thing. There is something else. Something we both have been feeling for each other for a while. I start riding him harder, my breast jumping up and down with me. His hands grab both of them and start playing with them. He gently twists one of my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and a gasp flies out of me. My head falls back at the sensation. He raises in a sitting position. He takes my breast into his mouth again, his tongue playing with my nipple.

“Fuck!” It slips past my mouth. He meets my movements with each trust. He feels so good inside of me. I can’t stand it anymore. He releases my breast, his eyes firmly on my face. He wants to see me. He wants to see me cum.

“Cum for me, babe.” He tells me and it is enough to bring me over the edge. My walls contract and burst all over his shaft. His thrusts become harder and, grunting, soon he finds his release. We ride our wave together. Finishing he collapses back and me on top of him. He is still inside me, but I don’t want to move yet. The bliss is evident on my smiling face.

“This was-” I start.

“Magical.” He finishes for me. He glances down at me. My chin is pressed to his chest as I look at his face.

“Where do we go from here?” I tentatively ask him. Maybe the affection I saw in his eyes was a thing of the moment.

Tucking a loose curl behind my ear, he smiles at me.

“To the future.”

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