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Erotic One-Shots

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English Lesson

Rain splashed against the double windows of my classroom. The wind's howling slipped through its cracks from time to time. Grey clouds cast shadows inside the room and made my students feel eager to leave the class early. I was tempted to send them. The weather outside and the slight coolness in the room made me want to drop everything myself. I was ready to go home, curl under a mountain of warm blankets, turn on the TV, and immerse in a movie with similar weather to the one outside. But, I couldn't do it. I had to stay here, with the rest of my students, and patiently wait for them to finish the figurative language test I had given them an hour or so ago.

I sat behind the wide metal black desk, staring at my students from time to time. I was correcting the mountain of essays from one of my advanced classes while keeping a close eye on them. They were freshmen and were still a little more prone to cheating and immaturity. There were a few mature girls and boys in this session, but not all of them are as well behaved. Still, I didn't feel the need- or wanted- to pace around the room, hovering over their shoulders to see if they were paying attention to the paper in front of them or their neighbors.

After a quick sweep around, I cast my eyes down and re-read the same sentence again from the beautiful Shakesperean quote one of the brightest MA students had used in her essay. From time to time, I heard the scraping of a chair, before steps reached my desk, and a hand dropped carelessly a test paper. I paid half attention to them. The writing in my hands far more entertaining and important than the discomfort of the freshmen students. It wasn't until I felt my skin prickle that I raised my eyes from the papers on my desk. I scanned the classroom until I found the culprit of the heat I was feeling. As soon as my eyes landed on him, he averted his gaze and tried to pretend I hadn't seen him. His deep blue eyes were glued to me enough time for me to notice that he wasn't just spacing out. His eyes had been trailing every single piece of me. From my auburn long waves to the white button-down shirt tucked inside my black pencil skirt. I had felt how his gaze moved from my face, down to my D-cup breasts, and then to what he was able to see of my legs behind the desk.

I wanted to feel annoyed by him, but the more a stared at his redden cheeks the more aroused I found myself. He was handsome in a way he didn't know he was. His chestnut hair and strong jaw-line probably drew in females to him. But by his hunched posture over the desk and his increasingly red cheeks, I could tell he had no experience whatsoever in the love department. Averting my gaze to the soaking wet windows, I started to recall him in my past classes. He always sat in the front, to the right of the classroom. Right beside the wall. He never spoke to anyone unless they spoke to him first. And when I dismissed the classes he never went out with any student. He was always alone. Now that I thought about it, this wasn't the first time I had caught him staring in a more than innocent way. When I stood and paced around the front of the class, his eyes trailed up and down my curves. His eyes lingered on my breasts and the curve of my hips enough to make my skin tingle and come alive with heat. I had never paid close attention to those stares. I got them from time to time. But they were freshmen. Their hormones ran high, still getting used to their new manly or womanly status.

But today? Today was different. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the fact that I hadn't gotten laid in a month. I wasn't sure. What I was sure about is that everything in me screamed to fuck the boy. The thought, making my pussy instantly heat and water at my brain's idea. Swallowing, I glanced back down at the essay I had in my hands. It was wrong for me to have those types of thoughts about one of my students. Even if the kid was nineteen, it still wasn't right. I'm almost thirty. Twice that boy's age. How can he look at me with so much raw lust and then blush when I catch him?

I tried to concentrate on the paper again. A couple of students dropped the papers and left the room. The door closing swiftly behind them. The moment they leave, I could feel his eyes on me again. I swallow the lump in my throat and squeeze my tights together under the desk. My pussy throbbed the longer his eyes stuck to my skin.

I couldn't lookup. I knew if I did, there was no turning back. I was going to fuck the kid and take my sweet time with him too. I hadn't had many partners in the past, but I'm no saint either. I knew how to tease and make the man fall to their knees begging for release. I knew how to make them pin after me when I only wanted from them was a one night stand. I couldn't do this to my student. He would have to put up with me for the rest of the year and I knew that would be torture for him. Even for me, maybe. But not because I wanted more from him, but because he could majorly jeopardize my job.

Taking a chance, I glance upwards making a point to not look his way. There was no one else left in the room but him. The moment the realization hit me, a wave of intense arousal coursed through me to the point I had to withhold a moan. What was wrong with me? The boy had his eyes back on the test, but I could tell he was hyperaware of my eyes on him now. His cheeks were tinted red again and his strong jaw was firmly set. He could feel the tension he had built between us and now was silently asking for the earth to open up and swallow him whole.

His squirming only made my arousal escalate and before I knew what I was doing, I was rising from my seat and walking his way. My black stiletto heels click-clacking bouncing around the almost empty classroom. I heard his intake of breath and the tension his shoulders carried now. But I couldn't stop myself. He had presented himself as willing prey and I was a huntress. I wasn't going to let him go alive.

"You're taking more time than usual Thomas. Do you need assistance?" I asked him, stopping right beside his desk. My voice a sultry mixture of invitation and seductive intoxication.

"I-I'm almost done. Just giving the last answer a few finishing touches." He answered. His stuttering making a puddle form on my white lace thong.

"You don't need me then? I can give you a few pointers to that question if you like." I tempted him. The insinuation in my voice clear.

His face was raised. I was close enough to him that before he could glance at my face his eyes had to climb above my breasts. At my proximity and the realization of what he just did, his face turns even pinker. The pink bringing out the blue of his irises. When his eyes met mine they were hooded and I could tell he was mortified by this. He couldn't control the intensity of his arousal as much as he tried.

"I-I would like that." He stuttered again, but his straight answer gave me what I needed. He did understand my drift. Moving to the front of his desk and turning his paper around so that it was facing me, I leaned down and pretended I was reading the question and his answer. He had the whole test done and he was a bright student, so I knew he was stalling. As I leaned, my shirt hollowed enough to give him a full view of my breasts and how my white lace bra hugged each mountain.

"Oh my god!" The word left his mouth in a whisper. I knew what he was staring at. My bra didn't cover much of anything and my nipples were easily on display. Add that to their erect state and I knew I was giving Thomas the view of a lifetime.

"Mhmm, I see." I moaned out the words as I took his pencil out of his hand and placed it on my lips. His eyes jumped up from my breasts to my mouth. Putting the back of the pencil between my teeth, I twirled it around a few times before introducing all of its top inside my mouth. Moving it in and out, just like I would a wicked lollipop. I locked my eyes with him before taking the pencil out of my mouth and leaning even further down. His eyes jumped from my mouth back to my breasts and I heard his intake of breath.

"You should just fix the last word for a stronger adjective and you are done, Thomas." His eyes never moved from my breasts. He absentmindedly ran his tongue on his plump bottom lip. I knew exactly what he wanted to taste. I wanted him too, but I wasn't fully done teasing him just yet.

"Did you hear me, Thomas?" I asked him, emphasizing his name and enjoying how it felt in my mouth.

He jumped as I leaned back, placing both hands on my hips.

"Y-Yeah. I'll fix it right away." He flustered answered. It was almost to easy to make him that way. But I still wanted more. My thong was soaked and my sex was throbbing with need. I knew he wanted it too. Everything in my head screamed at me because I was foregoing all of the rational issues with the situation I found myself in, but my body acted with a will of its own. I wanted the boy more than anything.

"Fuck it!" I said in my head.

While Thomas's head was down again doing what I told him, I walked over to the only point of entrance and silently locked the door. This classroom was going to be empty for the next three hours. That was plenty of time to do what I wanted to do.

Turning around I waltzed back to my desk and leaned back in front of it. A second later, Thomas raises his head and stands from his desk. I can't stop myself from running my eyes against his muscular frame. For being the silent type, Thomas worked out. He was toned. His thin dark blue long-sleeved shirt marked each of his torso muscles and wrapped around his firm biceps. His grey sweat pants left little to the imagination, and to my wonderful surprise, his bulge was large and straining against the fabric of his pants.

I felt my cheeks turn red with arousal. I didn't hide my admiration and I could see how his member fought to be released from its confines the longer my hazel eyes ran over his body. With unsure steps, he walked over to me.

"Here you go, professor Stewart." He surprisingly doesn't stutter as he dropped the paper to my side. He was close enough that I could smell him. A mixture of clean laundry and manliness. His smell was enough to have me panting for him. But I wasn't going to show him that. In this game, I was the cat, and he was my mouse.

He stood there a few seconds. In his eyes a mixture of starstruck and lust. A coy smile spread on my face.

"Do you like what you see Thomas?" My question caught him off guard. He wasn't even aware that he was still standing close to me, staring at me like a little puppy.


"Shhh." I placed my finger on his lips before he could finish. The moment my finger makes contact, a visible shudder runs through him. "It will be our little secret." And before he can do anything else, I pulled him to me, spun around so he was leaning against the metal desk now, and crashed my lips to his. A gasp left his lips and that was all I needed to slip my tongue in his mouth. I explore every corner of it. He tasted like mint and lust. His hands flew to my hips and he gripped them like his life depended on them. The intensity of his grip and the slight shaking of his hands told me he was nervous and excited. This was his fantasy. He was pinning for me since the semester started and I was now making all of his dirty fantasies come true.

Before he knew what was happening, I broke our kiss and hungrily peeled the shirt off of his skin. I needed to run my hands over his muscular chest. His eyes followed the trail of my hands before I met his mouth once again. I devoured him as my hands explored the toughens of his pecks muscles and the ridges of his six-pack. But I wasn't going to stop there. I slipped my hand inside his pants and found his throbbing member. As my hand curled around his length a moan reverberated on his chest. Moving my hand up and down slowly, I proceeded to torture him further. Just when he thought I was going to up my pace I slowed down again, earning a few groans of frustration from him. I smiled against his lips before trailing down kisses on his jaw and settling on his neck.

"What's wrong Thomas?" I moan against his ear, taking his earlobe between my teeth and giving a gentle nibble. I earned another moan from him as an answer. His sounds and silents pleas were music to my ears. I needed more of his beautiful sounds. With my free hand, I unbuttoned my blouse and untucked it from my skirt. Sensing what I was doing, his eyes fell to my chest and stared down at me as I also undid the zipper of my skirt and left it to fall to the floor. All the while I never stopped stroking his member inside his pants. I stood beside him only in my thong, bra, and opened blouse. His eyes widened at the sight and I felt how he grew even larger in my hand.

Abruptly, I took my hand off him and used both hands to harshly lower his sweats. His eyes widened again the moment I crouched in front of him and without any hesitation swallowed his cock in my mouth.

"Fuck!" He moaned, closing his eyes and throwing his head back. Both of his hands are gripping the desk for support. His knuckles white from the strength he holds on his palms. I bobbed my head up and down. The further I took him the harder I sucked on him. From time to time I would come up for air and circled my tongue on his pink tip, earning a guttural moan from him. His thighs would shake before his muscles would tense as I took him inside my mouth again. I couldn't get enough of him. He tasted bittersweet, just how I liked it. He was becoming my favorite flavor real fast.

"C-can...I..." Thomas started to say through his lustful haze, but he couldn't finish his sentence with how much I was sucking him. But he didn't need to either. It was like we both were on the same wavelength. He knew what I was craving next and voiced it for me.

Letting him out of my mouth with a pop, I grinned up at him. I held up my hand and he helped me stand. I walked around the desk, him following close behind, just like a hungry dog would do with his owner. I stood before my chair and turned around to face him. His eyes roamed my body before settling on my own.

"Take them off for me," I commanded him and he complied. Without hesitating, he hooked his thumbs on my thong and slid them off me. He straightened up waiting for my next request. He was doing everything like I wanted him to, without me even saying a word. I sat down on my chair and spread my legs apart, giving him a full view of my dripping wet pussy.

"Eat me in all fours, Thomas." I saw how his big cock did a little jolt at my request. His eyes became darker as he bent down to his knees and, almost shyly, and got close to my core. He kissed my inner thighs first before lowering his eyes from mine and fully concentrating on my core. His tongue ran a line from my slit up to my clit and I didn't hold back the delicious moan he pulled from me. Hearing my approval he did the same motions a few times before digging in and thrusting his tongue inside me.

"Yes, Thomas, just like that." I breathed out to him. I couldn't sit still. My hips buckled back and forth meeting the fluid movements from his tongue. I had my eyes close and my head was resting back, but then I felt the most wonderful bite. He started to nibble on my clit, the same way I had done before to his earlobe. He did that and then sucked hard on my clit. My thighs started to shake and my hand flew to the top of his head. If this guy didn't have much experience in the bedroom, he could have certainly fooled me. He was amazing with his mouth. I felt the built up the longer he sucked and bit down on my clit. I applied more pressure to the back of his head and he understood. It was like we were both together on the same thought line. He inserted one of his fingers inside me and that's all I needed. My orgasm crashed down on me and he helped me ride the wave. He lapped all of my juices like he was drinking the most exquisite beverage ever existed.

"Mmmm." I moaned out, as the wave finally subsided. He ran his tongue up and down my slit one last time before sitting back on his feet. His eyes finding mine, awaiting my next command. He knew. He knew I wasn't done. I still needed him. I needed his throbbing cock inside me and he was eager to comply.

Without me having to tell him anything, he stood up and waited in front of me patiently. I stood, my legs feeling weak but sturdy. Taking hold of his hand, I switched position with him and pushed him down to the chair. He raised his eyebrows and my harshness, but he didn't mind it. His eyes glinting devilishly. He was turned on by my dominant nature. Good because there isn't a submissive bone in my body. Taking a few steps, I let him take hold of my hips as I slid down his cock. He stretched me out slowly. A mixture of pain and pleasure made me shudder. My skin broke in goosebumps at the feeling of his cock hitting my G-spot. It was like his body was made for me. He was exactly what I needed.

"Fuck, professor!" He breathed out as I started to move up and down slowly. His hand caressed my back and made haste in removing the clasp of my bra. My breast bounced down after he tossed the bra to the side, landing messily on the desk. His hands found my breasts and while one was massing and pinching my nipple, his mouth found the other.

"Yes!" I moaned, throwing my head back and arching my back, giving him more access to my breasts. He circled his tongue around my pink nipple and bit gently on it. He let the breast go with a pop before moving to the other one and doing the same. Fuck, this boy was good. I increased my pace and he met my rhythm. He thrust hard when I came down and soft when I jumped up. My D-cup breasts were bouncing on his face and he messily licking and biting them. He circled my hips with his hands and started to guide me down harder on his cock. I felt my second orgasm built up as his cock kept hitting my G-spot repeatedly.

"Don't stop, Thomas." I breathed out. Sweat rolling down my back. He had broken a sweat too. Little beads of it covering his forehead and chest. He was a sight for sore eyes. Understanding my drift, he started to pump in and out of me harder. Incoherent moans left both of our mouths.

"Professor, I'm-" He started.

"Cum, cum inside me Thomas," I demanded. My words were his catalyst. I felt his seed spill inside me and as he spurted I found my second release. Amazingly, it was harder than the first one and a haze-filled scream left my lips as his grunts mixed with the wet sounds of our sex.

He let his head fall between my breasts. His breathing is hard and ragged. I played with his hair as I waited for both of our bodies to regain their strength. I expected to have jumped off of him by now but found myself too weak to do so. Weak and not entirely sure if I wanted this to only be a one-time thing. I wasn't ready to commit to him, but by far he was the only guy that had made me feel like this in a long time. But I understood that it was wrong and that this probably was a one-time thing for him as well. That was what I intended at the beginning. He had fulfilled his dark fantasy and was probably going to move on. Maybe he was going to transfer from the class or drop it altogether. Whatever. Maybe that'll be the best.

"So...same time next week?" I heard his voice from between my breasts and a devilish grin was drawn on my face. We were just getting started.

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