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Erotic One-Shots

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Study Session

They had always been in my life. My brother hung with them every chance he got. They were more like brothers than best friends. Even when our parents were shouting in the living room about something completely unrelated to us, they still sat on the couch together, like nothing was happening before them. It was like they were part of the family instead of guests.

When I was a kid, that bothered me to no end because both of them used to tease me and bug the hell out of me. My brother and both of them, would run past me and one of them would pull my hair and the other would tickle me until I couldn’t breathe. They would then leave laughing like it was the most hilarious thing they could’ve done. I despised them. But as we grew up together, the child-like mischievousness died away. They both matured, as did I. They both became withdrawn in some aspects like you would expect of teenagers. I receded too. I started to spend more time in my bedroom, talking with my girlfriends on the phone or watching the latest reality TV show at night. They spent the night with my brother doing god knows what in my brother’s bedroom. Sometimes I could smell some of the things they were doing though.

But after a while, we all started to hang together. This was thanks to my best friend, Camille. She and my brother had fallen in love. I wasn’t opposed to it or disgusted by the idea of them together. I had a very open mind, and if they both felt something for each other, who was I to get in their way? We started to go out more. To the movies, to the beach, and even having dinner out together. Before I knew it, we were graduating from high school. All five of us got accepted to the same college. We were thrilled. My brother and his friends got a dorm together and I did the same with Camille. We had different styles and majors, but we made it work. As she doodled fashion sketches on her notebook, I wrote down about knights in shining armor devouring with passion the frail and delicate princesses. And even if we were in college now, the relationship between my brother and Camille only grew stronger. They spent every moment they could together. So when we were all hanging out in their dorm one night, it wasn’t surprising when he stood up and went to one of the bedrooms with her. I was left alone with the two boys that were my torture when I was a kid, but that now were the two most handsome males I had ever seen.

Richard and Matt. Both brothers. Both devilishly handsome. Richard’s cheeks bones and sapphire blue eyes were a sight for sore eyes. He was like a character of the stories I wrote. Broad shoulders, bulging biceps, and an ass I wanted to grab almost every single day. His brother, Matt, was similar to him, but where his brother had raven black hair, his was a lighter shade of charcoal black. His eyes were a lighter blue as well, and where the lips of his brother’s were full, his weren’t as big, but rounder and plump. He was leaner than his brother, but from beneath the plain t-shirts he liked to wear, the six-pack he carried could be visible. I didn’t like to be alone with both of them. It wasn’t because they made me uncomfortable. They both treated me with respect and kindness. But when we were alone, I couldn’t help the arousing images that ran through my head. They were sex on a stick. I knew they didn’t see me the way I saw them. I was their best friend’s sister. Forbidden.

So, when we were alone I usually bolted from the room or the space we were sharing. But tonight I couldn’t do it. All three of us were in the same English class and after much pushing from both of them, I had agreed to give them tutoring lessons. So, while my brother was probably banging Camille’s brains out, I had to suck in my desire for these Adonizes and concentrate on our studying.

“How am I supposed to write about an unforgettable experience if I have never had one?” Richard complained taping his pen on the coffee table. I crossed my legs on the plush black pillow underneath me and suppressed a smile. I was almost a hundred percent certain that this guy must have had some experience he could write about.

“Rick, you are so dramatic sometimes. I can think of a few events that I can write about.” Matt smirked looking over at his brother. Richard gave him a knowing smile and averted his eyes over to me. I quickly lowered my eyes to the notebook in front of me. I could never stare at them directly in the eyes. They disarmed me and I couldn’t allow them to see that. I didn’t want to have an awkward relationship with them for the sake of my brother and Camille.

“What about you, Emily? Any unforgettable experiences you want to share?” Matt asked and I couldn’t help but hear the undertone of his words. A shiver ran through me, but I dismissed it. Maybe I was imagining things.

“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll write when I received my acceptance letter. That was unforgettable.” I answered him, scribbling something down.

“Okay,” Matt answered and for the next few minutes, we were quiet. The only sound was coming from our pens writing on our notebooks. From time to time, I heard a sigh from one of them, which drew my eyes to them. Richard ran his hands through his almost shoulder-length hair, a sign that he was growing frustrated with the assignment. Matt stretched and flexed his arms at the back of his head, the sign he was getting fed up with the task. For a moment, my eyes lingered in how his muscles curled underneath his t-shirt. It was like he was chiseled from stone. Matt was looking down at his notebook and didn’t notice me staring. My eyes trailed over his arms first before lowering to what was exposed of his torso. I twirled the pen around my lips like I usually did when I’m deep in thought.

“Ahem.” Richard lightly cleared his throat. My eyes flew over to him. He had a smirk etched on his lips. His eyes twinkled devilishly. He caught me; caught me eye-fucking his brother. I felt my cheeks turn red under his amused gaze. A grimace broke on my lips and I glued my eyes back to my notebook. I could feel the reddish spread of my cheeks run down my neck and chest. I was becoming red all over. I still felt Richard’s eyes on me, but it was too intense to be his eyes alone. Matt was probably staring at me too. They probably thought I was a creeper. Their best friend’s little sister was gawking at them. The same girl they teased when they were kids was now looking at them like they were the only men left on the planet. Damn luck!

“You know, Em, your unforgettable experience is probably going to be a common one in the classroom. You are not going to be the only one with that same train of thought.” I heard Richard say, but I wouldn’t dare raise my eyes to look at him. I shrugged and lowered my head to the table trying to hide beneath my long blonde hair. I knew that I couldn’t hide from Richard because he was right in front of me, but I could also feel Matt’s eyes on the right side of my face. My pink cheeks must’ve looked like tomatoes by now.

“What if we gave you something to write about?” Matt voiced from my right and I don’t know why, but his words made me snap my head back up. Lightly turning my head in his direction, I met his light blue gaze.

“What do you mean?” My eyes jumped from one brother to the other, not sure I if was following their line of thought. Did they mean that I should write about what happened right now? Or did he mean something else entirely?

Slowly, Matt’s hand glided on top of the table and landed beside my own. My fingers were wrapped around the pen I was using. My eyes lowered to his hand and after a second, his index finger started to trace circles on the back of my hand. It was a minuscule gesture, but one that sent a fire ablaze at the pit of my belly. I lost all strength on my hand, and the pen fell swiftly on the table, rolling before stopping in the middle of my opened notebook.

“What are you doing?” I uttered the words, but they were barely above a whisper, I wasn’t sure if he heard them or not.

“Giving you something to write about.” Richard’s voice came from my left. His lips close enough to my ear that I felt his breath on my skin. I hadn’t even registered his movements. My eyes were trained on Matt’s hands and how from one single finger, his whole hand was now caressing my own and slowly moving up my arm.

I felt Richard’s finders push my hair out of my face and neck. His knee bumped with my own from the position he held beside me. He blew air behind my ear and neck and I shuddered. My skin felt on fire. It was like every pore in my body was awake. I could tell my cheeks were warm and probably still flushed, but their reddish color wasn’t from embarrassment anymore, it was from lust. Raising my eyes, I met Matt’s. There was something dark and dangerous dancing inside his pupils. Something that made my inner walls clench and wetness starts to pool on my black lace panties. My breath hitched and a devilish smirk adorned Matt’s face. He knew what he was doing to me. Richard’s lips pressed on my neck and I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped me. They both knew. They both knew that I had a crazy crush on both of them.

Richard’s lips left a trail of kisses down my neck over to my shoulder. When his lips were close to the neckline of my shirt, he pulled it aside and kept the trail of firing kisses. He was on a mission and I was too stunned and aroused to stop him. His hands trailed around my breasts. He kneaded and pinched my nipples and even over the fabric they were at attention and needy of their touch. Moving faster than I expected, Richard’s hand found the hemline of my shirt and yanked it over my head. My black lace balconette didn’t cover fully my B cup breasts since I usually wore them one to two sizes smaller. I felt like the time stopped. Richard was unmoving beside me, the movement of his chest the sign he was still alive and breathing. Matt’s eyes fell from my own and rested on the mountains on my chest. His eyes were devouring me without touching me. My breath hitched again and like that everything started to move again. Matt pushed the table back and Richard helped me to my feet. I barely felt my legs from how much trembling my body was doing. Richard’s pressed me over his chest.

“Relax, we don’t bite…much.” Matt’s voice came from behind me. He had his chest pressed on my back. He had removed his shirt and I felt his hot skin on my own. He started to kiss my neck. A moan started to form on my lips, but Richard silences it with his lips. His tongue trashed inside my mouth claiming me. He didn’t leave any crevice untouched. He was demanding and I was too glad to give in to his demands. The need to take a breath started to build, and as if sensing what I needed, his lips left my own. He gave me sloppy kisses down my neck and starting to move down my chest. Matt was doing the same at my back. The sensation was nothing like I had experienced before. My senses were in overdrive. The heat around my body was searing hot and the pool that had built between my legs was monumental. The lace of my panties couldn’t withstand it anymore. I felt how a single drop of arousal trailed down my thigh and met the end of my shorts. Somewhere in between, Matt undid my braw and he let it fall to the floor.

“Was this really happening?”, I thought before Richard’s mouth found one of my nipples and sucked it into his mouth. All thoughts of doubts and incredulity went out the window at that point. His tongue swirled around my nipple, giving me a sensation that I had never felt before until now. Sensations that were only a sex dream in my subconscious state. Before releasing my breast, he bit gently on my nipple and a gasp escaped me again. He moved to my other breast and did the same. His tongue swirling around the nipple over and over, before I felt his teeth tease and tug on in. I arched my back giving him more access to my chest and thrusting my breast further into his mouth. I felt the smile that had drawn on his face while his mouth was still at my breast. Matt’s mouth was back on my neck again. His hands exploring my backside. I felt every caress he gave me. Every single touch. While Richard had his mouth on my right breast, Matt’s hand came over my left and pinched my nipple between his thumb and index finger. He lightly twisted it earning a pleasurable moan from my lips. One of Richard’s hands found the button of my shorts and in a swift motion, he had unbuttoned my pants and was slipping his hand inside. He pressed down on my bud through the panties and I couldn’t help but squirm under the touch of his expert fingers.

“You are so ready for us, Em,” Richard said on my ear after releasing my breast from the assault he was giving it. He took his hand out and it was quickly replaced by Matt’s own. He was also eager to feel how ready I was for him. He circled my bud a few times, my wetness transferring to his fingers without much effort. He pulled his hand out and I heard when he took his fingers to his mouth and sucked. Another rush of heat went directly to my groin at hearing him. He was sucking my juices from his fingers. He was tasting me.

“Delectable,” Matt whispered in my ear. Before I could fully register his words, Richard was yanking down my pants. I didn’t even register when I stepped out of them. My legs were a bit wobbly. The amount of arousal I was in was making me weak, but they kept me rooted in place. Matt held my shoulders, my back still firmly pressed on his chest. Meeting his brother’s eyes for a moment, like making sure he had me, Richard took a step back from me. He tugged on his shirt and pulled it over his head. My eyes trailed down the perfect chiseled body he possessed. I wanted to run my tongue down his pecks and his perfect six-pack. I wanted to kiss the tempting V line that promised insanity down under. He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. He stood before me only in his black briefs that were restraining the erection he was carrying. I couldn’t fully see it yet, but I could tell that he wasn’t a small child anymore. He stepped forward again and pressed his lips to mine. I was flushed to him; my breasts firmly pressed on his naked torso. The sensation was marvelous and while he kissed me, Matt’s hand left my shoulders. I could only presume what he was doing at my back. Probably discarding the rest of his clothes like Richard had done. He must stay on his briefs, just like Richard did.

Richard left my mouth and started to leave a kiss trail down my neck again. But instead of stopping at my breast, he kept moving down until he reached my navel. With one hand he teased me over my lace panties and with the other he tapped two times on my right thigh. I understood his message without the need for words. I spread my legs a bit further. They were now at the same width of his shoulders. I felt Matt’s hands around my arms before his back was flushed with my own. A gasp left me when I felt him. He wasn’t in the same state as Richard. He had removed all of his clothing. His erection pocking me between my buttcheeks. He grinds on me, making me get wetter.

“You feel me, Em?” Matt breathed on my ear.

“Ye- Ahhh!” I moaned not able to finish answering Matt. Richard’s mouth was on me. The feeling of his lips and tongue over my panties was nothing I had felt before. His tongue made circles just where my bud was and his plump lips felt wonderful through the lace. Matt kept grinding behind me and kissing me down my neck. Just when I thought I was as hot as I could get, Richard ripped my panties in one swift motion and his mouth descended on my bare pussy.

“Fuck!” I yelled. Matt’s hand quickly found my mouth and clamped down lightly.

“Shhh, remember that your brother is not too far away,“ he said in my ear. But I could care less right now. Richard’s mouth on my aching bud and Matt’s cock between my buttcheeks were the only things I could feel and think about. Richard was eating me like I was his last meal and Matt’s cock was sliding around the top of my ass like he had other intentions. I stiffened when I felt his tip on the entrance.

“Don’t worry, love. I’m not going to do anything you are not ready for.” He said in my ear before he moved away and let go of my arms. Richard’s mouth left my pussy and he stood up from the kneeling position he was in between my legs. With the back of his hand, he cleaned his chin, a devilishly delicious smirk on his lips.

“I think that your pussy is my favorite flavor now.” He stated while locking his eyes to my own.

“Is that so brother?” Matt replied from behind. “I guess I need to have a taste myself.” He stated humorously. He came to stand beside his brother and for the first time, I got a glance at his erection. He was thick and long, but not overly big. There was a bead of precum on the tip of his cock which he spread around the head and base of it in one smooth stroke. My eyes were on him and the move of his hands on his cock. Richard had moved away from him and now he was behind me. He placed his hands on my shoulders and lightly pressed down, motioning me to sit. Once I did, I noticed I was sitting on a fluffy cushion. My legs were bent and spread to either side of me. Matt gave me a look of approval before letting go of his cock and kneeling before me, just like Richard was when he was eating me. Instead of going slow, as Richard had started, Matt didn’t wait long. He thrust his tongue around my folds and his teeth found my little bud. He gently nipped at it, earning a yelp from me. I leaned back on my forearms, and when I did, right beside my face was another cock waiting for my attention. My eyes widened when I saw it. Where Matt was thick and long, Richard was three times the size of Matt. He was thicker and longer and I found myself thinking if he was going to fit inside me. Glancing up at Richard’s eyes, he saw my hesitation.

“Don’t worry, you will adjust to me. But first, let start with that pretty little mouth of yours, so you can see that you can take all of me.” He voiced. He grabbed the base of his cock and brought it to my lips. He lightly pressed and moved it around my moist lips. My eyes never left his sapphires as I slowly opened my mouth and allowed him entrance. His eyes dilated with arousal and the veins on his neck bulged a bit. I started to slowly move my head, taking as much as I could of him into my mouth. His eyes never left mine as I moved. I cast my eyes down and concentrated. My head bobbed up and down slowly at first, but as Matt increased his tempo with his tongue between my folds, I also started to move faster. I started to moan, the vibration at the back of my throat sending shocks to Richard as I did.

“Fuck, Em!” Richard exclaimed thrusting his cock further in my mouth. As he did, Matt inserted a finger inside me. I gasped and Richard took the opportunity to thrust even deeper. He placed his hands on either side of my head and started to move me himself. Matt inserted a second finger inside me. A gurgled moan tried to come out of me, but my mouth was too full of Richard to get out. I felt my climax build. The more Matt’s tongue swirled around my clit and his fingers pumped me, the more I was building. I felt his other hand grab my ass and squeezed. My arousal was dripping enough out of me to have drops go down to my ass. He used this as lube and with his index finger started to circle the bundle of nerves my ass was. Without any warning, he thrust his index finger inside me and all reason and coherent thought left my brain. I came undone on his mouth. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy came down on me. Richard pressed me down hard on his cock, making me gag a little, but I didn’t care. He was muffling my climax cry and Matt was licking me clean of my cum juices. As I felt the last wave rock through me, Matt’s fingers left my entrance and ass. He kissed my sensitive bud gently before rocking back on his calves and smiling at me. Richard also left my mouth and I took a mouth full of air.

“I-I-” I started unsure of what to say. They both stared at me like I was a champion of some sort.

“You don’t have to say anything yet, Em. We are not finished with you.” Richard said grabbing my arms and tugging up at me. I stood before him before he took a few steps back and sat down on the living room leather couch. The leather squeak a bit when he sat. He pulled on me until I was straddling him. His cock was pressed on his belly, wet from his precum and my saliva. He placed one hand on my hip and without much effort, he lifted me a bit. With his other hand, he positioned his cock at my entrance, his eyes jumping to mine before he did anything.

“Are you ready?” He asked me. My hand flew to my lips and I bit down on my thumb seductively. I nodded. He slowly helped me down on him and I let my head fall back at the feeling of him. He stretched me out and filled me to the brim. I had never felt so full in my life. We stayed like that for a couple of seconds. He letting me adjust to his massive size and standing behind me, running circles on my back with his hand, was Matt. He gave me kisses on the back of my neck. He found my lips once my head was thrown back, his hand circling my neck and cradling my head. After a few more seconds, I started to move. I moved slowly at first, still adjusting to his size. His hands were gripping my hips with need. His hold was possessive and demanding. I knew he wanted me to go faster. And I was eager to comply. I started jumping up and down. His hands guiding me down firmly, making our body contact resonate in the empty living room. Richard came forward and started to kiss my breast as Matt’s hands started to knead my back and hips. Richard fell back again after a while, his eyes on my bouncing breasts. Matt’s hands found my ass and he pressed me forward a bit, exposing my ass to him. I was extremely wet still from my recent orgasm and my arousal state, so he used it as lube again and started to circle and prepare my ass. I wasn’t scared of it anymore. I had come undone when he inserted a finger earlier and now I was eager to see how it felt with something much bigger. Matt could tell that I was ready and from my mind’s eye, I could tell the satisfactory smile he had on his lips.

“Don’t try to fight the feeling. Just relax.” I heard Matt say behind me. The tip of his cock was pocking me again. Richard stilled below me, waiting for Matt. Slowly, I felt Matt’s head push on my back entrance. At first, I wanted to go rigid and deny the foreign feeling, but I noticed that when I did I felt pain. It was like getting cut there with a dull knife, so I decided to follow Matt’s directions. I relaxed and allowed Matt to enter me. The pain subsided the more he pushed, the wetness he used beforehand making it go in smoother. Before I knew it, Matt was completely inside me. He grunted at the feeling and at the sound of his grunt another rush of arousal came down on me. Felling that I was more than ready to feel both of them, Richard started to pump me again and this time Matt moved at the same pace as his brother.

“Oh…My…God…” I moaned. If I thought I was full before with only Richard inside me, I was seriously mistaken. Now I really was full. Matt pressing his chest to my back, while Richard pumped and played with my breasts in front of him. Their girth and length making me whimper with pleasure the more they increased their tempo. I felt another orgasm build. The moans coming out of my mouth increasing in frequency and volume. Their grunts and obscenities’ also increased, both clearly not minding that my brother was only in the next room with his girlfriend.

“Em…Em…” Richard breathed underneath me. His pleading voice making me feel the orgasm build stronger.

“I’m…close…” Matt also moans in my ear behind me. Their tempos increased. Their strong hands gripping my hips harder.

“Cum with us…cum with us, Em.” They both said in unison like they were connected. Their raspy voices were full of lust, the catalyst to my unmaking. I clamped down on their cocks as the second orgasm of the night ripped through me. This one was harder and stronger than the first. I didn’t only have a vaginal orgasm, but a booty one too. The feeling making me soar high and above. The brothers grunted hard one last time and I felt their seed spill inside me, filling both of my entrances. Their warm release leaking from both doors, not able to fit completely. Matt’s chest was still pressed on my back and I was leaning forward into Richard. All three of us taking gulps of much-needed air and riding the last wave of our collected orgasm.

“This is better to write about, isn’t Emily?” Matt said close to my ear. Richard chuckled beneath me and I couldn’t help the smile that spread on my lips.

They were right. This was much better than what I intended.

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