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Best Friend

She was a friend I never in a million years expected to have. She was everything I wasn’t. Outgoing, fun, brave, independent, and drop-dead gorgeous. I never stopped comparing myself to her. Not in a bad way of course. It was just the way she carried herself most of the time. How she let her long ebony curls dance in the wind on a Spring afternoon. How her emerald green eyes sparkled in the sun when she looked at me with some mischievous idea forming in her head. How her smile lit an entire room when she was making a speech in front of her political major classmates. She was everything to the friendship we had. A friendship that has lasted way after our university graduation.

After we graduated, we went our separate ways, but we made sure to meet for lunch, dinner, or an amazing night out in the town at least three to four times a month. She started to work for the mayor in town as his assistant and I was an English elementary school teacher. We had very different lifestyles, but that had never snuffed the light in our close friendship. We texted a few times a week when she wasn’t swamped at the office and I wasn’t having a mental breakdown because half of my third-grade class was trying to eat me alive. Our relationship...friendship worked. We had two other girlfriends too, but from our group, we were the really tight ones.

The bell rang and threw me away from my thoughts. Glancing up and to my left, the clock hands were firmly dictating the end of the school day. Friday. Finally!

“Kids, don’t forget your homework and remember the project about Martin Luther King is due Monday morning,” I yelled over the sound of scraping chairs and loud chatter to my fifth graders. They walked hurriedly outside like the room was on fire, but I understood them. When I was their age I did the same. And personally, if it wasn’t because I was their teacher, I would be doing the same.

It was 3:15 pm when I started to make my way over to my white Kia Soul. As I did, I felt my cellphone vibrate inside my purse. Opening the passenger door and throwing my school bag full of papers to grade, I fished my phone out of my purse before tossing my purse on the passenger seat.

“Drinks at Bernie’s, bitchesss!” Robin’s command made me smile and shake my head. Closing the passenger door, I walked around the car and got in the driver’s side. I started the car before replying.

“I desperately need a drink. I’m game.” I answered the chain text. I saw the three dots before one of our other girlfriends answered.

“I can’t tonight, girls. Charles made dinner reservations. It’s date night.” Patricia answered.

“Booo, what about you, Portia? Are you joining Emma and me?” Robin quickly answered.

“I’ll be there, bitches. I need to ditch about last week’s booty call.” Portia typed. I could already hear her lengthy explanation about it. She should really stop seeing Mike.

“Mike?! Again?!” Patricia quickly typed. I saw the next three dots on the bottom of the text chain and before the next text came through, I locked my phone and started the drive home. If I didn’t I was going to be stuck at the school parking lot for the next twenty minutes.

I knew that Patricia as going to start lecturing Portia about her poor choice in men, blah blah blah. At least two of them were getting laid. Patricia had a two-year relationship with Charles, the sexy lawyer on her firm. And Portia had an on-off relationship with Mike for the last six months. We all knew that he wasn’t a stable guy, but according to Portia, his sex skills were why she kept coming back to him. Robin had a few relationships here and there, but nothing lasted too long. Her longest relationship was over three months before she ended dumping the guy because he didn’t know how to eat her properly, (her words, not mine). Me? I had never been as lucky as them. I had a few flings, both male and female, but none of them grabbed my attention for long. They didn’t even make it past my front door. Only one of the guys I dated made it to my living room for drinks one night. But after talking with him and exchanging a few kisses, I knew it wasn’t going to head anywhere. I didn’t know what was wrong with me or what I really was looking for, but there was this hole in my chest that no one seemed to fill. Not romantically at least. My friends helped fill the void sometimes. Robin helped me a lot too. She was always there for me when I needed her.

After getting home and having a quick early dinner, I jumped in the shower and started to get ready for a girl’s night out. Bernie’s wasn’t a club. It was the best bar in town. It was the only spot in town to meet new people and have a few drinks. The place was usually quiet most days but on Fridays half, the town went there to relax with their friends, and to meet a prospect hookup for the night. I didn’t have the ache to find anyone tonight, but I didn’t want to look boring either. Searching in my walking closet, I decided to wear a flowy floral dress that was short enough to show off my long legs, but long enough to not come off as a sex worker. I flat ironed my auburn straight hair and added some long earrings and some white sandals. With some minimal makeup, just the right amount to make my hazel eyes pop, I finished getting ready and glanced at the clock. It was almost eight o’clock. I had made the girls know I intended to get at least heavily buzzed tonight, so Portia offer to give me a ride to the bar. She lived only twenty minutes from my apartment, and from here to the bar, it was another twenty minutes. While I waited for her to show up, I opened a bottle of white wine and downed a glass. I needed to relax. My muscles were stiff from all the hunching over my desk, grading tests and homework all this week. Just as I was finishing my drink, the honk of Portia car boomed around the small living room of my apartment. I quickly downed the last drops of wine, picked up my small messenger bag that fit my phone and cards perfectly, and went through the door. My apartment was on the first floor. Because of this, I was inside the car and on my way to the bar in less than five minutes.

On our drive, Portia asked about my job and I asked about hers. I hadn’t seen her in a week and in that short week, she had already slept with Mike three times, but they weren’t together. I had to stop the amused smile that started to spread on my face. It was hilarious how from saying that she couldn’t stand Mike and the hobo he sometimes was, to her saying that she cared deeply about the state of his penis and how it made her feel. I rolled my eyes and kept hearing her and from time to time commenting on anything except Mike’s good looking penis.

Before long we arrived at Bernie’s. She had to go around a few times before finding a spot. The place was packed tonight. Not a surprise. After getting out of the car, we made it inside. There was a swarm of people. Almost every table in the modest size establishment was taken. There was upbeat music playing over the speakers and some couples were dancing or grinding in open spots across the room. There was a crowd around the bar at the end of the room. Two bartenders took orders at the speed of lighting and served them just as fast. Cute couples were kissing or simply talking around the bar. As I scanned through some of them, I noticed Robin at the left of the bar, with three shots in front of her. She turned on that moment and locked her eyes with mine. Her lips parted in the widest grin possible and her emerald green eyes sparkled with enthusiasm at seeing us. I returned her smile and waved at her. We started to move around the people to reach her and while we did that I took in what she was wearing. Even if she was the assistant to the mayor, she couldn’t care less about her image when it was girl’s night. She was wearing the skimpiest black dress I had ever seen her wear. It hugged her curves in all the right places and showed plenty of her big round breasts. I used to envy the size of those once. My breasts were average at most, but from a few lovers’ compliments in the past, (way, way in the past), I didn’t feel the envy I used to feel when I was young. In fact, now I found myself staring a little too long at Robin’s cleavage for some reason. I shook my head at moved my eyes to her face again. Her curls were piled on top of her hair in a cute messy bun.

“Finally, bitches!” She said dramatically as we reached her. She quickly took hold of the shot glasses and shoved one in my hand and another at Portia’s.

“You only waited for twenty minutes. Don’t be so dramatic.” Portia replied to her before downing her shot in one gulp. I just smiled at both of them before throwing my head back and downing whatever Robin had ordered us. The burn quickly spread from my throat to my chest and a cough mixed with a giggle bubbled from my throat.

“Tequila? Damn, Robin that bad at the office this week?” I asked her. Raising my hand I made a gesture to the bartender. Before Robin answered, the man was in front of us waiting for our order.

“Another round of these and three beers.” I placed the order. I didn’t even have to ask him to put in on our tap. Knowing Robin meant that she had already opened one up.

“You have no idea what shitstorm is brewing at the office,” Robin answered before throwing back the shot that the guy just placed in front of us. Portia and I followed her and threw ours back. After, I quickly took a sip of my cold beer feeling how its cold and somewhat bitter taste calmed the fire the two shots of tequila had brought.

“What has done the mayor now?” I asked her. I leaned a bit back on the counter. Portia was at my left, one arm on the counter and the other one holding her beer. Robin at my right in a similar pose to Portia’s.

“Nothing worth talking about on girls’ night. We are here to relax. To make you forget about your bratty kids at school and hear about the heavenly cock Mike has.” Robin stated and took a swig of beer.

“Hey!” Portia protested.

“I haven’t seen it, Portia. I’m just quoting you. Jeeze! Down girl!” Robin answered her death stare between laughs. Portia smiled back and giggled.

“I know...Jealousy always creeps in when we talk about him.” She expressed with a sigh.

“And you are not official because?...” Robin asked with a smirk.

“Because the damn man doesn’t know how to hold a job and when he moves in he stops working, and I have to take care of him.” She frustratedly said.

“Then stop seeing the guy altogether. Stop answering his booty calls.” I simply declared. It wasn’t a bit deal to me. Then again, I haven’t been in a committed relationship for more than a year.

“I want to do that, Emma...but-”

“The sex is out of this world. We get it, Portia. The man knows how to fuck.” Robin finished for her. Portia slapped her arm jokingly before downing the rest of her beer. She waved at the bartender, but instead of ordering another round of beers, she ordered more shots of tequila, plus cocktails. After we got our drinks, we kept talking and laughing. Portia spoke from time to time about Mike’s skills. Robin went over a few details about her job as an assistant to the mayor and what a pain in the ass it was sometimes, and I ditched about other teachers and the occasional devil child. Between drinks, we went and danced in the small dance floor space the bar had. Others were dancing around us and more than praying eyes, but we didn’t give a damn. The bar was loud, full of chatter, and music. And we were pretty buzzed. We just wanted to relax and have a good time.

Before long it was almost the last call. We were around the bar sipping on our cocktails and laughing our asses off.

“So, you are telling us that if Mike was to come in here right now and tell you to go back to his place with him, you would say no to him?” I asked Portia between buzzed giggles.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. I’m done. No more Mike’s cock for me.” The woman said loudly enough to have a few bystanders laugh at her expense. Portia was clearly more buzzed than Robin or me.

“Oh shit!” Robin suddenly said beside me. She covered her mouth with her hand to hide her smile. Her eyes were trained on someone a few feet behind Portia. I took a breath in and did my best to keep a straight face after looking where she was staring.

“What? What’s going on?” Portia asked placing her empty glass on the counter. Turning, she followed our eyes. The moment she saw him she stiffened all over. He was far, but close enough that he must have heard what she said. His face was unreadable. The only emotion was partially seen inside his dark brown orbs, which he had locked on Portia. I could see her resolve was crumbling the more he stared at her with a hunger I hadn’t seen on any of my dates. He started to prance over to her and the closer he got, the weaker Portia’s knees became. The man was sex on a stick, that was clear. Before he reached us, Portia turned to us.

“What did I say before?” She mockingly asked us before she yelped. Mike lifted her from her hips and threw her over his shoulder.

“Ladies.” He acknowledged us before slapping Portia’s ass. She half yelped, half moaned.

“See ya, girls!” She said when he turned and started to make his way out of the bar. I shook my head and wave her goodbye. They were going to end up together one way or another. I turned back to the bar and cradled my drink.

“What’s on your mind?” Robin asked me. She took a sip of her drink, her body angled towards me.

“Nothing,” I told her taking a sip.

“Liar.” She said close to my ear sending a shiver through me. I shook my head to dispel the feeling. The alcohol must’ve been messing with me.

“Really, is nothing. I think I’m buzzed enough for tonight.” I told her finishing my drink. She nodded in agreement and finished hers too. We made our way outside. The cool night air clearing part of my buzzed brain. We started to walk to the parking lot. Her shoulder brushed mine from time to time, making goosebumps appear on my skin. Goosebumps that I had no idea where they came from. Maybe it really was the alcohol. We reached her car and after starting it we were on our way back to my place. She lived on the other side of town. The drive to my apartment was twenty minutes, but to her house, it was thirty minutes. I wasn’t sure if she was going to make it home in time.

We arrived shortly after at the front of my building. Robin kept the car running and when she saw that I wasn’t getting out of the car, her face turned to me.

“What’s wrong?” Her eyes searched my face trying to read my thoughts.

“It’s past midnight, and you live half an hour away. You are buzzed. I don’t want you to get into trouble with the law because of our girl’s night.” I told her, meeting her eyes.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” She replied to my worry, but I wasn’t convinced. Neither of us was drunk, but if she was stopped by an officer, the alcohol test would be through the roof. I didn’t want her career to suffer because of our messy night.

“Please...” I trailed off and did the most accurate representation I could of puppy dog eyes. She rolled her eyes at me and killed the car’s engine.

“Fine. You are always right, anyway.” She took her purse as I did mine and we both exited the car. We reached my apartment and after walking in, I bolted the door behind us. Robin made her way to the bathroom and I went to the kitchen. The glass I left on the counter before I left was still there, so I opened the cupboard and grabbed another. Opening the fridge, I took out the chilled wine and poured both of us another drink. Just as I was finishing it, Robin came out of the bathroom and walked over to the kitchen. Snatching her glass, she turned and made her way to the cream-colored sofa in my small living room. Taking her shoes off, she sat on her calves, her back turned to me. I made my way over there too and after discarding my shoes, I assumed a similar position to hers. I sipped on my wine, looking past her to the kitchen.

“What are you thinking about?” Robin asked me, forcing my eyes to focus on her instead of the kitchen cupboards.

“Nothing...I mean...” I sighed. I could never hide what was going through my head to Robin. “I’m-”

“Lonely.” Robin finished for me. Her head was cocked to the side. Empathy mixed with something I couldn’t place swam in her eyes.

“Yeah. Seeing Portia with Mike, even if it is a really fucked up situation, makes me wish for something of my own. I mean, I know I don’t need anyone to feel complete, but the intimacy of a relationship is what I missed, you know?” I explained to her. She nodded in understanding while I took a sip of the mildly sweet wine.

“I get it. You missed being wanted. You missed being touched.” She declared almost like she was peering inside my head and plucking my own words out of my brain. I nodded and glanced away from the intensity her eyes were carrying. This woman knew everything about me in a way that almost frightened me. She and I had a connection that couldn’t be explained. A connection that I had never understood in all the years we had been friends.

She took a sip of her wine before placing it on the rectangular coffee table on our left. She scooted closer to me. My eyes glanced back at her while I felt a frown form on my face. Why was she so close all of a sudden? Her hand came up and cupped my cheek. Her thumb made circles on the flushed flesh of my cheek, her eyes never wavering from my own. My breathing increased and I felt how the temperature of the room raised three to five degrees.

“Is this the kind of touch you miss?” She whispered. Her eyes roamed my face before settling on my lips. She held them there for a moment. A long enough moment for me to see how her breath became a bit shallow and her eyes dilated with an unspoken desire. She raised her eyes to my own again, and I remembered her question.

“Y-yes. But-” I started to protest, but her hand moved from cupping my cheek to be lightly pressing on my lips, silencing me.

“Shhh. Don’t try to rationalize this right now. Just...just follow my lead and let me show you what you haven’t been able to grasp for a very long time.” Her hand fell from my lips and they were replaced with her own. The moment her lips touched my own, butterflies exploded in my belly. Her hands went around my waist as she pulled me close to her. I quickly parted my lips and allowed her entrance to my mouth. A soft moan erupted from her throat and at the sound of it heat pooled below my navel. Her kiss was fervently demanding all of me and I was eager to oblige. Her tongue danced with my own in a waltz that was familiar yet bizarre. One of her arms snaked away from my back and took a hold of the wine glass I still held in my hand. Without even looking, like she was already deeply familiar with my place, she placed the glass on the table beside her own, all the while never breaking our fervently hot kiss. Once I didn’t hold the glass in my hand and allowing the lust I didn’t want to admit I held for Robin to flow through me, I circled her waist with my arms and pressed her chest to mine.

The feeling of her breasts rubbing with mine sent another shot of heat down to my core and called forth another moan from her. My brain wanted me to stop what we were doing and asked her what was going on between us, but as our kiss became more demanding, all doubts went through the window. I broke our kiss and started to leave a trail of kisses down her throat and then I focused on the side of her neck. I pulled her flesh between my teeth and playfully bit her while sucking her. She pressed me more firmly to her, relishing at my bite. I sucked and kissed her neck for a while making sure she was going to remember this night because of the love marks I was leaving on her. She grabbed my head suddenly and pulled me up to meet her lips again. While we devoured each other her hands found the end of my dress and she started to pull it up from my body. Breaking our kiss, she yanked the fabric over my head and I was left in only my bra and panties before her. Before she leaned forward to start kissing me again, I took her dress and pulled it off from her too. At the sight of her underwear, I halted. I greedily drunk her in. She was wearing the sexiest two-piece lingerie set. Her bra was lace and only cupped half of her perfect big and round breasts. The soft skin at the top of her breasts was a tease all on its own, but she threw that over the edge with the bra. It barely covered her tout and erect nipples that could be easily seen from between the lace.

Just by looking at her, I thought I would combust with lust and desire, a desire that I had tried to ignore all night. I trailed my eyes down her soft curves and rested them at the bottom of her navel. She had a black lace thong that hung low on her hips. I could see part of her mount of Venus, which was neatly shaved and from what I could see, extremely smooth to the touch. My mouth watered at the thought. I was so focused on drinking her in, that I hadn’t even realized that she was also checking me out.

“That pink set is mouth-watering on you, babe.” She purred. I had forgotten what I put on tonight. I didn’t think it was special, even less that I looked hot in it. It was a simple bralette paired with bikini panties that matched it. She raised on her knees and she pulled me up with her hand. Our knees touched from how close we were. I placed my hands on her wide hips and pulled her to me. Our lips locked once again in a kiss that stole my breath away. My hands kneaded her hips and ass. Her skin was as soft as I thought and the more I touched and held her to me, the less I wanted to ever let her go. She rubbed her breasts with mine, calling forth a moan from me. She stopped kissing me and started to trail down my throat just like I had done to her. But instead of stopping at my neck, she kept kissing down. She went over my collar bone and left feathery kisses, but she didn’t stop there. She was on a mission. Still moving down, she stopped between my breasts. She glanced up at me sticking out her tongue and glided it between my breasts. I think my heart had stopped at the sight. With her tongue, she went over the fabric of my bra and started to circle my nipple. I threw my head back as I felt her lusty assault. I yelped when I felt her teeth on my nipple through the fabric of the bra. She playfully teased it before doing the same with the other. While she was focusing on one with her mouth, she pinched and tugged at the other. She did it until I felt I couldn’t handle her teasing anymore. She let go of my breasts and came back up to my mouth. As she kissed me, I felt her hand make work with the clasp of my bra and soon she had undone it. Before sliding it off me, I made sure to take her’s off too. We broke apart and before she slid her bra off, I had already discarded mine. I hunched down and took one of her plumped breasts into my mouth, earning a gasp from her lips. She had her fun teasing me until my panties were nothing but completely drenched in my wetness. Well, now was my turn.

I circled her nipple over and over with my tongue. They were perfect. They were hard and the more I played with them in my mouth, the more Robin wriggled. I pushed both of her breasts together and move my tongue between the two simultaneously. I thought she was going to combust with my assault. Her hands were behind my head, pressing me firmly to her chest. Her head was thrown back and her hips were rocking back and forth. She wanted to have friction between her legs, but I intended to give her something much better. I pushed her back. She giggled at my demeanor, sliding her feet from underneath her to be more comfortable. I leaned over her and started to kiss her mouth again, but I didn’t kiss her long. I quickly started to move down the middle of her chest. As I did, I kept one hand on one of her breasts and kept kneading and teasing her. I left a trail of kisses down her belly until I reached below her navel. I looked up at her and saw her full attention on my movements. To tease her further, I kissed her hip bones and slowly made my way to her center. She still had her black lace thong on, and I had no intention of removing it yet. With my free hand, I moved her left leg to the side, opening her legs further. She squirmed and moaned in anticipation. But instead of giving her what I knew she wanted, I kissed her inner thigs. With each kiss, I moved closer to her core, and the closer I moved, the harder she started to squirm. Her body was begging for me and having her at my mercy was all the invitation I needed. I made my way to her center, and through the fabric, I gave her one long and awaited lick. The lace was thin, thin enough for me to taste her delectable flavor. Something between a plea and a moan left Robin’s lips, and I cast my eyes up to her face. She was enrapt in the movements I was doing with my tongue. Her eyes were dilated and her cheeks had a beautiful red color. She was panting with need and begging for release. I moved my tongue up and down and side to side at the top of her lips. I close my mouth at the top of her mound where the little bundle of nerves was screaming for attention. She wriggled her hips and started to look for further friction in my mouth and I concurred that she had enough teasing. Removing my lips from her, with a finger I pushed her thong to the side. Opening my mouth I clashed with her pink and swollen lips and started to suck and tug at her bundle of nerves.

“Fuck, Emma!” She said through parted lips, threw her head back, and started to rock her hips up and down in my mouth. I stuck my tongue inside her folds earning a bigger moan than before with a trail of obscenities that would make a grown man blush. I sucked and tugged at her clit, licking and swallowing her delectable taste. My eyes never left her face as I ate her. Sometimes she closed her eyes and threw her head back, but never for long. She got off from watching me eat her exquisite pussy. As I kept eating her, I removed my hand from her breast. With both of my hands now, I took my mouth off her briefly, to spread her lips further apart and glance at her. She was swollen and pink, and the more I looked at her, the more my mouth watered. I needed to keep eating her. I closed my mouth on her clit and sucked hard. I inserted one of my fingers in her opening and turned it upward. Slowly I started to make the come-over-here motion. Robin gasped at my tactic and threw her head back briefly. When she straightened her head and looked back at me again, she had her bottom lip between her teeth, a look of pure ecstasy on her face.

“Emma, I’m- I’m close.” At her needy words, I moved my finger faster and sucked in the same constant rhythm on her clit. Her moans increased in tempo and her hips were bucking like crazy. She fucked my mouth and my hand like her life depended on it. I felt her walls clenched around my finger before feeling the rush of her juices flow down her. She moaned loudly and I slowly removed my finger from inside her and started to lap at the juices that flowed so deliciously from her. She squirmed a few times at the feeling of my tongue on her oversensitive clit. After she rolled the last wave of her climax, I leaned back on my legs and looked down at her. An expression of bliss adorned her face, but the lustful glimmer in her eyes told me she was nowhere near done. She pushed herself up with her arms and met my lips. She kissed my mouth once again, tasting herself on my lips. She gently pushed me back on the sofa, allowing me time to get my legs from underneath me. As my back was to the sofa now, before spreading my legs, she took off my panties. Standing up beside me, she discarded her own. She knelt between my legs. She kissed my lips once more, before moving down my chest and taking one breast, and then the other to her mouth. She made her way down my stomach, and before I was ready for her, her mouth clamped down on my pussy. She greedily licked and sucked on my clit. With her hands, she spread my lips, and her tongue found my entrance. She glided it in and out of me. She switched from that to sucking and lightly biting down on my clit. I was panting. She moved so expertly, that I would have never thought she had never done this before. I had never seen her with a woman before. But the way she used her mouth on me, it was like she had practiced what she was doing before. She removed her mouth and replace it with her fingers. Instead of inserting one, she quickly inserted two and started to pump them in and out of me. All the while she sucked and pressed her tongue down of my clit. When she wasn’t, she lightly blew on my pussy, making me squirm and buckle on her hand. She was driving me insane. This woman was going to be the death of me.

Her eyes were focused on what she was doing to me, but from time to time, her eyes met mine over my mount of Venus. When she did, her mouth would find my clit and suck hard until my mouth was formed in an ‘O’ and the breath left my lungs. I felt myself edge closer to my orgasm, but just when I was about to reach it, she stopped. Her mouth left my clit and her fingers withdrew from my opening. I frowned at her. What kind of game was this woman playing at? Smiling devilishly, she tugged at my legs, until I was completely flat on the sofa. She glided on top of me, pressing her breasts to mine and kissing me. I tasted myself on her tongue and I greedily sucked on it. We both moaned in unison, and her hips started to rock back and forth on top of me. Grabbing my left leg, she broke our kiss and straightened up. She angled her body on top of me until her mound was pressed to my own. She held my leg for support. She leaned over once for a kiss before straightening up again and starting to rock back and forth. The feeling of her pussy folds against my own was something out of this world. I grinded to her at the same pace she was ridding me. Our breaths became shallow because of our rhythm and we started to pant. The wetness between us increased with each thrust of our pussies together. I could feel her clit on mine and the sound of our moist vulvas together was driving me insane. Our moans rang around my apartment the more our rhythm increased. Soon, Robin was riding me like there was no tomorrow and I met each of her expertly movements with my own. Both of us were flushed, and sweat covered our bodies. I could see the beads of sweat trailing down Robin bouncing breasts. Her eyes roamed my body and lingered in certain places, but as I felt my orgasm build again, she focused on my eyes. I could tell she was close too.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She screamed and as she did, I felt my wave crashed down on me. A rush bigger than any I had ever felt before crashed down on me. The moment it did, I saw that the same orgasmic wave crashed down of Robin. We kept grinding and screaming both of our waves until we road it completely. Our movements ceased. Goosebumps covered my arms and legs. Robin lowered my leg and leaned over me. Pressing her head on my chest, we waited for our breaths to settle. Her pussy was still close to mine. My over sensitive clit pulsed at her closeness, but I didn’t want her to move.

“D-Do you grasp it now?” She asked me as our hearts synced with one another. I snorted softly before answering her.

“I-I do. Did you practice this before?” I asked her, not able to leave that question for a much later time.

“N-no. I wanted my first time to be with you.” She admitted. If she wasn’t already flushed, I would have seen her cheeks blush. This was a new side to Robin; a side that I was eager to explore.

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