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Valentine's Day Special

I couldn’t believe how incredibly lucky I had gotten. Life couldn’t get any better for me. I was doing spectacularly well in my college classes. I had officially dominated the college lifestyle. My best friend, Esther, and I were tighter and closer than ever, and I had landed a boyfriend. The boy of my dreams, for which I drooled over in my classes, was finally mine. Josh. I was Josh’s girlfriend. No matter how many times I repeated inside my head or how many times we spoke and texted, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that we had officially started dating.

After his frat party a month ago, we started to hang out more. At first, I thought he only wanted a fuck buddy or friends with benefits, but I was pleasantly surprised when that wasn’t the case. We had given away to the lust and the sexual tension, I had no idea there was between us, at the party. But Josh took me out on dates that didn’t involve being around at his frat house hanging out with his frat buddies. He took me to the movies, to the zoo, and aquariums. We went to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We never ran out of things to talk about and when he was with me, I had his undivided attention. When we were at his house, his buddies would call on him to play beer-pong or to go to the back at the pool with them, but he always denied them. He said that when he was with his girl, he was with me and only me. I swear I couldn’t believe my luck.

And the sex? O.M.G! It was never boring. He always had a new idea and a different way to spice up our intimacy. I kept thinking that things were too good to be true. That one day he was going to get tired of me and dump me for a much prettier girl, but that hadn’t happened yet. So, when he told me that he was not going to be here at the campus the weekend of Valentine’s Day, I just couldn’t believe it. Josh said that he had an important family errand to run that Sunday and wasn’t going to be able to spend it with me like he wanted to. He said that his father needed him for work and that he couldn’t refuse. I knew that he and his father were somewhat close because they both shared the same passion for computers, but to put that above spending a little time with me on that special day was something I couldn’t really understand. It didn’t add up. Well, it added up to the fact that he had always respected his father and wasn’t keen on disappointing him. But it didn’t add up in our relationship. This was going to be our first Valentine’s Day as a couple. I had bought him a Trappist-1NASA edition wristwatch as a present. And now I wasn’t going to be able to give it to him.

I was crushed. I couldn’t believe he was going to abandon me. I wanted to tell him how disappointed I felt and how my heart was shattering to a million pieces, but when I saw him at my doorstep, Saturday, the day before Valentine’s, I didn’t have the courage to.

“I’m heading out, babe. You don’t know how sorry I am.” He sorrowfully stated. His arms were clasped behind his back. His shoulders tense. His light brown eyes were full of emotion. I couldn’t tell him what I felt. Not when I saw how much it also affected him to be away from me.

“It’s okay. We’ll spend Monday morning together. It is no big deal.” I managed to say. I tried to sound as casual as possible. I didn’t want him to feel worse than he already did. I clutched the doorknob on my right hand and leaned a bit of my weight on the door. My shoulder pressed to the wooden door.

“I brought this to you as a consolation prize,” Josh said and produced a huge heart-shaped chocolate box from behind his back. His face changed from sorrowful to happy as he presented the simple gift to me. I couldn’t help the smile that sprouted on my lips. He was the best boyfriend. I took a step forward and took the box. Lowering my eyes to it, I read the gold lettering atop the dark pink background. Lindt: Gourment Truffles. My favorite brand of chocolate.

“You didn’t have to,” I told him, raising my eyes and craning my head a bit back to meet his eyes.

“I know, but I wanted to. And no. Before you give me anything, please don’t. We’ll celebrate Monday. I promise.” With that, he leaned down, placed his lips on mine, and gave me the sweetest kiss ever. His lips gliding on my own softly, giving me a silent promise that no matter if it wasn’t going to be tomorrow, something sweet and unforgettable was coming my way.

After breaking the kiss, he smiled softly at me and walked away. Leaning a bit out of my doorway, I followed his retreating form for as long as I could. After he exited the double clear doors of the dorms and took a right at the crossroad, he disappeared. Sighing, I went back into my dorm and closed the door. Placing the box of chocolates on the counter, I proceeded to open the box. As soon as I did, a waft of sweet chocolate was released making my mouth water instantly.

“Who was at the door?” Esther walked into the small kitchenette of our dorm room. It was night already, and she had a purple long nightgown on already. Her curly hair was up in a bun atop her head and her glasses were a bit skewed on her face, the tell-tale sign that she had fallen asleep with them.

“Josh. He brought me this.” I motioned at the box of chocolates in front of me. I took a truffle out of the box and bit down on it. The sweet caramel flavor mixed with expertly made chocolate exploded in my mouth. I couldn’t help the delight moan that reverberated inside my lips. “Do you want one?” I asked Esther, with my mouth full.

“Ewww, no. You know I hate chocolate.” She responded, making a face and walking behind me to peer down at our small fridge.

“I will never understand the reason behind your hate for chocolate,” I told her shaking my head, a smile on my lips.

“It is just not for me. But this-” She motioned to her hand. Glancing at her, I saw the half-gallon of milk firmly on her grip. “This is my heaven.” She stated and took out her mug and filled it with cold milk to the brim. Shaking my head at her, I ate another chocolate before closing the box and placing it in the fridge. I didn’t want my chocolates to melt in the heat of the night.

“Let’s go to bed then,” I told her moving out of our small kitchenette to our joined bedroom. Esther flopped down on her bed, being careful not to spill her mug of milk all over her mattress. As I tuck myself in bed and was about to turn off my bedside lamp, she spoke.

“You know he is really sorry about leaving you alone tomorrow, right?” She asked me, tilting her head to the side. She wanted to make sure I didn’t think the worst of Josh, even if it was for something as simple as not spending time with me on Valentine’s.

“I’s just...nevermind,” I replied shaking my head and turning off the lamp. Josh had been sweet in giving me the box of chocolates tonight. I know he wanted to make things better between us because he was unable to spend the day with me tomorrow. But I still was hurt. And there was that little voice in the back of my head telling me that the reason behind his absence tomorrow was because he was getting tired of me.

I heard Esther sigh. She knew not to push me when I didn’t want to talk about something. She was my sister, not by blood but by friendship bond. After a little while, I heard the click of the lamp switch and the room fell into darkness. Turning on my bed, I closed my eyes and thankfully Morpheus came quick tonight.


Sunday morning went in a blur for me. I’m not even sure if it was a morning at all. I woke up almost in the afternoon. Esther was up even before me when I am usually the early bird. Going to the bathroom, I did my morning routine adding a shower to really take me out of my grogginess state. After, I put on some jeans shorts, and a ripped dark gray t-shirt, I headed to the small living room space we had. I halted when I saw what was in front of me. This huge stuffed dog was sitting on our living room sofa. He had a string of balloons tied in one of its front paws and there was a bouquet sitting on the coffee table before it. Esther was sipping from her mug- which was probably full of milk again seeing as the woman didn’t like coffee,- leaning back on the kitchenette sink.

“What’s this?” I asked her approaching the massive stuffed dog and caressing it. The dog was birch brown everywhere except for its long ears and tail that were light rosewood. Glancing at my left, I saw a small white card tucked in between the roses. Picking it up, I quickly open the card and read it.

“For the most beautiful woman, I had ever laid my eyes on. My heart is yours today, tomorrow, and every day after that. Thinking of you, Josh”

“Oh. My. God. That is so romantic!” Esther said over my shoulder. I hadn’t even heard her approach me. I was left without words. The nagging voice inside my head was all but an echo right now. I was still a bit insecure that a guy like Josh was with me but seeing this display of affection in front of me put that voice at sleep for the moment. I was speechless. “And you thought that he was going to forget completely about you today,” Esther said and moved back a few paces. I shrugged shyly before replying.

“I know. I’m silly like that.” I told her, grabbing the bouquet and sniffing them. The delicate scent of roses was delightful. I set the bouquet down, a smile on my face. Turning, I walked to the kitchenette intending to make myself breakfast, but I noticed that I don’t have to. There is a plate warm and ready for me. Pancakes, eggs, and sausage decorate the plate. There is a tall glass beside it, full of orange juice. There is a letter beside the plate. I tear open the card and another smile breaks on my face.

“To my sister from another mother, I hope that even if Josh can’t make today special for you, I can try and cheer you up. Love ya, Esther.”

Glancing up from the card in my hands, a giddy Esther is waiting for my reaction. She stood in front of our closed dorm door. Her cheeks are flushed from all the smiling she was making. She partially hid behind her mug, a grin on her face.

“I love it. Thanks, sis.” I told her.

“Really?! I know is not much and it is certainly not a humongous stuffed animal and a dozen roses, but it comes from my heart.” She said shrugging shyly. I rolled my eyes and approached her, circling her with my arms and squeezing her close. She hugged me back, one hand still clasping the mug, the other around my back.

“Happy Valentine’s day, sis,” I said while hugging her. We broke apart after a little while. Picking up the plate and glass, I walked over to the living room. Sitting beside the stuffed dog, I turned the TV on and searched for something that my friend was going to love watching with me. Opening the TV series section, I settle on her favorite: Once Upon a Time. She makes her way and sits beside me on the couch, her food plate in her hand. I’m not a huge fan of the series, but I knew she loved it, so I watch it for her.

We spent the day watching the series and before we knew it it was evening. It didn’t help that I woke up extremely late. Josh’s present had been extremely sweet and thoughtful, but as the day grew late and the sun made way for the moon, the voice of insecurity came back. It didn’t help that throughout the day I hadn’t heard a single thing about him. He hadn’t called. He hadn’t texted. Maybe it was because he was busy working with his father. Maybe he was entertaining another girl and he had sent out these gifts to me to placate my doubts about our relationship being too good to be true. I shook my head trying to disperse it from those thoughts. Josh was a good guy. He was my guy. He wouldn’t betray me.

“Stop overthinking, Liz,” Esther commanded me as if she knew what I was thinking about. A lopsided grin came to me.

“How did you know I was thinking about him?” I asked her, not facing her. From the corner of my eye, I saw that she was still facing the TV, but part of her attention was on me.

“Because I know you. I can practically hear the wheels turning inside that little head of yours. What more proof do you need to know that that man is crazy for you? He came by yesterday night and brought you a box of your favorite chocolates. Today he sent you that big dog, balloons, and a bouquet of a dozen roses. He may not be here but he is making sure that you know that he is thinking about you.” She stated a tone of desperation underneath her words.

“I know, I know. But then why hasn’t he reached out through the day? Maybe to make sure I received his present or to check up on me? Maybe this is just to keep me tangled with him while he has another behind my back.” At my words, Esther angled her body in my direction. I turned my head in her direction and angled my body a bit to face her. Once Upon a Time still blasting on the TV.

“Stop. It. I will not tolerate that kind of thinking from you. What happened to the girl that went to his party and charmed the pants off that guy?” She asked outraged.

“She fell in-” I stopped myself from saying the words. Was that the reason I was feeling so insecure about our relationship lately? Because I was afraid to be ripped apart from the guy I loved?

Understanding what I was about to say, Esther smiled and shook her head. “It is okay to feel different. It is okay to be in love. But don’t sabotage your relationship because you don’t know what to do with these new feelings you have.” She turned back to the TV. “In fact, why don’t you go have a nice long hot shower and put something cute. We are going out.”

“Fine.” I stood and did what I was told. It was odd to see Esther say that we were going out when I was usually the one that had to drag her out of our dorm room to go anywhere. But today was Valentine’s Day, plus she wanted me to stop going around and questioning everything about my relationship.

After a long hot shower, I slipped into a black mini dress that hugged my curves in the right places and displayed my C-cup cleavage perfectly. I put my hair in a half-up half-down hairstyle, my curls bouncing when I moved my head. Putting up some gold hoop earrings and some light eye makeup with a bold red lip, I stared at myself on our full-length mirror. Esther was right. I had to stop being insecure. Josh was mine and if what I saw in the mirror was any indication, he wasn’t about to lose me for someone else.

Walking out of the room, I saw that Esther was still on the couch watching TV. Wasn’t she going to get ready too? Once I walked by the kitchenette, the silhouette standing to my right startled me. Turning my head, my heart started to somersault inside my rib cage.


He was standing before the open doorway. His curls were messy in a sort of just-woke-up-this-sexy look. His light brown eyes were sparkling with mischieve. He had black slacks with a white button-down shirt tucked inside his pants. The sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and the first two buttons of the shirt were undone. His pectoral muscles peeked from inside the shirt and a light dusting of chest hair could be seen. He didn’t have his glasses tonight either, making the yellow around his irises shine brightly underneath the pale yellow light of our kitchenette. I had to swallow hard before speaking.

“W-what are you doing here? I-I thought-” My voice trembled with emotion.

“Did you really think that I was going to bail on you on our first Valentine’s Day together? You are too special to me, Elizabeth.” He took two steps and was in front of me. Placing two fingers underneath my chin, he tilted my head back and met my eyes. Lowering his head, his lips were only a breath away from mine, but he didn’t close the space between them. “Let’s go.” He breathed on them making me shiver with pleasure. Stepping back, he turned around and went back to the doorway. His back to me, he glanced to the left before speaking.

“Thanks for keeping her distracted.” He thanked Esther. For a moment, I had completely forgotten she was in the room with us.

“Not a problem.” She smiled at him. Oh, I was going to kill this girl! I quickly followed Josh out of the dorm, but before closing the door I gave Esther the meanest look I could muster up. She winked at me grinning. She was dead. DEAD.

As soon as the door closed, Josh took my hand in his and guided me out of the building. When we exited, his gray Veloster had its engine running. He went to the passenger door and opened it for me. Once I was sitting, he closed the door and rounded the car, and came in. Backing up, he drove out of the university campus. The night city lights becoming blurred on my window from the speed Josh was driving. I settled comfortably back in the seat and turned my head to face him. He was focused on the road, but as if sensing my eyes on him, he took his right hand off the steering wheel and placed it on my exposed thigh. With his thumb, he started making small circles on my skin, calling forth goosebumps all over me.

“Where are we going?” I asked him, a smile on my lips. All the doubts I had the night before and earlier today went through the window.

“We are going to dinner, babe.” He told me, but there was something in his tone that implied something else entirely. There was a devilish smirk tugging at his plump lips. What was he planing?

Before too long, he started to pull in into the entrance of a massive building. Glancing out and up, I saw the name of the building placed atop of it: The Ritz Carlton Hotel. What in the world?

Soon, he was pulling into the valet space and exiting the car. He went around and opened the door for me before handing his keys to the valet. Circling my waist with one of his strong arms, we walked to the entrance of the hotel. He didn’t even stop at the counter. He quickly made his way to the elevators, as if he knew where everything was in the place. We only waited for a bit before the elevator doors opened before us. A couple walked out, a drunk buzzed reflected in their eyes. We stepped in, the doors almost closing behind us instantly.

“I thought we were going to dinner,” I stated, glancing up at him.

“We are.” He simply said. I watched him press down the top button of the elevator pad. PH. Penthouse? We were on our way to the penthouse of the Ritz hotel?!

As soon as the double doors of the elevator opened, my mouth fell agape. There was an expansive foyer that opened up to the living room of the suite. As we walked in, his arm still around my waist, I took the place in. On my right side, there was a kitchen with black marble countertops and expensive-looking appliances. In front and continuing at my left, was the living room space decorated with three massive cream-colored sofas, that faced the left wall where a huge plasma TV was mounted on the wall. On the left side of it, there was an open door that led to the bedroom.

“What do you think?” Josh asked me, moving in front of me, both his arms around my waist. Placing my hands on his strong chest, I craned my head back and met his waiting stare.

“This is amazing, Josh! How can you afford this?” I was in awe of the place and in awe of what this guy was willing to do for me.

“The work I did with my dad paid handsomely.” He said shrugging. Leaning down, he kissed me. The kiss started sweet and tender. My hands made their way to his hair, tangling on his locks. His hands traveled down my waist and rested on my hips, his fingers digging a bit. I parted my lips and allowed him to enter into my mouth. His tongue dancing with mine perfectly. I bit down his bottom lip, earning a sexual grunt from him. Slowly, he pulled away from the kiss and rested his forehead on mine. His breath was labored as was my own.

“Our dinner is outside at the front balcony.” He said after catching his breath. His eyes were closed, almost like if he opened them, he was going to lose all the control he was trying to keep. He wanted this day to be special for me and it already was. At first, I thought that it wasn’t going to be, even with his displays of affection he was making from the day before. But I understood now that he wanted to surprise me. He had done so. The day was already special.

“I’m not hungry. Not for food anyway.” I told him. His eyes flew open and met mine. His pupils dilated with lust and desire. He lifted me by my hips, and I circled him with my legs. His lips found mine, and we started to devour each other, while he walked over to the bedroom. He sat me on the bed, still kissing me. He was going to lay me back, but I pushed him back. He broke our kiss, a frown etched on his handsome features. I pushed on his chest more firmly and he stood up. I quickly stared to make work of his belt and pants, all the while not moving my eyes from his. He cocked one of his brows, understanding what I wanted, but making no move to help me. Good, because I didn’t want him to. I was in control. I wanted to show him how much I had missed him today and how crazy he had made me feel all day.

I took down his pants and underwear in one single motion. His manhood standing at attention in front of my face. Placing my lips at the tip, I waited. I saw how his eyes dilated in anticipation. I knew he expected me to slowly ease his cock in my mouth like other times. But those were not my intentions today. Opening my lips, I quickly swallowed his long and thick length completely. I started to bob back and forth my head on his cock, fast and without stopping, making its head hit the back of my throat each time.

“Fuck, Liz!” Josh moaned and had to tense up his legs muscles to keep balanced. I had caught him off guard and that was exactly what I wanted. I took shorts breaths and suppressed my gag reflexes as best as I possibly could. I placed one hand on his balls and started to play with them gently. Josh hissed and threw his head back. Once he looked down on me again, I took his cock out of my mouth and run my tongue under his shaft. From bottom to tip and down again. He bit his lip while he looked at what I did. When I put him in my mouth again, I started going slow. Painfully slow. He released his lip, a look of frustration now on his face.

“You’re driving me insane.” He grunted. I quickly pulled him out of my mouth and stood up.

“That is what felt like when I didn’t hear a word from you all day.” Grabbing his shoulders I spun him around, making him lose balance and fall back on the bed. Pulling his shoes off and next untangling his legs from his slacks and underwear, I crawled on top of him, stopping when I was face to face with his massive cock again. I wasn’t done with it yet. I was hungry for it and for the lustful craving I knew I was putting him through. Sticking my tongue out, I circled it a few times on his pink tip, moaning when I tasted the salty pre-cum he was dripping. I took him in again, bobbing my head up and down fast once more. This time, instead of playing with his balls, I gripped his shaft on my fist, and as I moved, I pumped him with the same rhythm.

“Liz! Fuck me! Liz!” He growled, holding my head with one of his hands and thrusting inside my mouth. The wetness that had already pooled in my underwear became more prominent and soon, I was aching for him. Sensing this, he pulled my head back, his cock springing out of my mouth with a loud pop. In one single motion, he had my dress off me. He sat up, and started to kiss and lick my cleavage, his hands on my back undoing my bra. As soon as it was done, he stretched a bit back and took it off me. He teased and pulled on my nipple with one hand, while he licked and nipped at the other. But before he went any further, he stopped and scooted back in the bed, with me on top. His back reached the headboard, he reached to the right and in his hand was a bottle of whipped cream.

“You had your dinner. Now I want my dessert.” He breathed. Shaking the bottle, he pressed down on the tip and started leaving a line of whipped cream on the side of my neck all the way to my exposed breasts. Once he fully covered each nipple with it, he dropped the bottle beside him on the bed, his mouth descending to my neck. He sensually licked the trail of white cream he had created. I let my head fall back, relishing the feeling of his hot warm tongue on my heated skin. Cupping one of my breasts, he opened his mouth and took my nipple full of whipped cream to his mouth. The mix of the cool whip with his hot tongue making me go crazy. I needed friction. I had his cock between my legs, right atop of my core. As he ate and cleaned my neck, chest, and breasts from the whipped cream with his expert mouth, I started to grind on his shaft. Back and forth, sometimes side to side. I still had my panties on, the lace doing wonders on my swollen clit. Josh moved from one breast to the other, moaning in approval of my grinding.

“Josh!” I moaned his name as I ground on him. Wanting to feel him,- all of him,-and not caring, I ripped open his shirt, buttons flying everywhere. His hand came around my hips and down my ass, holding firmly my panties, Josh pulled, and with a ripping sound, my panties laid to threads in his hand. The feeling of his shaft right at my clit making me glance down between my thighs. I kept moving, Josh’s hand guiding my movements. I raise, ready for him to enter me, but he flips me over. He hovers over me, smirking.

“I’m not done with my dessert.” He smiled. He started to make a line from the middle of my sternum and kept going down, past my navel, until he made a small mountain of whipped cream on my mound. I started to squirm underneath him from the cold of the cream. Letting go of the bottle, he placed his hands on my hips to steady me. He took his tongue out and started to trail it all over what he had created. I squirmed even more and felt another rush of heat go down to my core. He was driving me as insane as I had driven him. As he closed in on my mound, he pressed his lips on my skin. The combination of them and his tongue was enough to ache painfully on my core.

“Babe...” I breathed between gulps of air. Without any warning, he closed around my mound and started to eat all of the whipped cream off me, and soon, he was thrusting his tongue between my folds. His tongue pressed hard on my clit as one of his fingers found my opening. My back arched off the bed and a loud moan went out my lips. He took no pity on me. He didn’t go slow or soft at all. He inserted a second finger inside me and pumped them in and out of me rapidly. He sucked hard on my clit and nipped at it with his teeth. A stream of curses and moans left my throat at his delicious assault. I felt edging closer and closer to my release. Just as I was about to climax, he stopped completely. I glared down at him and growled.

“What are you doing?!” I demanded of him, but the man only smirked at me.

“When you cum, I wanted to be when I am deep inside you, making you scream my name.” He positioned himself, his cock pulsing and hovering before my entrance. But I didn’t want him to ride me. I wanted to ride him. Luckily this bed was massive, so when I flipped us over, we didn’t fell off. I didn’t give him any time to prepare. As soon as he was laying on his back, I rammed myself down on his cock.

“Fuck, baby!” He growled his hands around my hips. As I jumped up and down on him, my breasts bouncing wildly with my movements, he trusted and met my demanding movements with his own. I looked down on him, my hands on his chest for support. A look of pure unadulterated lust was etched on his handsome face. A look that I was sure was a reflection of my own. Without breaking our connection, he raised to a sitting position. He supported my back with one of his strong arms, while the other caressed my face. His thrusts slowed down and I was shocked by the emotion swimming inside his eyes. I slowed down too, feeling little drops of sweat fall down my breasts that later met his chest. My movements slowed, but we never stopped moving. He tucked one curl behind my ear, his thumb making circles on my cheek.

“I want you to stop doubting us.” He whispered close to my lips. His eyes darted from my lips back to my eyes simultaneously. I frowned. I opened my mouth to tell him that how could I not doubt our relationship when I feel like I don’t deserve him, but he beats me to it. “I’m yours, Liz. Now and forever. I love you.” He says a top of my lips. Tears pooled at the corner of my eyes and a few escape me. He loved me. He felt how I did.

“I love you too.” He smiled against my lips before kissing me. The brick wall of insecurity and doubts came crashing down fast. I felt how our hearts fell in sync with each other. His thrusts were slow and passionate. His hands caressed my face and back in a loving embrace. We were no longer just fucking. We were making love. The heat between us grew, but we kept our passionate pace. His eyes were locked on mine always when he wasn’t kissing me or kissing down my neck. Just when I felt that the heat between us was going to incinerate us, our pace quickened. He met my rhythm eagerly knowing that I was approaching my climax.

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” I said over and over against his lips. With each word, I increased my movements and him, his thrusts. “Josh!” I screamed his name, my eyes firmly locked on his. The orgasm wave hit me harder than before, and as I rode it, I felt Josh’s seed spill inside me. His lips crashed on mine, his grunts muffled by my lips. We both rode our climaxes together until we were fully sated. As it faded, we broke our kiss, but Josh kept kissing my cheeks, nose, and forehead. My sweat covered face and body not bothering him whatsoever.

“I love you too, baby. Today, tomorrow, and the next. Now and forever. I’m yours.” He panted resting his forehead against mine. With a satisfied smile, I close my eyes and relished our intimate embrace.

Now and forever together.

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