Loving his daddy

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17 years, that how old I was when I realized that I was in love with someone who watched me grow. I know what your thinking gross right but in a world or werewolves, witches and vampires incest is common especially for mates. Michael Gold always knew about his strong connection with his father but he always saw it as just family connection until when he turned 18 and those feelings started to change into something more so he hid it from everyone even his father What will happen when years after those feelings resurface full force What will happen he finally confronts what has been haunting him for years

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Chapter 1

Michael PoV

Another day another wet dream about my dad, hi I’m Michael Gold but most people call me Mike and I’m a werewolf.

My dad as I just mentioned is a werewolf also but he is also an Alpha which means he has a Luna, my mom.

Don’t get me wrong I love my mom but there’s just something about my dad that makes me want to strip and let him have his way with me “Mike hurry up or you’ll be late” I heard my mom yell from downstairs as I groaned and got out of bed

While in the shower I decided to fix my little problem downstairs by thinking of all the things I wanted my dad to do to me and it didn’t gross me out or anything it just turned me on even more.

I soon walked out the bathroom only to bump into someone almost causing my towel to fall “sorry hermano didn’t see you there good thing for fast reflexes” my dad said while giving me a wink and leaving. Great I just got rid of a boner and here came a new one

When I was finally dressed I walked downstairs to see mom sitting on dad’s lap which made my blood boil “hey aren’t you going to have breakfast?” I heard mom ask as

I walked towards the door but all I did was shake my head and left. When I got outside I saw Izzy’s car parked outside of my house and when she saw me she smiled

When I didn’t return it she gave me a look of pity and sympathy “what happened now?” she asked and I just sighed.

Isabelle was the only one a told about my crush on my dad because she was my best friend plus she didn’t mind I was gay and I’m also keeping a secret of hers as well so we’re even

“This morning I woke up with a boner as usual so I went and took a shower to get rid of it, when I was coming out the bathroom I bumped into someone who turned out to be dad and my towel almost fell.

He the basically told me to watch where I was going and gave me a wink and another boner yet when I go downstairs I see mom sitting in his lap” I said almost on the verge of tears but I hold them back

Izzy gave me a look of sympathy like she wanted to hug me but she was driving “well I think that this is all irrelevant.

You soon will have your mate and any feelings you had for your dad will be gone and if magically by the moon goddess’s power your mate turns out to be your dad it’s kind of a win-win situation” she said and I chuckled

Not long after we arrived at school and waiting for us was William as usual “hey Mike, Hi Isabelle” he said smiling at a blushing Izzy which made me want to laugh

“oh um hi William well I got to get going, see you at lunch” she said and ran off which made me burst out the laugh I was holding in.

Then I looked at Will who looked confused and hurt, if you haven’t guess by now Izzy has the biggest crush on William but is afraid to tell him because she doesn’t want to be heartbroken when he finds his mate and she feels like he doesn’t like her back which she is obviously blind about because he obviously likes her.

“She hates me” Will said while holding his head down “no she doesn’t dummy” I said but his facial expression didn’t change “of course she does, she’s cool with everybody except me whenever I’m around she finds any excuse to leave” he said and before I could say anything he left.

Halfway through the day I didn’t feel good so I decided to head home because as much as I valued my education getting ill isn’t an option right now.

When I got home I noticed that one of my parents were home but I didn’t know which one because the sometimes switch cars. I walked into the house silently only to be greeted with the silent sounds of moaning.

I followed the sound until I was at my bedroom door where I could hear clearly “M-mike aw you love daddy’s dick don’t you” and when I looked I saw my dad sitting on my bed while masturbating with my underwear in his hand and I instantly got a boner.

I realized that in any second he could smell my scent but he was too busy at the moment that I decided to stay a little longer “oh fuck Mikey harder I’m going to cum” and as soon as he comes I came in my pants.

He looks around for something to clean himself with but doesn’t find anything so he starts to get up and that’s when I decided to make a run for it. I ran out the front door and caught my breath when I finally calmed down I walked back inside

As soon as I walk inside dad was walking down the stairs and when he saw me he hid the underwear behind him “oh hey Mike what are you doing home so early” he asked obviously wondering if I heard him but I had to play it cool

“didn’t feel too good so I came home, I just got here but what are you doing here I thought you’d be at work?” I asked and he froze “I-I um left something at home so I decided to come get it I’m leaving now” he stutter out and ran back up the stairs

All that was going through my head was the fact that I just saw my dad masturbating and he was doing it to me not mom but me. I wanted to scream and tell the world but I decided to play it cool and wait until Izzy came over


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