The taste of my essence

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Rue, a young teenager is ready to loose her virginity to her two year boyfriend Lito. As the night continues to go as perfectly planned, Lito takes her away and Rue has no regrets 💞💞💘💘

Erotica / Romance
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The taste of my essence

The summer night was beautiful. The moon was full and the crickets chirped. The sky was flooded with stars and the lampposts light dimmed the streets. As Rue was walking home with her boyfriend Lito he held her close making her feel warm and safe. “Tonight was so amazing Lito.” She said to him. “Aww it was nothin. Nothin compared to what I have planned for you when we get back to your place.” He said.

They both knew what was going to happen but Rue was clueless as to how he was going to do it. But whatever he had planned she thought she was ready for. They did this together. They had a plan, that one night during their last summer of school they would plan a day to loose their virginities to each other. They have been dating for two years and plan on staying together for many more. They’re a perfect match with a bond that can’t be broken.

When arriving to Rue’s house it was around 10:00. Her parents were out of town on a business trip in Chicago for two weeks so this was the most perfect time to do it. When Lito entered the home he made sure he Locked the front door and turned the lights out. He led Rue to her bedroom and shut the door behind him. He turned on the two bedside table lamps and took off his shirt.

Rue sat in her bed as she took off her jacket and pants, then threw them to the side, leaving her in her oversized white shirt and red boy short underwear. She looked at Lito seductively and he got on top of her. As his blonde hair fell in his face he kissed Rue passionately. He travled from her soft, sweet lips to her cheek and neck,bruising her claiming her as his then continued to move down.

When Lito got Rue’s waist she felt a rush of adrenaline shoot through her body. She began to shake as Lito ran his hand over it. When he noticed he looked at her and reassured her everything was ok. “Hey, look at me. Everything is gonna be ok. Ok? I promise. If you want me to stop just tell me. It’s ok if your not ready.”

“No no. It’s fine, Continue.” She said.

“Are you sure?”

She nodded. Lito did as she wished. He continued to run his hand over it as he pressed warm kisses to her waist and stomach. Finally he pulled off her underwear and began to lick and suck on her. Rue’s eyes grew big and she was shocked. At first she wasn’t used to this feeling and couldn’t decide whether or not she liked it.

Trying to make her surrender to the feeling, Lito sucked her g-spot and that was Rue’s breaking point. She let out a small moan and Lito realized he was doing good. He continued and Rue’s moans became louder. She stopped shaking, and As she started to really enjoy herself she slightly pushed his head down. When Lito came up he whispered to her, “I don’t want you to cum yet.”

He sat up to take off his pants, then finally put in his penis. Rue felt uncomfortable at first. She whimpered and Lito felt Like he was hurting her but knew he wasn’t. That’s just a part of losing your virginity. He made sure he moved nice and slow for her, plus it felt better for both of them. Pressing his hands on her chest he tilted his head back and moaned.

After a while Rue began to become used to it and wanted challenge herself. “Go deeper Lito.” He was a little shocked to hear her say that but did as she wished. Going deeper, Rue ran her hands through her hair as she stared at the ceiling. When Lito started getting into it he flipped Rue over so she was in the position of doggy style.

He moved at a steady Pace as he took Rue’s arms and placed them on her back. He firmly held a grip On her wrists and used his other hand to hold down her neck like he was holding me captive. Rue whined as Lito sped up but this time he payed no attention. When he came close to finishing he stopped himself and pulled out so he couldn’t. Rue turned herself over then grabbed Lito’s neck and pushed him down on the bed.

She licked and kissed his chest and abs then moved down. When she put his penis in her mouth Lito cried out, “Oh God!” She moved up and down as he panted heavily while squirming around. It was almost like he couldn’t handle it. He put his hands in her hair and held it in his fist, but didn’t push her head but because he thought it might make her mad. He loved feeling the motion and the pleasure.

“Oh my God!” He said. Rue came up then got on top of him. She pushed him back to the back board of the bed and insert it again. She began to ride him as she watched his eyes roll to the back of his head and mouth widen. Lito wrapped his arms around her back and held her tightly.

“I’m ready.” He panted. Rue went a little faster and before they knew it, all that cum Lito held back poured out into her pussy. It ran down her legs as she just sat there not wanting to get up. Finally...... Lito pulled her neck down, and kissed her passionately.

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