Finding her Sexuality

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His right hand cupped around her throat pressing her back against his front as his left hand trailed down across her breast, brushing her nipple, down her stomach,lingering on her swollen clit long enough to make her shiver with anticipation and resting on her sex. He inserted two fingers into her open mouth as two fingers filled her already cum soaked sex making her clench and moan. He looked across the room to two piecing blue eyes watching him play, seeing her lustful face. His dick twitched against her ass cheeks, ready for what's to come next. "Don't worry, my little squirter, we havent finished with you tonight."

Erotica / Fantasy
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After waking with a start, Elisa groaned and turned over, trying her best to get back to her dream. A tanned, handsome, tattooed man with a strong physique was all she could remember, but sleep and the fantasies she was having now avaided her. Sighing with disappointment, she looked at her phone to see it was 6.30am. Giving up on all hopes of going back to sleep, she sighed and got up. She decided on a shower to wash off the excitement from her dream.

Passing her bedroom mirror, she stopped and observed herself. Fair skinned, long blonde hair and blue eyes with a tinge of green, she smiled to herself. At 24 years old, all Elisa could thing of, could dream of, could picture is the touch of another. Being a virgin was simply no fun.

She showered and dressed and was ready for work in record time, deciding to treat herself to a costa breakfast on the way. Being so career driven was part of the reason she had not found herself in the arms of another, no one had made her feel the excitement she longed for.

As she arrived at her local costa, she ordered her normal, a latte and a bacon roll, and turned to put sugar into her drink when she walked straight into him, throwing her coffee straight down his white Hugo Boss polo shirt. She grabbed some napkins from the side, and started dabbing down his muscler chest, looked up to apologise as she did so, finding herself staring straight into his piecing eyes. She was addicted.

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