“The Hidden Kingdom”

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The Moon Goddess chose us Why? Why Us? Why Me? How could I bring down the walls people have built. The walls that divid our kinds how do I bring all of us together when for millions for years our kinds have been enemies killing one another. “Avery"?? Han where have you been? Um trying to avoid this conversation but I think it's time to tell you who I was in my past life.  ************************************************ “Our Fate Has Already Been Decided For Us, The Only Thing We Can Do Is Stand Strong And Face Our Destiny head on” ************************************************ Avery Rose Harlow is lost after her mother dies during the child birth of her younger siblings. She is lost but will she to pull herself together before her mothers past catches up to her? But why her? Will Avery be able to fight the demons of her mother past while she battles her own? Will she be able to survive finding her mates & falling in love? Or will love destroy her before the past can? What happens when Avery finds out she is the sole key to saving the supernatural race? ********************************************************* Avery will face many trials but will she be able to handle them since she's spent her entire life inside of a hidden kingdom. Is she ready for the world beyond the walls of the kingdom? Or most importantly is the world ready for her??

Erotica / Fantasy
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“The Beginning”

"Hunny wake up we have to go now"

"Go where momma it's still dark outside"?

"I know sweetie come here and put these on please we are in a hurry".

"Ok momma where's Aiden"? (Mother staring into the distance)

"Momma are you ok"?

"Yes honey"

"Ok but I said where's Aiden momma"?

"Your father has him downstairs already so let's hurry honey so we make them wait long" We make are way outside where father is standing by the car)

Guess where were are going Avey?? Where brother? The castle momma told us about an- "THERE HERE"!!! Screams a guard!!!

(I was grabbed and put in the back of the car with momma)

“Who's here's momma"?? Aiden said.

(Worry spread across her face as she looked at the pack house getting smaller as the car drove into the distant.)


Is all I heard my mother scream before I woke up.


Avery"s POV:

(Heavy Breathing).. You ok Avery? Hanna asked yeah I'm ok (Hanna's My Wolf). But why do we always wake up right when we are about to crash or see what we are about to crash into? Maybe one day we can actually get through the whole dream. Keep on dreaming we've been having the same dream since we were 6 and it ends the same every time with your mom screaming & you waking with a heart attack.

Deep in conversation when my door busts open causing me to fly off my bed causing me to hit my head on my night stand. "WHAT THE FUCK AIDEN"!! I roar, aw sorry little kitty didn't mean to scare you he chuckles. What do you want I say as I rub the new formed bump on my head as I stand up. "The twins are are hogging the hallway bathroom and I need to take shit and SHOWER as he pushes me back down onto the floor running straight into my bathroom. "WATCH YOU LITTLE FUCKER I'M GOING GO GET YOU BACK"!! I yell at him through the door. "Yeah sure sis we will see about that & then he chuckles, Your a baby kitten harmless".

"I'll show you harmless I hiss at him".

I then except my defeat and grab a towel my clothes for the day and head to my fathers room he should be down stairs by now making breakfast. So he won't notice if I use his shower also his shower has a removable shower head (If you know what I mean) wink wink. After I take a nice hot and relaxing shower to melt the stress away. I get out and dry myself off then rap my hair up in my towel then I rub coconut oil on my body, I like to feel moisturized then once I'm done with that then I get dressed. I'm wearing a pink lace bra & pantie set for my under garments over that I'm wearing a pink swayed skirt that has brown buttons going up the front of the skirt it is mid thigh with a cream colored off the shoulder top.

I walk back to my room hopefully that knot head is out of my room and sure enough he is, I roll my eyes what a butt hole I think to myself. Then Hanna throws in we will definitely be getting him back for that (I nod in agreement) oh yes we will while an evil smirk spreads across my face. Kitten! I scoff I'll show bitch boy who the real pussy is while Hanna growls in agreement.

Once inside my room I close and lock my door then walk to my closet and pull out a pair of brown and white wedge hills.

Then take a seat at my vanity put some of my coconut leave in conditioner in my hair and give my face a spray of my lavender hydrating mist. Then I start to apply a bit of concealer to my eyelid & under my eyes then add some powder to set that in. Then I go with a pink Matt eyeshadow with a bit of rose gold glitter on the eye lid add some mascara fill in my brows a bit and since my cheeks have a natural blush to them I don't need it.

I get up spray my coconut & honey body mist and take one last look in the mirror looking at my long coco dark brown hair that reaches my butt. My gold & aburn eyes twinkling my lips pink and plump (Hanna whistles we look good) I giggle yeah we do with that we head down the stairs to where I'm lured by the smell of food. I swear I am a foodie and food is life and without it we are nothing wise words once said by a wise Hanna and she giggles. When I get to the bottom of the stairs I greet everybody.

"Morning dad, twins and walk past bitch boy oh no good morning for me? Ouch! Watch it knot head you still have something coming for you. "Yeah yeah like I said your a baby kitten" I wouldn't underestimate your sister Aiden my father throws in. The twins nod in unison as they eat their cereal Aiden looks a bit nervous now. That's the way Hanna & I like our prey to fear us I wink at Aiden. "Yeah well I'm still stronger than you and more sexy" we all burst into fit of laughter as the twins say dude your dead and you know It that pretty face won't save you.

I just grin and grab my OJ and my plate which has a bacon and a cheese omelette with hash browns & toast with butter and strawberry jam. Yummy Hanna says while drooling over our small feast.

We dig in while our father takes a seat "look I wanted to talk to you guys about something" He has a pained look spread across his face Aiden & I share the same expression of concern because last time he had a pained look he told us that our mother didn't make it during the birth of our younger siblings Rey & Sky. It's been 6 years almost 7. On December 15th we celebrate the birth of our little monsters. And on December 18th we mourn the death of our mother.

She caught an infection and she was to weak to heal herself, her wolf died first then she died shortly after we were only 11 at the time. "Avery Rose are you listening"? I snap out of my daze and put my attention back onto him, when I see Aiden give me a concerned look I give him a fake smile that I know he doesn't by. I know he knows I'm thinking of when mom passed he can feel my heart ache.

Aiden & Avery you guys turn 18 in two weeks and that being said you guys will be attending college outside of the kingdom and not just at the community collage, I mean you guys will be going to the School of "Magic & Supernatural School Of Arts". W-What I shudder out b-but why can't we stay here inside the kingdom. And just attend the community college in the city like we did all the other grades.

"No"!! My father said with a stern face you guys will attend and you will get your basic collage studies through an online course with Harvard while you attend the school of "Magic & Supernatural School Of Arts" and you Avery will learn to be a good alpha, while youAiden will learn how to be a good beta. Then continued Avery I enrolled you in Sustainable Business Strategy and Aiden I enrolled you in Global Business. I was absolutely glued to my spot not saying a word I had never been out of the kingdom unless I went to school through the portal which was in Canada.

I never actually explored I would just go to school then walk back to the forest and come through the portal back to the kingdom. Even when I let Hanna out its late at nights after everyone has gone to bed because she isn't your normal wolf she's unique. "Aiden on the other hand would do as he pleased and would always come back right at the last moment before the portal closed".

REALLY?? I heard Aidens voice that's, that's Fucking awesome I can't wait that's the best Supernatural School in the world. LANGUAGE Aiden my father yelled at him. Sorry dad but this is freaking awesome news we finally get freedom we are actually leavening from behind these kingdom walls. "EARTH TO AVERY" (Aiden snaps his fingers in my face) I snap back to reality which I didn't even noticed I left.

WHAT?? I heard your whole freedom speech!! Geez why you so snappy you still mad that your stronger & more handsome brother still took the shower from you and gave you a little bump on the head?

No but thank you for the reminder I will surely get my revenge maybe not now but I will. You wait and see baby brother "NO get me now I don't like when you don't that"!! But I turn my attention back to my father and ignore his words.

Dad I don't want to go I just can do those classes here or go to school in the city it's only 30 more minutes from my old school. No Avery you can't stay behind these castles walls forever you have to experience the world.

And not through those books you read but actually visit these places you read about. Don't you want to see the world? Find your mate? NOO!! I screamed at the mate part I'll go to school but I do not want no mate I just can't no I won't have a mate. My father gave me a look of curiosity why no mate Avery? What do I say oh you know what if they hate me, or reject me, or even worse what if I loose them like my father lost my mother. I know it hurts him everyday that he doesn't have her he only keeps this strong positive aura around him for us but I can see the true sadness in his within him the loneliness. But I don't say anything to him matter of fact I don't tell anybody that you can't lie to me I see through it. It's my secret I don't want people to be on their toes when they are around me I want them relaxed to show their true self and emotions.

I look at him he still is waiting for my response but, I just give a lie because not everyone one wants a mate dad and roll my eyes. Hmm is all he said well if you say so but you are still going and you will learn how to unlock curtain powers you may have. And you'll learn way more than we can teach you hear about magic Avery he said with a slight grin. But before I can get anything out of my mouth, and don't try to make something up we know cut the crap I just gulp and still say nothing.

I'm not too happy about this but I guess I have no choice Aiden seems to be excited he's texting probably his group of knot head friends I roll my eyes and get up to take my dishes to the sink.

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