Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Real moans

Lyda's POV

My walk-in closet is huge, it has open spaces and going in a U there is the poles to hang my dresses, blouses and jeans. It has a bunch of draws for my lingerie, a shoe display rack and there's a mirror between my hung up clothes and folded t-shirts. I have a small bench but rather lay on the floor.

I'm so fucking tired. It's 3 am and I'm just starting my 3rd call of the day. He's one of the big spenders and always request pictures. I'm in a sheer lace black bra that has a black bow between my breast, a sheer black skirted garter, and a black pair of panties that is sheer on the crotch lace on the hips with a sun design. There and opening for my slit and I have on a choker with a cross. Taking two shots of makers I pose

I'm laying on the pillow I grabbed between calls and I got my head leaned back my headset in one ear my music in the other. What can I say I hate listening to the perv's get off, gag. I feel my leg being grab mid fake moan and before I can react I feel a wet tongue glide over my slit through the opening. "Fuck!" I moan into the phone goosebumps pricking my skin.

I feel large hands coming to the waist band of my panties. Snapping my head up my eyes widen as I see the tattooed hand on my band. Then I look up I see colbalt blue eyes clouded over in lust. He gestures to the phone reminding me I'm in the middle of a call fake moaning again, I shove him back but all it did was help him get my panties off faster.

This poor caller I grunt and try to cover it with a moan but I'm shoved back again. Panic filling me as I think he's going to mess this call up. I continue to fake moan until I feel his cool breath blowing on my dripping sex. My body falls back and enjoys the pleasure as his warm mouth latches on to my pussy.

I throw my head back moaning and burying my figures in his hair. His tongue teases my entrance and swirls around my button. Wrapping my thighs around his head crying to the heavens. I put the call on speaker but low digging both hands him his hair. He brings a thick digit to my slit rubbing it in my juices before entering 2 fingers in me. Gasping at the sensation I hear the caller grunting my call name daisy repeatedly as he cums. I feel the familiar tightening in my lower abdomen and feel myself clench.

The caller goes to say something but Gage hangs up and not even a second later the phone rings again. Going to answer, giving up in the orgasm that was pending the phone is grabbed out of my hand and tossed as he adds a third finger. "Give it to me baby. Cum on my face." He commands and just like that I'm crying his name as pleasure washes over me he laps up my juices.

Before I can recover I feel the bluntness of is thick length at my entrance. He bring his mouth to my neck and I wrap my arms around him. He eases his way in and I bite my bottom lip trying to hold back my cries. Fuck he's big. He pulls out and slams back in jerking my whole body, this time I can't help it crying out and scratch down his back. He begins to move in a rhythm not too fast not too slow but each thrust powerful.

He brings his lips to my ear pressing a kiss to the shell moan and grunting. "You like this don't you." I moan in response. He pulls out of me causing me to whimper but he effortlessly flips my body pulling my ass out. My body shivers as panic fills me but I feel his hand rest on my lower back. "It's okay I'm not going to hurt you. I'll go slow okay." My body stops shivering but I'm still tense. I feel him rub his shaft over my slit again before easing his way in.

"MmM" I moan as he stretches me out covering my mouth with my hand. Fuck he's deeper. My hand is yanked away from my mouth as he withdrew and slammed back in to me. I cry out and he grabs my other arm binding them behind me.

"Don't fucking cover your mouth!" He growls out. He picks up the pace little by little the pleasure driving me wild. His thrust are hard his pelvis meeting my ass making slapping noises turning me on more. Gage brings his free hand around wrapping his large hand around my throat. He slows his thrust down once i start clenching around him. "Can my sister live with us?" He says pausing all movement. Is he seriously asking me this now? I feel a stinging on my ass cheek as he lets go of my arms. "MmM" I moan out wiggling my ass. "Answer" He growls.

"Yes fuck yes just please please." I cry out needing him to give me my release. He wraps my long hair in his fist, tightens the one on my throat and begins pounding in to me. My body jerking forward with each punishing thrust. The only sounds are our moans and our body's slapping against each other. I'm going to cum. I throw my head back chanting his name worshipping him as if he's my God.

"Fuck Lee that's it that's it babe grip me. CUM." He commands and my orgasm rips through me I dig my nails in to my palm while Gage calls my name as he release in side of me.

End of mature content

Gage pulls out and collapse on the floor next to me trying to catch his breath. Once both our breathing have regulated he rolls over to his side propping his head on his hand. "It was wrong of me to ask in that way but is it okay if she lives here with me? My mom can't do it any more. Plus she's in school she's not a brat-"

"Gage, it's fine I don't mind. I swear it's fine she's a child."

"Thank you. I'll start looking in to after schools and nanny's to help-"



"Theres me and there's Nick. You don't need a damn stranger to take care of her. Especially a disabled little girl, you don't know what sick shit they can do to her"

"Shit you really don't trust people."

"No! Shes had a rough life watching her mom die slowly you don't want to risk having her molested or anything like that. I can do it. I don't go anywhere and if I do it's shopping or for a walk. All my classes are online."

"Classes? Nick said you dropped out in 10th grade?" I look over at him and see no judgment just curiosity. I'm still laying on my belly look at him on my left.

"I kept getting anxiety around a large group of guys or if a male teacher needed to speak with me privately. I got my GED and now take online college courses."

"Nice! Fine, thank you." We sit in a comfortable silence for a moment til he opens his mouth. "I see you got rid of all Richards stuff but saved your moms."

He just had to talk, didn't he? I glare at him but I can see the hopeful look in his eyes. "Shes your mom Lee you saved her stuff for a reason." I let out a sarcastic laugh shaking my head I can't believe him pushing myself up he watches me like a hawk. Looking in to his beautiful blue eyes I let loose.

"I kept her shit because I ain't giving her a dime. When she comes out I don't need her coming around asking for money for clothes. When she gets out she can pick her shit up at the front. If you want her that bad they when she gets out go find y'all a place to live! BUT I AM SAYING THIS YOU MOVE IN WITH HER YOUR SISTER DOESNT LEAVE THIS HOUSE." I say yelling at the end. I watch his arms flex as he pushes himself up getting into my face. His eyes are black pits and his expression shows how angry he is.

"You think because I agreed to let you help watch her that you have any say in my sister's life?"

"When you aren't thinking about her wellbeing yes yes I do."

"Maybe you were just a shit child who fucking deserved her treatment." Is he fucking serious right now? I see his eyes flash and soften as he realizes what he said.

"You're right I deserved it because she got pregnant at 16 and my dad didn't care to stick around. I deserve it for being born and trying to be a normal kid. Yes I deserved to be abused neglected then handed to her husband on a silver platter to be raped. ALL BECAUSE I WAS AN INCONVENIENCE IN HER LIFE! Get the fuck out. Go goodbye, I'll send your sister to you when she wakes up." I say holding back my tears.

"Shit lee that not" he says as he reaches for my shoulder I pull away and walk in to my bedroom heading for my bathroom.

"Whatever Gage I don't give a fuck about what you think for feel. Keep loving my mom or don't I'm not trying to turn to against her but I damn sure will voice how I feel about the bitch and I don't care if you have a problem with it. I grew up with her, I lived, it there are 2 sides to every story. You want to believe her and risk putting that innocent child through that, go right the fuck ahead just keep it the fuck away from me. Now GET. THE. FUCK. OUT!!!!" I see his eyes flash again so I run in to the bathroom locking the door. Once I hear my room door slam I turn on the shower and sit in the middle of the tub letting out my pain.


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