Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Gages POV

"Ugh" I groan waking up to bright warmth. Peeling my eyes open I look out my floor to ceiling window and throw a mini fit. Looking at the time on my phone I see it 3pm. I slowly but surely make my way out of bed. My body is achey and I'm still fucking tired. I slept like complete shit after my argument with Lyda. I stood against her door debating weather to talk to her or give her space. I heard the water from her shower come on then I heard her silent sobs. I made my mind up and let her be. I went back in to her room and kiss Sofie goodnight.

Shit! Sofie! I quickly use the bathroom and washed up quickly. Throwing on a pair of sweats I run downstairs. When I get to the first floor I listen to my surroundings. I hear the living room tv so I turn left and see the top of my baby's head, she had an Ipad in her hands playing some game. She's sitting in Lyda's lap while Lee runs her hands through her thin brown strands while working on her laptop.

In the living room a whole wall is floor to ceiling window. Our view is our huge ass pool in the back yard. The sun beating down on it. There is a square dipped in to what's supposed to be a couch pit it's a cream color. Then there's a hole in the middle of the seat where a table usually goes but I see Lee must have pulled it out. There's blankets and dolls in its place. The tv is mounted on the wall I see they are watching LILO and stitch.

Fuck I don't even know why I started the argument. At this point I don't know how I feel about Felicity anymore. I honestly admire Lees protective nature over Sofie. She's willing to fight against me to keep her away from what she believes to be danger. It was honestly fun messing with her while she was on a call. Her coming apart on my tongue. Fuck! Just thinking about it is getting me hard.

Snapping out of my thoughts I clear my throat gaining their attention. They both snap their heads to me and when I see Lees face my heart nearly breaks on the spot. Her eyes are blood shot, she has dark circles under them and she looks drained. "S-sorry I over slept." I stuttered out trying to make eye contact but she clearly avoids it. Sofie jumps off of her and jumps in to my arms a big smile on her face what the fuck is she wearing. Lee must have brought it. It's black ripped skinny jeans, with a loose white shirt that says #Blessed and the front is tucked into her jeans.

Lee gives a tight-lipped smile grabbed her laptop and stood up. I internally pat myself on the back when my eyes zone in on her neck. There's layers of makeup but it barely covers the huge purple mark I put on her last night. Fuck! This fucking girl is going to kill me. She's wearing an oversized t-shirt with boxers on. The loose-fitting is doing nothing to hide that fat ass as she walks past me toward the stairs. I look down and notice Sofia forgot to give back the iPad I use it as my opportunity.

I snatch the iPad from sof and call out to Lee. She stops in her tracks spinning on her heel she looks at me. I'm always to her holding out the tablet. She arches a brow looking at some. "You forgot your iPad."

" It's hers! I got it for her."

"Lee! I'm sorr-"

"Don't" She bitterly bites out her eyes in slits. Fuck this bitch. I thrust the tablet in her hand and cross my arms over my chest my anger simmering as her stubbornness gets to me. She holds my cold gaze as she roughly bumps my shoulder making her way to sof. I see my baby sister with tears streaming down her face but smiling at Lee. "I got this for you! If he try to take it away let me know ill show you what ill do." She signs. She makes her way towards me, a fire in those brown eyes. I know what she's about to do before she does it.

Lee comes to me pulling her fist back. I pretend for her pride and for my sister because I know already that Sof looks up to her. When lees fist comes to my stomach I catch it in my hand while doubling over so it looks like it hurt. I'm done with this shit I've been nice but she's asking to be punished. I'm a fucking Dom I don't allow any female, not clients not random bitches. Even her mother was a good little sub. I twist her arm a bit forcing her to lean into me. "Don't fucking test me, little girl, I will punish your ass." She takes in a shaky breath and her eyes widen. smirking at her reaction I'm about to take advantage and make her listen to my apology but nick walks in.

"What's going on here?" He says in a threatening tone, glaring at me. I let go of Lee's fist and back away.

"Our roommate was showing my sister what she will do to me if I took the iPad away from her again." Lee nods her head waves to Sofie and runs up the stairs. Dammit!


It's been a few days since my last interaction with Lee. I took the rest of the week off of work to spend time with my sister and mom. I got all her stuff from moms house and brought it to our place. At first, Sofia put up a fight about leaving mom but she is excited to live with Lee. After her day with her that's all she could talk about. She told my mom about her and bragged about how Lee hugs her and plays with her hair. When Sofia went down for a nap my mom asked me about Lee. Of course, I'm not just going to tell my mom about that web of craziness so I said she was a roommate and a friend.

We visit my mom every day. These past few days were spent with me dressed as a prince, a Beast, and a zombie. Sofia and I had tea parties and nerf gun wars. Lee cooks every night but usually Nick and I eat when we can but since I've been off I have been eating dinner with her and Sofia. Lee puts a good front for Sofia but I can see the fire in her eyes. She wants my balls on a platter. She has been avoiding me at all causes. Sofia goes between us playing with Lee when she isn't working on school shit and me when Lees too busy. She try's sleeping in Lees room every night but I know lee works so I've had her sleeping with me.

It's 2 am and I'm sitting in a portable chair in front of the front door. Lee wasn't home when we came home at 7 from the fair. Sofie loved it I let her play some games, we rode a few of the rides she liked and I even won her a stuffed unicorn. I swear she could be my child. She's about to be. I shake my head from those thoughts as the front door opens. I see a pair of shoes in a hand first then I hear her laughter but I hear a deeper laugh. She finally stumbles inside. She's in a small strapless black dress that leaves little to the imagination. With her, is a guy who looks to be 6 ft even. She's wrapped in his arms, his face inches from hers. He has brown hair that is shaggy like it's been tugged on. I feel a weird tightening in my chest and then I'm filled with rage.

I stand up sending the chair flying behind me. They both stop their little what ever the fuck that was. "Get your hands off her." I growl out. Lee looks at me and starts laughing and leans on the guy to hold her up.

"Don't listen to him that's one of my roommates." She slurs out to him. Of course she is. The guy wraps his arm around her but I grab her by her elbow pulling her to me. When her small body bumps in to mine I smell the whiskey on her overpowering the smell of her girly perfume.

"Leave!" I order him.

"Hey you can't do that you're not my daddy." She says with a mock pout. Fuck! I could be though. Shaking my head out I point to the door again. This time the guy leaves and I watch as she spins on her heel looking me square in the eye. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?" She hisses our shoving me back. That's it I'm fucking punishing her ass.

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