Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Lydas POV

I went to the bar to have a few drinks hoping Gage is asleep when I get home. I've had 2 doubles of Jack, then a jack and coke. When a guy approached me. He was tall but not taller then Gage. He had curly hair gray eyes the facial hair. The man was fuck fine. I brought him back to our spot we were a tangled fucking mess.

I can't believe he fucking cock blocked me! I allow them to do the same, so what's the problem? I can't help yelling at him but the look in his eyes make me want to retract this past hour. His cold stare and the anger swirling in his eyes has me confused. Not wanting another fight with him I got to walk upstairs but my arm is yanked and gage throws me over his shoulder. Anger bubbles in me as I thrash against him screaming and fighting for him to let me go. My bladder hits against his shoulder with each step he takes. When we get to our floor he heads for my room and drops me on my ass with a loud thud.

I watch him walk over to my night stand and grab my blade. What the fuck is he doing? I watch in curiosity as he makes his way to me and brings the blade to the top of my dress. Before I can react he slices it off leaving me in nothing but my black thong. My arms shoot up and cover my breast as I glare at him but before anything he yanks my arm positioning me across his lap. No! No-no-no. Panic fills me as memories of when Richard did this to me flood my intoxicated mind. There's nothing worst then having to relive negative memories when high or drunk.

"ENOUGH!" He growls. His large hand coming down hard on my cheek paralyzing every cell in my body. Tears stream my face and my body shakes with each sob as I try and hold still. If I didn't hold still or cooperate if I so little as to let Richard hear me cry he would use a belt buckle. "Ive tried talking to you tried apologizing and you are being so damn difficult. Then you bring a random man to this house? Look at your body shivering you like this don't you?" He seductively says caressing my globes. His voice the only thing hold me on to this reality.

He stops speaking and brings his hand down on my ass. Richard is dead, Richard is dead. I repeat in my head over and over trying to keep myself present, but it fails as I hear Richards voice in my head. Being pulled back to the day he whooped me so bad my ass was completely black and blued. I screamed and cried, I begged him to stop.


Gages POV

FUCK! My dick twitches with each slap to her ass. The way it jiggles with each blow has me wanting to fuck her now. I continue telling her how I won't tolerate her being pissed at me anymore. Her body shakes and my blood is pumping knowing how I'm affecting her. I spanked her 5x on each cheek till I hear a quiet sob. Stopping with my hand mid-air I grab her arm and try to help her up and check her but she shoves at me and runs to a corner. Pulling her knees to her chest she buries her head in her arms and starts balling. Shit.

I get off the bed and make my way to her in an attempt to calm her but she shoves at me calling me Richard. Shit! Why didn't I fucking think? Of course, I can't be like that with her. She was abused. To her these are triggers. I lower myself to the ground my guilt eating at me again. I pull her to me despite her thrashing and panicked states.

"Shhh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to trigger you. Richards dead, he can't hurt you anymore lee." I tell her. I notice her body slowly slack against me. "I was tired of you being mad at me I just needed you to let me apologize." She doesn't respond but she does wrap her arms around me and doesn't fight me. I lift her in my arms and carry her to her bed I lay her down and go to her dresser and grab her a shirt. Walking over to her I lift her to sit and slip it over her head and cover her perfect perky breast. Her body still shaking as she continues to silently sob. Climbing in next to her I pull her in to my chest and allow her to fall asleep in my arm.

He head is on my bare chest her arm and leg draped over me. My hand runs through her hair as her breathing evens out. Having her in my arms just feels so right. I didn't feel like this with Felicity. I mean I definitely felt something with her but it's nothing like what I'm feeling with Lee. With Lee it's like I don't have to pretend, I don't have to hide what I do. The way she laughs and the way she is with Sofie it's like she this precious being that in different circumstances I could see me making her mine, no hesitation.

I'm woken by a little hand slapping at my face. When my eyes snap open I come face to face with a sleepy Sofie. "Can I sleep with Lee too?" She signs. I nod my head and try to scoot back to put her between us but she climbs over me and gets in front of lee. I lay my head back and fall back to sleep.


Lyda's POV

I feel movement in front of me waking me from the most peaceful slumbers I've had in a while. Letting out a yawn I pry my eyes open to see long light brown curls in my face, and a tiny body in a pink silk nightie curled in to me like a little spoon. Feeling weight on my waist I look down to see a tattooed arm draped over me and Sofie his soft snores blow in the side of my neck. I feel something poking against my backside and roll my eyes.

Without trying to wake them I maneuver my body so I'm facing Gage. His eyes flutter but he doesn't wake. I softly run my fingers through his hair while I study his features. His worry lines are all faded and for once he looks like he's at peace. My eyes linger on his lips a little longer then I like. I hate how natural it feels waking up with him and Sofie in my arms. When did I start finding him attractive? This is wrong what am I doing.

"We're not having sex you horn dog my sisters in the bed." He rasp out voice thick with sleep. I stop my hand movement embarrassed of being caught. I look in to his eye as he peaks one open and puts my hand back in my hair. "I didn't tell you to stop." He whines. I can't help the giggle that escapes as he closes his eyes again. "I'm sorry about last night! I forgot that some of the stuff I'm into may be triggers for you. I wasn't trying to hurt you." He tells me. I can hear the sadness in his tone and can't be mad at him. We say shit when pissed, he obviously regretted what he said so there no point in me staying mad.

"We can continue this Gage! I may not have stolen my moms husband but, by sleeping with you I make myself to be that person she painted me out to be. Not to mention that right now our focus need to be Sofie. With what's going on with your mom she need us getting along, we can't do that if we're still you know."

"Me and your mom aren't even together. She is a client."

"A client you are in love with and who I'm assuming is in love with you."

"Lee you can't be serious. So what we're supposed to ignore each other?" He argues now wide awake propped on his elbow staring down at me his face contorted in anger.

"I'm not saying that! I'm just saying we should be friends." I see a flash in his eyes but it last only for a second before he plasters a smile on his face. Deal he says putting his hand out. I let out a giggle and shake it before laying back down and playing with his hair.


Gages pov

It's been a few weeks since Lee and I agreed to be just friends. The moment the word friends left her mouth I knew I was fucked. I was fucked because there was a terrible sharp pain in my chest that's hadn't left since. Our relationship had been amazing we hang out more and talk to each other a lot more. We've had water fights food fights and even went together to the zoo and the park. At night when she works when I am home I sit with her in her closet and mess with her while she fake moans in to the phone. We both laugh and joked about the men on the other end. One day she even had a female, that one was a toughy fuck was I so hard.

We both have a really good schedule for Sofie and Lee pulled her out of her school and got her in to a private school. So far she's happy and loves it, she's even making friends. Lee and I are the ones to go to parent meetings plays and ceremonies. It's like we have become instant parents to her. It comes so natural that some nights we all end up sleeping in Lee's room. I even taken her to meet my mom. The moment she walked in her and my mom clicked. I sat back watching the interaction as they talked about various topics. The whole while, lee was playing with Sofie and I could see the stars in my moms eyes. I've been taking her at least once a week upon mother's request.

Lee has such a natural mother instinct and I know she didn't get that from her mother. I was forced to admit to myself that Felicity was nothing but a liar. She did allow that man to hurt her daughter she was only with him for his money, and she never cared for me. She was using me. To forget what a shitty person she is and make her feel like she was something special. But Lyda after everything she's been through she loves a child she doesn't even know and fights for her with every fiber of her being. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't falling for her. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want her to love me back.

I know because of my job it would be hard for her to let me in but if she did, if she gave me the chance and told me she wanted me I'd quit. I'd fucking quit and find something to make her proud to be with me. I just have to make it out of the fucking friend zone. She went out earlier so I figured I'd take Sofie for some ice cream. She was so happy she wasted no time getting ready and heading out to the black Honda Civic I've been using.

When we got to the ice cream parlor she went with cookie dough rocky road and I got a cookies and cream. The worker girl tried to hit on me, normally I would've took her number and been ready to fuck her tonight but Lee has consumed me. Just as Sofie and I go to take our seats the bell to the parlor dings catching my attention. When I look up I swear everything in me turns to ice and the squeezing in my heart turns into a sharp stab.

Lee walks in wearing a blue tropical romper with her curls loose with her beautiful smile. Her hand is in a much larger hairier familiar hand and I can feel my anger boil. The man from the night I spanked her is at her side smiling down at her as if she hung the moon. She hung the moon for me mother fucker. I'm broken out of my thoughts when I see Sofie running in to her arms. Shock takes over her features when notices me.

I reluctantly make my way over to them. "Gage!" She squeals. "Anthony this is my roommate Gage. Gage this is my boyfriend Anthony." Boyfriend he's her boyfriend! He won't fucking be for long if I'm concerned. Putting in a fake smile I stick my hand out for a hand shake. Enjoy my girl while you have her. She won't be yours for long.


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