Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Horseback riding

Lyda's POV

After the whole bump in at the ice parlor, I thought things would be weird, oddly though, they were anything but. On his early days and off days he still slept in my room with Sofia. She slept between us. But on my nights off I went to Anthony's and stood the night with him.

We haven't had sex yet but he's been respectful. We talk a lot and we have a lot in common. If I'm being real he's a distraction, I'm using him to keep my heart safe. The more time I spend with Gage the more things change. I noticed when sleeping they have to touch weather its his room or mine. His hand in her hair or shoulder. The twist is, now they reach out for me it's makes it worst that on nights I spend with ant, I reach out for them.

I know my heart is compromised I know I've caught feelings. It's a heart break waiting to happen. I maybe going about it all wrong but I can't allow my self to fall for him. I've been let down by too many people in my life to be that stupid. The thing is he is a really good friend. He's easy to talk to and his mom is an angel. She's a beautiful frail woman but her spirit is wild and free.

Today we're taking Sofie to ride horses. I guess Gage used to take her every year on her birthday but this year it slipped his mind with all that's happened. Thankfully it's spring and the weather here is perfect. We pull up at the ranch Sofia is squealing in the back seat bouncing in excitement. I dressed her in black leggings with a white cami and a blue button-down over shirt with brown cowgirl boots. Me, I just happen to be wearing the exact same thing.

Last week I took her clothing shopping in the mall and there was this shop that had clothes for mother and daughter. So Sofia pulled me in and we got a bunch of matching outfits that she was so excited about it. I love her. I wholeheartedly have fallen for this little girl and I breaks my heart knowing someday they will leave. Gage is not going to stay living as a bachelor living at the mansion. Someday he will meet someone and he will leave, taking Sofia with him. I don't think ill be able to handle that day because she and Gage really are my best friends. I feel a hand come up to my face snapping me out of my sad thoughts.

"Hey you okay?" Gages questions. When my eyes meet his blues they're soft and filled with concern. Furrowing my brows in confusion, he wipes my cheek with the pad of this thumb. I didn't even realize I was crying. "What wrong? Do you not want to be here? Does it bring any negative memories?" He even has a sweet side that I've been seeing more of lately.

"No I'm good. Sorry, just a little emotional." Gage looks at me as if he knows I'm lying but doesn't push any further. We all hope out of the car and walk up to the barn. When we get there there's a beautiful brunette waiting. The moment her green eyes land on gage they light up. Rushing over she greets us introducing herself as Candice. She has an olive complexion and smooth skin her hair is pin straight and her body is something out of a magazine. I watch her openly flirt with Gage as she walks us back to the horses. There's a nagging ache in the pit of my belly and irritation takes over my being. I am not bothered by this, I have a boyfriend I repeat in my head. Following behind them with Sofia hand in mine we stop once we get to the stable that has a beautiful all-white pony.

Candace has a teenage girl come out, and just like candace she has long brown hair, olive skin, and even the same eyes and nose. They help Sofia on to the pony and walk with her. A man walks over to us as we walk to these two very large brown horses. The smell in here wouldn't be pleasant for most people but I love the fresh air, the animals.

They begin explaining the protocol and policy as they ready the course for us.


Gages POV

Life has been pure agony since running into Lee and that prick at the ice cream spot. She hasn't changed in how she is with Sofie and me just now we have to share her with a dickhead. It's been 3 months and my work is suffering because of it all. I have to take viagra just to sleep with clients now because it won't even twitch for the hot bitches.

Lee has gotten under my skin creating a home in my chest where my heart supposed to be. I'm glad she hasn't stopped me and Sofie from sleeping in her room. It's become a mission for me when she spends the night at her boy toys. Sofie and I both don't get much sleep on those nights. It's like she our glue keeping us together with everything with my mom.

Right now the chick is still going over the rules but she pulled me aside as a tall lean man makes his way to lee I'm assuming giving her the same run down. I know the rules like the back of my hand so the fact that I'm not listening won't bite me in the ass later. I'm too focused on how he keeps touching her hair and her hands. I try to keep my temper under control until I see him literally pull her arm forcing her to the horse. Without a second thought, I storm up to him pulling him off of her. Her eyes flash to mine and twinkle. I swear my heart stopped.

"What the fuck are you doing grabbing her like that?" I growl out.

"S-she was chickening out, I was trying to give her an encouraging boost."

"Put your fucking hands on her again and I'll give you an encouraging push off a fucking cliff got it?" He nods his head in response and takes off. "Are you okay?" she smiles and nods but quickly shakes her head.

"Im not riding that thing!" She says fear clear in her voice. I pull her arm to me, unlike with the asshole she smiles and follows behind me. I'm glad to see the damn girl left, she was throwing hint that I wanted no part in. I walk over to my horse and put the settle on, using this to my advantage I bargained with her and she agreed to ride with me. I put my hands out to help boost her she puts her small boot in my hand pulling up on the horse pushing that delicious ass in my face fuck. Have I mentioned my balls are so blue they're probably going black?

It's one thing to release because the sex is good and feels right but when you come just because it's a bodily function, it's not as fulfilling. Once she's on I climb up and we take off to Sofia.


Lyda's POV

When the guy tried to get me on the horse I damn near lost my mind. Gage letting me ride with him probably wasn't the best course of action. We spent 2 hours going around the ranch with Sofia. Having him behind me holding me was doing things to me that I couldn't help but relish in. We joked, teased, and just talked the whole time. When we got back Candace instantly made her way to Gage batting her lashes putting her all into getting his attention. I hated how much it bugged me.

I hear her as him out for drinks and I see Gage ready to answer. I can't help it I instantly shoot a suggestion. "Were having a party next weekend. Why don't you come through?" She looks at me in distaste as she she says

"I was hoping for something sooner maybe something more intimate." Bitch! I'm ready to pounce jealousy rearing it's ugly head but before I can make a fool of myself Gage speaks up.

"As tempting as that sounds I work a lot and when I'm not working I'm with these two so the party is all I got for you!" He tells her. She gives me a death glare while is attention is diverted but smiles and agrees to come. BITCHHHH. Gages mom wants Sofia for the weekend because she's getting weaker and want a little time with her before she passes. I don't think I'm even ready for her to go. It's only been a little over 3 months but I truly have a special place in my heart for his mom. She's has such a light to her and despite her situation she remain optimistic and encouraging. Since the mini will be gone we agreed to a house party.

After the bitch gave Gage her number we climb in the car. I'm happy it's only 3pm so we have time for a nap before we for dinner. We're taking her to a place that does tea party dinners. The moment we get home they follow me into my room and we all climb into bed snuggling like it's natural. The worst thing is it is natural. The moment Sofie lays in my arms her eyes shut and she's fast asleep. I turn to see Gage messing with his phone and again I'm hit with jealousy.

"She was really pretty you should take her out." I say not meaning a word of it.

"Not interested! She's Alexi's type." Alexi is Gages only other best friend outside of nick. He's a cool guy we all hung out a few times, he works with gage. Gage was the one who actually got him in. They met in middle schools but there was one more guy who was apart of the group but according to Gage he's a major douche. ALEXI grew up with that guy and he got Alexi mixed up in some bad shit. Alexi just never wanted to abandon the guy, he wants to be the guys moral compass because he cares too much. Gage tells me he's glad the 3rd guy, Malakai, isn't around. Said the guy had no respect for woman and he just rather not have him around me and sof. Not wanting to give away how relieved I am I hum in response and melt into him falling to sleep.


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