Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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I promise

Lyda's POV

It's the day of the party, I can't believe how fast the week went by. I went with Gage to take Sofie, to Sandy's, their mom's house. I didn't expect it to hurt this bad I hurt because soso cried her eyes out, not wanting me to leave. My heart because she just wants time with her daughter.

Leaning down on one knee I look in to those precious blue eyes grabbing her hands and bringing them to my lips. "Soso, your mommy misses you a lot. And you know what I think you miss her." I signLooking down she nods her head. "So what's wrong sweet girl?" With those eyes that she knows I can't resist, she finally talks.

"I'm scared you'll be gone when I come back." She signs putting her head down tears streaming down her cute cheek. "Everytime I come to mommy's we move when I get back" She signs her hands moving weakly. My heart truly broke in that very moment.

"I promise I will be here when you come home and you know what else?" I tell her, looking at the wide smile breaking out on her face "I will always be in your life if I have to fight your brother"She looked skeptical. Moving in closer so we were hidden I tell her I love her. Putting her head down her little body shakes. Today she's in blue jeans a tom and Jerry shirt and cow girl boots. I notice droplets on her shirt pulling her to me I kiss her head and pull away.

"Go say hi to mom." She nods and runs to her mom easing her way on the living room chair. Sandy opens her for me and I rush over squeezing her. "Take it easy." I whisper kissing her head. Leaning over kissing soso one last time I walk out to the car to give them privacy. She has 24/7 care. We pay the nurse on duty extra when sofie is there.


Gages pov

"How did you manage that?" My mom shoots off the moment Lees out of earshot. "That girl is heaven-sent. I cant believe you let some bitch boy take her from you." My mom teases. She sees it though. My mom sees the way Lee is with me and Sofia, but she knows I've been friend-zoned. "Still in the damned friend-zone? It's been 3 months son, I didn't raise a damn pussy."

"Chill mom! I'm gonna make it happen." She gives me a skeptical look.

"Shes a good one Gage. Girls like her don't exist theses days. She a rare gem and I just want to know you and Sofie will be okay when I'm gone."

"We will I promise."


When gage got in the car he didn't say much so the ride was pretty quiet. We already got all the booze Pizza and even put a gate to prevent people from going in to any where up stairs we have two stair cases and both have been blocked off. There's only a few rooms down here so I'm not worried. I locked them.

After showering, doing my hair and makeup I put on my tropic designed sundress. The base is black but it has leaves and flowers all over, it's off the shoulder and pushes my breast up. There's a cut out in at my sternum and a split on each side that starts at my hips not allowing me to wear any underwear and its floor-length. Since we're just in the house I'm staying barefoot but I put on my anklet and some red earrings.

I give myself a once over then make my way downstairs. Everything is all set up and ready. We used to have maids butlers and all kinds of workers I keep them on only having them do the bare minimum. I don't like using the cook only on rare occasions and they all have been grateful to be able to spend more time with their families. However tonight I had them help with the set up but me and the boys will do the clean up.

When I get to the final step I see Gage, Nick, Alexi and another guy I've never seen before with them. Gage is in a pair of ripped blue jeans, a singlet, and a blue and black flannel unbuttoned leaving his tattoos covered much to my dismay. I notice all the guys are dressed the same just different colors. When my bare feet hit the linoleum all eyes snap to me.

The new guy steps forward eyes bulging out his head as he devours me with his eyes. "Damn baby I'd love to lift the flap of that dress and fuc-"

"MALAKAI DONT YOU FUCKING DARE." Alexi threatens. Putting his hands up in mock surrender he backs away causing a very pissed off Nick to grab him by the back of his shit.

"You even look at my sister like that and I will fucking kill you where you stand." Feeling completely uncomfortable there's a knock on the door thank good. Pushing pasted the guys I open the door letting in the line of people waiting.


The party is in full swing there are people all over the house. The music is blaring and I'm with Anthony scanning the room my eyes land on Gage, Alexi and Malakai. It seems little miss yeehaw showed up. She's wearing a short jean skirt with a tied up button shirt and cow girl boots. She sitting on Gages lap and I can't help the anger boiling in side of me. This party was supposed to be to have fun. Getting up I walk over to the bottles of whiskey. Instead of pouring myself a drink I put the makers Mark to my lips and drink straight from the bottle.

"I think you've had enough." Anthony attempts to rasp out. He sounds out of breath and asthmatic. He tries to take the bottle out my hand but I growl. "Lets get out of here?" he tries. Fuck it! I can't stay here watching Gage and her flirt. Putting the bottle aside I allow him to take my hand and lead me out of the mansion. When we get out I notice him texting on his phone AGAIN. The whole night he was glued to that damn thing. I snatch it out of his hand and put it behind my back watching his face morph. "Give me my phone back Lyda" He growls.

"Its the phone or me take your pick."

"Lyda stop playing and give me my god damn phone." Is he serious? I look at the phone then at him and toss it in the air.

"Catch!" I say and take myself back into the house. When I get back in I see she is now straddling Gage. I will not cry I will not cry. No I will get drunk pick a hot guy here and fuck him. Pushing past the mass of bodies I get back to my bottle and bring it to my lips. The warmth of the amber liquid burning as it makes it's way down my throat. Doing it's job it takes away all my problem.

"Woah enough for you Lee" I hear from beside me. I turn my head to see the tall buzz cut cutie that's Gages best friend. He takes the bottle from my hand his clear blue eyes blood shot. "Gage a Nick will flip if you get alcohol poisoning." Pouting my lips at him I try to grab it back while the asshole holds it over my head. Just as I start jumping Gage and the slut approach us.

"What's going on here?"

"She killed half this bottle in two gulps."

"Snitches get stitches!" I growl. Gage removes his arm from around whatever her name is and reaches out for me.

"Come on my little Chihuahua let's get you to bed."

"No let him take her we were in the middle of something." Slut bitch says grabbing at his shirt.

"And that could fucking wait I'm gonna make sure she gets to bed safe and I'll be back."

"Well it's me who's about to fuck you so it's me you should pay attention to." The bitch becomes too annoying and my drunk mind can't control my mouth.

"Exactly sweetheart he is going to FUCK YOU, not marry you." All that could be heard was the "OOOOOOOO" of the people surrounding us. I watch as her eyes widen and she throws her drink in my face. Everything goes silent and I'm completely humiliated. Alexi grabs the bowl of punch and pours it over her head. Everyone fall into a fit of laughter as she runs out crying. I'm not far behind that idea as I push past everyone and run upstairs to my bathroom. Why did I do that? Why am I so bothered? I can't do this I need to stop spending so much time with him.

The tears stream down my face as I stand in my bathroom looking at my body length mirror. I use a hand towel cleaning the crap from my face when I feel a hand grabbing the towel from my hand. When my eyes open Gage is standing there shirtless. All his tattoos on display making my mouth water. Closing me eyes to stop my naughty thoughts I feel him press the cloth to my chest.

"I'm sorry about that." He says. I don't open my eyes but I can feel the burn of his eyes on my face. It doesn't help when I feel his hands go to my hips as he lifts me on the counter space between sinks. My eyes snap open to meet his as he steps between my parted legs.

"Gage" I say breathlessly. My heart pounds in my rib cage as he shakes his head moisture building between my legs. My eyes widen when I see those blues zoned in on my lips. My drunken mind and lady parts begging him to fuck me but my heart screaming those 3 words have me try to stop this. "Gage!" I try again. Without warning, he slams his lips to mine, and with a mind of its own my mouth opens, and my tongue slides along the seams of his lips. This kiss becomes heated as his hands roughly grab and touch every inch of me. I pull back breathing hard and Gage tries to latch on my neck "Gage we can't" Gage scoffs shaking his head.

"If I don't fuck you right now my dick will literally fall off. I need to be inside YOU! I need to fuck YOU." He says while lifting the flap of my dress that's covering my core.

"Gage my mothER" I moan at the end as he slams into me. When did he even pull down his pants? I don't have time to ponder as he grabs the back of my head tilting my head and slamming his lips to mine while he pulls out and slams back in. Wrapping my legs around him I kiss him back not holding back. He grabs the hem of my dress and ripping it off my body. He tosses it on the ground and grabs my thighs pulling me to him.

With my ass hanging off the sink he doesn't even attempt to go slow. My walls grip him with each and every powerful thrust. My breast bounce with each thrust catching his attention. I watch as he takes one in to his mouth, swirling his tongue the tightening feeling in my lower abdomen becoming more and more unbearable. He switches nipples and his position making him hit my G-spot. "Fuck Lee. I'm not gonna last." he growls clenching around him I drag my nails down his back calling his name. I'm in pure ecstasy as pure bliss washes over me, his head buried in the crook of my neck as he spill inside me. Shit! Why did I cave?


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