Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Camera girl

Lyda's POV

I wonder if I was a horrible person in my past life. I must have been because I don't know what I did to end up in this situation. I wish I could say that after the bathroom sex I kicked him out, but it would be a lie. We ended up spending the whole night and most of the morning lost in each other. I could tell he wasn't used to being gentle but he did the best he could, and that's what makes all of this fucked.

He likes to have complete and utter control he likes to be rough. While his thrust we're powerful and punishing he was caring and constantly asked me if I was okay with this or that. Then as usual he held me as we slept, well as long as I stood for. There's no denying that I've fallen for him anymore. He's my best friend and as of that night, I only have 3. Fucking Alexi earned my respect.

If I continued on with him I know its a disaster waiting to happen. He was with my mom for God sakes. Not to mention he's a gigolo and I'm a phone sex operator. I wouldn't ask him to quit his job because I know he needs the money for his mom, and I'm not quitting my job because it's what got me the fuck away from them. I'm not ashamed plus it was what kept me from sleeping and having nightmares. The guilt finally kicked in, the reality that I took his life. Even if he hurt me, HE HAD IT COMING! Yet I'm stuck with him haunting my nightmares.

The next day I took off to a hotel and I've spent 5 days and 3 out of those 5 days I had my Sofia. At first, she was upset because I wasn't staying at the mansion but I lied and said it was for work. Today we're headed back home and I'm hoping ill be able to avoid Gage as long as possible.

Sofia and I checked out of the hotel at 11 went and did mani-pedis. When we got home thank God it was silent. Carrying mine and Sofias bag up the stairs I run with her on my tail. When we reach the 3rd floor I drop on the ground and sign tired while laughing. A throat clearing catches my attention. When I look over to the sound I see an angry Gage. He flaps his hand in front of Sofias face and sends her into her playroom to watch a movie.

"Are you fucking serious? You're avoiding me AND YOU TOOK MY SISTER?"

"I-i don't k-know what y-you're talking about." I stutter out.

"If you want to act like a childish bitch so be it but don't fucking take my sister away for days at a time without telling me where the fuck she is!"

"She was fine and you could've texted to check up!" I bite out.

"Yeah? For what? For you not to fucking respond?"

"What-the-fuck-ever Gage." I say pushing myself up and throwing her bag at him. "Dirty laundry." I snap before walking to my door. Once in I slide down the door closing my eyes and do breathing exercises. Once grounded and okay to function I get up and clean out my bags. Tonight mistress Tonya has me as a camera girl. My face won't be shown as I was told to wear a mask but I do have to give a show. I'm glad Sofie will be sleeping in Gages room tonight.

I hope in the shower using conditioner (don't knock it till you try it 😉) to shave my whole body. Washing my hair and body, I rinse get out and get ready. Deciding on leaving my hair wet I add curling cream for a scrunched look. I only use mascara and red lip tint. For lingerie, I'm wearing a black lace set. The bra lace is connected to a ribbon that goes around my neck and one that goes my under-boob. The lace only covering an upside down V portion of me. The panties have a ribbon around my waist, my butt has an upside down v leaving my entire ass crack wide open.

Putting the computer on, I get the camera ready. Fixing the black lace feather mask that's shaped like a butterfly on one side and regular on the other. Putting on "Take you down" by Chris brown I hit record. Lifting my legs on to my desk I smile selectively rocking back and forth I can't see any one only the amount of watchers. Wiggling the chair back and forth biting my lower lip with my hands hanging lazily on the arms of the chair.

I bring one hand up slowly grabbing my right breast while, I slowly drag my other hand dowm my stomach to the waistband of my panties. I dip my hand in and massage my clit throwing my back, I let out a moan. All too fast my room door is slammed open a shirt is thrown at the camera and a very Gage shoves me away from my desk shutting it down.

"Gage, what the fuck?"

"What the fuck is wrong with you? No you're not fucking doing this."

"Mistress Tonya said Ive been getting requested too much, she can't hold off. My face is cover-"

"NO, NO YOU'RE LUCKY NICK HASNT STOPPED YOU DOING THE PHONE THING! Please Lee please don't do this!" he begs on his knees in front of me with his head bowed. Fuck!!!! How the fuck do I say no to that? How do I look at this man and tell him I won't listen on this.

"How did you know?" His head snaps up and his eyes widen. Suddenly his phone rings to the tone 'my brother's keeper' which means one of 2 people. Nick who is right next door to him or Snitch. I'm going to kill him. "I'll tell her I refuse to do it!" he nods his head and walks out my room.


I can't believe we're already in June. It's been a few weeks since I caved into Gage's request. We only made a week of sleeping in our own rooms, and not very well I might add, til they both ended up in my bed. Things still aren't the same with me and Gage but I still go see his mom and we sleep in the same bed. We have the most fucked up sleep schedule but it works for us. Most of the time we slept was while sofia was in school. Now with school out, nicks been helping more. he works a mid-shift at the restaurant and he only goes to check-in.

Right now I'm on a date with Anthony. As mean as it is, I did kind of forget about him. He just randomly text me asking me for a second chance and I need a distraction. I'm wearing a being spaghetti strap sun dress. It has a plunging V is form fitting and comes mid-thigh. We just ordered our drinks from some Mexican spot he brought me to. A bitch wants tacos." My phone vibrates on my lap and I look at the screen.

Snitch: Lee Gage is in trouble. He needs you.

Lee: Where is he what happened?

My fingers dance across the screen as I tell Anthony I can't do this. I pay no attention to anything but my phone.

Snitch: Sandy died

Lee: Sofia??

Snitch: she has no clue.

Fuck fuck fuck! My eyes sting with tears as I feel my heart shatter for the millionth time with this family. The bar. Mapping my way to the bar where it all happened. I allow my tears to fall freely because when I get to him I have to be strong for him.


Gages pov

All this shit that has gone on in the past month has my head spinning. The night of the party was fucking amazing. I spent the entire night buried in her feeling her holding her. Then, like nothing, she fucking drops me. Then she tried to be a camera girl. I had to fight so hard not to whoop her brighter than the Devils dick. I took a break working for Tonya when she wouldn't tell me why she made lee do camera girl. I can't keep on like this she's fucking killing me.

Now to add to my headache my fucking mother died. She past away and now I really am an overnight dad. Like that the woman who has given me life is gone. I feel like I have no control and every thing is fucking spiriling. My whole world is crashing in front of my very eyes. I stopped at Alexi's for some weed and some molly then made my way to the bar. I've been here for and hour, the molly and weed taking it's toll. The music flowing through while the alcohol courses through my veins.

"Mind if I buy you a drink hot stuff." This blonde bomb shell ask. Her short silk smooth blonde hair up to her shoulders, her dress top revealing her c cups.

"Go dig your claws in to some other asshole this one's taken for the night." The most beautiful voice I've ever heard say from beside me.

"Go home Lyda I don't fucking need your pity. Don't even try getting me to come home either." I spit, grabbing another pill and slipping it in my mouth. The baggie is snatched out of my hand and I finally look up at her. Her long curly locks are draped down her back. Her dress hugging her hips making me want to dig my fingers in them. I watch as she put the pill to those beautifully plump lips. Grab it from her. I put it in my mouth but she presses her sinful mouth to mine taking the pill back and following. Fuck that was hot.


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