Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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3rd person POV

Gage was in shock and at a lost for what to do. He never expected for Lyda to show up at the bar, and he definitely wasn't okay with her taking the drug from his mouth. He watch her throat bob as the pill went down and lee slams her hand down on the bar getting the bartenders attention. She ordered two doubles and sent one down in front of him. Staring at the glass, Gage didn't understand what was happening.

"I have your back! You're not alone." Lyda tells Gage looking in to his blue eyes she could see the moisture build up. "To your mom may she be in peace." She touched her glass to his and the both took their first shots of the night.

The effects of the pills hitting mixed with the alcohol it had them both forgetting the hole in their hearts. Nothing phased then as they sat on their barstools laughing at one thing or another. The upbeat music and the drug and alcohol flowing through her veins Lyda had the urge to dance. Grabbing Gage by his hand Lyda pulled him out to the dance for not giving him a chance to back down.

He could help but to admire the smile on her face or the fact of she was there when he needed her. He watched her dancing with the strobe lights casting an exotic glow on her that made him want to bury himself in her. It didn't help that the dress she was wearing exaggerated her cleavage or hugs her curves in all the right places. The poof in the front only made it look slightly innocent. Enjoying his state gages began to jump around fist-bumping to the best.

When he came back around to Lee he looked at her in confusion. How could she change so fast? Now she's wearing a gold sequenced dress that's way too tight. Did she grow? He questioned himself squinting his eyes.

"How did you change so fast? And when did you grow." He asked her wrapping his arms around her from behind. The poor girl had no idea who he was or what he was talking about but damn he was fine. She didn't know who lee, was but if it meant getting into this tattooed hunks bed Britney would gladly be lee for the night.

When lee noticed Gage was no longer behind her she made her way to the bar to order another drink. Still messed up, all she could do is smile. She took pride in being there for the people she cared about. But she also took pride in the fact that her presence seemed to comfort Gage in away.

Gage and Britney made their way towards the lounge area looking for a free seat. His hand playing in her curls. "WHY DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR?" He questions in horror. Lee's long locks was one of his favorite things about Lee. Spinning to face him he looks deep into her hazel eyes. "When did you get contacts?" How did so she change so fast?

"Gage?" He hears his name called from the lounge chair to his left. When he looked he saw none other than his best friend Alexi but next to him was Malakai. Ever since the house party, Gage doesn't like Malakai around Lee. He found out that Malakai was the one who requested for Lee to be a camera girl. "Have you spoken to Lee she said she was going to look for you?" He asks. Looking down at Britney Gage raised his eyebrow.

"Shes next to me dumb ass." Gage retorts causing Malakai to double over. Alexi shakes his head grabbing Britneys arm.

"Don't touch me" She screeched.

"Whatever you're playing at go pick another guy to play." Alexi growled.

"Relax Alexi leave Lee alone." Gages tells his friend. "Do you think you can get her to tell you how she changed so quick?" He then adds.

"Gage you're making no fucking sense."

"Lee, when she came here she had a beige dress and I turn my back for one second and she changed. MAYBE THE MOLLY GAVE HER SUPER POWERS AND SHE CAN CHANGE IN THE BLINK OF AN-"

"What the fuck are you talking about Gage?" Alex ask cutting him off.


Alexi's POV

The moment Gage mentioned that Lee changed her clothes and Molly giving her superpowers. I chanced a glance at Malakai and saw the glint in his eyes. Fuck I gotta find the real Lee and get her out of here. I grab gage, sit him on the couch, then attempt to pull this fake bitch away. Gage grabs her arm and gives me a menacing look. I let go of her arms and notice Malakai is gone fuck.

"Don't fucking move from this spot." I snap walking away in panic. Malakai isn't a bad person he's just had a rough life. We've grown up together and I have to keep him safe. I promised to always have his back. Looking around the club I'm a ball of nerves. Malakai isn't the best with women and the moment he saw lee he was obsessed. I told him to keep away but he's a fucking idiot.

I spot Lee by the bar with a drink in her hand. Pushing my way through the mass of bodies I finally make it to her.

"Snittttccchhhh you're here." She slurs. Her makeup is smugged from sweat and her eyes are bloodshot and glossy.

"Come on trouble I need to get you out of here." I tell her grabbing her arm and purse looking for the exit. "B-but what about gage? I can't just leave him." She says pulling her arm out of mine as her eyes scan the club. I see a flash of sadness in her eyes but it's gone as soon as it comes. Pulling out my phone I order her a car and call nick to let him know she's on her way.

When we get out side she thanks me and says good night. "Don't you try anything stupid. Someone's waiting for her at this address, and if you don't show, we will find you and make you wish you were dead. She better be in one piece." I say to the now scared driver. Lee is a good girl who had a rough life. She a cool chick and is always there for her friends when needed. I see how she is with Nick Gage and Sofie. I care about her because she cares for others more then herself.

Making my way back to Gage and the imposter I plop down and let the idiot make a fool of himself. After a bit malakai joins us. "Where did you go?" I ask knowing exactly where he went.

"Bathroom. Also, homeboy is high as fuck I didn't see Lee." No shit she on her way to safety. After a bit, I see this slut and Gage practically fucking in front of us. Enough is enough I walk up to her and pull her off him.

"What the fuck?" He growls.

"That's not fucking lee you dumb fuck. How high are you? Lee is at home I put her in a cab."

"Why were you even with her? Why didn't you tell me the girl was an imposter."

"You know what? This day has been too much let's go I'm taking you home."

"You're trying to avoid my question? How could you do that to me you know how I feel about her!" This fucking idiot. Pulling him out of the club I get him and malakai in to the car and head to the mansion.


Lyda's POV

Feeling a tight grip on my midsection feeling like I can't breathe I jolt up in bed and hear a loud groan. Feeling like someones Jackhammering in my head I wince and fall back. When the held did I get home? What the fuck happened? Closing my eyes I think back to last night. The last thing I remember was the shots I took. Thinking back remember seeing snitch, and Gage ditched me for some curly hair person in a dress. I couldn't see her face because it was sucking face with Gage.

The body on top of me moves snapping me from my thoughts. When I look down I see the brown head of hair and a tattooed back. He ditched me for another girl and came home to snuggle with me? How does that even make sense?

Stop it, Lee, you were there as a friend to help. He didn't ask you to come. I scold myself.

"Why snitch?" I hear him rasp out. What is he talking about?

"What are you talking about?"

"Is there something going on with you two? y'all were together at the house party and then last night you ditched me a pushed me to a look-a-like so you could be with him!"

"First off dumb ass, you ditched me so I went to get a drink and he found me. He put me in a cab and had Nicky wait for me."

"No I turned for a minute and when I turned back there was an imposter in your place."

"You were really shitfaced, it's fine." I say hoping my voice doesn't betray me. Deciding against making a big deal of him having sex with someone else then coming to sleep with me, I try to ease my way from under him. I can't be this close to him right now. I can't show him I'm bothered. He's got his mom, to think about. Shit Sofia.

"Stop moving!" He growls.

"Gage Sofia."

"Shes with Nicks mom. She's fine."

" Don't you think we should go tell her about your mom!"

"What about my mo-" He looks up at me eyes wide in realization. Fuck my life. Knowing he isn't ready yet I pull his head down to my stomach and rub his back. They're quiet but I can feel his body shake as sobs wrack his body.

" It's okay I'm here." I coo running my finger through his hair. "I'm not going anywhere I'm right here." My phone vibrates next to me and I see it's a text from Nick.

Nicky: How is he?

Lee: he's hurting but he's here so you don't have to worry.

Nicky: ok. You need to call your GYN. It's time to replace your birth control. They keep calling me.

Fuck! I have the damn implant in my arm it was traumatizing when they put it in, I'm not looking forward to them slicing it out.

Lee: ill make an appointment dad

Suddenly my phone vibrates again but this time it's Alexi.

Snitch: are you okay?


Nicky: Last night.... Gage.... The look alike...

Taking a deep breath I look down to see he passed out.

Lee: guess I have to be!!! He needs me so I can't really be a bitch to him right now.

Snitch : I'm here if you need.

Lee: Thanx

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