Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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A/N This chapter will go back and forth between Gage and Lees pov so I won't be posting their names each time so every time you see this ____~~~~____

It's a change in POV.

Lyda's POV

"MmM!" I moan out. Rolling my hips warm wetness rolling over my clit. What the fuck? When did I fall asleep? I shoot up on the bed but instead of looking down at him, I arch my back pull his head closer as he takes my clit sucking and licking. I scream out his name squeezing him between my tights.

Feeling two fingers probing my entrance, I whine. "Look who's finally awake." He teases.

"Please," I beg him, needing release. "FUCK!" I cry out in pleasure, as he brings his mouth back to my dripping heat and slips in 2 fingers. Rolling my hips I call out his name. My walls tighten and I know I'm close. Gage pulls away from me, leaving me a panting mess. What the fuck?

In a split second, he is on top of me a smirk on his face. "Good morning Beautiful." Oh no he didn't. I go to knee him for ruining the moment. I hate the stupid cliche, of a guy calling a girl beautiful, before fucking her. Of course, she's beautiful right now, it's only because your about to get off.

He slams into me filling me completely. I throw my head back letting out a moan. His sinful mouth comes to my neck, while he slowly pulls out then slams back in. He takes his time his thrust isn't hard or punishing. This time it isn't rushed. He's taking his time kissing every inch of me as he pulls out and pushed back in. He's making love to me? His mouth comes to mine and the kiss is passionate. My heart swells and it pushes me over the edge. I clench around him and I know I know. Scratching at his back I let go and lets the waves of pleasure pull me under as I cum around him.

"Fuck." He grunts out before he releases inside of me.

End of mature content

Feeling his whole weight when he drops on top of me I run my fingers through his hair. "I have to go make the arrangements for mom....... Can you come with me?" His voice is so low at the end I barely catch it.

"Of course. Let me take a shower then we can leave? I make a move to get out of his embrace and he lets out a whine. I make my way to the shower turning it to the hottest setting.


All I really want is to spend the entire day buried inside lee and stuck in bed. I'm not ready to accept that the woman who gave me life is gone. Drinking and the drugs may have helped me temporarily but today it's 10x worst. I'm glad lee to be there. Something about her presence brings me peace. I hear her phone go off and ignore but it goes off again. When I look I the screen I see Alexi's name. I feel my body getting hot and rage fills me.

Snitch: Morning sunshine is everything okay?

Snitch: What's the plan for today? Keep me posted😉

Clicking on his name I listen to it ring. "Hey, shorty are you okay?" I become so enraged I just hang up. Alexi is supposed to be my boy, why is he flirting with her being my back. Pushing myself off the bed I make my way into the bathroom and get in the show with her.


I hear the door open and close and I feel him the moment he steps in. I go into panic mode when I feel his hand wrap around my throat tightly. I feel his face next to me his breath fanning my neck. "What is going on with you and Alexi?" He grits out. What is his deal?

"W-were j-just friends."

"Then why are y'all flirting through text?" He went through my phone. I try to shove his hands away from me but he doesn't budge.

"Can't breath," I say as his grip gets tighter and tighter. Suddenly he loosens his grip but growls. "Were just friends. We may not be together, but I wouldn't sleep with one of your friends. Plus he just worries bc Malakai."

"Did he touch you? Did something happen? Why didn't you tell me-" He says in a panicked voice as he spins me, looking me over? He's so frantic I cut him off.

"Alexi got to me before he saw me, and sent me home." He uses this moment to pull me into him and kisses the top of my head. Why is he acting all jealous? That's his best friend I would never.


When we showed up at the funeral home they showed us the corpse and Gage had broke. We decided to do a cremation and I got an urn for her. Gage didn't hold up well but I held him and let him cry. We had picked up Sofie and came back home. Gage went straight to the room so I made dinner, fed Sof, and got to speak to Nick a bit.

I, thank God, am off for the next few days, and for right now Gage isn't gonna be working for a while. Nick and I convinced him to take a break. Nick is keeping Sofia in his room tonight knowing if she sees Gage, then well have no choice but to tell her. We want to wait a few days so Gage can be in the right mindset.

Finally done with clean up I head to my room to see Gage angrily pacing the foot of the bed. "G-Gage?"

"I need to work, I need to." He bites out. Is he serious right now? So I was good to fuck this morning but not good enough to fuck now? "I need something I can control." Oh. This is probably the stupidest thing I'll ever do but I stupidity open my mouth!

"Use me!"

"YOU CANT HANDLE IT." He growls.

"FINE GO CALL A DAMN CLIENT," I say throwing my hands in the air. I now notice he's in sweatpants a change from the black attire he wore 2 hours ago. I'm still in my black flower sundress and barefoot as usual. I'm over this frustration and confusion with him. If he likes all that extra rough shit why come to me? I don't give him a chance to respond he's right anyway.

I'm under too much stress, I know this is for the best. What the fuck was I thinking. I can't handle that. Why would I offer myself like that?


Before I reach the bathroom his hand is in my hair and I'm pulled back into a hard chest. "Are you fucking sure?" My stupid as oh of course I again do the dumbest of shit.

"Yes!" In an instant he storms over to his dresser and grabs a few things. My blood runs cold, but I calm myself. He needs this. I can do it for him. I'm snapped out of my thoughts when my sight is suddenly blocked. A black bandana is placed over my eyes, and one over my mouth. I then feel my dress being ripped off my body. "My fucking dress." I bite out but am silenced with a stinging pain in my ass.

"Watch it Lee!" He growls in my ear. What would usually make my panties soak now has my body trembling in fear. You can do this lee, he's not Richard. My whole body is lifted then placed on the bed. He grabs my hands and the cool metal against my wrist has me panicked again. I then feel her finger trailing down my body. I feel a bunch of strandy thing on my belly and flinch when it comes down with a loud wack. My body flinches as he brings it down in my stomach 5 more times.

He's taking but I can't hear him. I then feel his bare hand come down on my pussy. It's a hard slap and memories of Richard flood my mind. No. try to pull away but he grabs my ankles and continues. After a moment there's silence surrounding us before I feel him climb on top of me. He's still talking his voice sounding more and more angered. I feel his hands start to roam my body but not with its usual softness. He's rough his hand gripping and groping. I tug and the restraint the metal digging in to my skin making me cry.

I scold myself and try to compose myself but Gage slams into me and I begin to tremble uncontrollably. "You like this don't you you dirty slut. You killed me for nothing. You killed me because you're a pathetic bitch." No he dead it's gage, it's gage, it's gage. His thrust are punishing his hold in me too tight my body still trembling. I bury my head in my pillow to cover my cries.

"You may have killed me but you will never get rid of me. Take it like the slut you are."


The harder I pound the louder her muffled cries of pleasure are. Her body trembling and she keep clenching around me. She's doing so good. "You're doing so good baby." I praise her. Usually in this mindset I don't ever use the term baby but with her I can't call her a slut or anything demeaning. I've called her baby 20x in the past 10 minutes. My actions are rough but my words are soft trying to keep her in the moment.


I feel like I'm suffocating he won't leave me alone my crying is uncontrollable. "You useless bitch quit crying before I give you a real reason."

"Please, " I cry even thought I know he can't hear me. I feel his hand wrap around throat tightly. I can't breath and black dots dance across my eye. Finally he releases in me and falls on top of me. I can't help but to start thrashing crying harder.

End of trigger warning


Crashing on her I struggle to catch my breath. I feel her begin to thrash's and her cry's are even louder. Shit. Guilt fills me as I swiftly undo the restraints and take the 2 bandanas off of her. Fuck. The sight of her tears me in two. Her body is shaking her face full of tears and snot. I scan her body and see a bunch of bruises .

"Lee. I-" I try to reach out for her but she pulls away. "Lee I'm sorry." My voice breaking at the end. I never wanted to hurt her. I care about her so much I'm so fucking stupid. I should've known better. I'm shocked when I feel her hand come to my face. How did I not know. I know her moans I know her body. How could I think she enjoyed it?


It took me a moment to ground myself and see Gage instead of Richard, but when my vision clears I see him reaching for me with tears in his eye. Getting on my knees I place my hand on his face. "I'm sorry lee fuck, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to."

"I told you to!"

"I don't want you scared of me." I pull him to me and keep him in my embrace while he cries it out. After a moment he tells me he's going to take a shower. The door bell ring so I grab my small black silk robe and run down stairs. I grab a rag and wipe my face in the kitchen before reaching the door. I open partially only sticking my head out. When Alexi's eyes land on me he pushes the door open looking at me with rage.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID HE DO." Shit no. No no no.

"Alexi it isn't what you-"

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Gages voice booms from behind me shit this isn't good.

"She isn't one of your clients what the fuck is your problem." Alexi grits out getting in Gages face.

"What we do is none of your fucking business."

"It is when you fucking hurt her." As soon as the words leave Alexi mouth Gage is on him.

"STOP GAGE LET HIM GO. ALEXI IT ISN'T LIKE THAT. STOPPP." I shout. It doesn't work as they throw each other around trying to gain an advantage. I rush to them to try and break it up but I'm shoved back. There's a loud boom and Nick loud voice break them apart. I end up through a wall and a sore body. I let out a strangled cry as I try to get back up.

"Lee" They day in unison rushing to me but I pull away the best I can.

"Get the fuck away from her." Nick orders. I see guilt wash over them as Nick helps me up. "Shit Lee are you okay." He lifts me up in his arms and I again begin to cry. "I'm take her upstairs both of you behave till I get back." Nicks tone is stern as he carries me upstairs.


"Why are you always messaging her and on her shit?"

"We're fucking friends and I was here to check on you! What the fuck is your problem how could you do that to her?"

"I didn't want to shes the one that told me to use her."

"After all she's been through I don't give a fuck. She had bruise and a damn HAND PRINT AROUND HER DAMN NECK." The louder he gets the more pissed I become.

"So what you're here to be her knight in shining armor?" I bark getting in his face again.

"ENOUGH!" Nick yells as he makes his way back to us.

"No I'm saying this last thing! I just as broken as she is I can't do shit for her. I know you staked your damn claim but thats unacceptable."

"I agree what the fuck Gage? She barely let me touch her to get her in bed."

I can't hold back my tears. "I needed something I can control, I was going to call a client but when her face fell when I said it out loud I couldn't do it."

"Well then you need to find another fucking way to enjoy sex with her bc if you do that shit again I'll fucking kill you." Alexi grits. He's been in and out of foster homes and he's been through shit just like lee so I know his words are true.

"I'd rather die then to do that to her again." With the tension finally dissipated we sit down and talk. I tell them the plan for my mom and we just talked about random shit. After a few hours Alexi left and Nick scolded me and we had a serious talk. My feeling for lee aren't as simple as they were before. I hurt her and she comforted me. She's always here for me even when she's mad at me. Sex with her anyway is good. I don't care if she doesn't submit to me or if I can't be rough. I'll be gentle, I can change.

Once we're done I head to her room. I see her wrist wrapped and guilt eats at me again. I hurt her. Climbing on the bed I wrap myself around her. "I'm so fucking sorry lee."


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