Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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I love you lee

Lyda's POV

I feel my stinging pain in face as something moves across my face. The searing pain in my arm hit me like a truck the moment I'm conscious. I wince pulling my arm from under a very unconscious Sof. The moment my eyes meet the back of her head the dam breaks. Ignoring the pain I wrap my arms around her and cry.

I never realized how much I loved this child. Being away from her for that long during this time was hard. I finally slept for a few hours I realize it's already 7 pm. I see a faint glow coming in from the window telling me its night, the room is completely dark otherwise. I hear my door knob twist and soft footsteps. My head snaps to the door and the first thing I see is blue.

"Shit Lee are you okay? Are you in pain?" I look down at my arm remembering the pain. I nod then shake and he raises his eye brow. My eyes leave his patronizing gaze. They travel down to his nice soft lips. Down to his glorious tatted up buff chest down to his tatted abs. Damn, I'd call him daddy any day.

"HMM" My head snaps back up and I see his stupid smirk. Shaking my head out I meet his eyes and he lifts his hands to me giving me my pain killers with water. I however need something stronger. I open my side table draw to pull out my mini bottle of Jack but it's snatched out of my hand. "Hey!" I whine out.

"Youre drinking too much. You need water."

"I can drink whatever I want."

"Doesn't mean you should. I didn't approve of you taking the molly but it was too late to do anything, but this I can so give it now." The nerve of this asshole. I try to pull it closer but Sofia wakes up stealing my attention. I feel the bottle being snatched from my hands but I can't react because Sofia jumps in to my arms. Gage uses this to take the pill out of my hand and putting it between my lips. He brings the water bottle to my lips with a skirk in his stupid face.

I pull away from her to see tears in her eyes. Pulling her to me again Gage flaps his hands in our faces. "Come down I have a surprise." He signs. We look at each other with and I see a twinkle in her eyes. Hoping out of bed I go to lift Sof but he grabs her before I can. "You just had your arm cut. Relax it, also go change in to comfortable clothes." Nodding my head I wonder, When did he become so sweet?

"Can I shower real quick and meet you down stairs?"

"Yea ill get Sof ready."


After showering I threw on black spans, long socks, and an oversized hoody. Gages hoody to be exact, but it's all the same. I love the fresh feeling of just coming out the shower. I made sure to grab my work phone because I'm back on tonight. When I get to the staircase Gage and Sof both meet me. Walking down side by side he leads me down the stairs through the kitchen and out the back door.

A gasp leaves my parted lips when my eyes land on a fire pit, grill, a huge ass tent and an black expedition. Why is a truck in the back yard? Shaking my head I follow Gage to the food. He has a cookie sheet filed with hotdogs burgers, French fries. We make our plates and sit around the fire. When we're done eating we break out some marshmallows, chocolate, and gram cracker.

We enjoy the night air and talk but its almost time for me to start working. I go to excuse myself but Gage grabs my arm and pulls me to the black expedition and pops the trunk open. My mouth drops open at what is revealed. Is this what he's been up doing? Inside the backseats are all pulled out and blankets and pillows lay in it's place. Without thinking I pulled him to me and slammed my lips against his, not even a second later the phone rings and I pull away with my eyes widen. Gage is staring off into space so I answer the phone and hop in the trunk.


Gages POV

I was shocked as shit when Lee kissed me. I was afraid she'd never let me touch her again. Needing to wear Sof out so I can get some alone time with Lee I play game after game and wrestled. I know she took a late nap but it was only half an hour. HOW THE HELL CAN ONE KID HAVE THIS MUCH ENERGY.

I finally notice the little stinker rub her eyes. "You're tired Lucky" I sign using my nickname for her. I haven't called her that in 2 years but I guess mom's passing brought back the habit.

"I want time with Lee"

"I promise tomorrow and now on we won't leave her again."

"Fine!" When did she become so bratty? She didn't take moms passing very well. When she saw Lee even though she was asleep it made her day. To be honest mine too. Even though I want to murder the prick Dr.

I take Sof into the tent and lay her on the massive blanket bed I made and tuck her in. She's asleep and dead to the world before I can even press my lips to her forehead. There are fairy lights hanging through the poles because both my girls are scared of the dark.

I make my way back out the tent and past the fire to lee. When I reach the trunk I see her laying in her usual way. Knees bent, legs spread apart, her arm over her eyes as she moans out. "Fuck I'm adding a third finger. Ohh fuck." Her moans go straight to my dick.

Climbing in I spread her legs further apart, she shoot up eyes widening as I kiss her inner thigh. She lets out a strangled moan ask she try's to push my head away.


Lydas POV

Panic fills me as he spreads my legs apart. I know he would never hurt me but after last time, I couldn't help but pull away and panic. He looks up at me and kisses my inner thigh. My caller stops moan and asked if I was okay. "I'm sor-"

The phone is snatched from my hands before I can finish. "Gage." I growl as he hangs up the phone.

It rings and I go to grab it but he holds it above his head. "Please let me fix this." He pleads. "Ill give it back if you let me fix this." I don't respond I just answer the phone as it starts ringing again. Gage doesn't even give me the chance to apologize before he pulls my thighs making me fall back. My heart hammers in my chest and the panic builds again. I apologize to the caller and work out a deal for his next call. Just as he hangs up another call come through and Gage has my bottoms off.

I get the caller going hoping to calm my nerves. The moment his tongue hits my bundle of nerves, my hips buck and I moan. Excited by this, the caller moans, grossing me ou. I toss the phone to the side and dig my hand gages hair pulling him closer. His tongue expertly swirls around my clit. "Please, fuck that feels so good." I cry out letting myself get lost in him. I hear the caller finish so I hang up. Feeling the familiar tightening in my belly I cum on his face.

I feel him climb my body while I'm coming down from my high. Panic builds in me again but he flips us and sit up against front seats. I straddle him and raise my brow in confusion. He brings his right hand to my face staring in to my eyes. Those hypnotizing blues that make me crazy. "You take the lead. I want you to feel safe." Just then the work phone goes off but he tosses it out the car.


"You don't need that job! Plus you took two calls you deserve a break." He brings his lips to mine and I can't help but kiss him back. The fire in me reigniting and I need him. I grind my bare core over his sweatpants clad steal rod and let out a moan. He lifts my shirt over my head and brings his mouth to my neck and I can't take it. I bring my hands to the waistband of his sweats and tug them along with his underwear down. I watch as his cock springs free and salivate at the sight.

He always goes down on me but I've never done it for him. I wrap my hand around his hardness and move down his legs just as I'm about to wrap my mouth around him my hair is tugged and my arm is pulled. I look in to his eyes in confusion.

"I just need to be inside you right now Lee. You can do that next just please." I nod my head and straddle him correctly again. I get a bit nervous as I've never been in control before. "Whats wrong?" He ask cupping my face.

"I've never been in control. I'm n-not experienced I I ."

"Its okay look." With a swift movement of his hips, he slides in me with ease. "Now move your hips" He whispers in my ear. Feeling nervous I roll my hips and begin to move up and down.

A hiss leaves his mouth and I see him looking at where we connected leaving me with a sense of confidence. I begin to move faster his cock stretching me deliciously. I call his name wrapping my arms around him, he follows suit wrapping his arms around me but his grip is so strong it's like he's afraid I'll poof into thin air. The night air only providing a bit of a breeze but our bodies are covered in sweat as we both chase our high.

I begin to slow needed a change in position so Gage holds my hips in place and begins to thrust up into me. Scratching at his back I try to contain myself but I can't help screaming his name the closer I get. "Cum for me" He rasps in my ear and just like that I'm clenching around him. After a few more pumps he releases inside of me my name falling from his tongue. He pulls me closer to him holding on to each other while we come down from it all. My breathing is labored and my heart is beating erratically but the moment Gage opens is mouth everything seizes. "I Love You, Lee!"

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