Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Drinking alone

Lydas POV

When we get home I made dinner and after Sofie and I had our ice cream. Once it was time for her to go down I sent her to Gage and went straight to my room locking the door. When we got home he wouldn't stop asking if I was okay but I just kept telling him I'm fine. I pick my outfit for the night from my walk in closet. I decided on my black floor length dress with a plunging V show casing my tits, also has a open split on each thigh down. I place the dress on my bed and hop in my stand up shower. With the amount of stress I have, I set the heat to the hottest setting, allowing it to melt away my problems (and my fucking skin.)

After washing up I get out, putting my shimmering body lotion on loving the shine. I do light makeup, an almost natural look. I put curling cream in my mane curling it. Once I'm happy with my look I go to my bed and grab the dress. Knowing panties and bras aren't and option I slide it on my bare body. Going in to my walk in I grab a choker and black sandals. Grabbing my black and white purse I go to head out. As I make my way down stairs I see Nick coming from the kitchen.

"Why aren't you out with your girlfriend?" I ask with a raised brow.

"Gage asked me to watch Sof til he came home to give you a break." This motherfucker is still working. I give a tight-lipped smile and walk to the door hoping he doesn't say shit about my clothing. "Stay out of trouble!" He warns. What the fuck? Is he psychic or something?

"I will, I promise." I took an Uber to my usual bar and order a drink. Looking around I see it's a little calm tonight, but I'm not complaining. It must be because it's only Thursday but it's my Friday. Hearing giggles from beside me I take a peek only to see the girl that was all over Gage earlier.

"Hey you're the girl that sang at karaoke a while back, aren't you?" An older gentleman ask from behind. Snapping my head to him he has a genuine smile on his face. Smiling I nod at him and order my drinks. Just as he walks away I feel a tap on my shoulder. Spinning in my chair I come face to face with a Megan fox look alike.

"I know you! You were with sir at the store right?" Not sure how else to respond I nod my head. "Are you one of his clients?" Is this bitch really questioning me about him?

"He's my roommate and best friend why?" Her eyes light up at that news but bring the urge to punch her to the forefront.

"Did I hear him say you sing?"

"It was just karaoke." She smiles and pulls up the chair next to me and her group surrounds us and begin chatting. The bartender sets my drinks in front of me and without a second thought, I shoot them back. The girls keep trying to bring me into their conversation but I give short answers. I know she's using me to get to Gage, but she doesn't need my help she seemed pretty cozy with him early. After I'm done with the drinks in front of me the bartender makes his way back to me.


Gages pov

I'm so fucking tired. This new job is more tiring then my old one and that's saying a lot. Every night it's bull shit, I always have to beat the hell out of one fuck or another. Today at the grocery store when I ran in to Lacey I tried to keep her away from me. She thinks that because she told me about this job she could be my permanent sub. She strips here, her and her friends keep trying to get to dominate them and it's pissing me off.

Lee says she's fine, but I speak woman, so I know Fine really means she wants to chop my balls off. I watch the club as the very few customers enjoy the dancers and my phone goes off in my pocket.

Lacey (do not answer): Hey sexy! Guess who I'm hanging out with?

Not caring to find out I ignore the text like I usually do until a picture of Lee comes across my screen. When I see what she's wearing I make my way to the club owner letting him know I have to leave early. It worked out because he was going to send me home since it's a quiet night. Getting in the Jetta I make my way to the bar I try to calm myself knowing that spanking her is off the table.


I think the bartender must have noticed my discomfort around the girls. I say that because he asked to speak to me privately and had me come to a secluded part of the bar. "I saw that you seemed annoyed hope you don't mind." He says smiling with his pearly whites on display. He's tall brunette and has a perfect surfer tan, and very attractive. To me though he is too pretty. I like my guys rough around the edges. I thank him as he sets another drink in front of me and I kindly thank him. "How many more of these do I need to feed you in order to get you to sing?" My singing wasn't even that good.

"My singing is not even that good." I whine with a pout.

"It had everyone singing along." He isn't lying there. Lifting my head I scan the bar to see Gage is here? He's in a black t-shirt and black slacks. He's standing with the annoying girl and her friends. His hand is in her hair, his face mere inches from her. Rolling my eyes I ask the bartender for another shot and agree to take the stage again. All my drinks are finally catching up to me and my fuckitol is amazing.

I finish my shot and lift the rest of my drink to my lips to chug. After only a few drops make it down my throat the cup is snatched out of my hands. Letting out a gasp I glare at a very angry Gage who slams the glass on the table. "What the fuck are you doing at a bar and what the FUCK ARE YOU WEARING?" He grits out.

"I'm old enough to do what the fuck I want."

"I don't give a fuck about how old you are! I told you enough is enough you're drinking too got damn much." He growls. He reaches for my arm but I slap his hand away.

"I ain't no got damn Sub, go talk to your one over there because you ain't my daddy and you don't get to tell me what the fuck to do. Did you tell her you love her too?" His eyes widen in shock once the words are out. Just as I'm about to cuss him out arms wrap around his chest. Gage spins around to face the girl so I make my way around him with a fire in my heart. I tell the Dj I'm doing Drinking Alone again and make my way to the stage.


When I got to the bar I immediately spot Lacey but Lee was nowhere in sight. When I tried to ask her about Lee she kept pushing buttons and asking what I was going to do about it. Any other time she would've been so bruised she wouldn't be sitting for days. Now, I just grabbed her hair and threatened to have her fired for secretly selling drugs at work. Her fear took over making her point lee out, without me batting my eyes.

The moment Lee finally let me have it I knew. I felt pride in the fact that she was jealous because Lee tries to hide it so badly. She loves me she wants me like I want her I know she does. This argument would've been a break through had this bitch stood away.

"Sir she's no Sub, she can't please you like I can." Lacey tries.

"With her I don't need to control." I say shoving her away from me. She grabs my arm again but a familiar beat plays through the speakers and my head snaps to the stage. Lee stands there looking like a dark Angel with all the black on and she begins to sing. I turn to Lacey giving her one last warning before ordering a drink and getting a front seat.

"Let me make one thing clear

You can buy me a beer, but you ain't taking me home

No pick up lines, I came here tonight to shed a few tears on my own

But sitting there across the room

I couldn't help but notice you seem a little down on your love too

Yeah, my heart might be breaking

But, this seat ain't taken

And you've got me thinkin'

We should be drinkin' alone together

Drownin' the pain is better

With somebody else who got problems

We ain't gonna solve 'em

But misery loves company

Tonight all I need is a stranger

Lips with a whiskey chaser

And a corner booth kiss to make me forget that he's gone

Oh, we should be drinkin' alone (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)

We should be drinkin' alone together (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)"

I listen as once again all the women join in singing with their hearts. When she's finished and making her way off the stage I stand and make my way to her. Remembering how the first time she sang this I called her Felicity, I tweak my words wanting her to know I remember.

"Who needs a Felicity when Lee is just better?" I try to kiss her but she shoves at my chest. Annoyed with her behavior I throw her over my shoulder, pay for our tabs and leave. Lee fights and screams once we get out to the parking lot so I grab the duct tape in the glove compartment. Putting it over her mouth I use some to bind her hands in front of her and buckle her in.


When we get back to the house Gage throws me over his shoulder yet again walking us inside. I stay calm while I'm bound and muted but once he puts me down all hell will break loose. "HEY WHAT THE FUCK GAGE, WHY THE FUCK IS SHE BOUND AND GAGGED?" Nick yells at Gage.

"Nick you're my boy and all but stay the fuck out of it! I'm not going to fucking hurt her." I feel bad that because of me he has to defend himself anytime it comes to me. Nick doesn't respond but it's not like Gage gave him a chance. He makes his way to my room and dropping me on my bed like a sack of potatoes. "You're fucking jealous, you're jealous because you feel the same for me that I feel for you." He says. The fire burning behind those blues has me wanting to punch him here and now.

He rips the tape off my mouth and I scream out as the burn takes over. "No I don't, fuck you." I bite out. He let's out a condescending laughing sending chills down my spine.

"Stop being a got damn pain in the ass and fucking admit it. You hated seeing Lacey hang off of me."

"STOP IT!" I yell, not wanting to think about it all over again.

"You hated hearing her call me sir." He continues to taunt. I keep screaming fuck you but he just keeps speaking over me. "You hate thinking that I was fucking her these past few days, thinking about how I tied her up-" Tears stream down my face with the images he's painting in my head chipping away at my heart making me insane I don't want to listen. I can't take it anymore I don't want to know anymore.


"WHY? WHY THE FUCK NOT? YOU'RE NOT JEALOUS RIGHT? YOU DONT LOVE ME LIKE THAT RIGHT? SO IT SHOULD'NT BOTHER YOU WHEN I TELL YOU ABOUT HOW SHE-" Squeezing my eyes shut I now my head. I try to bite my tongue I try to block him out but I can't.


"Now that you've finally confessed I should tell you I wasn't sleeping with her. I quit." My whole body freezes and my heart completely stops. "I work security at a club she strips at, she was a client and when I told her I was quitting she told me about the job. I don't plan to stay there. I, um I signed up for college courses. I want to be a teacher for kindergarteners like my sister." My heart swells at this news so with my hands still bound in front of me I jump off the bed and press my lips to his. "Sorry I couldnt just forget your name. And it looks like you will be my one and only. Sorry for proving you wrong." Did he really just respond to the song?

He picks me up so I wrap my legs around him "Yea and you did end up bringing me home so it looks like drinking isn't the only thing I won't be doing alone." I tease back.

"You showed me human kindness so now you're stuck with me because you are mine." He says rubbing the pad of his thumb over my cheek. He quit his job, and he wants to be with me. Not my mother not the slut from the bar but me. I'm so fucked.

"I love you!" I say one more time before smothering him with kisses. Guess I'm his and he's mine now.


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