Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Little bitch

Gages POV

For once in my life I feel like I have the world in my hands. Which is why I have so fucking much to lose. After I got the call from the prison, I made my first mistake on a list of fucking mistakes. I went to see Felicity, I did it with pure intentions. She has noone I felt bad. I also Felt I owed it to her.

If I'm being honest, against my better judgment, I want them to work this out. I love lee.I want lee. However, I don't want to be one more thing for Felicity to go after Lee about. The first few times I went to see her she was out cold. Then afterwards when she woke up we spoke. She admitted to being a shitty mom but still Denies knowing anything about Richard. A part of me could see she was lying but I get it, she doesn't want me thinking poorly of her.

I had to tell her that what we had can no longer be. I didn't tell her about me and Lee but she asked several times. I told her right now she needs to focus on getting better and fixing her and Lyda's relationship. She did make an odd comment about how it makes her a shitty mom X2. I didn't even bother asking what she meant by that. I did promise I wouldn't abandon her again even though I know doing this could back fire. I couldn't just tell her no after she told me about how she's treated in here. She said she is prime target because the charges against her. She cried so much while telling my what hell she is suffering, how could I abandon her?

Sofie has went with me a few times. She doesn't seem to be a fan. It's not like Felicity did anything to her I was always right there except 2 times where I had a phone call I had to take. There were guards all over, so I know she didn't do anything to Sof. I think Sof is just loyal to Lee and refuses to like any of my other friends that are female.

We're a week away from the 4th of July, so Lee Sof and I are going to South of the Border for fire works. After we made it official I of course claimed her body all night long. We've been speaking more and getting to know each other better, especially after she learned my career path. I found out she is trying to become a Social worker. She wants to help girls like her that get over looked because the man has money. I also learned that she wants to turn the mansion into a halfway house for girls who have no place to go.

The place is so big and we barely use all of it. She wants us to downsize in to a cozy house. I admire her drive to want to help others. Her heart is pure and I'm glad I got the chance to see it. We are stopping at the grocery store to grab a few things for the drive. We live in Jacksonville which is the first city in Florida so the drive is 5 hours. We plan on getting a hotel and staying the night.

Lee is off in the snack session with Sof while I grab the drinks. Just as I grab the last of drinks I head towards cookies. The closer I get I hear Casey's voices Shit.


Lyda's POV

Gage Sofie and I are in the store grabbing a few things for the long road trip we have ahead of us. Sofie and I are in the cookie isle grabbing Oreos and chips ahoy. As I'm helping Sofie put her stuff in the basket I'm yanked by arm. Spinning to face the rude ass my eyes immediately roll.

"You're a lying bitch." The woman screeches. If I'm not mistaken it's the chick from the last trip to the store. Who the fuck does she think she is?

"First off sweet cheeks, keep your fucking hands off me. Second, what exactly did I lie about?" I say scoffing at the end. I cross my arms over my chest and glare her down.

"You said you weren't fucking him." she spits out. After the words are out she looks behind me eyes widen in fear.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" His deep Husky voice growls from behind me. Oh no he don't. This bitch is trying me, I don't need him to interfere.

"I-I'm s -sorry s-"

"Shut the fuck up bitch." I cut her off before she could finish. She cuts her eyes to me but I turn my glare to Gage. "Stay out of it, she came at me, I don't need you to butt in. YOU'RE NOT HER FUCK DOM SO DON'T TREAT HER LIKE A GOT DAMN SUB IN FRONT OF ME." I snap at him. I watch as he smirks at me but nods his head.


"Again, shut the fuck up. To respond to your accusations NO honey I didn't lie and you didn't ask if 'i was fucking him' you asked if I was one of his clients!"

"How is that different?" She says with a bit too much attitude for my liking. Okay if she wants to be embarrassed fine by me.

"Easy baby, I don't have to pay for his services." I say with a wink. "He fuck me because he wants to."

"Well don't feel too special, he gets rock hard for me too." She says with a smirk. "He fucks for a living you ain't the only bitch he's fucking." I smile and get in her chest, because unfortunately short people can't be eye to eye. I look up and her and smirk back.

"Ever heard of viagra?" She let's out a loud gasp and looks at me with wide eyes. "Yes honey, that's what he had to take in order to fuck you. Also for the record, he quit that and you know why?" I smile up at her and rock on my feet. "Because he loves me! He is with me now, so I suggest you find someone else to go after. If I see your name in a text on his phone, I will literally drag your ass off the pole and best your ass and make money off it." Her eyes widen in horror.

I bump her shoulder harshly and make my way to feminine care. I don't hear them following but I'm annoyed and my mood is ruined. Grabbing Both pads and tampons, I make my way to pain killers. I grab Midol for me just as I feel the damn cramp kick in. Fuck my life. I also grab children Tylenol for Sofie just in case and some allergy medicine just as I reach for it a cart comes up behind me. Sof runs up to the box and grabs it giving me a toothy smile. This fucking child, I love her so much.

Gage walks up to me grabbing the stuff and putting it in the cart. "Go take Sof to the car ill pay and meet you out there." I feel drained so I tell him Sof and I are going to use the bathroom then go to the car. Heading off to the girl room hand and hand, I help Sof then have her turn while I put a pad on. ( It's a long drive and I will not subject myself to have to wait til next stop to change a tampon.) Once done we wash our hands and walk out.


Shit the way lee handled the situation was a damn fucking turn on. The fact that she raise her voice to me and talked down to me had me caught. I was between wanting to spank her ass red, or trying something new. I could see if it's something she would be okay with or not. That mission however is going to have to wait.

"Are you fucking serious. That's what this whole change about is for?" I turn my head to the side and shake my head.

"Kindly FUCK OFF already has she not embarrassed you enough?"

"You're a bitch! You're a little bitch who got punked by a little girl."

"Correction, I respected my girl and I let her handle, her business. YOU, now you 'Honey' got punked by a little girl. Now if you don't mind I'd like to pay for my shit and get back to my family. I put my stuff on the belt and see lee when I look back up. She blows me a kiss and walks out of the store with Sof.

When I get to the car I load everything in the back seat so it's accessible. I grab the two blankets out of the trunk of the explorer and hand one to each girl. "Are you okay?" I ask lee when I get in the driver's seat. She has her seat fully reclined and her eyes are shut.

"Yes." Is her short response. No, she's not even looking it means she mad.

"Lee, why are you mad at me?" I ask not wanting to end up in another 'I'm fine' situation when she clearly isn't.

"If I was mad at you, you would know. I'm am fucking cramping and just had to put your former bitch in her place. I'm trying to sleep to help you but if you want me to be a bitch for no reason."

"Okay okay I'm sorry sleep........ I. I. I"

"I. I. What spit it the fuck out Gage." She snaps clearly annoyed. Fuck me this is going to be a fun trip.

"I love you Satan." I say mumbling at the end.

"I love you too now quit being a bitch and drive." Shit!


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