Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Gages pov

Once we got to South Carolina I got us checked in to the Best Western closest to the fireworks store. The minute we got in the room, the girls immediately took over the bathroom. Fuck is this what it's going to be like all the time? Shaking my head off I can't wipe the stupid smile off my face. I'm blessed and I know it. Thank havens for Lee, Sofie has been in a much better mood. Me, well I get it all I have Sofie smiling again, and Lee is all mine.

It's only 4pm but I'm exhausted from drive. I walk over to the king sized bed and begin removing the blankets and putting on the ones we brought with us. I don't trust hotels I know how some of them work. Just as I put the quilt on the door to the bathroom opens, Lee and Sof come out in matching swimsuits. I feel relieved when I see it's short sleeved and covers them both well. It had blueish leaves on a while background and the bottoms are high waisted. My eyes trail Lees short but thick Carmel tanned legs to covered sweet spot. My dick twitches in my pants as my eyes keep trailing.

"You coming to the pool?" Snapping out of my fantasy I look in to lees steal greys and shake my head.

"Imma take a little nap. I'll come when I wake up okay?" She nods and takes Sofie and heads out the door. When the door shuts I throw myself in the bed and let sleep take over. Well grab the fire works tomorrow before heading back. The moment I close my eyes my phone rings. Letting out a groan of displeasure I ignore it. It's from the prison and I don't want to deal with her right now.


Felicitys Pov

I cant believe I slipped and let the little bitch get the chance to do this to me. That girl has been nothing but a damn burden the moment her and her twin were born. I should've just gave them both to Mason, but no I wanted him to suffer for leaving me. He couldn't handle me and only cared for the useless little bitches. It was Alway Trixie this and Lyda that.

When we Split we had arrangements to where the girls could still grow up together but fuck him. Why should he be happy after tossing me aside for them. I sent him a letter in deep detail of all the shit I let Richard do to his beloved Lyda. I wish I could've took both girls from him and rubbed that shit in his face. I'm already in prison so the confession on paper can't hurt me. He's written back threatening me, he wants to know where his other daughter is but he'll die before I tell him shit. I don't have to worry about lee finding out about her dad or her twin because I told her, her daddy died. Dumb bitch.

"Shouldn't my visitor have been here before me?" I snap at the guard.

"Must you always be so demanding?" His deep voice teases from behind me. Spinning on my heel I see the 6ft dumb ass I've had keeping an eye on my daughter and lover. He brown hair spiked up as usual and his tan muscles on display.

"Quit messing around Kai." Malakai is my other escort I use when I don't want to deal with Gages bitching. He seriously thought I wanted more with him. He swore he loved me but the minute I got arrested he dropped me. Kai has told me all about Gage and lee, and lee and Gage. That little bitch thinks she can continue to take my men well Gage May have ended things with me but I will break them up.

Kai has developed a thing for her so he can have her. He's like Richard, exactly what the bitch deserves. "Okay well the camera girl job got fucked because your beloved Gage. He even quit escorting. The mistress isn't happy, he was her money maker."

"What the fuck! You need to fucking do something. Tell her it's lee tell her to make lee suffer." I can't make both girls lives hell but I sure can torture lee enough for both. "Gage is to visit me again soon. We need to get proof of him being here and have it shown to her, from there you come in and you know what to do."

"You mean I can finally fucking get her?"


Lyda's POV

I slept for the whole car ride to SC. When we got here all Sofie wanted was to go swimming. We've been in the indoor pool for a while now. It started raining and the outdoor one was a big no. Sofie had a blast swimming around with her flow ties but I've been working with her so she won't need the help.

In the time we have been here I've been approached several times by creepy men but I pretend I'm deaf. Sofie is at one end of the pool while I'm at the other. She is going to try to swim to me with her face under water and her floaties. We're the only ones in here and the only sounds is water splashing as Sof makes her way to me. Before she gets to me I'm grabbed by my arm and lifted in to air and toss. Fear fills me as my body hits the water and I go under. I swim up in a panic but get pissed when I see Gage with Sofie in his arms laughing up a storm.

Letting out a frustrated growl as they both double over. Fucking assholes. Diving under I make my way between gages parted legs and flip him over. When I resurface, I'm grabbed again but this time he grabs my legs and wrap them around him. I can't help the giggle that escapes my lips.

"Fucking asshole" I mutter against his lips. He tosses me back in the water and let me just say FUCK YOU MOTHER NATURE. This man turns me on no matter what. We spend the next hour splashing and messing around girls vs boy.

By the time we let Sofie barely made it past the elevator doors before falling asleep. When we get to the room he lays her in the bed and I head straight for the shower. The shop doesn't open til noon tomorrow so while Gage and Sofie get breakfast together I'm meeting a woman named Gabriella Sanches. She runs a woman's shelter here and I spoke to her about what I plan to do with the mansion. I want her to run it and have it i will only donate the property. She immediately requested a meeting and she's here in SC.

I turn the water on leaving it mostly cold and I strip while it heats a little. When I step in it feels like ice, but it calms my hormones a bit. I lean my head against the wall and let the water cover me like a cool blanket. Letting out a moan of pleasure, I close my eyes and inhale, a screech of terror coming right after. I slap at Gages and thats on my waist.

"Gage I'm showering" I whine.

"Well Sofie is asleep and I want"

"Did you not see me buy tampons and pads." I say with an attitude as I try to turn. His fingers dig deeper into the flesh of my hips holding me in place.

"Your point?"

"Were not having sex. I'm on my period." I feel his hot breath on my ear as he presses his lips to the shell. His erection hitting the curve of my back. Moisture build between my legs and I look up afraid to see the red sea between my legs.

"Are you not horny?" He whispers ever so seductively.


"You think a little blood is going to stop me? I don't know what little boys you were fucking before but real men don't give a fuck."

"I've only been with you and Richard. When I had my period was the only time he didn't touch me." I say trying to pull away. I hate having to think about that man but Gage is my boyfriend and best friend I need to talk more about what was done. I can't just pretend it never happened.

I let out a moan when Gage's mouth comes to the nape of my neck. He begins to suck and nip leaving what will be the biggest Hickey he's given me yet. He brings his right hand up and play with my hardened nipple, while the other brush down my stomach slowly to between my legs. Squeezing my eyes shut, I rest my head back on his shoulder.

"Don't tease me." I whine out bringing one hand down to stop his hand. I, then bring my other down to his shaft grabbing as much of it in my hand and pump. He lets out a groan pushing my hand away. He places my hands back on the wall and puts his hands on my hips. I let out moan when I feel the head of his cock gliding up and down my slit.

"Damn you really want it don't you?" I moan in response.

"Fuck!" I cry out when he slams in to me. The sound of his hips hitting my ass echos through the bathroom. He begins at a slow pace but going faster and faster. I clench around him as he fills me deliciously. "So fucking big!" Gages teeth bite at my shoulder while he pulls my hair. I know I'm close when the tightening in my lower belly builds. I bring my hand between my legs grabbing his sac and adding pressure.

"Fuck! That's it lee." He growls out. Just as I'm about to tip the edge of pleasure Gage pulls out. What. I'm about to cuss him out when I feel his seed spill on my ass.

"What the fuck?" I growl. I spin to face him and his hand is around my throat in an instant. Ready to flip out his grip stay firm but not tight.

"You can't handle spanking so denial is worth the try." He says with a smirk.

Without warning I hit him in the dick and get out while he doubles over. "Asshole." I mutter before walking out. Time to order dinner and rest for tomorrow.

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