Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Always running

Lyda's POV

To say, going to sleep was a task, would be an understatement. I can't believe Gage did that to me last night. I ended up ordering pizza for dinner and going to sleep right after. When I woke up this morning I attempted to get out of bed and leave without disturbing gage or Sof. The moment I moved Gage as usual tried to pull me closer. I managed to get ready and look presentable but the moment I quietly started to grab my keys and stuff Gage woke up.

He began to question me and even tried to tag along. I didn't tell him exactly what I was doing only that I had an important meeting. I was shocked when he wished me good luck and let me leave without him. However, he told me to Uber there and he would pick me up. Considering my jittery nerves I think that's the best idea.

When I got to Applebees Gabriella was already there with a few other women. She is an older ebony goddess. I can only hope that when I'm in my forties I look that good. She has long legs smooth Ebony skin, not a single scar or pimple in sight her long brown hair in box braids. She's wearing a green floral sundress with a fancy hat. She introduced me to the other women at the table. All but one the same age as her. If I'm correct she looks to be Gabriella's daughter.

The moment I sat down they started asking me regular questions that you would ask a friend. I always answered honestly and was a bit creeped out with the way they kept smiling at me. "So you want to come to a private investor, but you're giving me a mansion to convert as well?"

"Its too high and only 4 of us live there. It's a waste of a good house if you ask me. I am going to move to a smaller house. I figured the mansion could be a perfect place to turn in to a halfway house for girls like me." As much as this story hurts me I tell the group about Richard and my mom. I tell them how I had to work as a phone sex operator just to pay the bills of an apartment and stay afloat. Shelters weren't an option for me and I know how hard it is. I tell them how I will even pay to keep the butlers and cooks.

After we got done talking I excused myself to the bathroom to give them a moment to discuss. I provided them with pictures and blueprints of the mansion. I found a nice house in Ponte Vidra beach that I want to move us to. It's right on the beach its 2 stories, has a pool on the back deck, and spa bath in the master bedroom. Were in escrow right now, I will rather be safe than sorry.

I use the bathroom and come out to wash my hands. As I touch up my makeup I jump in surprise when someone yells BOO from behind me. Grabbing my chest I try to catch my breath. It's Lola, she's Gabriella's daughter.

"That was such a touching story." She tells me. Theres so sign of deceit in her posture and seems genuine. "You have such a great image for this place I don't get why you're giving it to us?" she states matter-of-factly. Shocked by her response I furrow my brows worried they might not take my offer.

"You guys are already established you have connections permits and the degree under your belts." Lola has long blonde hair that's in braids and she is wearing a red blouse with a black pencil skirt. I watch as her blood-red lips turn in to a pout. I knew it, this was pointless and all I did was waste my own time. Without a word I shake my head and mutter a whatever and leave her standing there. I dig in my purse and make my way to the table dropping down a few hundred to cover the bill. The woman at the table snap their hears up at the same time and furrow their brows.

"Thank you for your time." I say reaching for the blueprints so I can just leave, I will find someone else.

"Wait what happened? Why are you leaving?" Gabby starts.

"Wait!" Lola says from behind me. "Im sorry if I upset you that wasn't my intention. I just see how passionate you are about this I don't understand why you would give this up. I think you should make this vision into reality I think you should run it. We have resources so you're not in this alone." wait what? The other woman in the group all smile and nod their heads. "We will help you get the permits and everything you need ill even drive down to help, but what you're trying to do is above and beyond and we can't take credit." I can't help the tears that well up in my eyes. One by one the women make their way to me throwing their arms around me and bringing me in for a hug.

As we walk out the restaurant I see Sofie in Gages arms while he leans against the car in his washed blue jeans and his black tee. "Gage?" Lola speaks. I look at her in confusion again what? "Gage fucking Bellamy and is that Sofie?"

"Lola? Mrs. Sanches." Gage says back as he rushes past me to hug the two women. What the fuck? I watch as they all talk as if I'm not even here. It seems they grew up with each other but lost contact. Feeling like the odd one out I just back up a little just as Gage mentions shopping for fireworks. He invites them to join to catch up and talk. As if just remembering my existence Gage looks at me and calls me over. I tell him to just take Sof and go catch up ill go back to the hotel and he can just pick me up when they're done.

I'd rather be alone right now than to be with a group but be ignored. Obviously, they're close and have history, who am I to stand there and be a fly on the wall. I let Gage keep the car and I ubered my way back to the hotel.


Looking at the clock on the table I see it's 7 pm and I haven't heard from Gage. At this point, I'm borderline pissed and make my way to a car rental spot. By the time I got on the road, it was already 9 and I still haven't heard from Gage. I called nick to let him know I'm on my way and turned my phone off for the rest of the drive. I know it's petty and childish but he practically ignored my existence when he came to pick me up. He didn't even care to ask how the meeting went. Then what was suppose to be a 2 hour catch up turned in to a full day of me alone waiting for at least a text to tell me I'm at least on his mind.

When I get home the place is empty but I see mail on the table and one has read to flip. I see a letter addressed to Gage from my mom. You have got to be fucking kidding. I leave the letter where is despite how bad I want to read it. I want to test him and see if he's going to show me or try to hide it. It's 230 am and I am best. Gabby and Lola are going to help get thing ready and the process started. They promise to help me through it every step of the way so that's one thing to be excited about. Climbing in my bed I close my eyes and let sleep pull me under.


"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?" I jolt up in my bed and deck Gage in the jaw by accident. "OUCH LEE WHAT THE FUCK?" trying to calm my erratic heart beat I allow myself to fully wake up. "You rented a car to drive home rather then just come with us or go to the hotel?"

"Are you serious?" I say pushing myself up in the bed. "I waited at the hotel for 8 hours without so little as a text. What time did you finally decide to remember my existence?"

"What? No, it isn't like that lee I didn't"


"A little past midnight. But I invited you so you can't even be mad."

"That's not the fucking point Gage. It took you till midnight to finally attempt to reach out. You were supposed to get fireworks to catch up a bit then pick me up to come home. But instead, your gone all day and don't bother to check-in."

He's about to talk when Sofie makes her way in to the room. She's wearing an over sized shirt and her hair is down. She look at me and her face form in to disgust.

"Don't make that face." she signs. What? "You look like the mean lady me and Gage went to see." in one quick movement gage jumps off the bed and grabs sofies hand to prevent her from finishing what she was saying. I hope she isn't saying what I think she is saying. I get off the bed and grab the only picture I have of the bitch. Gage tries to prevent me from talking to her but I push him aside and ask her if she meant my mom. After sofie confirmed he took her too see my mom I ran out my room and down the stairs. I need to know what the letter says.

When I get down stairs I see the letter is gone. Gages runs up on me and grab my arm. "Lee it isn't what you think I swear. She was stabbed-"

"WHERE IS THE LETTER GAGE?" He's about protest but thinks better of it and hands it to me.

'My Gage,

I am so happy our plan is coming together. I hate knowing you have to sleep with her but I understand. If we want me free you need to gain her trust. I didn't think it would work but you're right she is a desperate loser. I can't wait to get everything back and kick her out on her ass. Were going to be such a happy family. Our visits aren't enough I can't wait till we can be happy. Just stick to the plan let her keep believe you love her and keep stashing the money. I can't wait to get out and watch her suffer while we live happy. I know we always talk about it but now that it's about to be a reality I can't wait. See you soon.'

I look up to him drop the letter and deck him in the face. He stumbles back grabbing his jaw. "WHAT THE FUCK I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING WRONG!"

"I WAS RIGHT I WAS RIGHT I WAS FUCKING RIGHT." I cry. "YOU WERE USING ME TO GET ME TO DROP THE CHARGES." His brows furrow and he grabs the letter off the floor. I make my way back to my room to see Sofie sitting on my bed playing on the iPad. I rush into my closet grabbing at anything I can get my hands on and stuff Sofie and my clothes. I need to go. If she knows where I'm at she won't let me walk away unscathed.

When I'm done I grab Sof, I'll call about the house and when it's ready gage and Nick could have it or gage and that bitch. I honestly don't care I'm taking Sofie and going somewhere safe. When I get to the last step Gage grabs my arm. He's still in the same clothes from yesterday and looks tired as hell.

"Please lee you have to believe me none of this is true. I'm not playing with you I fucking love you."

"You were seeing her behind my back AND YOU TOOK SOFIE AFTER I WARNED YOU."



"I felt bad for her, but I told her that things were over. I just wanted to fix yalls relationship."

"I told you it's not happening. The truth is out haha y'all made a joke of me."I shove past him and make my way to the door. I'm glad when he doesn't stop me or try to take Sofie from me. Fuck love, it's not real it's bullshit.


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