Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Song inspo for this chapter is I hope by Gabby Brett

Gages POV

Fuck! I've been staring at the door for the past half hour. She fucking left AGAIN. This time I can't fucking be mad. That bitch fucking set me up. Lee was right and I was a fuck up. Dammit! I also didn't mean to stay as long as I did with the Sanchez but after we got the fireworks we went back to their place. She was one of my moms best friend.

Me, Alexi, Lola, and Malakai grew up together. She was there before I met them. We were diaper besties. Never done anything together, we were like brother and sister we were so close. That's where my hate for Malakai came from. I busted him trying to force himself on her in a corner at a house party. I nearly fucking killed him. ALEXI mr hero boy saved his ass. I give it to him. He did good he did real good till it came to lee.

When I told Lola about that she could only shake her head. She said something that made everything click. She said and I quote "Wouldn't be surprised if he was fucking the old hag too!" How else would she have know about me and Lee? FUCKING BITCH.

"What are you staring at and what's this?" The note is snatched from my hands faster then I can react.

"Look Nick, before you get pissed." His fist is in my face before I could finish. I Grab his fist before he can pull back.

"I trusted you. How could you do this to her!" His other first connects with my jaw Fuck the shit hurt.

"Listen to me please Nick, I love lee, this is Is a fucking set up." He lets me explain what happened. Of course I know I'm a piece of shit. I should have listened to lee and left it alone. I had no reason to rush to her aid. She was my best tipper and the distraction that I needed. I was fucking stupid.

He tells me to figure my shit out but what ever I do, I need to give her space. I know he's right and I will respect it but I need to see Felicity's to see if Lola and my theory is correct. If Malakai is apart of this I'm fucking done. Alexi could be pissed but something must be done.


A few days later

Alexi POV

Fucking hell so much shit is going on I can't keep up. Malakai has been sneaking off and acting weird a lot lately. He has this unhealthy obsession with Lee, that I've seen pictures of her on his phone. They're all taken from a distance, some from the party we had, he even had some of her walking in the streets. I've been doing my best to keep him away from her but it's getting harder when I'm working double time. With Gage quitting his clients got split between me and Kai.

I guess Lee quit this past weekend when her and gage went to South Carolina. The Mistress was pissed, but I was happy. She shouldn't be working a job like this. I'm sitting in the apartment Kai and I share rummaging through his shit to make sure he doesn't have anything he shouldn't. I know it must be a bit much and people wonder how I can be friends with someone like him? They just don't understand. Growing up in a group home isn't easy, the shit that was done to us I wouldn't wish on anyone. Kai always had my back in there. I was out casted, bullied and even raped in there. Kai was too but Kai fought back he alway fought back and fought for me. I can't abandon him, not when he protected me.

My phone goes off in my pocket and I see Gages name on the screen. "Sup man."

"Hey I have a favor to ask." He sounds breathless and his words are rushed. Picking myself off the floor I make my way to my car keys.

"What do you need bro getting my keys know." He begins to tell me about what happened with Lee and her mother. This mother fucker is the dumbest prick I've ever met. He ask me if I could check on her because he's trying to give her space but needs to see she's okay. He tells me the hotel she's at and without hesitation I go.

When I arrive at the hotel I get the front desk girl to give me a key to the room with no problems. When I get to the hallway that her room is on I knock first when I arrive but there's no answer. Looking at the time I see it's 4 pm the only sounds coming from her room is "I Hope" by Gabby Barrett. Finally saying fuck it I put the key in and open the door, once I'm in I let it close. The room is pitch black so I close my eyes giving them a moment to adjust. Once I open them, I see a lump under the bed.

I don't bother with any putting any lights on and make my way to her. I sit on the bed closest to her small body and pull the blanket back. The sight in front of me breaks something in me and I want to kill him again. Her wild curls are all over her face, a quarter of a bottle of jack in her arms held tightly to her chest. She's in noting but an oversized hoodie. Did she drink all of that in 3 day?

I take the bottle out of her hands and go to move her hair from her face. "YOU'RE DEAD YOU CANT HURT ME." She screams as she shoots up and grabs my hand.

"Oh trouble!" I coo. "You're being hunted?" I pull her in to my arms and rub her back. "It's okay."


Lyda's POV

These past three days have been hell. I took Sofie to Nicks mom for a bit. She loves the company, she gets lonely since her husbands passing. I am no good to any one right now with this gaping hole in my heart. To top it off I have to be ready to meet with some of the contractors for the project and the Sanchez's tomorrow. Alexi is holding me tightly as I release the damn again. Wiping my eyes I turn in his lap and look in his ice blue eyes.

He brings his large hand to my face and gives me a small smile. I know he's just being nice but a thought pops in my head. An eye for and eye. I bring my hand to the back of Alexis head and smash my lips to his. I use the gasp he takes to my advantage and slip my tongue in his mouth and lightly brush his. I grind my panty clad p*ssy against him. I feel him begin to harden in his basketball shorts and his hand comes to my hair deepening the kiss. I continue rolling my hips enjoying the friction. His tongue expertly swirls around mine, as a moan slips out of my mouth Alex pulls away and digs his fingers into my hips under my shirt.

"No lee, we can't. I-I-I fucking can't." He says pushing me off him. He begins to pace the foot of the bed his hands on his short hair. "Dammit Lee Gage is my best friend I know he hurt you but I know the woman meant."

Just as he speak I begin to cry my heart feeling like it's being squeezed by the the jaws of life. "NOT JUST A WOMAN. MY MOM, ALEX MY FUCKING MOM. HES BEEN PLAYING ME ALL ALONG. WHO CARE IF YOURE HIS BEST FRIEND HE DOESNT CARE. HE NEVER CARED ALL HE WANTED WAS TO GET HIS LITTLE-PRECIOUS HOME." I cry even harder knowing that I've stupidly allowed myself fall hard for him. I trusted him.

"Lee, Gage loves you. None of it was an act, he's my best friend he can fake a lot of shit but he can't fake love." Alexi says as he sits on the bed again and pulls me in to his arms.

"It hurts Alexi! It hurts so fucking bad. All I have in life was him Sof and Nick. I don't have my mom I don't have a dad." I can't help crying even harder. "Why does this hurt so bad Alex."


Alexi POV

What the fuck? I can't believe I fucking allowed myself to kiss her back. I can't believe Gage did this to her. He only told me a portion of what happened but knowing it involves her mom makes this worst. Her shaking form so small and broken makes me want to break the pricks face.

"It's okay lee I'm sure it's a misunderstanding. Your mom is just trying to stir the pot."

"SOFIE TOLD ME HE WENT TO SEE HER ARE YOU SAYING SOFIE IS A LIER?" She says I see the anger taking over. Drunk angry Lee is never a good thing. I know at this point anything I say is gonna land me on her shit list so I keep quiet. "YOURE IN ON IT ARENT YOU. OF COURSE YOU ARE. She has all you male escorts eating out of her disease infested pussy." She growls out shoving at me. "GET OUT GO GO RUN TO YALLS LITTLE SHARED SLUT. GO TELL HER YALL WON." She pushes at my shoulder trying to get me out.

"Lee you're fucking drunk I don't even know your mom."

"LIAR! LEAVE!" She screams and I can't help but respect her wishes, but I don't leave empty handed. I spotted a bag with a few more big bottles of jack and I confiscated them. The minute I walk out the hotel I called Gage. I unleashed every ounce of anger I have in me after having to witness lee so broken. I now know the situation is more complicated then I expected and it was all a set up. It doesn't change the fact that in that hotel lies a girl who is completely broken, that she's feels alone.

I didn't hold back when I told him what happened. I didn't even hold back telling him about the kiss. It's fucked up but he needs to feel what that girl is feeling. He was pissed he wanted to see me he was fuming. It didn't help that I openly admitted that I was fucking hard. I told him how he's lucky my love for him as a brother outweighed my desire to cater to her in anyway she needed.


Lyda's POV

There is no amount of coffee in the world that can help me nurse this damn hang over. I'm arriving at the mansion to meet with the contractors and movers. They are just going to look at the mansion and see what they have to work with. The house is ready for us to move in so I have Nick the keys and told him he and gage can move in. I gave him my card to get furniture and stuff but haven't heard from him since.

After I kicked Alex out, I allowed myself the rest of the night to cry so today and could adult. It took A LOT OF MAKE UP but I managed to make myself look decent. I'm wearing a pencil skirt with a white sleeveless shirt and a black sweater. I wanted to be somewhat professional because I know Lola and Gabriella will be here later too.

When I got to the mansion the contractor was already there I spoke to him abit and gave him a rundown of the plan. Just as I was finishing up a man with a shaved head tan skin and gray eyes makes his way over to me. He doesn't look like he's with the other men so I slowly walk over to him. He's wearing khaki shorts and a white t-shirt.

"Lyda? Lyda Perez?" He says. I study him for a moment and I see tears welling in his eyes.

"Sorry sir my name is Lyda Cruz." I watch in horror as he crys and wraps his arms around me. Beginning to panic I push at him trying to get him off me.

"Get off of me who the fuck are you?" Wiping at his eyes he pulls away and looks at me.

"That's why I couldn't find you. She changed your last name. Fucking leave it to Roberta to pull this shit."

"You need to leave before I call the cops."

"I'm your father lee lee." Everything in my body freeze and my blood runs cold. No, mom told me he died. I back away shaking my head.

"You got the wrong person." I try.

"No! You're my daughter look." He says pulling out a picture from his wallet and handing it to me. I get choked up when I see him holding me and another little girl in his arms in a pool. What the fuck? I look back up to him still confused. "Can we please go somewhere and talk please. I got this note from your mom a few days ago, it's how my P.I managed to track you down. Please?" I agree to go to lunch with him to let him explain. We decided to go to NiNis pizza on penman because it has THE BEST PIZZA in Jacksonville.

We took separate cars thank god. I called nick on the way telling him about the bazaar story that just occurred. When I arrived he already ordered a pie for us to share so I sat in the table across from him. NiNis is really small but gives off that comforting feeling. There's only 5 small round tables in here and the all surround the registers. It's only me and this man here so I take initiative and ask him to tell me his story.

He pulled the picture out again and two birth certificates. He told me that I'm a twin, a fraternal twin. He told me that after mom gave birth to me and my sister Trixie she started acting weird. She wouldn't want to hold us or bond with us in the beginning. It was all put on him and his parents. When we turned 4 he said she became hostile towards him and he couldn't take it. They broke up and he tried to keep both girls with him but mom wouldn't allow it. He said letting her walk away with me was the hardest thing he's ever had to do but they had an agreement. Every other weekend they were to trade off to give me and Trix the ability to still have that sibling bond but mom took off. She changed her full name but only changed my last name. He says him and Trixie have been searching for me since the moment mom took off.

Despite his tears and his sadness I can't help the overwhelming anger that I feel. Hot tears fall from my face as I feel myself worth deplete even more. "So you knew something was off with her and you still allowed her to take me?"

"She's your mother Lyda I couldn't do anything. I was lucky she left me Trixie." Trixie the twin who didn't get stuck with our fucked up mother.

"Tell me about Trixie. Tell me about the life she lived." I say the jealousy of the life I could've had getting stronger and stronger. He pulls out a picture of her and slides it over to me.

"Well we live in Houston, she was a cheerleader in high school, she sings in the church choir." He says, his gray light lighting up. "She's religious, she does charity work and she has been missing you since you left."

"I didn't leave. I was sacrificed so she could have to cozy sheltered life that she lived" I growl. The anger is taking over my being and I want to scream I want to flip a table I want to break something.

"That's not fair Lyda it's not her fault."

"You're right it's your fault because you just let me go." "LYDA" "NO! You want to know what life was like for me." I begin to tell him about all the shit I had to endure. I watched as the tears fall down his face with every detail I add.

"I'm sorry I failed you Lee Lee. I'm so fucking sorry this happened."

"Fuck you and your sorry go back to the golden child and leave me be." He gets ups and walks over to me pulling me out of the chair and pulls me into his arms. "Why wasn't I good enough to be saved? Why did have have to go through this and she got the perfect life? Why even bother look for me now? To rub it in my face?" He pulls away from me cupping my face in his hands.

"I looked lee I fucking looked. I'm sorry. We want you back, we want to be in your life. She even wanted to come but I wanted to talk to you alone first. Let us be here for you." Just as he finishes his sentence his body is yanked away from me.

"What the fuck are you doing to her." Gage grits out as he holds my father by the collar of his shirt. I see Lola and Gabriella walk-in and look at the scene in front of them in horror.

"Let him go and mind your business." I growl. I watch gage turn his blue eyes to me and growls back.

My dad looks from gage to me then puts an unimpressed expression. "A boyfriend?" He asked with a raise brow. I mutter an 'ex' as gages says yes. Having enough of this I shove gage away and turn to my father.

"You're 13 years too late I don't want nor need either of you in my life. If you cared so much you would've let her leave with me knowing she was unstable." Gages head snaps to me but I ignore him as I put money on the table to leave.

"I was a fucking kid myself Lyda I didn't want any of this for you. Please I-I don't have much time and Trixie really wants-"

"Oh Trixie wants Trixie wants better hurry before upsetting the golden child."

"Lyda please." He crys out. "Here!" He says handing me a gift bag. "It's letters and gifts from me and trix. We would add to it every year on y'all's birthdays. Please just think about it. My numbers is in there as well. I'm not giving up on you. We can be a family again." I take the bag and walk out. I hear Gage call out for me but I pay it no mind. I get in my car and head back to the hotel. I can't do this.


Sorry for the long chapter I hope you all enjoy❤️

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Okay so meet the Perez/ Cruz family

We have Felicity Cruz ( Roberta Cruz)

Lucious Perez

Trixie Perez and Lyda Cruz

Now I haven't. Decided if Trix will be on this story but she is going to be in Alexi book! Coming soon.

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