Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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4th of July

Gages POV

Staring at the man in front of me, I tilt my head to the side. I can see only slight similarities, like the eyes. Hers are gray like his, the nose and angry Latin stance. He glares at me as if daring me to say something out of line. Fuck that, I know nothing about this man and she has been hurt far too much already.

Lola and Mrs Gabby are here to help Lee with the turn of the mansion. They are excited for her, so am I. I knew she had it in her to make her dreams of helping young girls real. I'm so proud of her and I want to tell her. I went to see her mother and the guards told me she is rejecting any contact the conniving c*nt.

"You hurt her?" He ask his voice deep and authoritative.

"Yes, and if you're really who you say you are, your ex-wife is a cunt. You should be in a cell next to her for child endangerment yo-"

"I didn't abandon her." He growls out. He gives me the short run down of how Lee was basically kidnapped. Felicity is unstable her real name is fucking Roberta!!! He tried to find her and now he doesn't have much time. He has lymphoma and doesn't have much time. He said the only reason he was able to find lee was because Felicity sent him a note and the dumb ass forgot the prison stamps the address.

I know if she doesn't do this she will regret it for the rest of her life. I tell him that once I can get her to talk to me ill try to see what I can do. The man looked like he won the jackpot, he thanked me and gave me his number and address.


Lydas POV

I'm so happy that the rest of the week went by in a blur. I met with Lola and Gabriella everyday to meet with different investors. This becoming so real so fast and I'm getting more and more excited. Gage has been there for just about every meeting. He and Lola whispering back and forth. Poor girl doesn't realize she's wasting her time. His heart belongs to the darkness.

It's finally the 4th of July and we're having a party with fireworks at the new house. I am still staying at the hotel it's become my home for the moment. The Sanchez, Gage, Sofie and Alexi will all be here so I came early to start prepping the house and set up. I haven't seen it since gage and nick moved in. I started my drinking a bit early today I'm gonna need all the help I can get if I'm going to survive a party with him.

I park my car in the driveway of our new beach front house. The outside is a light blue color, a white picket fence surrounding it. The two story house looks like a small cozy home from outside, but in side is a different story. I use my key to enter and silence surrounds me. The front door leads into an open space that is between the kitchen and the living room. I drop my bags on the floor and smile to myself when I see they kept my living room set up. We may not have the floor to ceiling window but the dimmer lighting makes it look more comfortable.

There are 2 bedrooms, a door that leads to the basement and a bathroom down on this floor. I make my way in to the kitchen with my bags pulling out all the food. I then go in to my bag getting out all the cool 4th of July swag I got for Sofie. Sunglasses, bracelets even a tutu. She's been with Gage since they moved in to the house and it gives me anxiety. I hate the thought of him forcing her to be around a nasty mean bitch.

I'm wearing a sleeveless sundress that is red in the boobs and has red white and blue on the skirt part with stars. Once I'm done pulling everything out of the bags and placing it on the black marble top counter next to the sink I go over the the island. The kitchen is pretty big and open. There's a large island with a thingy hanging over it that holds all the pots and pans. The appliances are all black and stainless steal.

Reaching up for a pot that's more then a few inches over my head while tipsy, not fun. "Here" I hear from behind me. I see a large tattooed hand grab the pot I was reaching. His cologne hitting my nostrils making my head more fuzzy then the alcohol. I feel his bulge pressed against my ass and moisture immediately builds between my thighs fuck me. Do you know how hard it is to go a whole week without sex AFTER being teased and not allowed to cum?

Still in a daze Gage grabs me by my hips forcing me to face him. One look in to his blue eyes and I can't help but give in to the drunk horny me. He brings his head down to mine and slams his lips to mine. The hairs on my body sticking up as goosebumps cover me. I moan in to his mouth and he picks me up setting me on the island and getting between my legs. His hand begin to Rome my body in a frenzie as if scared I may disappear at any moment. I grind my lower region against his bulge like a cat in heat.

A giggle breaks us from our heated kiss. I push Gage away to see his eyes flash back to normal. When I climb off of the counter top Sofie small body slams in to me as she wraps her arms tightly around me. "Well hello!" Nick says looking between me and Gage. What the fuck was I thinking? Instead of sparing gage another glance I show Sofie all the cool stuff I got her for today.

I managed to finish setting up with out succumbing to my stupid desires. I may hate him right now but my lady parts are literally drooling for him. The day kicks off great as we all hang out in the pool, in the yard that basically leads to the beach. Nick and his girlfriend broke up so he stood hanging with us. I've been hanging out mostly with Alexi for most of the evening. Gage and Nick grilled most of the food and Alexi helped me make my rice, and macaroni salad. I spoke and hung out with Lola and Gabby as well plastering a fake smile all the while.

I have no reason to feel any type of way about them because they didn't do anything to me. It's purely the green monster who refuses to get off my back. The whole day Gage Lola and Nick have been inseparable. Alexi has talked to gabby and Lola and been hanging out with them too, but he mostly has been staying by me.

I'm now nursing my 5th drink of the night and they are starting the show. I watch as Sofie spins in her red tutu her long strands flowing behind her with her sparklers in hand.


Gages POV

I'm standing on the back patio with the group while we watch pyro nick set the fireworks off one by one. Lee is on the other side of the patio with Alexi laughing at god knows what. I can't stop the anger bubbling inside of me, it's bad enough he told me they kissed. I nearly killed him but he stopped it before it could go further so I respect him for that.

"You're staring again." Lolas soft voice whispers from beside me. "Will you stop being a pussy and go talk to her?"

"She's pissed at me if I try to talk to her I'm afraid what could happen." I tell her looking down. Lee has been mad at me before but this, this is different. She thinks I'm deceiving her and doesn't trust me.

"Is he still wallowing?" Nick says to Lola. "Damn her and Alexi are going inside." I watch as lee walks off in to the house with Alexi on her tail. Fuck this! I push off the chair and follow them in the house. When I get in I see Lee curled over and Alexi is on top of her reaching for her hand. This is it for me I storm over and shove him away from her. The moment he's away I throw a punch and catch him right in his face.



I got tired of watching the flirting and the fun going on so I grabbed my keys ready to leave. Mr. Can't-mind-his-own-damn-business of course couldn't stay out of it and tried to fight me for my keys. I was afraid Gage would help him but instead he was the distraction I needed. When he started fighting with Alex I beelined it for the front door thankful I was almost home free.

Just as I go to turn the knob my whole body is slammed in to the door. I try to push him off of me but he grabs my hand prying the car keys. I shove at him trying to get them back but he lift me over his shoulder and runs upstairs. I kick and scream as he kicks the first door in.

"Let me go!" I shout at him. He drops me on a huge king sized 4 poster bed.

"Sleep it off you can leave in the morning." He growls. I look around the room and see it's washed gray walls, a large dresser, and a vanity? Maybe it's for when Felicity or Roberta should I say. I push off the bed not wanting to stay but Gage grabs my arm in a tight grip.

"Let go I'll call an Uber." I bark trying to break free. Gage let's out an animalistic growl as he lifts me and slams me on the bed. I try to get up but he climbs on top of me pinning me down. I thrash underneath him but he lifts me and slams me down. I stop moving and stare at him wide eyed. I can see the fire in his eyes as his face scrunches up in pure anger.

"The smell of whiskey is STRONG ON YOUR FUCKING BREATH AND OOZING OUT OF YOUR GOT DAMN PORES. It's all I can fucking smell on you. I will hand cuff you to the got damn bed if I have to, but you aren't leaving. Not driving, not Uber. Sleep it the fuck off and quit fucking drinking. You're a fucking alcoholic." He bites out. Shit! He's right, I can't argue with that. I nod my head then close my eyes. He slowly let's go of me and as he sees I don't move he gets off the bed completely and walks out the room.

I get up and make my way to the en suite. I rip off my dress and panties and turn the water on to his spa tub. I pray he has bath bombs, bubble or something for the stupid bitch. I walk over to the sink it has a huge mirror, with his and her sinks. I scoff as I see both sides made up his and softies on one side. A pink toothbrush, and hair brush on the other sink.

Looking underneath the cabinet to the pink toothbrush side and fist bump the air. Coconut scent bath bomb and lotion. I do a little dance as I lay the stuff out and drop the bomb in to the tub. I get in and let the hot water sooth my muscles. What gage said was right. I have been drinking a lot. I'm done! If I want to make this work with my safe house I can't fall in to that rabbit hole.


Gages POV

Fuck I didn't mean to go off on her. Shit I made her scared of me again, but I had to. I keep pacing the hall outside our room. I have it set up for us, I did the best I could. The room Decor was lees department so I went with gray and only have 3 pieces of furniture. I even got Sofie used to sleeping in her own room. So at night I could have her all to myself.

After pacing for 45 minutes I walk back to the door and creak it to see if she is asleep. When I see the bed empty I turn the light on and just as the bathroom door opens. Lee comes walking out with a towel wrapped around her hair and one wrapped around her boy. She trips over her foot and lands on her ass with the towel in a heap around her. She fall in to a fit of giggles but try's to contain herself when she meets my eye.

"I-I'm sorry I tried to take a bath and sober up a bit." She says between laughter. I try to focus on anything other then her naked body. I feel myself hardening in my shorts her body still glistening from her bath. "Umm Looks like someone is perving." She taunts. "How did you manage getting through sex with me? Is it because I look like her? I remember the first time we hooked up. You thought I was her is that how you managed to not need" Each one of her questions pissing me off more then the last.

🚨🚨Sexual content 🚨🚨

I'm kneeled on the floor with my large hand around her slender throat. I don't even know how or when I ended in this position but I see a fire in her eyes. She is pissed and she is letting it show.

"I've never fucking pictured her." I growl. I slowly stand up pulling her with me. My eyes trail her tanned naked body her harden nipples calling my name. She's drunk she's drunk. I remind myself.

I feel her hand come to my crotch as she adds a little pressure I twitch. She smirks and meets my eyes. "Does this turn you on? Does this make you want to throw me on the bed and fuck me?" She taunts again as she grabs my free hand and brings it between her thighs. Fuck she's so wet. I close my eyes and let my finger rub her button. She lets out a moan that has a direct line to my dick man fuck it.


Lyda's pov

I have no control over myself and I'm completely okay with it. I need to feel him inside of me I need a fucking release. He lifts me off the floor and tosses me on the bed. I prop myself up on my elbows and look at him through hooded eye. I watch him slip his shorts and boxers off letting his mouth watering cock spring free. He climbs over and brings his mouth to mine in a passionate kiss. I feel the head of his cock gliding over my slit and I let out a whine.

I moan in to his mouth as he slams into my heat. When he begins to move his thrust are fast and hard, my body jerking with every powerful thrust. I call out his name as he stretches me out and practically hiting my cervix. "Fuck" I cry out. Gage grunts in to my ear while throwing my legs of his shoulder. The pressure building is to much I try to push him away. He grabs both hands pinning them down as his thrust become more powerful. I can't hold back as I clench around him.

"Thats it baby cum around me. Milk me baby fuck im close lee." I call out his name as I feel him spilling inside me.

End of mature content


Gages POV

I let go of her wrist and collapse on her. Our hearts racing, as we try to catch our breath. After a moment I feel her heartbeat even out. When I look down at her I see she's passed out. Her wild curls all over her face, her dark lashes fanning her bare face. She now smells like the coconut crap Sofia picked out for her. Getting up I walk to the bathroom the get a towel to clean between her legs.

Grabbing my shorts I make my way downstairs. Alexi left, the only person left behind is Lola. I see from the living room out to the patio. On 2 of the 5 chairs are Lola and Nick. We're brothers and all but she's like a sister to me. Nick is a good guy but he's a player, I don't want him to hurt her.

I make my way over to them and Lola immediately ask about lee. Before I could say anything nick begged me to shut the fuck up. I'm assuming he already knows. "Fucking disgusting, that like my fucking baby sister."

"Yea and the chick that you're sitting so close to, is like mine so why is there no room for Jesus?" I say with a raised brow at fact that their knees are rubbed against each other.

"Gage I'm a big girl I can handle myself. Go enjoy ya girl while you have her. 20 bucks says she's busting out this house same time as me! *pussy*" she whispers under her breath. I know she's right.


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