Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Lyda's POV

I spent the next day getting rid of all the alcohol in my room. It was hard for me at first but I fought my way through it. I started throwing up a lot and I would find myself wanting to go buy a bottle but I fought through it.

Sofia started staying with me more and more. I found myself not wanting anything on those days other then her presence. This girl is my ray of sunshine. We got the safe house up and running, and I'm so happy with the results. Between online school and working at the safe house when I can it helps me some days.

I have been in a depression where some days it's hard for me to even get out of bed. I'm so confused with what to do with what I've learned. My fathers alive and want to be in my life? Then there's the gaping hole where my heart use to be. Gage is on the top of my list on stress factors. It's hard to be with out him. I snuck out and had an Uber take me back to the hotel after the 4th of July.

Funny story is I saw Lola sneaking out of Nicks room at the same time. I couldn't help the laughter that bubbled and I guess neither could she. Ever since then she and I have formed our own weird friendship. She has been seeing Nick but it's nothing serious yet.

I have been two months without drinking and I am so proud of myself. Now the weather is changing and Sofie is back to school. I love and hate it because she gets to interact with other kids but Germs. She had a stomach bug a few weeks ago and it's the gift that keep on giving and giving. It comes and goes with me and I hate it. Sofia and I, are having lunch at metro dinner. It's a small but popular place.

Just as we're finishing up from the corner of my eye I see Kai. Fear grips me as I don't see Alexi around him. He's alone in a corner booth with sunglasses on and it looks like he's trying to remain hidden. I put money on the table and grab Sofies hand. I motion for her to stay quiet as I try to slip out unnoticed.

I tried to keep awareness of my surroundings the whole time as we got in to the car. Once I begin to drive off I notice Kai get in to a car and the car starts following mine. I thank god the hotel is only 10 minutes away. I park the car and rush Sof out of the car and speed walk into the hotel. I notice the car he's in park but he doesn't get out right away.

I hand my phone to Sofie and quickly sign to her I'm going to lock her in the bathroom. I gave her my phone and told to to call snitch and not to open the door til I slide a note for her to. As I open my room door Sofie runs straight in to the bathroom and my whole body is shoved inside the room.

"Fuck I've been waiting for this moment. The chance to fuck the popular Lyda. Your mom promised if I was patient enough I'll get it and she was right. I didn’t think she’d be able to gage to fall for the trap. Looks like the sucker is stupider then he look.” He says with a laugh that sends chills down my spine. His blond hair greasy and all over the place stains on his shirt. His green eyes void of anything but lust. I feel my self ready to upchuck as I try to back away from him. He has a bag in hand that he lifts to me. "Drink" he barks out. I see the bottle is half empty but there's a white powder in it. Panic fills me as I shake my head. I watch as he puts his other hand in his pocket and pulls out a knife. Shit shit shit. "Drink or that precious little girl hiding will be next." At the threat of him hurting Sofia I bring the bottle to my lips and take a drink but he shakes his head.

He motions for me to drink more so I bring the bottle back to my lips the amber liquid burning in its way down. It has a nasty bitter taste probably from the drug he put in. I begin to feel dizzy the whole room dancing around me. I try to move but I'm paralyzed in fear. His arms wrap around me the smell of alcohol on his breath making my stomach turn more. I try to push him away but his grip is too strong as he slams his lip to mines.


Gages POV

Alexi is helping me fix the Ac to Nick restaurant. It went out last night and he couldn't reach his dads usual repair man so I offered to help. I'm self taught when it comes to maintenance. I had to fix a lot of shit even electrical for my mom when I was a teen. We didn't have money for repair men so I became one. Just as we're finishing up Alexi's phone rings and it's Sofie. She's in a panic signing lee is in trouble.

My brain short circuits and I leave the ac unit as is and make my way to my car Alexi is on my tail. He tells me what she is doing with her hands and I've gathered that they were being followed. I speed out of the complex and eat every red light on my way. Fear for my girls wrack my body as I leave my car in the no parking zone and rush in side the hotel.

"I have a key." Alexi shouts tossing me the key.

"Keep Sofie on the phone." I tell him. He turns it so the camera is facing me. I sign that I'm here but not to come out. I push the key in to the hole and slowly open the room door. When I see Kai undoing his boxers while he's on top of an unconscious lee I snap. I rush over to him and punch him in the face. He stumbled off the bed and falls to the floor so I use this to climb on top of him and start laying blow after blow. My knuckle are filled with his blood when I feel Alexi grab my shoulder.

"You beat him enough, you need to check lee." He rushes out.

"I need to kill him this was the last straw." I growl.

"He's not mentally stable he needs help, it's not his fault."

"HE WAS ABOUT TO RAPE LEE HOW CAN YOU DEFEND HIM?" I shout angered by his constant need to protect this asshole.

"He's going to get arrested. Isn't that enough? I called the cops please let him get help you can't kill him." I let out a scoff and rush over to lee. She is completely naked and unconscious.

"I want you gone, both of you. I wan you out of Florida. If I see him around my girls again I'll kill him, and you for not letting me handle it this time." I tell him.

"Gage I can't just go y'all are all I ha-"

"No you want to keep protecting a fucking rapist he's all you fucking have."

He says nothing as he helps Kai off the ground. He makes his way to the door and tells me he called an ambulance already and leaves. I hate that it had to come to this but lee and Sofia's safety is the most important thing to me. I pull my phone out and call Sofie to come out, after a few beats the ambulance show and take Lee to the hospital.


When the ambulance came I did a quick sweep of the room packing and collecting all of her things. She's coming home end of story. Thankfully Lola has been seeing Nick for a while now and she's here for a week. I had her meet me at the hospital to pick up Sofie but unfortunately Nick came with her. He was initially pissed that even though the ac was fixed, I didn't put it back together. When I told him of the events that occurred he wanted Alexi dead almost as much as me. Alex is a good guy but he'll never become anything if he keeps allowing Kai to hold him back.

Lola took Sofie home and nick stood with me while we waited for Lee's doctors. After 20 minutes he comes out to bring us to her room. My heart stops the moment my eyes land on her small frame under the huge hospital gown. She's hooked up to IV and still out cold. We ran some test and gave her some fluids. With that he left the room and allowed us time with lee.


Lydas pov

My stomach turning has me shoot up in bed and lean over. Someone shrieks and hops out of the chair as I started to puke on his lap. "What the fuck lee" Nicks voice resonates in my brain but I can't stop puking. My hair is pulled back as the call button is hit. How did I get in the hospital. I finally empty all the contents of my stomach and gage pulls me in to his arms.

"You're safe, he didn't get to hurt you." Gage whispers into my ear. Flashes of Malakai all over me plays and I begin to cry. After a bit the doctor comes in and ask the boys to step out. I don't know what he was expecting but them leaving wasn't about to happen.

"The test shows that traces of the date rape drug was in your system. Now that you're awake we would like to do an ultrasound to make sure the drug didn't affect the fetus." At the doctors last words I feel myself get dizzy.

"W-what are you talking about?"

"You didn't know you were pregnant?" He says looking back down at the papers with an oh shit look on his face. "The blood work shows high HgC levels but only barely. Going from blood work you're about 6 to 7 weeks." I can't help but lean over and throw up again. "I'll have someone come clean this and send in the nurse for the ultrasound." With that gets rushed out of the room like a bat out of hell.

When I'm done throwing up I glare at Gage. "Lee we can get thro-"

"You and that psycho bitch will stay away from me and my"

"OUR BABY NOT JUST YOURS." He yells at me. My eyes turn in to slits.

"You want a baby go knock up the old hag." I spit. He's up and in my face his face screwed up. He wraps his hand around my throat so I push my self up on my knees.

"Guys this isn't the place or ti."

“SHUT UP.” We yell in unison.

“I’m done with this shit you’re coming home and you are gonna get the fuck over yourself. Your mom set me up. Yes I did go to see her because I felt I owed it to her. I am soooo fucking sorry I did it behind your back but lee I want you. Please lee you have to believe me. Please come home.” He begs tears streaming down his face. I’m hesitant, I don’t know if I could trust him but Malakais voice pops in my head.

Malakai said my moms plan worked did she really do all of this to get me alone. She’s in prison and still finds away to torment me. “Lee” Gages cracked voice breaks me from my thoughts. He brings his large hand to my face as he searches my face.


“What about him?” Gage says. His brows furrow in confusion.

“He was working with my mom. He basically said my mom separated us for him.” Gage lets out a growl as he flips over the roll tray making me shrink away from him.

“FUCKING BITCH.” He roars out just as the ultrasound tech walks in. The girls eyes widen in fear when she sees the knocked over tray. When he notices the young nurse his eyes snap to me. When he sees me curled and pulled up in fear he rushes over to me and wraps his arms around me. The stench of sweat blood and pits invade my nose making my stomach turn again.

I shove at him and he pulls away looking into my eyes with sadness. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scar-“

“The only scary thing is your stink ass.” Nick let’s out the loudest laugh as the nurse lets out a snort. Smelling himself he grimaced and apologizes.

“After the ultrasound we want to sent you up with an appointment with our OB then you will be released.” The nurse says. Gage try’s to sit next to me and hold my hand but the smell is now so pungent I can’t take it. I make a deal that he keeps away from me til we get home. Only after he’s showered, can we sit and talk about what the future could become.

Nick steps out the room when the nurse tells us it’s a vaginal ultrasound sound. Gages face morphs in to horror when he sees the long wand that will be going up my who-ha. He stands at a healthy distance but still watched the screen in admiration as the little blob appears. She put the sound and a loud swooshing sound fill the room. When I look to gage he’s next to the girl starring at the screen with tears in his eyes. We’re gonna be parents! Instead of feeling happy and excited I’m filled with dread. If my mom got Malakai to attack me from behind a cell who knows what else she has up her sleeves. I can’t let her get to my baby. Maybe I will call my father. I need to know everything.



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