Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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I’m sorry

Lyda's pov

After the ultrasound I made the appointment for the OB. Nick ended up leaving in a hospital gown after I upchucked on his lap. It was epic! I never laughed so hard in my life. We had Lola pick us up because the dumb asses got the car towed.

She used Nicks 2006 eclipse. I sat upfront with the windows down and the ac blowing. It's a little over the top but it wasn't just me. The man reeked! Poor Sofie and nick we're sitting right next to him. Once we got to the house we all rushed out the car. Once Nick opens the door everyone goes in separate directions. I make my way to the downstairs bathroom. As I walk through the walk way, past the living room, and to the first door. Once in I lock the and slide down the door.

My breathing begins to shorten as I feel myself begin to process everything. I can't help the waterfall of tears that release at the fact that I'm fucking knocked up, by my mom's ex toy. I laugh to myself at the whole fucked up situation. Her husband stole my innocence but her boy toy stole my heart. Boy am I fucked up!


Gages POV

When we all got in to the house I instantly ran up the stairs and to my bathroom. I need to shower ASAP so I can finally hold lee. Just as I start quickly scrubbing my body there's a knock on the door. "Come in!" I shout hoping it's lee.

"Gage it's lee! She's downstairs in the bathroom wailing. The door is locked so I can't even-" I turn the shower off and grab a towel wrapping it around myself with out letting her finish.

"Lola keep Sofie busy please." I tell her exiting the room and running down the stairs. The moment I hit the bottom step I hear it and it breaks my heart. I make my way to the bathroom and knock gently. "Lee baby please open it's me." I give her a moment but she doesn't react and she doesn't stop crying. I start to bang but it's like she block me out. I finally say fuck it and step back before slamming my shoulder in to the door. That shit hurt like a motherfucker, I shake that shit off and push through the pain. When the door breaks off the hinges I put it against the wall and go to lee. She is curled into a ball in front of the sink, her small frame shaking like a leaf. As she now sobs tiredly with her hands covering her face.

I did this to her, I took this already broken girl who trusted me, and I broke that trust. No good deed goes unpunished, I've been told. The thing is I was raised by my mom, I was raised to see the good in everyone. I feel like fucking shit for doing this to her. I will make it up to her.

I walk over to her and lift her off the ground. At first she begins to thrash but I manage to get her to calm down. "Easy baby it's me, it's Gage. I'm going to take you up stairs to my tub okay." I whisper in to her mass of curls. When her body finally relaxes, I life her bridal style while she wraps her arms loosely around my neck. I carry her up to my room and in to the bathroom. I set her down on the sink and turn the tub on filling it with warm water. While it fills walk over to lee and take off the shirt and sweats Lola brought to her.

Lifting her up I wrap her legs around me and climb in with her. Once full enough I shut the facet off and start to rub her back. "I'm here with you lee. We're in this toget-"

"Are you still in love with her?" She says, her voice raspy from all her crying.

"No lee I to-"

"Then why did you rush to her side? I know you said she was stabbed but if you loved me if you respected what we had you wouldn't have went. I've told you time and time again I want nothing to do with her so why would you go see her know-knowing this was a possibility" she says her voice cracking at the end.

"I'm not in love with her. It's hard lee. I clung to her when shit started with my mom. She was there so I felt I owed it to her in a way. She had no one, then she gave me false hope that maybe she could be free and find her happiness. You have to believe me when I say I love you. There's is nothing I want more then you, this baby and Sofia. I am happy you're carrying a piece of me in you." I tell her. I notice her breathing has evened out and when I pull away I see her eyes clothes her long dark lashes fanning her cheeks.

Of course my response puts her to sleep.

I swiftly run a rag with her body wash over her, and I since I'm going to smell like the crap any ways. Once's were washed up I lift her out and wrap a towel around us both. It was a task and a half but I managed. I lay her in bed and just throw one of my t-shirts on her. Once she settled I throw on some boxers some shorts then make my way down stairs.

"Anything else I need to prepare for?" Nick ask as I enter the kitchen. "I mean every time I turn around some bullshit going down. First you're talking to her bitch mom, she gets attacked by Malakai, and now she knocked up."

"Well shit you're just as confused as me. She just got the depo not too long ago, but I'm honestly not complaining. Butttt there is more! Lee's father is back."

"What the fuck did you just say?"

"He's-he's not that bad, he told me lees mother took off with her."

"Why doesn't this surprise me?"

"It gets better she's a twin." I catch him up on all the shits that happened and he was just as shocked and flabbergasted as me. He thinks I should give it time before I tell lee about her father but I can't keep hiding things from her. After we got done talking I made some chicken Alfredo and brought it up to my room for me lee and Sofie. When I went in my room I see Sof knocked out next to lee. Leave it to lee to break the good streak we had going.

I run her leg causing her to stir when her eyes open they scan the room before pushing up. "Hey" She says, her voice thick with sleep.

"Hey." She looks at Sofie next to her and kisses the top of her head and reaches her hand out to me. With no hesitation I set the food down and pull her up. We both sit on the floor with out food and eat in silence.

"Lee I want you to know I love you. Babe you are everything to me, you and Sofie are my everything. You have showed me so much in my short time with you that I don't want anyone else. I'm sorry I messed up it's on me but I promise to make it up to you. I will earn your trust back, just please, please give me one last chance." I feel the tears welling up. I can't lose her. She's my treasure at the end of the rainbow. I'm relieved when her hand comes to my face.

"Don't make me regret it?"

"I won't."


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