Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Threats and alone time

Gages POV

I was relieved when lee agreed to adopt Sofie and was happy once they made up. It's been a little over a week and Lee's has been working her ass off at the safe house trying to be as involved with the girls and case workers as she can. When she's not working she's helping Sofie with homework, laying beside the porcelain throne, or sleeping. I've been working my ass off getting in more jobs then I can handle. It would've been perfect if Alex didn't fucking pull the shit he did. Him and I work damn good together. He has left messages to lee profusely apologizing and he said he loved her which thoroughly pissed me off. If I see him again he's dead, I'm not holding back this time.

Mistress Tanya has been blowing up my phone begging me to come back. She said she has lost half my client list when I walked away. Of course I turned her down and of course she wasn't having it and still calls. I'm looking in to hiring some help now that I'm insured and licensed. With the amount of inquiries and requests I'm getting I can't keep doing this alone. On the bright side at the rate I'm going I'll make my goal to put a down payment on the ring I've been eyeing. I want to marry Lee, I know it feels like everything happened so fast but she's it for me. Today I made sure not to schedule any work because if I don't get time with my girl I will literally burst in to tears like a little bitch.

After school Nick is getting Sofia and taking her to his moms, as for him he's going to South Carolina to see Lola. I've spend the whole day cleaning and cooking, Lyda told me earlier she only needed to go in for a little while today. That was at 8 this morning, it's now 4:30 and I had to shoot her a text demanding her to bring her ass home. The beef brisket I've been slow cooking smelling up the house in its delicious aroma. I hear the front door open and I feel stupid for getting excited but this is my girl. When she walks in to the room I smile as she takes her coat off showing her small bump under her cami.

"Man have I missed my girl." I tell her pecking her lips. She lets out a happy sigh and leans her head against my chest. “Are you tired? You said you were only going in for a little while!”

“I know but I get there and one of the girls was bruised up, another refused to talk to anyone but me and they wouldn’t let me leave before sitting through group therapy. Ugh, not to mention my paper on the psychology on child abuse was do.” She groans out exhaustedly.

“Well the paper is going to have to wait Daddy is ordering you to bed then tonight you’re mine!” She pushes away from me and looks at me wide eye.

“Shit! I wanna visit my dad.” She rushes out taking me by surprise.

“You do?” She nods her head and I remember that I never got to tell her he’s sick. Clearing my throat I straighten up and look in to her gray eyes. “Babe your dads sick.”her brows furrow in confusion as I tell her what he told me. She looks taken aback by this news but we agree to make a weekend trip. She tosses her phone down on the table and makes her way upstairs, I can’t with this girl. She needs rest, she’s over working herself and not eating properly. We have our next appointment in two weeks and we get to find out the gender. I decided to do a gender reveal party because I should have the ring by then plus it’s my birthday so everything will pan out nice.

Her phone dings so I pick it up to make sure it isn’t important but when the message pops up on her screen I nearly throw it at the wall.

Mistress T: you dirty slut I’ll have your head for this! You took away my 3 best men after I helped you out, but you will pay!

I scroll through her other messages only to see several threatening her life. Dialing the number I listen to it ring. “Is the little bitch scared.” Ms T’s voice rings down the line making my stomach turn.

“No but you better fucking be if you threaten my fucking woman!”

“Gage baby, I’m glad to have you on the line. Does your girlfriend know you got a client pregnant?”

“That’s bullshit and you know it! I wrap it with every fucking client.”

“Is that so? What about Amber Pierce?”

“The Russian?” I ask in confusion.

“Yes darling she said that one night you were too distracted and forgot to wrap.”

“That’s fucking bullshit and you know it.” I snap.

“Well considering your track record, who will the precious Lee believe?”

“You leave me and lee the fuck alone do you understand me? I will ruin you if I see you contact her again.” I growl before hanging up.


Lydas Pov

I wake up to a delicious aroma that unfortunately turns my stomach. Sprinting out of bed in to our bathroom diving head first to the toilet. The door screeching catches my attention as I finish emptying my stomach. Gage is in sweat pants not shirt exposing his tattoos and how is it possible to want to ride him like a cowgirl just after throwing up. This baby is going to make me crazy, I pull myself up and brush my teeth rot rid myself of the disgusting after taste. Gages hands come down to my waist as he stands behind me looking at us in the mirror. “I’m sorry babe.” He says kissing the top of my head. I’m wearing one of his black t-shirts with nothing underneath seeing as bras are annoying as well as pants.

Gage spins me to face him and sits me on the counter getting between my legs, he rest his head on my shoulder and places little kisses on my neck. I let out a moan as it sends tingles down my body making me hot. I grab a hand full of his hair while he whines like a little girl and pull him to me. I press my lips to his and grind against him. He grants me entrance almost immediately kissing me with the same intensity. His hands grip my thighs as his erection rubs against my core. Gage lifts me in the air and runs in to our bedroom tossing me on the bed.

“Strip.” He demands as he shoves his boxers and shorts off in one swift motion. I slowly peel the black shirt over my head and giggle when I hear him growl. “Don’t fucking tease me.” I throw the shirt at him but attempt to cover my breast. It’s a mission to cover them at this point, they’ve gotten so much bigger in the past month. My belly is even poking out now and I’m honestly in love. Gage climbs on the bed getting on top of instantly latching on to his new favorite part of me. The sensitive bud setting me on fire burning with need. My p*ssy clenches in anticipation, it’s been so long and I’ve been deprived. He switches nipples and I reach between us grabbing his hardness gliding it up and down my slit. My arms are grabbed and pinned above my head as he positions himself.

Bringing his lips down to mine he slams in to me filling me deliciously and I moan in to his mouth. “Fuck!” He groans against my lips. “Damn I missed this.” Waisting no time he pulls out before slamming back in. My juices coating his cock as he continues to torture me with his slow movements.

“Please Daddy!” I cry not able to handle his slow torture. My eyes widen at the fact that I just called him daddy and he pulls way from me to look down at me with a smirk.

“Say it again!”

“P-please D-Daddy” I moan.

“Please daddy what?”he taunts.

“Faster, harder please make me cum.” I beg. He smiles down at me before tossing my legs over his shoulder. The angle allows him to his deeper I throw my head back digging my nails in to his forearm. He picks up the pace slamming in to me my body jolting and my breast bouncing heavy with every powerful thrust. “Fuck yes like that.” I cry as my orgasm is so close I can taste it.

“Fuck baby I’m not going to last long, fuck cum with me baby.” He growls as he drills in to me. I can’t hold it anymore as I let go clenching around him black spot decorate my vision as he calls my name before collapsing me. Our bodies are covered in sweat out breathing is ragged but fuck does it feel so good. Gage lifts his head and begins to pepper my chest in kisses then moving down to my belly. Pausing where he is he brings his lips down and begins to talk.

“Hey in there, I’m sorry you’re going to be traumatized and have a dent in your head when you’re born but I can’t quit your moms sweet puss-ow” he whines after I slap him upside his head.

“Watch what you say, our kids gonna come out asking what the fuck is a pussy is.”

“And I will tell him it’s my glory hole that he just ripped open.”

“GAGE!” I shout slapping him upside his head causing his hair to fall in front of her face. He lets out a chuckle flipping his hair back.

“He’s going to be a pussy lover just like Daddy.”

“Gage” I groan. “And what if it’s a girl.”

“I can’t handle another girl I’m fucking surrounded, it’s a boy. However if it is a girl she can love the taco. She won’t ever be going near sausage so she has no choice.” He half jokes. My heart is filled with such warmth. I run my fingers through his hair as we just stare in to each other’s eyes. “When were you going to tell me about Tanyas threats?” His tone now more serious.

“I don’t pay that woman any mind she can’t hurt me.”

“I don’t give a fuck lee, you don’t know her or what she’s capable of. Please if anyone ever threatens you I want to know. It’s bad enough the shit that went down with Kai, I just don’t like knowing someone wants to harm you.” I can see tears welling up in his eyes. He’s still haunted by that day and blocked ALEXI from my phone. “I need to tell you some stuff too. I don’t want you to ever think I’m lying or hiding stuff from you.” He tells me how T has been texting him and how she’s lying about a client being pregnant by him and so forth. I am bothered at the thought of another woman making these claims but I’ve learned to have trust in Gage. He loves me and he won’t sacrifice that for anything. Our road won’t be easy because our past but I’m not giving up, we’ve come this far and I don’t ever want to be without him. We end up eating dinner in the living room while playing video games and making up for the past few dry weeks. Fuck I love my man.


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