Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Lyda Cruz is a 17-year old girl with a rough start in life. With a mom who hates her and a stepdad who rapes her, she gets emancipated at 17. She begins working as a phone sex operator to make fast easy cash. Whiskey becoming her friend helping cover and hide all her sorrows away. Making her forget even if for a minute. Coming up with the perfect plan to end her suffering she needs the help of a stranger. But what happens when that stranger isn't a stranger. Gage Bellamy a male escort making easy money to help his single mom and little sister. He's doing what he loves making money by fucking rich woman and making them his bitches. Breaking his main rule he falls in love with a married client. What happens when she gets arrested and needs his help? Following the whiskey trial, gage learns that everything he thought about his love was a lie. One phone call binding Gage and Lyda together for a night leaves them to never drink alone. *Mature content *Mature language *Trigger warning *Mentions and descriptive rape

Erotica / Drama
crystal rodriguez
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Lyda's POV

I am Lyda Cruz and I'm 16 years old. My life isn't exactly ideal. My dad died when I was small and my mom never lets me forget what a mistake I was. She makes sure to vocalize that I should've died with him. She remarried when I was 5 to a wealthy man. His name is Richard Davidson. He was never a good man. When my mom was asleep he would sneak in my room and touch me in ways I didn't like. I've tried to tell mom but she never seemed to care.

The older I got the worst things got. When I turned 13 is when the rape started. I again tried to get moms help but she didn't care. I don't have any friends because I don't have a lot of trust in people. My only friend is Nicky Miller. He's the son to Richards best friend Thomas Miller. Tommy owns a restaurant and Nicky works as a cook. Nicky is the only person who knows everything that I go through. He's seen me beaten bloody and even heard my screams on nights he stood at my place.

My mom has a new boy toy she's been parading around he looks like he's not much older then me. When he's around he always looks at me in pure disgust. I hate that I'm stuck in that house. I've dropped out of school because being there does nothing but gives me anxiety. Wincing in pain I try to relax myself as the nurse finishes cleaning me up. The gurney I'm in hard and uncomfortable. I'm in the hospital with Nicky after another wonderful beat down for a reason I'm still unsure of.

Usually I just go to Nickys house and he helps me til I'm good enough to go back home. Nicky got tired of having to watch me go through this. He called the police and wants to have them keep a record from this point on from how many times I end up here. We're working on getting me emancipated and out of that hell. I've already put in my report so we're just finishing up. "You'll be free soon lee I promise." Nick tells me sincerity clear in his voice. The nurse walks out to get me my discharge papers leaving us to ourselves.

Nick is 3 years older then me and I call him pretty boy. He has tattoos and a decent built but his face is so perfect ken would be jealous. He has the perfect jaw line, 5 o'clock shadow short brown hair and hazel eyes. "Even if it works and I get emancipated, where am I going to go? What am I going to do? I'm 16 a drop out with no skills." I sigh out. "You know someone who runs an escort service don't you?"

"Not happening lee. The answer is no. I'm getting you out of a situation where you're being raped and you want me to get you a job fucking random men?"

"I need money Nick! You know Dick won't let me go. Even if it's court ordered. I need to be financially stable"

"Look I'll get you something but you're not going to be an escort." I throw my arms around him and pull him to me. I don't know what I would've done if I didn't have him in my life.


Gages POV

Im Gage Bellamy I'm 20 years old and I'm an male escort. I get paid to dominate and fuck old rich bitches. Usually I stay unattached and professional about my job. The only reason I'm doing this is to help my sick mom and 4 year old sister. My dad walked out on us when my mom got pregnant with Sofie, leaving me to man up and take care of them. There's one of my clients Felicity Davidson she slowly wormed her way to my heart. She's a bit on the older side and married but her back story touched something in me. She's been my client now for 2 years.

She was a single mother when she met her husband. They had the perfect relationship but when her daughter got older she started sleeping with felicity's husband. I've met her daughter on a few occasions. She seemed off and would glare at us when ever we were around. On those days Felicity would repeatedly ask me if her daughter could steal me away too. How can a child do that to her own mom. They look a lot alike but Felicity is just so perfect.

I've asked her on several occasions to leave her husband that I would take care of her. Her daughter just has her so insecure and afraid to find anyone. Looking down at my watch I see it's 10:30 pm. My last client cancelled so I decided to come see my Friend Nicky. He actually helped me get my job. We've Been best friends for as long as I can remember. We haven't hung out in a while he's been a bit busy lately but won't tell me what's going on. He said he's helping a 'friend' with some personal stuff. He always speak of this 'friend' but I've never met her.

I'm at his parents house waiting in his room. Finally his door knob jiggles and he walks in. He looks exhausted and worn out. "Damn dude your friend really is working you to the bone aint she." I tease. When his eyes meet mine they turn in to a dark shade of green and his face turns bright red.

"Fuck you man! She needs someone to have her damn back. Just got her emancipated and out of her house."

"Emancipated? You're fucking teens now?"

"Shut the fuck up man! I won't tell you again."

"Alright man calm your tits."

"Still in love with your married client?"

"Fuck you man! You can't blame me. She's fucking perfections." Ive told him about felicity but never gave him name or any other details. He thinks I'm stupid and even after telling him her story all he says is "There's two sides to every story." Fuck all that noise. Her daughter takes everything from her but her daughter will never take me.


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