Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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2 years later

Gage POV

I'm laying on my bed in my flat that I share with Nick. It's a small 2-bed room apartment. My phone rings and Nicks name pops up on the screen.

"Sup," I say through the line.

"Hey, I need a favor from you! No questions asked I need you to follow all my directions can you do that for me?"

"I mean yeah, you always had my back!"

"You're going to get requested tonight. It's not going to be your usual call. You're not having sex with this client. Just please stick to this step by step."


Lyda's pov

Today is my 18th birthday. I finally got my wish and got emancipated a year ago one problem. Richard knows where I live and has come by a few times. Finally finding the perfect plan Nicky is hooking me up with a gigolo to help me get what I want. Freedom. My mother and stepfather want to have dinner for my birthday.

Once I was emancipated I got myself a small one-bedroom apartment. I work as a phone sex operator. I was lucky Nicky allowed it. I make a pretty decent pay and all I do is moan into the phone and dirty talk. All I want is to get this dinner over with and come home to celebrate.

I'm wearing a black cold shoulder kimono sleeve dress. I paired it flat sandals and a belt. Leaving my mass of curls down, I did a natural look with my makeup. There's a knock on my door so I grab my purse and beeline it for the door. When I open it my purse falls out of my hands and I groan. In front of me is a perfectly tanned hottie. He has blonde hair that's short on the sides long and spiked to the front on top. Perfect jawline, a mustache, and chin fuzz.

"What the fuck are you doing here? Oh no she sent you here. This is a setup." I ramble as I pace the floor. What am I going to do?

"You're Nickys friend? Your mom wasn't lying you always do try to take everyone from her" He accuses. If he only knew.

"You're the gigolo?" He raises his brow. Fuck I don't have time for this. "I don't have time for a plan B. He told you what to do just follow the plan and we're good!" I grit out. We walk out to his car and head to Nicky's restaurant.


When we get to the restaurant the first person we see is nicky he smiles at us as my mom walks up. She looks at me then Gage with confusion written all over her face. He looks at her then at Nick. Nick just winks and gigolos jaw clenches. Richard walks up to us so I grab Gage's hand successfully getting the reactions I needed. Richards jaw clenches as his eyes zone in on our laced hands.

"Mom, Richard this is my boyfriend Gage. Baby this is my mom and her husband." I force out. Gage's body is stiff as he reaches out and shake their hands. Nicky leads us to our table and then tension is so thick others I wouldn't be surprised if anyone else felt it. Nickys family owns an Italian restaurant and it's one of the best here in Florida. Feeling Richards eyes on me I rub my hand up and down Gages tatted up arm. I need Richard pissed.

When the waitress comes we put in our orders and I excuse myself. I make my way towards the area between Nick's dad's office and the supply closet. When I get there I look up and see the camera is in place and recording. "What the fuck do you think you're doing with that hoodlum?" I hear from behind me. Action.


Gages POV

This whole night has been a huge what the fuck? Why would Nick do this? I'm sitting at the table trying to do anything but make eye contact with Felicity. I should've left the moment I saw it was Lyda that I was supposed to help. Unfortunately Nick has always been there for me so I can't bail on this. "What the fuck are you doing here with her?" Felicity grits out.

Without thinking and only caring about defusing the fight I know is sure to come I let it slip. "When I get a job I come."

"She hired you?" She ask with wide eyes. Without warning she gets up and rushes in the direction her husband and daughter left to. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?" Felicity yells stoping in a secluded area where nicks dads office is. When I round the corner my mouth drops to the floor. Lyla is bruised up and her dress is ripped in half covered in blood. She's rocking in a corner staring at Richard. On the floor bloody with his pants down very dead is Richard. We then hear a bunch of loud footsteps and a bunch of police show up.

"Mrs. Davidson you are under arrest for endangering and supporting the abuse of your child" I'm stunned to my spot all noise becomes a ringing in my ear as I take in everything going on. I see the cops helping Lyda cover up and out of the restaurant. I rush out of the restaurant in my car so I can meet Felicity at the station.


After a few hours, they let me talk to her. She's behind the bars so I make my way to her. "What the hell happened what's that about? I thought you said she was willingly sleeping with your husband." I say hoping that she didn't lie to me about it all.

"I would never allow him to hurt my child. You have to believe me, please. She just wants to ruin me! Why do you think she hired you? She's setting me up please you have to convince her to drop the charges." Fuck!

"I'll see what I can do." With that, I leave the precent and head back to the little bitches apartment. I can't believe Nicky got me mixed in this shit.


When I get to her apartment I put my ear to the door to see if I hear any noise. I can hear loud moaning telling me she's home. I pull my kit out and unlock her door sneaking in quiet as I can. The moaning gets louder when I step in going straight to my dick. I'm not here to fuck her, I'm not here to fuck her. I make my way to where the moaning is coming from and fuck me!

Lyda is sitting on a computer chair in nothing but a tight cami and rugrat panties, her head is tilted back and she has a headset on. "Oh yes yes I'm going to cum" She cries out. What? She isn't even touching herself if anything she looks like she falling asleep. She let's out one last moan before saying goodbye. Lifting her head she lets out a shriek throwing her phone at.

"What the fuck are you doing in my apartment" She hisses out standing up and rushing to me. Her deep tanned skin glistening with a light sweat, her hardened nipples visible through the transparent white cami she's wearing. Her very curly black hair up in a bun. "HEY ASSHOLE EYES UP HERE!" She grits out. My eyes finally landing on her steal grays.

"We need to talk!" I firmly stated just as the phone she threw at me begins to ring.

"Fuck! I need to get that you're gonna have to wait." She says bending down to get the phone giving me the perfect view of her juicy plump ass. There's no denying she's Felicitys daughter. I feel my dick rubbing painfully against my dress pants. She answers the phone so I jump on her bed and wait out the phone call. She begins talking and it becomes apparent she's a phone sex operator. I forced to sit through another call. Fuck I need to take a client asap.

After thirty minutes of torture, she hangs up and looks at me. "Why are you in my apartment and what do you want?"

"You need to drop those allegations against your mom."

"Are you fucking serious right now." She huff. Face red in anger she so short she barely comes up to my chin.

"She hasn't done shit to you. You were the one sleeping with her husband. You premeditated this, didn't you? What? Did he threaten to stop sleeping with you?"

"Fuck you! You know nothing about me or this situation. Yes, it was premeditated, but it was deserved. If you have any questions go talk to Nicky but don't fucking come to me ever again asking for me to set that much free." She growls shoving me out of her room. Knowing I'm not going to get any answers I let her get me out of the apartment and make my way to Nick. I'll save my Felicity, that bitch won't win.



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