Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Whiskey chasers

Gages POV

When I get home I go straight for Nicks room walking in without knocking. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT BULLSHIT!" I snarl. This mother fucker just cost me probably the only person who isn't bothered by my profession. As long as she never has to witness it. "I told you about my relationship with Felicity. How the fuck could you put me with the one person that's out to get her? You need to tell Lyda to drop the fucking charges."

"I did you a fucking favor! That bitch is evil"

"That girl got you so wrapped around her little finger. You cant see she was sleeping with her stepfather? She is lying about being raped." I rush out pissed as hell.

"Oh you know this for a fact?" He snaps. "Because I remember my mom having them babysit me at 15. I remember laying in that room next to hers and having to listen to her screams. Listen to her beg for him to stop. Crying about how much it hurt. Screaming for her mom. Her mom would tell her to shut the fuck up and take it. My father always told me to stay out of it. All because he was to loyal of a friend of Richard to fuck him like that. Well dads dead and that girl deserves better."

"Okay fine he was raping her but you're lying about Felicity she isn't like that."

"You don't know shit about that woman. You wanna see the fucking tape? Do you want to see for yourself I got it back after the police viewed it. How about the mass of hospital paperwork that I've collected to get her emancipated in the first place? You can tell which ones were done by Felicity and which were Richards?"

"Man fuck this! Don't ask me to ever help with some shit like this again!" I growl out walking out of his room. Great I was an ass to a girl who was abused. I feel bad about that but I still don't believe shit he said about Felicity. When I get in my room I hear Nick behind me.

"Seriously man stay the fuck away from Lyda! Do not ask her to drop those charges. That woman is getting everything she deserves."

"Fine I won't ask your little precious but I'm getting her out." I state getting in his face.

"Good luck with that." With that he took off. Probably to go meet the thorn in my side.


It's been hell of a day. I got a full 9 hrs of sleep but I feel like I still want to be sleeping. Okay dreaming I want to be dreaming. Visions of a short mixed girl with curls that looked nicely wrapped around my fist as I pounded into her tight. Shit. I need to cut this the fuck out. She is the daughter to the woman I'm in love with. I've had 3 clients today. When I fucked each one all I saw was Lyda under me moaning.

Ever since I heard her "working" all I have are fucking sexual thoughts about the damn girl. I need a fucking drink. Dressing in washed blue jeans, a singlet, and a flannel I head to the nearest bar.


Lyda's pov

I know I should feel shitty and riddled with guilt for killing a man, but I don't. Nicky and I had it all planned out. I knew Richard would get pissed at me for daring to bring another guy around. So mad he'd risk hurting me in public if he thought we were secluded. Nick set up cameras so it could be seen as self-defense. Either way, both evils are washed away from my life.

I stole my mom's ID from her purse when the cops took her. It ain't like she will be needing it anytime soon. I just turned 18 my birthday was a bust and I'm tired of drinking alone. I put on a green floral dress with a black belt. I leave my curls down and use only lip gloss and mascara. Tonight I'm going to a bar and drinking these sorrows away.


When I arrive at the bar it's dim and has a bit of a crowd. Music is flowing but it's not upbeat or anything like that. It's karaoke night I realize when I get to the bar. I order a jack and coke and sit on a barstool scoping out the place. Across the room in a secluded booth is Gage, he's by himself with a scowl on his face. I take it Nicky told him the truth about his little girlfriend.

Finishing my first drink I lose count of how many I've drunk and speak to the DJ. Having enough liquid courage I decide I'm going to sing. It may not be good it may be horrendous but I don't care. I'm too drunk and all that I've come to forget is forgotten.

Figuring 'Drinking Alone' by Carrie Underwood is in my heart, I take a whiskey shot ready to jump on the stage. Maybe rub in Gages face that the bitch is locked away.


Gages POV

I've been sitting in this booth drinking nothing but straight whiskey. I've finally silenced the voices, the moans, the images of the girl who flipped quite a few people's world upside down. The bar is not too crowded and it's a bunch of drunks singing karaoke. The room slightly spinning but this seat I ain't leaving. Leaning my head back with my eyes closed, I ask the waitress for water.

Suddenly an angelic voice boom over the club and I lift my head to the stage. What no this can't be. She's not here she's locked up. Squinting my eyes I see Felicity singing on stage. Her hair is more curly and she's wearing a green flower dress that comes to her thighs leaving her smooth legs on display. I look at her in adoration as her and every female sings to 'Drinking Alone'.

"We should be drinkin' alone together

Drownin' the pain is better

With somebody else who got problems

We ain't gonna solve 'em

The misery loves company

Tonight all I need is a stranger

Lips with a whiskey chaser

And a corner booth kiss to make me forget that he's gone

Oh, we should be drinkin' alone (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)

We should be drinkin' alone together (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)

I don't know what she did to make you hurt like this

But, I know just what to do

It starts with a bottle of good Reposado

And ends with a shooter or two

Tomorrow when the sun comes up

Tonight is the night that never was

Baby, just forget my name

Won't be your one and only

But just 'cause we're lonely don't mean that we should

We should be drinkin' alone together

'Cause drownin' the pain is better

With somebody else who got problems

We ain't gonna solve 'em

But misery loves company"

The song finishes and I can't let her leave. Even if all I get is one last night I get up and stumble my way to her. I make it to her as she's about to stumble to the bar. Grabbing her by her elbow to face me. "Felicity" I breathe out when she crashes into my chest. My heart swells having her in my arms again. She lets out a giggle and I lift her chin slamming my lips to her. She responds immediately but this is different. It's like she has no clue what she's doing and randomly pushes me away.

"Maybe you should stick to water, and DONT EVER COMPARE ME TO THAT BITCH." Her voice bites at the end. Shaking my head I look at her again.

"First you fuck with my head last night and now you're here. You're not even legal how you get in?" I snap. Her eyes are glossy and red, sweat coating body as she smirks up at me holding up Felicity's ID. This girls got some nerve. Putting it back in her boob she yanks her arm away from me and continues to the bar. Stuck in my own thoughts I'm rooted in my place till I see some jacked-up, mountain man looking dude approached her. She smiles but you can tell she kindly turns him down. He doesn't take the hint and continues to touch and talk to her even though she's clearly uncomfortable.

Flashes of her yesterday on the floor bloodied and with her dress torn flood my mind. Between the guilt and the alcohol I find myself storming up the them and pulling her away from him. "Is there a fucking problem? It seemed to me like she turned you down?" I growl.

"No man it isn't like that! I was just talking to her." He defends.

"We'll go talk to someone in your age group." I snap back. With that he walks away so I turn to tell Lyda I'm taking her home. When I come face to face with her she throws her arms around my neck pulling me down to her level and kissing me. Without hesitation I return the kiss. This time she seems to follow my lead as my tongue dances around with her.

Her hands begin touching and grabbing any part of me she can. My hands automatically go to her ass groping and kneading her cushioned globes.

My dick hardens in my pants and the alcohol making me forget everything but how to slide my dick in and out of this girl. Going to the bar I slap enough bills to cover both our tabs and a tip. Rushing her in my car we head back to hers. I'll show her what a real moan could sound like.


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