Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Sex and fires

Lyda's POV

Everything transpired, so fast. One minute I'm making out with Gage in the bar, the next we're stumbling into my apartment. He takes my keys from my unsteady hands and unlocking the door with ease. He grabs my arm pulling me inside.

The moment we're in his hands are all over me as I slam the door with my foot. He grabs the back of my head pressing his lips to mine in a heated kiss he bites my bottom lip. I let out a gasp and he uses this to slide his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues battle for dominance and I tug at the long strands of hair he has on top. The alcohol coursing through my veins making me throw caution to the wind.

Bringing a hand down between us I grab him through his jeans. Oh shit, that's big. His already harden length jerks as I squeeze a little. Gage pulls away we both take a deep breath. I bring my mouth to his neck but he grabs my wrist and stops me. "Lyda!" he breaths out. Pulling away I shake my head.

What the fuck am I doing? "She put you up to this, didn't she? Seduce me and convince me to retract my statement? Well, fuck you!" Stomping my way back to the door I open it. "Get the fuck out or I'll make sure they get a cell ready for your ass next." I say through clenched teeth.

Storming up to me he slams the door grabbing my hair by the roots. His brings his face down to mine. His eyes black pits of I'm so fucked. "You are a broken ass bitch! I was trying to be a fucking good dude and not take advantage of you in your drunk ass state but since you're like a fucking cat in heat." He let's got of my hair bringing his hands to the front of my dress and ripping it clean off my body. I can feel myself getting wet but what he said set a fire in me pissing me off.

The dress had a plunging V so it didn't require a bra, so all I have on is a sheer white thong. He yanks off his flannel sending the buttons flying everywhere and swiftly removes his singlet. He grabs me and slams me against the door, I try to push him back but he doesn't budge. Instead, he roughly grabs my face and slams his lips to mine. My body heats up and I begin to panic so I shove at his shoulders again but he grabs both my wrist pinning them above my head with one hand.

He bites my bottom lip forcing me to open for him. He thrust his tongue in my mouth but I try to use my to push his out. Our tongues battle and I try to wiggle my way out but his muscular body keeps me in place. He begins to trail his free hand down the side of my body leaving a fire in it's wake. My head and body at war with each other, one screaming stop this shit now while the other is begging like a dirty slut. I feel his hand go to the band of my thong, his finger playing at the top. I finally turn my head gasping for air. "Gage" I breathe out. He brings his mouth to my neck licking and sucking. He moves my panties, I'm stuck between wanting to push him away and wanting to have him thoroughly fuck me.

My eyes widen and I take in a sharp breath as he begins rubbing my clit with the pad of his thumb. I throw my head back letting out a moan. Fuck! It's never felt this good. Yanking my hands out of his hold I reach out and undo his jeans, he moves his hands to drop his pants and I can't help the whine that leaves my parted lips. He lets out a chuckle but yanks my panties off me and grabbing me by the back of my thighs. I jump up and he presses me to the wall again.

The alcohol erasing the soreness from Richard hitting me yesterday. I feel his thick tip at my entrance as he rubs himself up and down my slit. I moan out in pleasure before letting out a cry in pain as he thrust in me. "Shit, fuck, damn" Gage grunts as he bottoms out. Tears stream down my face while I adjust to his size. "You're so fucking tight!" he growls. "I thought you weren't a you know."

"Did he look like he was packing?" I cry. "Fuck and thank God he wasn't. Oh my God. So so sooooo big." He looks into my eye a smirk on his face. He slowly pulls out before slamming back into me. My eyes squeeze shut a loud cry of pain and pleasure slipping past my parted lips. He grunts out and starts his movement stretching me to my max. My head falls into his chest. Why doesn't it hurt anymore? He picks up his pace until he's slamming into me moaning and grunting. My breast bounces in his face so he pulls my left one into his mouth pushing me more.

There's a tightening in my abdomen and I begin to panic. What the fuck is going on. "Gage" I begin to chant my body tensing. I feel my self clenching.

"That's it squeezes my cock good girl." He brings his and down between us rubbing my clit. Oh my FUCK. "Thats it Lee Come for me." What the fuck. Just like that, I'm screaming his name to the heavens as a pleasure so strong washes over me. My legs squeeze around him as does my hold around his neck as I ride out my first orgasm. He thrust a few more times before stilling leaning his forehead against mine.

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He slowly sets me on my wobbly feet and grabs his singlet and jeans. Shit, I just had sex with my mom's lover. His WHOLE body filled with tattoos. Arms, legs, stomach, and his back. Thank god he has none on his face that's just ew. My intoxicated mind is enjoying this too much. "Fuck, Fuck." He shouts. His clothes are on and he spins to face me. His eyes glaring at me, the moment his eyes land on my body they widen. Yeah, sex= sweat and sweat= makeup smudging so now my bruises are a little more visible. His eyes begin to soften and I don't need his pity.

"If you're about to bitch about a condom you're good! Richard didn't want to be exposed and put me on birth control." I bite out harshly holding my arm out showing the implant in my arm. "But now I unfortunately have to get tested and pray to God you didn't transfer any STDS to me."

He let's out a humorless laugh his stare turning into that of disgust. "I may fuck for money but my shit is always wrapped. Well except when I was buried in your mom." He states proudly with a smirk on his face. This ass hole.

"Get the fuck out!" I yell. He mumbles a gladly and strolls out the door like nothing. I'm expecting to feel dread anger sadness anything, but with the alcohol still coursing through me I feel like fuck it. Damn I need to stock up on whiskey.


Gages POV

It's been a few weeks since I fucked Lyda. Fuck I can't believe I let myself get that drunk. Her moans were so much more addicting when they're real. I've been avoiding Nick because I told him I'd stay away yet my dumb ass went and fucked the girl. I'm laying on my full-sized bed that has a shitty wooden bed frame. My room is a small typical white room all I have is a bed, a small tv, and a dresser. We hate this small ass apartment but it's all we can afford. I got one arm behind my head and one resting over my abdomen.

Work has been busy. I obviously had sex with many women but fuck. Not even her mom has made me come like that. I have pictured every client as her dominating them like I want to dominate her. I wonder if she'd enjoyed it. Her moans were breathy and she definitely came hard. The way her tits bounced with every thrust. The way her face looked peaceful as she came. My dick painfully hardens in my basketball shorts. reaching for my dick while she's fresh in my mind I grab myself through my shorts but I jump off my bed landing on my face when my room door is thrown open.

"Did you fucking try to get Lyda to drop the charges again?" My roommate snaps. What the fuck.

"I haven't talked to her since you told me to stay away." Except for after I fucked her brains out.

"I need a fucking ride. I spoke to her last night, Richards lawyer got a hold of her about the will. I've been calling to find out what happens and it goes straight to voicemail. I'm fucking worried." Standing up and throwing on a shirt I grab my car keys and we head out.


Nick finally got a hold of her. She was slurring and crying. We couldn't understand a word coming out but we know she was at her old house. She kept saying how much she wanted burn the house and all it's shitty memories. I park my car in the driveway and we both rush out. I'm so lost I have no clue what I'm feeling. The house is pretty big and has a lot of land around it. When we walk in it's an open space it's cold and doesn't look homey. The white walls bare a glass Chandler hanging from above our heads. We walk in further while Nick calls out for her. We walk further in and I step on a puddle on the floor. I look down to see water all over.

I nudge Nick pointing down only now the pungent smell of vodka fills my nostrils. "Lee" Nick yells when our eyes land on her. She's in the middle of a all white furniture living room her back towards . Her hair is in a knot on top of her head, she's wearing a pencil skirt with a white strapless top. There's a larger floor to ceiling window in front of her showing a reflection of her makeup smeared and a lighter in her hand.

"Lee," Nick says louder. She spins on her heels to face us. When she does she looks a wreck. Her mascara is streaked down her face her nose is all slotted up and she has a bottle of Jack in one hand and a lighter in the other. "Lyda, what are you doing?"

Her whole body shakes as a sob escapes her. "THAT SICK FUCK LEFT ME EVERYTHING. THE HOUSE, THE CARS THE MONEY. ALL ME, AS IF THAT WOULD MAKE UP FOR HIM MOLESTING ME SINCE I WAS FIVE AND RAPING ME SINCE I WAS 13!" she screams slurring her words. "IM BURNING THIS HELL DOWN!" She cries out. She looks so broken. flicking her lighter again me and Nick charge at her in hopes we can stop her.


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