Late Night Whiskey Chasers (on hold)

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Lyda's POV

I've been going about my days a lot lighter. No more worrying if that bastard was going to show up at my door anymore. No more dealing with my shitty mother. Then as an added fuck you, I had sex with Gage.

Now weeks later I was told he left everything! Every single fucking thing he owned to me. The house, the cars, the money, the business. As if any of that could ever make up for the hell he put me through. What sick fuck leave the same house you raped a girl in to that very girl?

After the attorney I went to the nearest bar and had a drink. Then I made my way to the the liquor store buying a few bottled of Jack, jameson, and makers marks. Then a few bottles of vodka. I'm rich now fuck it I thought. I made my way back to the hell hole that holds all my worst memories and downed 3/4th of a bottle of Jack. Then my brilliant drunk mind came up with the perfect solution. TORCH THIS BITCH DOWN. I didn't expect Nick to show up, but eh, I'm too angry to stop.

Tears streaming down my face I flick the lighter again and bring the bottle of Jack to my lips taking a nice gulp. I let the light go but it's snatched out of my hand by a set of large tattooed hands, while my whole body is jerked back and squeezed by another set. I hear Nick shushing me spinning my so I cry into his chest. He rubs his large hand up and down my back as he tries to calm me down.

"Lee what are you doing? He left you this! You deserve it all for what he had done. It doesn't mean you have to forgive him. You could use this! Hell we could use this." He says in to my ear.

"I can't stay in this house Nick."

"I have an idea. Why don't we get the sledgehammers and take down the room! Then we can move in! You me and Gage. We live in small apartments barely making it this house could be a blessing in disguise. Come on please Lee."

He begs bringing his hands up to his chest. I look around and notice Gage is missing. Bringing my eyes back to Nick I can see the desperation his eyes.

"Your friend makes bank, so why are y'all living in a 'small ass apartment' I know I do because I have no choice."

"His mom has cancer. All of his money goes to her care and his little sister." That bit of information pulls at my heart strings. That must be a hard situation. "Fuck I'm not trying to make you cry more." He says pulling back in to his chest. I'm drunk what the fuck did he expect. A loud thud has both Nick and I snapping our heads to the left. When I do my eyes land on three sledgehammers and a tool bag, Next to it is black Nike's. I trail my eyes up to a hairy set of toned legs then black basketball shorts. When I meet the top of him he's using his hand to move his longer strands from his face.

When his blue eyes meet mine he grimaced and I can only imagine the how horrible I look. I turn my attention back to Nick and again to Gage. Fuck it. I walk towards Gage grabbing one of the hammers and making my from the kitchen to the staircase and up to the forth floor. I lift the sledgehammer and slam it against the door successfully breaking it down. Fuck that felt good, that felt freeing it felt euphoric. With that I walked in the room and when I looked around all the memories flood my mind. Everywhere I looked I saw him hurting me. Me begging for him to stop begging for mercy and him not caring as he thrusted harder. Lifting the hammer over my head I bring it down on the bed. I hear loud whoops from behind me then smashing. I turn to see both Nick and Gage shirtless Gage in basketball shorts and Nick in sweats they both have sledgehammers in their hands and they are smashing the dressers and the desk. They both look up at me and smile then going back to work.


It's been a few days since we all moved into MY house. I had movers come in and remove all the furniture and belongings of mom and rich. The guys got upset because they couldn't afford to pay for new furniture but I took care of it. I got all all new furniture and redid the whole house. We painted it gray and did our own rooms. Mine is dark gray and on the ceiling is black blues and purple swirls making up a starry sky. Nick and Gage stuck with just straight gray. We all are on the 2nd floor but I'm on the the left side and the guys took over the whole right side of the floor.

There's a total of like 10 cars in the garage all sports cars. We all used them so we always have transportation. I sold my shares to the company to Richards business partner making me even more rich. I am still a phone sex operator to keep the money flow coming. Gage was reluctant to accept any of it but he's finally accepted it. I also may have went behind his back and made a pink princess playroom for his sister. I got a bunch of dolls games and anything that would make any 6 year old girl happy.

Nick told me that when Gages mom has her bad days his little sister comes to stay with him. Her name is Sofia but they call her Sofie. He also told me she is deaf but the sweetest little girl. I'm so glad the house is finally done so I'm making dinner for us in the huge ass kitchen. All the appliances are black and I decided to do a black and blue look in here. For dinner I made a pork shoulder with some Spanish rice, Mac and cheese with green beans and biscuits. I hear the front door open and shut and hear two sets of feet walking across the Linoleum.

I watch as a pretty little girl speed walks into the kitchen with her little nose in the air. She stops in front of me and looks at me with her big blue eyes. She's a little lighter then Gages dark tan and she has long light brown hair that has soft curls. She's wearing leggings and a cream cardigan. She looks up at me with wide eyes. I'm wearing spandex shorts with a loose shirt and my hair is up in a wild bun.

"Sofie don't just take off like tha" The words die on his tongue when he notices me. He clears his throat and looks back to the little girl. She looks up at him and signs who is this. Licking his lips he looks back and forth between the girl and me so I get on my knees and sign the spelling of my name. "You know sign?" He bites out.

"Needed to take a foreign or different language so I chose sign." I say with a shrug.

"Is-is it okay if she stays here for a few days?" He ask looking down nervously.

"You and Nick both live here y'all can bring who you please. As long as they aren't psycho killers."

"Is Nick here? I need him to watch her I have work and my moms having her bad days so I need him." He says fidgety as fuck.

"He's at the restaurant then has plans for tonight." I tell him watching as his face falls. "But I work from home and don't plan on going anywhere." I say getting back down on my knee and face Sofie. "Would you like to hang out with me? I have a secret stash of snack and a secret surprise." I sign. Her bright blue eyes shine as she looks back up to Gage signing please.

He glares at me from over her head but tells her yes. She jumps up and down in excitement so I reach my hand for her and pull her in to the kitchen. Removing her cardigan from her so it doesn't get stained I put a bowl of Chex mix in front of her. Once she's set and happy I feel my arm being tugged, apparently I'm not fast enough because after a second my body is lifted and I'm carried out of the kitchen like a sac of potatoes.

"What the fuck was that?" He snaps.

"Me helping you with your sister?"

"Why? And why are you lying to her about toys and shit?" He growls. I want to punch him in beautiful face but I'm not violent so I scoff and roll my eyes.

"I had a playroom made for her when Nick told me about her."

"Why would you do that? I'm not a fucking charity case." He says getting in my face. I shove at his shoulder feeling my own anger boil.

"I know that and could give a fuckless about you, this is about her. She's had rough life and she's only 6. I knew you take her every once in a while so I did it FOR HER." I shout not worrying because I know she can't hear us.

Gage pulls away and without a word storms off. I make my way back to the kitchen to see Sofie with a big smile staring up at me. I feed her some dinner and make plates for the guys I lead her up to the play room and excitement and nerves build inside as I get ready to show her the room. I watch her bounce on her feet as I twist the knob. When I open the door next to my bedroom I watch in awe as she squeals and runs in looking at all the new toys.


Sofie and I played for hours with the dolls and legos. After a bit I took into my en-suite gave her a bath put on her jammies. Then I gave her the iPad I had gotten for her and she laid out on my bed passing out. My bed is purple silk. It's king sized and has a silk padded bed frame with diamond shape going around it. There are two nightstand with purple lamps on each side. There's a floor to ceiling window in front of my bed and I have a huge walk in closet. It's almost time to start the call so I grab my work phone and head in to my huge ass closet and begin taking calls.


Gages POV

I can't believe we finally live in a place that spacious. I tried to protest against Lyda buying us all new furniture and shit but she wouldn't let go. I was pissed when I found out she went and made my sister a playroom. This cozy arrangement is only temporary. I don't want my sister getting attached and then losing all of the stuff. She's my world, her and my mom. My mom doesn't have much longer and I can tell when I visit her.

We talked about me keeping Sofia from now on because I don't want her seeing mom like this anymore. I was supposed to talk to Lee about it but when the nurse called I had to get Sofie sooner. I'm glad she's doesn't seem to be against it for a few days, now I just need to see if it's okay if sof lives with us. I finished with 2 clients today and now it's 3 am I've eaten what Lee left out for me and put Nicks plate up. Making my way to Lees room I hear her talking dirty telling me she is on a call. I open her room door my heart swells.

I see Sofia's small frame in the middle of Lees bed hugging an iPad to her chest. The star projectors decorating the ceiling. Her room is definitely girly. I look around not seeing Lee but I'm still hearing her. Soft moans come from her closet and a very fun idea comes to my head. Her callers are about to see the difference between her fake moans and real ones. Undoing my pants I make my way into her closet. It's not like sof can hear us.


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