The Alpha's Beta Mate

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Grace's POV

"Where did you learn to dance like that?" he breathed, his voice coming across thick with lust. I swallowed hard, my eyes stuck in a rhythm of drifting down to the huge bulge in his trousers and back to his face with evident nerves. This is what I had been aiming for, wasn't it? I had wanted to toy with the alpha.

I just had no idea he would be so... so... I don't even know. I was overwhelmed, seeing the evidence of his arousal, the open, wild want in his eyes as he pinned me to the spot with his piercing gaze. I swallowed again, my tongue darting out to wet my lips that had suddenly grown dry. Duke followed my actions causing a dart of desire to hit me, my pussy clenching as the first waves of passion began to take over me.

"Grace?" he repeated, standing in front of me now, reaching out to grab a lock of my hair, twisting it around his fingers.

"I... the other warriors..." I paused again, once more wetting my lips. I couldn't believe that was my voice, it sounded so wanton, so needy. So desperate. I cleared my voice and tried again, "the other warriors, they wouldn't train with me. I was too young, too weak. They knew that the alpha of the RiverBed pack had taken me under his wing and offered me protection, they wouldn't spar with me, just in case I ended up hurt"

"Mhmm," he murmured. He hadn't taken his eyes off my lips the entire time I was speaking. "So you decided to dance?"

"I... Yes," I answered simply, feeling trapped under his gaze, caught up in a spell that was being weaved around us. The air around me felt thick with tension, seeming as though it was building up to something, something that was going to take over us completely. Every breath I drew in felt thick, I could almost taste the desire.

He ran his thumb along my bottom lip causing a low moan to escape my lips. I closed my eyes in embarrassment, hating that he knew the effect he had on me. I hadn't planned on this. I had wanted to tease him, to drive him wild with wanting me, knowing that he would never be able to have me. I hadn't planned on feeling the same, needing him so badly I could barely stand it.

"Grace," he whispered, his mouth inches away from mine. I kept my eyes closed, feeling him close to me, his warm breath on my skin. I felt the goose-bumps break out over my body as a shiver of longing ran through me. My skin burned and he hadn't even touched me, the blood running through my veins like fire. "What do you want?"

There it was, the invitation. He was still so near, all I had to do was reach out and take what was offered, but how did I answer a question that felt so full and loaded with double meaning?

I shook my head, opening my eyes to silently plead with him. Please don't make me say the words, please don't let me make a fool of myself.

As soon as our eyes locked, I was lost, blown away by the undisguised hunger that was all for me, just me. "Do you know what I want?" He said softly, moving his body closer to mine, his hands reaching out to grab my hips to pull me in even further, his erection pressed firmly against my stomach. "I want you, Grace. I want you in this room that's filled with mirrors, where I can see every inch of your luscious, naked body. Where I can see you as you writhe beneath me, your back arching as you convulse with wave after wave of orgasm."

Goddess, I was in trouble. My pussy clenched again, my panties growing wetter with every word he spoke. Heat rushed through me and my nipples hardened against his chest. "I want you to scream my name as I drive my cock into you over and over, I want the entire pack to hear you as you cum for me and only me. I want them all to know who you belong to, who's cock you beg for. I want to own you, to destroy you, to feel that tight pussy of yours clench around me"

My breathing was becoming fast and laboured, almost panting at his words. "Do you want that, Grace?" he asked as he stuck his face into the curve of my neck, nibbling on my collar bone. "Put me out of my misery, Grace, please have some mercy" he ground his hips against me, his hard shaft pressing into my body.

Goddess, I needed this man but I knew that agreeing to this was also agreeing to more. There was so much left unsaid, the words hanging unspoken in the air between us.

"No strings?" I said, trying to instil some dominance into my voice and failing miserably.

Duke hesitated for a moment. "Is that what you want? I need to be clear, Grace. I won't force you into anything you're not ready for. If I agree that there will be no strings attached, you will have no problem with me fucking you right here in the gym, where everyone will be able to hear all the nasty, dirty things I plan on doing to you?"

I nodded, feeling incapable of speech. Duke tutted at me, a soft laugh escaping his lips. "Say it"

"Yes, Duke. Right here, right now. No strings attached"

"No strings attached" he repeated, his mouth clamping down on mine, muffling his last word.

My head began to spin the minute our lips made contact, another dart of desire hitting me in my core as his tongue slid out to run along my lower lip, demanding that I open my mouth, allow him to enter further. I squeezed my thighs together, desperate to relieve some of the tension that was building between them as I gave in to Duke.

His tongue stroked along mine as he ran his hands through my hair, grabbing fistfuls of it at the back of my head, jerking it back so that my throat was exposed to him. His dipped low, his mouth sucking on the frantically beating pulse at the base of my neck, circling it under his tongue. He gave a painful but amazing nip to my skin, his teeth causing just the right amount of pain that my heart skipped a beat. He laughed into my neck, tugging on my hair again, testing my limits, seeing how far I would allow him to go, how rough I would allow him to be

Goddess knew I had next to no experience, and none outside of Duke at all. What little he had given me all those years ago was all that I knew, but somehow, instinctively, I knew that I wanted more.

I pressed my body into his, my hands coming around his waist to run under his shirt and up his back, my nails digging into the solid muscle of the back of his shoulders. "More" I pleaded, "it's not enough. I need more, Duke, I need you..."

One minute I was on my feet, breathing heavily, panting my words, the next minute I was laid on my back, watching as Duke grabbed the neckline of my top and ripped it straight down the middle. His head went straight to my stomach, his tongue sliding along the skin he had just exposed, running up my body until he reached my bra. He didn't bother to remove it, with his mouth still on my skin giving me hot, wet kisses, he pushed the straps off my shoulders, sliding them down my arms. He lifted his head slightly to suck on the mounds of my tits that spilt out of the bra, grabbing hold of the cups in his fingers and pushed it down my waist until they were free.

He grabbed them in his large hands, pushing them together as his head dove onto them, his tongue swirling around my nipples, going from one to the other. I arched my back, offering myself to him and he took it, drawing my nipple into his mouth, his teeth biting down on them until I moaned, grabbing the back of his head, yanking on his hair, warning him not to move.

"Goddess," he breathed, climbing up my body quickly to kiss me again. "I fucking love how sexy you are, how uninhibited you are with me"

I didn't have the chance to respond as he worked his way back down to my body, straight to the tiny pair of shorts I wore whenever I worked out. He leaned between my legs, watching my face as his and reached to cup me, stroking along my pussy through the thin material, groaning softly as he felt how wet I was.

I planted my feet firmly on the floor, raising my hips up in the air, wanting him to repeat the same thing he did last night, wanting his mouth on me with a force that shook me.

He fisted the waistband of my shorts, pulling them down my hips with fast, jerky movements. As he slid them over my thighs, I lowered my hips to the floor and lifted my legs over his shoulders, knowing he would get a kick out of being able to slide the shorts down my legs that he seemed to be obsessed with.

Growing bolder with every second that passed, I waited until he removed the shorts completely, keeping my legs on his shoulders. As he brought his eyes back to me, I slid my feet down his arms, knowing that my body was opening up in front of him. My feet ran along his thighs and down to the floor. I kept my eyes on him as I locked my ankles behind him and allowed my legs to drop apart, the cold air hitting my wet pussy as I exposed myself

I ran a hand down my body, coming between my legs to separate my pussy lips, opening myself further. My other hand began to play with my clit, feeling as my juices began to flow out of me.

"What are you doing to me, Grace," Duke groaned as he began to stroke himself through his trousers. I grinned wickedly, stroking my clit faster, pinching it between his fingers, feeling myself clench as he groaned again

I heard rather than saw him unzip his trousers and I couldn't help but stare as he pulled his thick cock free, fisting himself at the base, his free hand stroking the long length. My eyes drifted to the side, seeing the mirrors surrounding us and I moaned, loving that I could see us no matter where I looked

I kept my eyes trained on the mirror, wanting to see us both as Duke began to stroke himself faster, watching me as I played with my pussy for him.

Wanting to toy with him some more, I stopped holding my pussy open for him and instead moved my hand lower so that I could push a finger inside me. He growled softly and I laughed, pushing another finger in before I pulled them both out and rubbed them up my pussy, allowing him to see the wetness coating them.

In the mirror, I could see that his breathing was ragged as he continued to stroke his cock, the tip of it beginning to leak. I wanted to send him over the edge.

Arching my back, I pushed my fingers back inside me and moaned his name. I had masturbated before but never had I been this bold, this open with another person. There was just something about Duke that drove me wild. I needed to know that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I pushed him one step further.

I lifted my hips and shuffled forward slightly so that my hips were resting on his thighs, his cock mere inches away from me. I began to thrust my fingers into myself faster. "Fuck, Duke, I want your cock inside me so bad" I breathed, feeling the first wave of my orgasm building low in my stomach and my legs begin to shake.

Duke grabbed hold of my wrist and gently pulled, forcing me to remove my fingers. He brought my hand up to his mouth and sucked on the fingers that had been inside my pussy just moments before, his tongue running along the lengths of them, tasting my arousal.

"Fuck me. Please" I begged, not caring how desperate I sounded. I didn't care about anything other than getting some relief from the tension building inside me.

Duke laid his body over mine, one hand planted above my head, the other still on his shaft as he ran his cock along my pussy, covering it in my juices before he positioned it at the opening. He scanned my face as he pushed himself inside me, seeing my reaction. I simply wrapped my legs around his waist and that was all the encouragement he needed. With a hard thrust, he planted himself all the way in my pussy.

I gasped at the pain that shot through me, my legs wanting to draw together to try and relieve it but it passed as soon as it began and I felt nothing other than the delicious sensation of being completely filled with his cock.

Duke paused, a frown on his face, looking as though he had something to say. I refused to listen, rotating my hips my nails digging into his back. "Don't you dare stop" I demanded, growing more and more frustrated. "I need you to fuck me until I can't stand, until all I can think of is you and your cock and how fucking good it feels"

With a groan of my name, he did exactly that, thrusting into me hard and fast, gripping my hips to hold me steady as he gave me everything he had, my tits bouncing with the force of his fucking.

I screamed out, clenching my pussy around his cock, "You feel so fucking good, Grace" he gasped, seeming to drive into me deeper than before. My eyes rolled, the orgasm building quicker than I wanted it to. I never wanted this to end. "Don't hold back" he demanded, "I want you to cum on my cock. Turn your head and look at us in the mirror, watch me as I fuck you like you've never been fucked before. Your tight little pussy will belong to me by the time I've done with you. You'll never be able to be with another man without thinking of me and how I filled you, stretched you"

I did as he demanded and looked, watching my tits bounce in the mirror, getting glimpses of his cock, wet with my juices, as it slid in and out of me.

He turned his head, locking eyes with me in the mirror as he brought his hand between my legs and pinched my clit, holding it tightly between his fingers, keeping me on the edge, trapping me beneath the painful but fucking amazing tension.

Just as I felt the stirrings of my orgasm he stopped, pulling out of me, causing me to scream in frustration and want. He grabbed hold of my waist and lifted me up, twisting me around until I was on top of him, my back facing him. I looked in the mirror that was now in front of me and saw his cock between my legs, nestled between my pussy lips.

I reached down to softly cup his balls, seeing and feeling his cock jerk against me. "Ride me, Grace. Fuck my cock exactly how you want. Give yourself pleasure for me" he said as he grabbed my ass cheeks, encouraging me to raise up slightly so I could position his cock back at my opening.

I arched my back as I slid down his length, wanting to draw him in deeper. Feeling unsure of myself I paused, looking over my shoulder at Duke. He knew instantly what I needed, lifting me up and down, his hips gently thrusting upwards as he created a rhythm for me to follow.

"Just like that", he breathed as I gained confidence, picking up speed, feeling his cock rub against my g-spot.

"Goddess, that's amazing" I whispered, leaning forward to grab his thighs, bouncing on his cock faster than before. I flipped my hair back over my shoulder as I looked into the mirror again, watching as Duke grabbed hold of it and pulled, hard, sharp tugs that sent me wild. "Touch yourself" he grunted and I obliged, my fingers instantly going to my clit.

I would never get that image out of my head. Me riding his cock, my hand between my legs, seeing his cock go in and out of my pussy. I steadied myself and brought my other hand to his balls, cupping them gently, delivering soft, gently squeezes

"Fuck, Grace" Duke moaned, his head falling back to the floor, letting go of my hair as he grabbed my hips and took over, bouncing me on his cock, "you're going to make me cum if you keep doing that"

"Good" I laughed, quickly followed by a moan as he thrust his hips upwards, hard, his cock hitting all the right places.

"Dirty girl" he whispered and something about those words just sent me wild, knowing it was all me that was causing this. This was exactly what I had wanted. The minute I had walked back into this pack, this was inevitable.

Duke pulled me off his cock and pulled me backwards, my pussy sliding along his body as he positioned me over his face. "Beautiful" he whispered as he took me into his mouth, biting down on my clit, circling it with his tongue.

He pushed down on my back, encouraging me to take his cock into his mouth. I fisted his shaft and brought my lips to the head, licking over the tip as I tasted the precum that had leaked from it before I took him in, my tongue sliding along his length as he hit the back of my throat.

I pulled back, loving the taste of him, repeating my actions and taking satisfaction in the groan he made against my pussy, the vibrations sending darts of pleasure through me.

Almost as soon as he started, I felt my pussy begin to clench as my orgasm build and I sucked on his cock harder, moaning onto him. He thrust his hips, sending himself further down my throat, causing me to gag and in return, I ground my pussy on his face, the stubble on his chin giving me the most delicious feeling.

I squeezed his shaft as my orgasm took over, my vision turning white behind my closed lids as it rocketed through my entire body, my legs shaking wildly with the force of it. Duke held me in place, wringing every last tremor of pleasure from me as he gave a couple more thrusts into my mouth, his hot cum spilling into me.

I sucked harder, loving the taste, needing more, knowing I had caused this. His tongue was still flicking around my clit or positioned at my entrance, lapping up all my creamy release until finally, I couldn't take it any more.

He showed me mercy, allowing me to slide down his body. I twisted around, straddling his hips so I was facing him and he wanted as I swallowed his cum, sitting up so that we were chest to chest. His thumb ran over my bottom lip, pushing in a bit of his cum that had spilt out before he kissed me. I moaned, tasting myself on his tongue, feeling the last remains of our orgasm mixing as his tongue slipped into my mouth

"That was amazing" I breathed as I pulled back, resting my head on his shoulder. Now that the moment had passed I could feel my embarrassment growing. Had I really done that?

"It was more than amazing, Grace" he whispered back, stroking my hair.

"Did you know?" I asked, feeling the heat in my cheeks.

"That you were a virgin?" He asked, stroking my hair. I just nodded. "I didn't until it was too late. I'm sorry if I hurt you, I would have gone slower if I had known, I swear" he twisted his face so that he could plant a kiss on my temples

"You didn't hurt me" I assured him, lifting my head to look into his face. He raised his eyebrow at me and I laughed, knowing he didn't believe me. "Okay, maybe for a second, the rest was simply mindblowing" I assured him, kissing him once more.

I loved that I was able to do this. That I was finally free to kiss him whenever I felt like it. I knew we had a lot to work through, that there were still many unspoken issues between us but right now, I was happy with where we were and I would take the small progress we had made.

"Do you have anything planned for the rest of the day?" I asked, feeling slightly nervous that he was going to leave me again. As much as I was happy with this, I didn't want it to be all we were. I didn't want to see him for a quick fuck and then we would both go our separate ways until the next time.

"Nothing that can't be cancelled" he assured me, tucking my hair behind my ears.

I gave him a huge smile, my stomach flipping when he smiled back at me. He was simply perfect, every feature coming together to make this gorgeous man that I had my naked body wrapped around. It was enough to make my head spin.

"I do think there is something we need to do though," he said, looking at me with concern.

"What?" I asked, the earlier butterflies in my stomach turning into rocks, settling uncomfortably within me.

"We need to go see your dad, Grace, before its too late"

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