The Alpha's Beta Mate

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Grace's POV

Duke spun on his heal, walking away from me and into the en suite bathroom. Before I had chance to register what was happening, he had pulled out the full length mirror and placed it directly in front of me.

I stared at him with a puzzled frown, bringing my legs tight together, my cheeks growing hot with embarrassment as I was forced to look at the evidence of my own glaring arousal.

Duke tutted, slowly moving around me until he was st my back, sinking to his knees behind me as he brushed the hair off my shoulder, exposing my neck, his other hand creeping up my stomach and up to my tits. He grabbed a handful of one and then the other, his fingers circling around my nipped until they were stiff, erect peaks. He murmured his approval in my ear, his husky voice sending a shiver of anticipation racing through my body.

His hand moved further up my body to wrap around my neck, giving a gentle squeeze.

"Do you like toying with your alpha?" He whispered, his breath tickling my neck. He ran his tongue along my skin, pausing at the frantically beating pulse he found. He nibbled on it, his teeth grazing the sensitive skin causing me to suck my breath in sharply. "Do you like knowing that you've driven me half mad all day? Every second I've had my eyes on you I've thought of nothing but bending you over the nearest surface, spreading you open and driving my cock inside you."

My pussy clenched at his words, my eyes closing as his hands worked their way down my body again, spreading open my pussy lips, gently circling around my clit

"Open your eyes, Grace,' he demanded, his husky voice driving me wild, "I saw how much you enjoyed watching us last time. Do you think about that, Grace? Do you think about watching my hands on your body, my cock sliding deep inside you?"

My cheeks flamed once more, not daring to admit that I had barely thought of anything else. "Tell me." He spread me wider, running his finger along me, coating it in my juices. I thrust my hips forward, desperate for him to touch me where I needed and stop toying with me.

Duke chuckled, slapping my pussy with the flat palm of his hand, "Oh no you don't" he grinned at me in the mirror, "not until I'm ready. Be a good girl, Grace. Please me and I'll please you"

He grabbed my clit between his fingers, squeezing tightly until I sobbed with pleasure. "Tell me how much you like this, that you've thought about me doing this to you, dreaming of the pleasure only I can give you?"

I met his eyes in the mirror and nodded, trying desperately to grind myself against his hand.

"Words, Grace" he whispered, his tongue circling my ear.

"Yes!" I panted. I was willing to say anything, to do anything, so long as he just put an end to this torture. I could feel my juices begin to spill out of me, creating a small droplets on the floor beneath me.

"Yes what? Yes you've thought about this?" He asked, sliding one finger deep inside me. I looked in the mirror and groaned at the sight of his finger knuckle deep in my pussy, his tanned skin contrasting sharply with my own pale tone. "Yes, you enjoy watching? Or yes you've dreamed of me?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" I all but screamed, "please, Duke. Please"

"So desperate, so needy" he breathed, pushing against me, his fierce erection resting against my back. He moved his hands underneath me, grabbing hold of my ass as he lifted me up slightly, sliding his legs out straight and placing me in the middle of them, lifting my own legs over his thighs, planting my feet on the floor either side of him.

I couldn't stop staring at us, my back placed flat against his chest, my legs spread wide, my pussy glistening in the light.

"You're so fucking sexy" Duke growled, "I love teasing you, watching as you go wild in my arms. You're the you're responsive woman I've ever met" as though to prove his point, he grabbed my nipples in his hands and grunted in satisfaction as they responded to his touch.

I continued to stare at us as his fingers danced down my body once more, his hot mouth on my neck, sucking on the spot where he would place his mating mark. His fingers wasted no time this time, spreading my pussy with one hand as he sank two fingers inside me with his other hand.

My held fell back as my back arched, a deep groan being pulled from me as he curled his fingers inside me, rubbing against that sweet spot that had me panting in seconds.

"Naughty girl" he whispered, pulling his fingers out of me and placing them straight in my mouth. "Suck!" Or ordered, "taste yourself on me"

I flicked my tongue around his fingers, the salty taste of his skin mixed with my wetness driving me straight to the edge. "Easy, sweetheart. The more frantic you get, the more I'm going to make you wait. I want you begging for me. I want you screaming me name, pleading for more. I want this entire pack to hear you, for them to know exactly who you belong to"

Without warning, he plunged his fingers back inside me, making me moan loudly. I grabbed his wrist to hold him in place as I rocked my hips, trying to control the pace of this mind numbing torture, needing so much more than he was willing to give me.

"That's right, you filthy bitch. Ride my fingers. Fuck yourself" I clenched tightly on his fingers, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I struggled to focus on the mirror, not wanting to miss a minute of the show.

"I fucking knew you loved to watch" he muttered triumphantly, "almost as much as I know how much you love my filthy mouth, how much you adore it when I call you names" he grabbed a fistful of my hair, wrapping it around his fingers as he forced my head back, making me look at him and not his mirror image. "Dont you?" He demanded, his head bending low so that he could stroke his tongue along my lips. "You love being my dirty girl, and you love being told how naughty you are, isnt that right?" His fingers picked up speed, my orgasm rising faster than I thought possible

"Yes, Duke" I replied panting, my tits bouncing with the force of his fingers slamming into me.

I sobbed his name, rocking my hips harder, moaning with frustration when he slowed his movements, despite my frantic tugging on his wrist for more.

"Duke, please"

"What, baby?

His tongue slid between my lips, sliding along my own, imitating the movements his fingers were doing between my legs. I sucked his tongue deeper into my mouth, clenching at his moan of pleasure.

He released my hair and my eyes were once again drawn to the mirror as he held my on the edge of orgasm, denying me my release.

With no warning, he reached up onto the bed and grabbed some pillows, throwing them in front of us before he spun me around and lay me down, my legs still wrapped around his hips as he propped me up on the pillows.

He gave me a sexy smirk, pulling on my thighs until we were hip to hip, his cock resting against my pussy.

"Stroke yourself" he ordered "I want to watch you play with that tight little pussy of yours"

I did as he asked, moving my hand to my clit and rubbed it in slow circles, loving the flare of hunger dancing in his eyes.

His hand circled his thick cock as it jerked in response to my play. I watched as he stroked it with long, smooth movements. Our eyes were locked together as we each touched ourselves until Duke grabbed his cock firmly at the base and slapped it on my pussy

I followed his lead and thrust myself forward, rocking back and forth, making his cock slide between my pussy lips. I moaned in pleasure as the tip his cock hit against my clit time and time again

I vaguely recognised a rhythmic knocking sound but I was too consumed with the pleasure Duke was giving me to pay much attention until it happened again, this time louder and with more urgency

"Alpha!" A voice came through the door in a frantic whisper. "Alpha I'm sorry to interrupt but you're needed out here!"

Duke growled out a warning, "Not now, Delta!" He warned, and I moaned at the ultimate alpha tone in his voice.

Duke grinned at me, pushing the head of his cock inside me. "Dirty girl" he whispered as I giggled.

"Alpha!" Came that same annoying voice and this time it was myself that sent the warning growl back, my frustration and growing anger more than evident.

"Alpha, dont kill the messenger but I really must insist you come with me." his voice was shaking with nerves "Your friend is here"

"Friend?" Duke almost roared back. What the fuck is he on about? We both frowned at each other.

I could practically hear his deep, gulping swallow. "Its a Mr Khaos, Alpha and well.. well he's smashing up the pack house"


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