My deepest desire

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Mateo and Levigh, two high school seniors secretly in love with each other both desiring their bodies. Mateo wanting to seduce her for a long time finally has the opportunity the night of homecoming, and Levigh loves... every... little... bit...... 🖤🔒⛓

Erotica / Romance
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My deepest desire

The night of homecoming was full of freshman this year. Not a lot of juniors and seniors. Levigh was here with her friend Mateo. Mateo was a tall, ripped aisan guy with thick dark hair. Levigh, a short light skinned girl with bushy hair brushed into space buns. Secretly they’ve both been in love each other for years, neither of them bold enough to confess. When no one was looking Mateo pulled her to the side almost behind the bleachers.

“Wanna go back home to my place?” He asked her looking her up and down.

“Yeah, lets get out of here.” She responded as she stared at him.

Mateo returned the seductive look and slid his hand under her short dress slowly. Levigh allowed every creative move he made. Mateo stroked her Pussy over her silk white underwear and her head tilted back as she moaned softly. She grabbed his arm and looked to see if anyone was watching.

“Come on.” He said as he stopped and led her out the door. Together they walked to his apartment and when they got there his parents were sleep. He shut their door and quietly led Levigh to his room. He locked his door behind him then unbuttoned his shirt and let it hand loosely off his shoulder.

“Levigh kicked off her heels and unzipped her dress. She took it off and put it to the side as she waited for Mateo’s next move in his bed. Quickly he walked over to her and pinned her down as he got in top of her. He kissed her red lips then licked her neck. Levigh grabbed his hair but Mateo grabbed her arms and held her hostage.

He knew she liked it hard and rough so without hesitation he bit her chest and sucked on her breasts hard enough to bruise them. Taking off his pants and ripping off her underwear Mateo put his tongue on her pussy and began eating her out and fingering her. She cried out and whimpered because of how amazing he was.

Using his tongue he stroked it deeper and made wide circular motions. Finally he sucked the g-spot and that was when she moaned so loud he had to put his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.

“I know baby girl, but don’t cum yet, I still want to tease you some more.” He whispered right in her ear. As he bit her neck he continued to finger her, this time using two fingers. He watched her eyes roll back. Next Mateo got on top of her and insert his penis making her cry, “Daddy!” He moved at a fast pace and went deep inside her. As he rearranged her guts he placed his hands on her chest for support. They both breathed heavily as they craved more and more pleasure.

Unexpectedly Mateo turned her over. “That’s it, arch your back for me baby. Bite the bullet and take it like a big girl”. He said as he pounded her. Levigh bit the pillow her face was resting on and chewed it as the sex got more intense. He firmly held her neck as he began to slow down, he came inside her pussy as he watched it drip a puddle on his sheets. He played with the cream on her and stroked it until she couldn’t take it anymore. She moaned intensely and Mateo licked it up making it clean for a second round.

“You want to do round two? Or are you scared you can’t take it?” He asked her with a deep, sexy voice........

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