The Arrangement (Unenhanced Edition)

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Five years ago, Amberleigh Dubois was plucked from a slum and given a job in the exclusive Cobra Club. At the Cobra Club all your fantasies can come true for the right price.She's grateful for her position as one of the club’s goddesses in The Circus Room. One night Amberleigh is working the Rainbow Room, trying to entice men to her level of the club where they can live out their sexual dreams. A VIP makes an offer she can’t refuse. He's young, handsome, and the richest man in Omega City. And Grayson Godwin is also in desperate need of an heir. It seems too good to be true, two million dollars to have his child. Like a dream job to live in a swanky highrise, have sex with a hot billionaire, and get paid. No strings attached. But it seems the billionaire playboy has something to hide... ***This version does not include any extended scenes or additional content***

Erotica / Romance
Anna R. Case
4.7 44 reviews
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Chapter one- Blame it on the Tequila

It was only ten p.m. and Amberleigh Dubois was pretty much drunk already. Perhaps that was the reason the bouncer looked hella good tonight. Usually she found Tio’s steroid induced, over-muscled, physique (where you could count all his veins), a turn off. There was a fine balance between fuck me you muscled God, and back the fuck off Hulk. But after she threw back her fifth, no sixth or eighth shot, she felt ready to go a round with Hulk between the sheets.

Amberleigh wasn’t entirely to blame for her serious lack of judgment tonight. It was the twentieth anniversary party of the Cobra Club after all and tonight the club had spared no expense. All its VIP guests were treated to a night of free booze and free fantasies, while its regulars experienced the best the club had to offer at half-price. New walk ins and first timers received their first ten minutes on the house, and usually after their first time, they were hooked. Addicted even. I mean who didn’t want to leave behind their nine- to- five dreary existence to live out their wildest sexual, fantasies?

And The Cobra Club certainly delivered. Nestled in the upper ten floors of the tallest building in Omega City, it was like a shiny beacon of hope for the overworked, underappreciated, and sexually oppressed. The sleek black building was shaped like an S and was topped with a huge ass Golden Cobra head, which the VIPs on the penthouse level got the pleasure of viewing the city through the Cobra’s eyes.

Amberleigh had gotten that same pleasure a few times, as she was a club favorite. She was a highly requested Goddess of The Circus Room, and got pulled to private suites on a nightly basis. Now landing a private booking with a VIP was a trickier endeavor, though one Amberleigh had achieved more than other Goddess working on her level. Not to brag or anything. The big money came from the big fishes. Every Goddess and Page –male equivalent of Goddesses- in the club were out to hook a big fish.

Being a top earner for your room, came with its advantages. For instance tonight Amberleigh would be in the Rainbow Room working instead of drinking, when her shift began at three a.m. It would be less demanding of her talents, which was a good thing considering how she would feel by then, still drunk or hungover. The Rainbow Room was on the main level of the club, like a melting pot for all it had to offer. A taste test if you will to see what appealed to your palate the most. Goddesses and Pages from every fantasy level assembled in the Rainbow room to try and entice the mark to their level.

In the Rainbow Room, was marble and gold, expensive paintings, soft lighting, a bar that was shaped like a giant golden swirl where half -dressed ladies and men draped themselves as seductively as the alcohol posed around the bar self- service style. Unless of course you wanted manual service, all you had to do was ask, and pay, and a beautiful staff member of your choice would be at your service, to service you in whatever ways you required.

There was also the beautiful and limber lady intricately caressing her way down the long strand of silk hung from the ceiling, offering a taste of what the circus level had to offer. It was Amberleigh’s home level, as she was quite a skilled contortionist. She had come up with some pretty unique sexual positions, which had gained her quite a few regulars.

Or was exotic cultures more your style, just watch the gypsy woman belly dancing with little on besides the boa constrictor draped around her neck. Or the dark skinned man in the small loin cloth with the oil kissed muscular, tattooed skin, and carved spear, dancing his seductive dances to bring on the rain. Both of them, along with several other foreign cultural delights could be found on the Mosaic level.

Or did you come here to do dancing of a different variety? Check out the dance club floors, so thoughtfully demonstrated by the lady in the tiny gold bikini, afro, and doing things that were pretty remarkable and agile on roller skates. Or the man with the long hair, muscled abs, in a pair of ripped jeans which had rips in strategical places. He banged his head and jumped around like he was on fire, or on a chemical substance, and worked up a sweat that cascaded down his bare torso. Three whole floors were dedicated to those who loved dancing in all varieties, and there was sure to be music played to suit all tastes.

Did you want to let go, let someone else take control for a while? Did you want to feel some pleasure mixed with the pain? The man and woman standing in skin tight, shiny leather, holding a whip and a leash could give you want you wanted. Or perhaps you wanted to be the one inflicting the pain? That could also be accommodated. Just see exhibit C, with the bare backed lady Goddess chained to the wall waiting for you pick up the whip and see how it handled.

Or was virtual reality more your thing? Well the impossibly perfect (and nude) man gleamed some pearly whites on a screen, beckoning you towards him. Slip into the suit and put on the VR headset and open yourself up to a whole new world unlike the one you could actually experience in the confines of Omega City. The only limit of where you could go, and what you could do on the VR level was the limit of your own imagination.

But right now Amberleigh had five hours until her shift, she was drunk, celebrating her fifth year as a Goddess, and horny as hell. She clinked the shot glass back down against the golden bar, and stalked towards Tio. Tio stood in the corner, eyes alert watching the crowd of riffraff in The Rainbow Room, as the VIPs were up partying on the level beneath the Penthouse.

She adjusted her breasts for maximum cleavage in her short, tight, silver sequin dress and flipped back her long mane of black hair. Her heart began to fall into the same rhythm of the bass pumping from the veins of the club’s state of the art sound system. Tio noticed her approach alright. His bald head gleamed beneath the strobe lights, his pupils dilated, and so did his cock as Amberleigh began to grind up against it.

She swayed her hips in time to the music , then bent over and touched her toes. Tio got a view most had to pay to get at Cobra club that night. His breathing increased, but he remained quite the professional, neutral expression, manning his post. His bulging penis was a dead giveaway though. She enjoyed torturing him for quite a while, as she danced, grinding her ass against him.

Finally, after she was christened in sweat, she turned to face him, her breasts rubbing across his torso as she leaned up to his ear.

“Take your break,” she commanded.

Tio immediately went to the earpiece in his ear and she giggled as he told the other bouncers working the floor he was taking his break now. He followed her through the maze of swaying bodies, and through the back exit of The Rainbow Room.

Her room was just a couple of levels up, and Tio was quiet as he followed her onto the elevator. But once the door shut, he pinned her up against the wall with her hands above her head. Amberleigh kicked the hold button with the heel of her stiletto. Why wait to make it upstairs? Let the private celebration begin as Tio ripped off her g-string.

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