Illicit Temptations

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Mature content "I loved the way his beard felt against my thighs, he liked to tease me until I begged for him" Seventeen year old Ivy Jones always had a thing for older men, even married men. Ivy loved the rush when it came to seducing men, she craved their attention. If Ivy wanted it, she got it no matter the consequences. What happens when Ivy falls for two very powerful dangerous men?

Erotica / Drama
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There wasn't a day that I didn't go without thinking about him. I can still smell his cologne on my silky sheets, I could still feel his hand on my throat while pounding into me. First time I laid my eyes on him I knew I had to have him. I didn't care that he was dangerous, in fact it drove me wild. Everything about him was tempting, I couldn't control myself around him.

I loved the feeling of him between my legs, I loved how he could make my legs shake. He made me feel so good, I constantly craved his touch whenever he'd leave. I've never been touched the way he touches me. I know I'm not the only one he's with but little does he know we're the same.

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