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Love is in love with Amoro the first time she takes an eye to the hot and gorgeous man who is kissing a man? She was first taken a back when she learns that Amoro which the man who have the same name as her minus the "O" letter "Amor" which means love in Spanish, already have a boyfriend but also takes two step ahead when she learns that he can go both ways and can still have a chance. The two problem is Amoro's already taken with Frank, Number one and the most difficult one Amoro is committed to Frank that his ready to put a ring on it. Watch how this story goes cause I don't really know myself how will it goes 😅😂 just kidding.It might be clingy or cliche but yeah if you don't want to read this kind of story then please leave😁🤓 ⚠ WARNING ⚠ Strong sexual sinces, words and other stuff please be on 18 or 21 above Im warning you! don't report this story I've already warned yah kid 😤🤓 I do not own any photos that will be posted in here so yeah ✌ copy right

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I know it's Irritating to see this author's note again but please do read this first I meant it.

Instructions before you begin when the character speaks Spanish or another laguaes that's not enliglish, please be informed that after the close quotation of the said dialogue the translation will be showed. (P. S. I don't speak Spanish all of the things that your gonna read in here was all came from Google Translate.) That will be all thank you

Amoro pov

"¡Deja de darme una mierda de excusas, Antonio! Sabes que soy tu maldito amigo y te aconsejo esto. Deja de ser un coño y un jodido hombre" Stop giving me crap of excuses Antonio! You know I'm your fucking friend and I advice you this. Stop being a pussy and fucking man up.

God knows how much he wants to kick his excuse of a bastard friend. He slams the door out of his car close and start his way in front of a bar while he still incontact with his dick of a head friend over the phone.

"Cómo demonios puedo hacer eso? Ella está en dioses sabe dónde. Ella me odia hombre y probablemente no quiere ver mi cara de mierda ni mi enorme polla" How the hell can I possibly do that. She's in gods know where. She hates me man and probably doesn't want to see my fucking face nor my massive dick.

He fucking wants to hang up his phone-heck if it is not because his friend with this guy.

"No conozco a Antonio, nunca he lidiado, alguna vez voy a lidiar con ese tipo de problemas como el tuyo? Solo contrata a un maldito detective, usa tu maldito dinero o cualquier conexión que tengas" I don't know Antonio I've never deal-heck will I ever deal with that kind of problems like yours. Just hire a fucking detective use your fucking money or whatever connection you have.

He nods at the bouncer before he enter the bar and continue giving a shitty advice in his friends.

"Dios, no puedo creer que voy a decir esto. Solo sigue a tu jodido corazón. En la necesidad de ir buena suerte con Marie" God I can't believe I'm going to say this. Just follow your fucking heart. I need to go good luck with Marie.

And he hang up. He needs a drink a lot of it. His friend's problem was giving him an headache.

He make his way to the staircase were the VIP section was. He didn't even pay attention to some woman who tries to flirt with him.

When he successfully make his way up, his eyes immediately finds what it's looking for.

Heck his friend down there even react with just the site of the gorgeous man that has been occupying his mind for the whole damn day. a la mierda (fuck it).

His smiling ear to ear while talking to some random girl and from we're his standing he could see the way he check his watch from time to time. He made his way to him and make his presence known by pressing his lips to his chicks. Mierda! (Fuck) he wanted to do more but he controls himself.

"Pasándola bien? Mi amor?" Having a good time? My love?. He can see how his body immediately tense by his touch.Oh gatito (oh kitten).

"Amoro" hearing him saying his name makes him feel hard. His blazing blue orbs makes him want to bend him in a fucking table infront of everyone else to see that this fucking sexy man is his alone.

"Your fucking late" he didn't even pay attention of what was his saying. Dios mío..his a mad man for even controlling himself.


I'm struggling to become a productive author cuz' I'm a lazy human being so if this update was to short I will give my apologies to you but I will not promise anything and Hey! Thanks for reading my story and if you add this in your library then Thank you again 🤓

See yah! 💋

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