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Once Upon a Oneshot

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A collection of short, sexy stories brought to you by the author of the Pink Cherry series, Jane Darling, and the author of The Nerd Diaries, Lana Cathryn.

Erotica / Romance
Jane Darling
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Chapter 1: Stolen Kisses

The dingy tower stairs echoed as Dagon climbed beyond the clouds. The stone bricks were slick with rain underneath his leather boots. He adjusted the irritating collar around his neck and forced himself to keep moving. The guards could wake up at any moment.

When he was given the mission he didn’t complain, although he’d wanted to. If he had known his mistress would make him climb all the way up the damn tower, he might have.

Dagon moved up the winding staircase swiftly and tried not to think too hard about the dagger hanging off his belt. It had been years since the curse was fulfilled, and still, the princess remained locked away in the highest chamber in the kingdom.

The solid oak door at the top of the tower stood guard over the cursed princess. It groaned as Dagon pushed his weight against it. The scrawny prince’s body didn’t give Dagon the strength he was accustomed to.

He struggled to keep his footsteps light despite knowing nothing could wake the sleeping beauty, it was the guards outside her tower that concerned him. One false move and the whole kingdom would be alerted of his presence—the prince’s presence.

Aurora slept underneath the broken streams of moonlight from the single open window adorning the tower walls. Golden hair flowed down around her head like a halo and framed her heart-shaped face. Dagon froze upon laying his eyes on the princess. She was stunning—ethereal. He wondered why his mistress would desire to harm such a being.

Dagon approached the bed but hesitated to disrupt the princess—not yet. Her pale lips drew his attention. One kiss from her true love was all it took to break the curse.

It was irreversible with the real Prince Philip locked away in his mistress’ dungeon, sleeping beauty’s true love would never come. But, this would be her final night imprisoned in the tower.

In the past, Dagon had marveled at the soft features of her face but never let himself want anything more with the crown’s heir. Now, standing before her for the first time in years, he was captivated by her insurmountable beauty.

Before his eyes could trail down her body, Dagon pinched them shut. He had a mission and couldn’t allow his fondness to get in the way of that. He gripped the handle of his dagger but grappled with the idea of freeing it from its sheath. He exhaled and pushed the mounting hesitation from his mind, summing up the strength to follow through with his orders, no matter how fiercely he wished to rebel.

A breeze from the window sent a chill across Dagon’s skin. It soon became clear to him that the wind affected the princess in the same manner. He let out a ragged breath as the layer of silk covering Aurora seemed to melt into her form, distinctly around her full breasts. Underneath, the princess’ nipples had become erect.

Dagon groaned at the sight and forced himself to direct his gaze back onto Aurora’s lips. One kiss. The storm raged outside as he battled with his better judgment. He swore to himself and bent over the sleeping princess. One kiss goodbye.

Abandoning his dagger, Dagon pressed his lips to hers. Their mouths fit as if they were never meant to be apart.

A chill ran up his spine once he pulled away.

The one-sided kiss triggered a flurry of aches in his heart. The princess had been dead to the kingdom for years but the guilt of being the one to plunge the dagger into her chest and truly end her existence would plague him for the rest of his days.

The decision was not one at all, he turned away from the sleeping princess and headed toward the shadowed doorway. By choosing to spare her, Dagon condemned himself to a life on the run and had to disappear before his mistress discovered his treachery.

Before he could leave the princess in his memories, another frigid breeze swept through the room, the harsh winds howling outside as if beckoning him back to her.

Dagon’s footsteps echoed on the cobblestone floors as he crossed the room with frustrated strides. He grabbed the window shutters and latched them so the princess would no longer be exposed to the harsh weather. As he turned away for the final time, he allowed his eyes to roam over her still form.

Bared porcelain skin stopped him in his tracks and had his heart racing. He fought to regain his composure before he did something he’d severely regret. Like running his hands across her alabaster skin. Finally touching the woman who’s been off-limits to him for so long.

His thoughts were cut short when Aurora’s hand twitched underneath the thin sheet. The movement stunned Dagon, and his temptations rushed to the forefront of his mind.

His feet carried him to her side, betraying him as they were unburdened by the turmoil taking root inside him.

The beautiful princess began to stir as he laid his attention on her. Her skin, vulnerable underneath the moonlight, enchanted him. He reached out in spite of himself. The moment his fingers grazed over her bare leg he knew a single touch would never satisfy him.

Dagon’s hand traveled up her silken thigh with hesitation, but he savored the sensation.

Aurora trembled underneath his touch. Her eyelids began to flutter but he paid it little mind before moving his attention further up her body. As he did, the sheet gathered above his hand and revealed more tantalizing flesh to his greedy eyes. Until he could hardly think.

The princess whimpered as Dagon’s exploration came to a halt at the apex of her thighs. His breath caught in his throat but he pretended not to hear.

Aurora’s hips raised subtly, and without anything to stop its descent, his hand landed on her sex. Dagon growled at the sudden feel of her warm, wet folds and fought the urge to sink his fingers inside her and earn another sweet sound from her lush lips.

Her soft thrusts into his grasp heightened every nerve in his body and he fell into a lust-filled trance. Each motion painted his fingers with wetness, made them glow under the light, and test his control. Before he could pull away and end the insufferable torment, Aurora’s hips suddenly bucked. This time, Dagon’s fingers slipped between her glistening folds and invaded her tight core.

Dagon nearly jerked his hand away, but her inner walls gripped him hard and unrelenting. All he had to do was pull away from the awakening princess and disappear into the night but his boots suddenly felt as if they were filled with the same heavy stones he was standing on. He now knew what it felt like to be inside of her, what it sounded like to please her, and he needed more.

Surrendering as much as he dared to his need, Dagon spread his fingers wide inside of the princess and savored the feel of her silky walls. Aurora writhed, and he groaned as the sheet hiding her chest threatened to slip onto the floor with every motion. Dagon started to remove his hand but another whimper escaped the princess’s lips. He cursed every fiber in his body for being unable to be pried away. Most of all, he cursed his pulsing cock.

Finally, when he had reached his wit’s end, a barely audible plea reached his ears.

The remainder of Dagon’s resolve melted at once and he thrust his fingers inside of her hot cunt. Dripping and pliant, she moaned as he began pleasuring her. He lost himself in her seductive noises and fingered her until she was lifting her hips to push him deeper. The incessant throbbing of his cock fueled his darkening desire to fill her with more than his fingers.

He was on the precipice of spreading her milky white thighs and burying his face in her perfect ripe cunt. Her juices would drench his chin after one taste, and only after she came would he claim her trembling body.

Aurora’s hand grabbed Dagon’s and quickened the pace of his strokes. He swore again and ached to taste the cum now dripping down her thigh. Her eyes moved rapidly beneath the lids, threatening to snap open as he brought her closer to her climax with each passing second.

He yearned to hear her cries of pleasure as she came undone, so in one motion he moved his free hand to her chest and pinched a taut nipple between his fingers.

The sleeping beauty fisted the sheets and groaned, legs shaking. His rough touch pushed her closer to the edge of her orgasm as his own desperation grew. Dagon continued his unrelenting stimulation, and at once, her back arched and he couldn’t hold back any longer.

He lunged for her sopping cunt, lashing at her swollen clit with his tongue as soon as he made contact. He was desperate to drink up the aftermath of her arousal, and his fingers dug into the soft skin of her legs as he pulled her further onto his face. He needed more.

Aurora cried as Dagon furthered his onslaught. For a moment he wondered if the guards could hear her mesmerizing whimpers and moans, the thought made him desperate to force more out of her.

Before he could gasp for air, she grabbed the soft tufts of his hair and forced his tongue inside her. Her legs enclosed on his head, stealing the remainder of his breath.

Dagon growled at the sudden shift in control. His grip turned biting on the bottom of her thighs before he roughly took her clit between his teeth. She rode his face while screaming in ecstasy and he laved up every last drop of her cum.

She released Dagon as her legs gave out but he was nowhere near finished with the satisfied princess. Her purple eyes shined as they opened to the world for the first time in years. Dagon’s cock twitched at the sight of them. He waited, wary of her reaction. But, it hit him just as those orbs pierced through him. He still looked like the prince--her prince.

“Phillip?” She breathed. He swore there was the slightest hint of disappointment in her voice.

“Yes, darling?” He tried to hide the biting tone of jealousy threatening to give him away. He released his tight grip on her thighs even though there was nothing he wanted to do less. Princes are proper. Mannerly. Prudes, in his mind. They didn’t know how to pleasure a princess, and he’d bet their eyes would fall out at the mention of a clitoris. Especially ‘Phillip’ whom Dagon was forced to shift into.

Her lips twitched at the corners as she gazed at him. “I had the strangest dream.”

“Which was?” Dagon’s interest was piqued. She couldn’t possibly believe her orgasm was a dream, not after she woke up with his face between her dripping thighs.

“You were,” Aurora blushed, “Well, it may be easier if I show you,”

Dagon pulled away in shock of the princess’s boldness. Princesses were supposedly proper too. A grin spread across his lips as he realized something he had known all along. Aurora was never an ordinary princess at all. Maybe that’s why the sight of her still made him lose his sense.

Fuck. He was already in deep.

Aurora pulled the thin sheet over her chest and threw her legs over the edge of the bed. Dagon’s gaze studied her with curiosity. Her confident movements as she dropped to her knees in front of the ‘prince’ intrigued him.

But as her hands roamed up his thighs he couldn’t help but scowl. Her movements seemed too familiar, too sure for someone who’s not been on her knees for a man before. No, the princess’s impish smirk told Dagon all he needed to know about her previous endeavors. And he had the creeping suspicion that they included the betrothed prince.

Her lithe fingers explored the fabric of the prince’s pants and removed the leather belt with certainty---the dagger he was to use on her clattered to the stone floor. Its echo filled Dagon’s ears with dread.

Still, Aurora increased her boldness and freed the prince’s hardly commendable cock. As Dagon cursed to himself, the princess paid no mind to his embarrassment. She stroked him skillfully, and he fought the temptation to give her a challenge in the form of his own thick cock.

Shifting into an existing creature meant he was bound to take on their features--and flaws. As her lips parted and pressed against his pulsing shaft, Dagon sucked in a pained breath. Her teasing kisses plagued him with the need to bury his length inside of her hot mouth. At the thought, precum ran down the slit of the engorged crown and was promptly licked away by the greedy princess’s tongue.

An onslaught of sparks raged up his spine, and a ragged gasp escaped his own lips despite his inclination to remain silent. His eyes rolled back into his head as she began to take him deeper. The expert motions of her tongue drove him to madness.

To see Princess Aurora on her knees, her full lips wrapped around his cock and desperate to please him was glorious. Before he could catch his breath, the princess took his entire length to the back of her throat. The rapid descent made his hips buck forward and fuck her hot mouth. Dagon entangled his fingers in her golden hair and forced her down to meet his thrusts. Her lips met his pelvic bone, igniting a primitive desire to make her gag. He was already so dangerously close to bursting.

Aurora dragged him past his breaking point as she swallowed everything he could give her while stuck inside the prince’s unsatisfying form. Dagon’s head fell back as a rush of ecstasy erupted inside him. His hand fisted her golden mane and he groaned

Her eyes widened and teared up as his cock swelled inside of her. She gagged on the increased length but Dagon fucked her tight throat without pause.

“Rory,” He gasped, the childhood nickname falling from his lips like an overdue prayer. It continued to flow out like a chant as his hot cum filled her precious mouth. Only when the thick streams of his seed stopped did he realize his mistake.

Aurora’s shocked eyes met his own. “Dagon?”

His mouth went dry as he searched for words. “No,” he choked out, in an attempt to deny the truth.

The princess stood abruptly, her messy hair concealed her hard nipples from Dagon’s view. She gathered the sheet from the floor and covered herself. For the first time that night, pink hue covered her cheeks.

“It is you,” she spat. “Where is Phillip? Why are you pretending to be him?” Dagon grimaced at the worried note in her voice.


She leaned forward, eyes piercing into his, “You what?”

Dagon struggled to regain his composure, “I came to free you of your curse,” He lied.

“You?” She said, venom in her voice. “You know you can’t. You’re lying.”

“I just did, princess.”

“By pretending to be Phillip?”


She staggered back. “No, that’s not true. It can’t be.”

Her denial of the possibility infuriated Dagon and pushed him to his feet. What more proof did she need other than the fact that she was standing on her own two feet again? Lucid after years of slumber.

He moved closer to the furious angel in front of him and tried not to let his dark eyes wander. “You’re awake, aren’t you?” he growled. His muscles were tense with rage.

Aurora opened her mouth to respond but nothing came out. Her expression clouded with an unreadable emotion. “I… I-”

“You what?” Dagon scoffed.

Before she had the ability to respond, Dagon closed the space between them. His hands went to her shoulders, his irritation evident in the way he curled his fingers around them and jarred her. “You don’t want it to be me?” he demanded. The bitterness of his jealousy had finally peaked.

“That’s not what I said,” She snapped back at the fuming man in front of her. Long tendrils of black hair fell over Dagon’s face as his guise fully disappeared. Her sharp words resonated through the chamber and shocked Dagon out of his unfounded resentment.

He searched her stoney expression, wondering how her soft features could transform into such a stinging glare. “Well, that’s what it seemed like.”

“You’re just jealous.”

Her words washed over him like poison and he found himself cursing the lips he’d surrendered to just moments ago. “I liked this reunion much better when your mouth was full,” he hissed with amusement, a sneer overtaking his mouth.

“Savor the memory,” Aurora matched his unbridled anger, “It’s never happening again,”

“Oh,” he laughed. “Is that a royal decree?”

Aurora shook her head and broke the stare between them. Before she could walk away, Dagon grabbed her arm and pulled her back into his rough embrace. “That’s fine, princess. I’ve had better anyway.”


“Princesses shouldn’t talk like that. They also shouldn’t be on their knees,”

“What if they enjoy it?”

“Watch it,”

“Or what?”

Dagon locked his jaw at the sound of her daring words. His cock grew against the princess’s thigh and revealed his filthy desires. He shamelessly thrust into her, catching her off guard and disarming her steely expression.

Her lips parted in shock before forming a scowl, “So that’s it then, you’re an animal?”

Dagon’s expression darkened, “I can be.” His arms encircled the stubborn princess and lifted her off the ground, turning to throw her onto her bed.

The sheet fell to his feet as he dropped her onto the mattress. Dagon covered her body with his own, pinning her arms above her head as she squirmed beneath him.

He smothered her weak protests with a kiss. She gasped at the sudden intrusion of his tongue past her lips and bowed into his strong grasp.

Dagon groaned and furthered his pursuit to ruin the princess. Her sweet whimpers fueled his hunger before transforming into moans. He fit his hips snugly between her legs and thrust his cock against her as her naked breasts brushed against his chest with each shallow motion.

His shaft pulsed with desire, so strongly that he had to grit his teeth and stop at once. He needed to feel Aurora’s cunt around him before he finished what she started. He hiked her thigh around his hip, the contact sent him spiraling into a frenzy.

Dagon aligned his cock with Aurora’s entrance and stared into her eyes. He wanted to see the wild desire burning through her. He paused, taking in the erratic rise and fall of her chest and the distracting pink peaks. Before he could claim her, Aurora lifted her hips to force Dagon’s length inside of her.

He smirked and leaned down to whisper in her ear, “Do you need something, Rory?”

She gasped but still insisted on denying his effect on her, “Dagon,”

His name leaving her lips in a hushed breath burned through the remainder of his restraint.

“Do you want my cock inside you or not?”

Aurora’s eyes widened before nodding eagerly, giving Dagon permission to stretch her dripping cunt wide with the head of his shaft. Dagon thrusted once, twice, before he plunged into her without hindrance. She struggled to accommodate his thickness, smothering it with her walls to the point of pain.

He filled her until she cried out his name and clawed at the tanned skin of his back. Her hands roamed to his firm ass and drove him deeper inside of her clenching pussy. His thrusts forced hoarse cries from her throat.

“Harder,” Her royal highness commanded.

Dagon swore by her ear. His cock ached from the sudden withdrawal. “You want me to go harder, princess?” He grabbed her hips and flipped her before she could realize his plans for her. He jerked her ass into the air and slammed back inside her without concern for her pleasure.

The princess whimpered as Dagon pinched her erect nipples.

“Is this what you had in mind?” He rasped, plowing in and out of her. His desire to possess her soared beyond the need to find release. He lost himself in her flurry of moans and used her well past her breaking point.

“Answer me,” He demanded as the princess gasped beneath him, seeming to forget her previous efforts to be in charge.

The princess wouldn’t yield, and responded with a guttural moan.

Dagon was getting tired of Aurora’s defiance and fisted her gleaming hair. The moonlight defined the curves of her alluring body. He yanked her head back, aligning his lips to her ear and gave her another chance to surrender.

“Princess,” He said through gritted teeth. “Answer me before I bend you over my knee and then force my cock into your tight little ass.”

Aurora sucked in a breath before succumbing to his control. She moaned out her answer and melted under his rough treatment of her body.

At the show of submission, Dagon’s cock pulsed inside of his compliant slut, and he groaned as he emptied his cum into her. He ignored the overwhelming sensations of her pussy still wrapped around his cock and forced her over the edge of her climax. Their moans mixed as he pulled out, her cunt dripping his seed onto the bed.

“Still think I’m an animal?”

Aurora whimpered into the mattress and nodded feebly.

“Good.” Dagon’s palm met the swell of her ass in a punishing slap. The princess groaned in defeat and surrendered herself to his dominance.

Dagon let his weight fall next to her, pulling her into his embrace and closing his eyes. Aurora pressed herself closer to his body and fell peacefully into a cursed slumber.


Dagon awoke to the early morning sunlight streaming through the window. He rose abruptly, gazing at the sleeping princess beside him. Her chest moved softly with each gentle breath she took. He couldn’t believe she hadn’t kicked him out of the tower the moment she laid eyes on him.

He stroked Aurora’s arm lovingly and sighed. The dagger gleamed on the floor beside them and reminded him of his instructions. To break the oath meant certain death at the hands of Maleficent, queen of the Moors. Although Dagon didn’t fancy the idea of being slaughtered, he couldn’t bring himself to murder his Rory.

Dagon relieved himself from Aurora’s magnetizing pull before he could change his mind and lay with her for the remainder of his days. It felt wrong. After all, his kiss had awoken her from her eternal slumber. But why? Dagon couldn’t be sure. Maleficent’s curse stated only true love’s kiss could rouse her.

Dagon had loved Aurora since the moment he laid eyes on her, years ago. She demanded he attend her forest picnics, and often when he should have been spying, he stood guard. Hardly out of adolescence himself, Dagon strove to impress his new mistress but the young Aurora irritated him beyond anything he’d felt before in his short life.

When she sacrificed her life for the sake of the kingdom on her birthday so many years ago, Dagon had been devastated. His burdens, given to him by Maleficent, forced him to ignore his feelings, though they weighed on him. Until one day, he stopped mourning her altogether.

Reluctantly, Dagon left Aurora’s side and redressed in the Prince’s ridiculous clothes. Dagon worried she’d remain in a cursed slumber forever.

Dagon lifted the princess so her head rested on the pillow and her hands crossed on her abdomen. He covered her exposed body with the thin sheet to protect her modesty.

As he prepared to exit from the window sill, her lips haunted him.

Phantom kisses filled his every thought. Dagon glanced wistfully at his sleeping beauty, if he stayed for a moment longer he would relent and steal another kiss. He stepped out of the window and plummeted towards the ground. Formidable wings pierced through the skin on his back and raven black plumes feathered out in the wind.

As Dagon flew away from the tower he prayed he’d see Aurora again, even if only once upon a dream.


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