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-warning taboo erotica, drink and drug abuse- At her sixteenth birthday the world ended for Rosa-Lee when her older brother was killed. For a year she was lost until an incident meant she was shipped off to a juvenile center for troubled teens. There she met Bryan who seemed to bring the sun back into her life. As adults they have drifted apart, and someone new is helping Rosa-Lee to see the sunrise once more.

Erotica / Drama
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This was somewhat inspired by the lyrics of this song;

'I woke up this morning
Now I understand
What it means to give your life
To just one man
Afraid of feeling nothing
No bees or butterflies
My head is full of questions
And my house is full of lies

This is home, home
And this is home, home
This is home

I found you standing there
When I was seventeen
Now I’m thirty-two
And I can’t remember what I’d seen in you
I made a promise
Said it everyday
Now I’m reading romance novels
And dreaming of yesterday

This is home, home
And this is home, home
This is home

I’d like to see the Riviera
And slowdance underneath the stars
I’d like to watch the sun come up
In a stranger’s arms

This is home, home
And this is home, home
This is home
This is home, home
And this is home, home
This is home

I’m going crazy
A little every day
And everything I wanted
Is now driving me away
I woke this morning
To the sound of breaking hearts
Mine is full of questions
And it’s tearing yours apart...'

Songwriters: SHERYL CROW


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