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Chapter 10

As Saturday rolled around again, Janey begged me to go to the Met Lounge once she found out Bryan was working all night again. After an hour of non stop text’s and the promise of her famous enchiladas, I’d given in.

I’d once again allowed her to dress me, and she’d found a cute red 40′s-style red dress I forgotten I’d bought. It was form fitting, stopping just above my knees, with a white lacy Peter-Pan collar and three pearl buttons down the front of the bust. I decided to go full on vintage with a suspender belt and stockings. I knew nobody would see them but I always enjoyed feeling secretly sexy under my clothes. My black hair was smooth, and I pinned the fringe back with a twist, signature red lipstick and black eyeliner on my face as per usual. I pulled a black pea-coat over the top and a pair of high heeled Mary Jane’s finished the look.

We settled ourselves in a booth and looked round the club. Janey suddenly giggled and looked back at me.

“Very cute guys imminently bound.” She says under her breath. I glance behind her and sure enough there were three attractive guys walking towards us, two brunettes and one with fiery red hair, smiles on their faces.

“Ladies.” The tallest one puts his glass down on our table. “May we join?” Janey giggles again and nods yes. I roll my eyes, she turns into a hormonal teenage girl whenever she comes in close contact with good looking guys. “I’m Scott.” He nods to the other brunette. “That’s my brother Trent, and ginge here is Tigger.” They slide in to the booth, Scott next to Janey, and Trent and Tigger next to me, boxing us in.

“Tigger?” Janey questions.

“The hair, plus get some sugar into me and I’m bouncing off the fucking walls.” He answers with an easy grin.

As Janey introduces us I study Scott’s face. He looks so familiar.

“Hey hey hey guys! Be nice to my favorite teachers.” My head snaps round to the sound of Layne’s voice. He picks up Trent’s bottle of beer and takes a big gulp, licking his lips as he lowers it. I can’t help but follow it with my eyes. He catches me staring and the corners of his lips lift into a smirk. I feel my cheeks heat up.

“Oh! Are you guys in Layne’s band?” Janey exclaims loudly. “I thought you all looked familiar.”

Layne squeezes into the booth next to Scott. “Yup. These two are my cousins.” He points between Scott and Trent.

“Wait a sec...Layne, Scott, Trent...why do I feel like I’m suddenly sitting in the middle of the nineties rock scene?” I joke.

“You can blame our dear old granddad for that.” Trent smiles, shaking his head slowly. “He was from a little town outside of Birmingham in England called Redditch, birthplace of the worlds greatest drummer John Bonham.”

“Hells yeah he was the fucking bomb!” Tigger interupts, holding his hand up for a high five which Trent grudgingly gives.

“Anyway...Granddad loved Led Zepplin so he called our dad’s after the members. Our dad is Robert and Layne’s is John. Or Bobby and Johnny as they are usually called. Our dad is the owner of this place.” He leans back against the worn leather of the booth and waves his arm out at the club.

“That explains the underage boy sitting at the table.” I grin over at Layne, and he winks at me over the bottle he had to his lips.

“Then our dad’s decided to continue the tradition, so named us all after their favorite band members; Trent Reznor, Scott Weiland, and Layne Staley. We’ve a younger brother called Kurt too.” Trent grins. “We thank god every day that our dads’ had good taste in music or else we could’ve ended up being named after the Back Street Boys or some shit.”


A couple of hours later and Janey has firmly staked her claim on Scott, the two of them flirting up a storm. I’d spent much of my night talking to Tigger, who it turned out was actually called Tyrone and was an English major at college. I was in the middle of an involved conversation about the evolution of romance novels when Scott had gone to the bar leaving Janey with nothing to occupy her. Marilyn Manson comes on and she squeals, grabbing my arm and dragging me from the booth and onto the dance floor. “I freaking love this song.” She declares as she starts slowly grinding on me to his rendition of Sweet Dreams. I laugh and start moving sensually against her too. My eyes scan the room and find Layne leaning with his back against the bar watching us as Scott chats with the bartender. I move my hips slower, running my hands up my hips, over my breasts. He moves his head so slightly that unless you were staring at him, like I was, you would have missed it, tilting it towards the ladies room. He leans over and says something to Scott, then pushes himself off the bar and walks round the edge of the dance floor, pausing at the door to the restroom. I gulp, already feeling myself getting aroused.

“Janey, I’m just going to the bathroom.” I lean close and say loudly into her ear. She nods, her eyes closed as she continues to sway to the music.

I slip inside the ladies room to find Layne leaning up against the door to the disabled stall. He smirks before pushing it open and gestures for me to walk inside. He closes the door behind us, locking it, and I lean back against the wall, trying to control my breathing.

He steps closer, his large green eyes flicking between my eyes and my lips, which I lick nervously. He places his hands on my waist, pulling me closer until our stomachs are touching.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I first saw you.” He says, his voice low and rasping, moving his face closer to mine.

Our lips touch, and my senses fill with his scent, cigarettes with a hint of cinnamon, igniting a rush of blood straight to my core. His mouth against mine is firm, his lips sending tingles all the way through me. One of his hands brushes against my jaw, snaking it’s way through my hair to hold the back of my head, holding me closer as our heads tilt, our lips parting and his tongue dips into my mouth. He moves expertly against me, our lips molding to each other like they are supposed to be joined together. I arch my back as the kiss deepens even more passionately, and his other hand slides down to my ass, then along my thigh hiking it up to his waist so he can press himself against my crotch. I wrap my arms tightly around his neck. I can feel his excitement hard up against me, and I grind slightly, pulling a deep groan from him. He breaks off from our kiss, and starts pressing open mouthed kisses down my neck, while moving his hand from the back of my head and sliding it between us. His long fingers slowly rub down the silky material of my panties, pulling them to one side and slowly sliding one inside my wetness. I moan, throwing my head back against the tiled wall, almost loosing it straight away. I feel him grin against my throat, and he slides another inside me, finding my clit with his thumb. He starts plunging his fingers in and out of me, his thumb delicately rubbing little circles on my clit until my legs start to shake. I press my lips back against his to try and stop the groans of pleasure from filling the room. His tongue swiftly dominates my mouth again, moving in time with his fingers. I feel the orgasm rip through me, my insides clenching tightly around his fingers. He pulls away, breathing as heavily as me.

He bites his bottom lip and sinks down to his knees in front of me, moving my leg so it sits over his shoulder. Sliding my dress up higher so it sits round my waist he takes in the sight of my suspender belt and stockings.

“So fucking sexy.” He mutters under his breath as he slides my panties to one side again, and leans forward pressing his mouth up against my still pulsating clit. Just as his tongue flicks out and hits me the door to the bathroom opens.

“Rosa?” I quickly slide one hand down to cup myself, blocking Layne, and slap the other hand over his mouth.

“Uh...yeah Janey?” I try to sound less like I’ve just had an orgasm.

“Taxi is here. I’m gonna say goodbye to Scott and I’ll meet you outside babe.”

The door slams shut, and I relax, moving my leg from Layne’s shoulder and straightening my dress. He stands up and wipes his mouth with his thumb. Our eyes meet, and both of start chuckling.

“Well...that was....um...” I feel myself blushing again, and brush through my hair with my fingers. Layne tilts my chin up with a finger and looks deep into my eyes.

“That was what I call unfinished....but don’t worry I always pay what I owe.” Layne smirks at me as he leaves the stall.

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