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Chapter 11

I lie down in bed next to an already sleeping Bryan. I can still feel the pressure of Layne’s lips on mine, and his fingers inside me. My body heats up as I relive the little tryst in the restroom of the club. I roll onto my side and study Bryan’s sleeping form in the dusks dim light. He is on his back, mouth slightly open, snores filling the silence of the early morning. He’d gotten his hair cut today at some point, the sides were shorter and neater, almost shaved to nothing, and the top was it’s normal mess of brown waves. I wonder if he’ll be able to tell that I cheated on him. I wonder if I look any different now I’ve crossed that line. I feel different. But not as guilty as I thought I would.

He snores even louder, and rolls onto his side. It’s quiet for a minute before the snoring starts up again. It’s like sleeping next to a tractor sometimes. I get out of bed, picking up my pillow and my phone from the bedside table, and quietly make my way downstairs and set myself up on the sofa. Just as I get myself snuggled down under the throw my phone pings. Huffing, I untangle my arm from the blanket burrito and pick it up.

It’s a notification from Instagram. Clicking on the app I find myself tagged in several photos. Including one of me and Janey in what looks like a very sexy pose mid-dance. I then realize who’s posted them, PLayneStan.


I really hope he doesn’t have any friends at school, this could get us into a lot of trouble.

I swipe through the photos, landing on the last one which was a selfie he’d taken leaning up against the door of the ladies, a smirk plastered on his full pink lips. I feel a smile make it’s way onto my face.


I’m already in trouble.


I sit in front of my AP English class, trying not to look at Layne even though I can feel his eyes on me the whole of the period.

Gavin is stood in front of me now, thankfully blocking my view, and I’m trying my hardest to listen to him as he gives his presentation to the rest of the students. I glance down at my wrist watch. Ten minutes til the end of class, and the end of the day. I slowly try to start gathering my books together so I can dash out of the room as soon as the bell sounds. Gah! I sound as bad as the kids.

Finally the shrill bell cuts through Gavin’s monotonous voice.

“Okay class, that’s a wrap, see everyone tomorrow.” I slide my books into my open bag and stride towards the door before anyone else can.

“Mrs Maddox? I wondered if I could ask you something about last weeks assignment?” I freeze and slowly turn towards Layne, who was smiling slyly. I plaster a fake smile on my face and nod. The rest of the class slowly file out, calling goodbye to me, and I put my bag back on my desk. Once the last student has left and the door has closed behind them I drop the smile. Layne slowly gets up from his desk and walks towards me.

“Layne, we can’t....”

“Can’t what, Miss? All I wanted was some help with my homework.” He nearly whispers the end of the sentence, close enough now that I can feel his breath. I am leaning up against my desk, and he leans forward a little, caging me with his arms. “I don’t know what it is that you had in mind.” His mouth is up against my ear, causing goosebumps to ripple over my skin. He leans back to look me in the eye, biting down his bottom lip. My eyes scan over his face, taking in his sharp cheekbones and the hints of dimples which appear as he chews his lip. His wine glass green eyes are trained on my lips as I say “Oh fuck it.” I pull him forward and crash our lips together.

He moves my legs so he can stand in between them, sliding my skirt up my thighs and brushing my sensitive core with his thumbs. He gently bites my lower lip, and I open my mouth to allow his tongue access. I loose myself in the kiss, running my hands up to grab his hair. He moans a little, and I pull a little more. All of a sudden I feel his fingers thrust inside of me, and my head rolls back. He chuckles and moves his kisses down onto my throat, moving down to my chest. I realize as I feel his lips on my breast that he’d undone my blouse whilst we’d been kissing. He bites me gently as he pulls the material of my bra to one side then takes my erect nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting. Combined with the steady motion of his fingers I feel myself getting closer to release. I let go of his shoulders and lie back on the desk as the orgasm ripples through my core, my back arching so only my ass and head remain in contact with the wood.

He takes his fingers out and I feel him tug at my underwear, I shift my hips a little so he can slide them off. He parts my legs a little wider, pulling my ass closer to the edge of the desk, and then I feel his mouth press kisses up the inside of first one thigh then the other. A frustrated moan escapes my lips as I ache for his touch. I feel him grin against my skin, before he nips me lightly millimeters from my wet slit.

“Someone impatient?” I moan again, and try to pull my thighs together to get rid of the pressure building inside me. “Ah ah ah!” He tutts, sliding my legs even further apart. His tongue and fingers touch me at the same time, the wet assault on my clit matching with the frenetic movement of his fingers inside me have me coming again within seconds, my legs shuddering around his shoulders, his name dripping from my lips.

I feel him stand up and pull my skirt back down. I prop myself up on my elbows and grin at him through my post orgasmic state. He smiles, wiping my arousal off his lips with his thumb and finger, pulling down slightly on his full bottom lip. He saunters back to his desk and picks up his bag, pulling it over his shoulder. He slowly makes his way back to where I’m still gathering my thoughts and doing up my blouse leaning against my desk. He stops and shoves his hand down his pants and readjusts his self with a smirk.

“See you tomorrow, Miss.”

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