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Chapter 12

“See you tomorrow Miss.”

All I had running through my mind that evening was his words and his sexy smirk after he’d given me one of the best orgasms of my life. I try to concentrate on the menial task of making dinner; chopping the chicken, adding the pesto and pasta, but can’t stop the tingling excitement in my bottom for the explicit act which had taken place in my classroom this afternoon. Bryan was in a good mood for once, and sat chatting to me while I cooked. I was sure my obviously flushed cheeks and overly exuberant responses to everything he said were a dead give away to the fact that I’d cheated on him, but he seemed blissfully unaware to the heat in my underwear.

Yet another nights sleep is interrupted by his loud snores, and I decamp to the uncomfortable sofa in the early hours. A shaft of moonlight cuts through the curtains and shines on one of our wedding photos. We both look happy, but behind the smiles I remember how drunk he was and how he spent the majority of our wedding day bitching about my family before disappearing with his friends to get stoned. We didn’t even get to consummate our wedding that night because of the state he was in. I sigh deeply. I thought he was all I was ever going to want. He was the funniest guy I’d ever met, and could be the sweetest too. Obviously I knew the baggage he came with, as did he with my past, but I was starting to feel trapped. His depression was a dark box which held both of us captive.

I shift around, trying to get away from the one awkward spring which seemed to always be poking into my ass. I think back to the nights we’ve spent sat on this old thing, him drunk as a skunk telling me I’m the only one for him, the only one who really knows him, how if we weren’t together he wouldn’t still be alive. The crushing weight of guilt suddenly feels like it drops onto my chest, and I can’t breathe. I sit forward, leaning my head down between my knees, trying to take slow breaths to stop the ringing in my ears and relieve the pain in my chest. He really believed that. He really thought I was some kind of savior in his life that kept him somewhat normal. He really thought that I was a wonderful wife.

What the fuck was I thinking?

I would have to tell Layne that what we did was a mistake. A mistake that nobody could ever know about.

My night was full of fitful sleep, and you could see it the next morning in the dark rings under my eyes. Bryan was full of apologies for keeping me awake with his snoring. I practically shotgun two strong coffees before dragging myself into the shower. As I was drying myself off, Bryan shouts a goodbye to me, and I hear the door slam shut, then the locked handle get wiggled several times. When I make my way back through to the kitchen I find all the electrical appliances unplugged and all the plug sockets all switched off.


The telltale anxiety of triple checking doors and windows are locked, and that all electrical items are off in case they explode when we're not here, mean that Bryan is on the beginning of a downward spiral.

I really need to nip this burgeoning affair in the bud.

My classes fly by, and soon I'm soon in front of AP English again, trying to avoid making eye contact with Layne once again. As I waffle on about what the next assignment would be, I can feel his eyes burning into me. I start to get cotton mouth, fumbling over my words, trying desperately to stop my eyes from looking towards the back of the room where I know he'll be staring at me. Relief floods through me when the bell rings, signaling the end of the day. I grab my bag and race out of the room before any of my students get a chance to leave.

"Mrs Maddox?" His voice makes me stop in my tracks. His hand glances off my ass as he walks round to stand in front of me, making my breath hitch. "I thought maybe we could've stayed back after class again." His voice drops conspiringly.

"Layne....I don't think...well actually I know what we did was a mistake." My eyes flick up to his, taking in the hurt and confusion in the deep green pools of his eyes. "And we can't do it again...I can't let it happen again." I inhale deeply, unexpected tears prickling behind my lids. "I'm married, and my husband needs me." Layne closes his eyes, tipping his head back and swallowing hard. "I'm sorry." I whisper.

As I reach the end of the corridor I glance back and see him still stood there, head turned to the ceiling, backpack dangling from his hand onto the floor.

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