Dark Night | Erotic One-Shots [MA 18+]

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I will not take any responsibility for any ruin underwear’s or boxers. Any boners or wetness that occur are your responsibility and yours alone, if you want to share it with a partner that’s your business not mine. This book is a collection of 40 erotic one-shots/ erotic short stories taking place in different kinds of places home, work, school, public. You name it, it will happen. Eventually. When I get there. ⚠️ Many of the chapters are unedited. Sorry about that, I have little to no editing skills, and my grammar and punctuation aren't the best. They can be awkward at times but bare with me. I'll try my best to get as many stories as I can. I will be experimenting for a while so they won't all be as good as my first official story. ⚠️ Hope you enjoy. Like and leave me a comment on what you like, what sounds awkward. Would greatly appreciate it!😉 P.S. I Love constructive criticism! It makes me a better writer!

Erotica / Romance
Saint Marlye
Age Rating:

☾ Welcome


I am Marlye but you can call me Marr. I just wanna thank you very much for checking out my book. It is wonderful that you are here reading trash and giving my filthy mind your support. For that, I thank you greatly.

Let us get down to the reason I am writing this welcome page other than to welcome you for indulging in my filthy fantasies. Due to my just entering college, I won't be able to update frequently so I apologize ahead of time. Let me put some quick disclaimer out there before the grammar and spell checking demon hunters hunt me down:

1. I suck ass at editing so don't kill me if you see something in the book that doesn't sound good. Please kindly point it out for me and I will go over it and correct accordingly.

2. I don't update regularly because of school, it has me fuck up right now, the nursing program keeps me busy all the time. Even though I'm liking totally failing but that's okay I always pulling through in the end somehow.

3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! If you read a chapter please do leave a comment positive or negative. A comment is a comment it let me know if you like what you are reading or if I should change my style so on and so forth.

4. PLEASE vote! With every vote I get, I'm motivated to write another chapter. So please vote and comment.

Also, note that this book is all one-shots, therefore, all the chapters are completely irrelevant to each other. Some stories might have multiple parts it depends on how I feel about the story. If anyone has anything to say about the book then message me or leave a comment. I love additional input cause it helps me to change and improve myself as a magical creature.



To my old readers, I have done a bit of editing to the previous chapter so its a bit more legible. It's easier to read so enjoy it. I apologize for the previous horrible writing but I am learning and changing my ways.

please follow my social media, I going to start announcing my updates there. I am not annoying with my updates like most people. I will update only when necessary.

Insta: marrlye

Twitter: marrlye

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