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Beast World

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Cast into a new world after almost being raped by her boyfriend, Charlotte finds herself surrounded with men. This is a strange world indeed, men can turn into beasts, women are limited in this world and collect multiple males to service their needs and desires to become stronger. Shortly after arriving Charlotte is saved by Derik, who yelled at her stating he was a wild beast, does that mean he doesn't like or want her. His body appears to say otherwise. How and why did she get to this world and will she ever get back home?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Her chest was forced down by a heavy weight, she could not fill her lungs even as she gasped at the air. Charlotte’s long dark brown hair fused with mud and sweat stuck to her face. The surface underneath her was hard and the man she thought she loved pressed her deeper into the ground. “Charlotte you’ve made me wait too long, be a good girl and stay still” Jerome’s words slurred as the smell of alcohol wafted into Charlotte’s face.

She tried to turn her head but he just buried his teeth into her neck. Charlotte cried out as she winced in pain. A smile appeared on Jerome’s face, his penis was stretching towards Charlotte. Leaving both her hands locked in one of his over her head, his other hand fell to her petite waist and started ripping at the dress she wore. Tears steamed down Charlotte’s face but she couldn’t bring herself to take in a breath much less make any words. Resigning herself she shut her eyes tight hoped for this torment to end.

She had been with Jerome for 3 months now and he had never kissed her let alone touched her. He had rang asking her to come pick him up from a club. She had been out with friends but left immediately when he had called for her. Being her first boyfriend ever Charlotte was completely smitten especially with his gentlemanly approach.

Suddenly there was a there was a thud, Charlotte opened her eyes wide only to squint them again from the sun beaming down on her. Jerome jumped up immediately, the sudden change of scenery alley way in the middle of the night to a forest in the morning sun startled him into a panic. Turning his murderous gaze to Charlotte, “what did you do? Where the fuck are we you stupid bitch?“.

No longer being pinned down Charlotte’s survival instincts kicked in, she flipped to her stomach pulled herself up and started running. She had no shoes on, her feet cut on the rocks and harsh terrain, she could hear Jerome shouting after while giving chase. Approaching a stream branches cut at her arms and legs and with nowhere else to turn Charlotte didn’t hesitate to continue forward, the shallow water was cold on her feet and before she could take 3 steps she slipped on a algae covered rock falling forward into the stream. Before she could recover a hand grabbed a fist of her hair ripping her out of the water. A loud scream flew past her lips while her hands tried to rip the hand off her hair with no success.

Derik had never see such a sight. A tiny soiled injured female just got picked up by her hair and thrown to the bank of the creek. A small male who had just thrown her effortlessly stalked towards her with a seeming intent to.... mate.... kill...., he was unsure. The pretty little female frightened half to death begged for her life. Derik had no right to help, look or even speak to such a beauty. However not interceding could lead to her death and his clan would be eager for yet another female.

Before Jerome could reach Charlotte on the bank who was squirming back as far as she could in fear. A large man appeared behind Jerome grabbing his head between his hands and twisted it to the side until his neck cracked. The body of Jerome fell limp before the man sent him flying into a nearby tree. The mangled lifeless body of Jerome lay on the ground unchanging. Derik knew something was not right, he had definitely killed the male, but his body remained in human form. This was definitely something to speak with Johnston about.

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