The Photographer

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Magnolia Rae Harver is an aspiring photographer. She has always liked the creative nature that taking a photo has. She can make beautiful artwork with just the simplest of things. She hasn't had much luck getting a gig but she soon gets a big break as a certain person has taken interest in her. Maddox Neil Rendell is a wealthy business man. He works in a big construction company that his father started. Maddox needed to get photography work done for his company. The first girl he interview, caught his eye in more ways than one.

Erotica / Romance
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Warning: Explicit Sexual Content

He smiled as he looked her up and down. She looked incredibly sexy with her camera, taking photos of him. He couldn't help but stare.

"Head up please," She said politely as he fixed his posture and smiled for the photo. She looked through the camera lense and shot a few pictures. She was oblivious to the stares of the man.


Maddox Neil Rendell

"So, Mr.Rendell, what do you say to this partnership?" Sherman said. I put my hands together and interlaced my fingers, "Absolutely not," I said coldly, "You are investing to little. I think you should look elsewhere."

"Sir, I think you should rethink this," Sherman pleaded. "No, I have to much respect for my company to be hassle with a measly five percent investment," I replied as I slammed my hand on the desk.

Sherman scowled, "You will regret your decision." I chuckled, "Okay, Mr.Seal. I believe it is time for you to leave," I nodded at my security guards that grabbed him and pulled him out of my office.

"How dare you insult me!" He yelled as he thrashed against the body guards. I waved him bye as he exited my office.

Stressed, I pressed my fingers to the bridge of my nose as I felt a headache coming. "Sir, can I get you anything?" Cassandra, my assistant, asked me politely. "No thanks darling," I responded with my natural charm.

She flushed and then left me to myself in my office. I had another matter to attend to. I needed a photographer for my advertisement and for the press. As a millionaire, I have to represent my company and myself in a good manner and that comes from a great picture.

I looked through my applicants as some were high end photographers, but I was drawn to a girl. She had no previous experience, but from her portfolio, she takes amazing pictures. It was the fact that she was gorgeous that I also wanted to hire her.

"Cassandra, can you schedule and interview for Monday with Magnolia Rae Harver, schedule it for an open spot and for an hour please," I said into my work cell.

"Of course, sir," She said smiling as she walked into his office to grab the file and contact the woman.

I finished up the rest of my paperwork and conference calls, ending the day at nine pm. I grabbed some files to work from home, before locking up my office and heading home to my apartment flat.

It wasn't a very humble flat. I had many expensive things, such as art, furniture, electronics, and home appliances. I prided myself in my home, keeping it pristine.

I set my things down on a table I have by the door. I grabbed the files and went into my study, placing the files on my desk. I walked out and grabbed a drink, whiskey on the rocks.

I walked back into my Saturday and worked until eleven. I rubbed my eyes and closed my laptop. I grabbed my glass, placing it into the sink as I walked to my bedroom to get ready for bed.

I did my nightly routine, showering, shaving, and getting dressed. I climbed into my big bed. I looked into the ceiling and closed my eyes, soon enough falling asleep.

I sat up in bed as I panted from the dream I had. I was covered in a cold sweat as I sat on the edge of the bed, calming myself down.

I pulled myself from the bed as I glanced at my alarm clock. "Fuck," I whispered to myself as the clock read four thirty am.

I walked to my bathroom and splashed water on my face as I stared at myself in the mirror. The nightmare was one I had for a while.

I turned the shower on as I got ready for the day as I wasn't going back to sleep. I showered, dressed casually, and cooked myself breakfast.

I walked into my office and looked through my email as I responded to investors, employees, and interviews. I noticed an email from the girl I wanted to interview on monday.

" Hello Mr.Rendell, I wanted to thank you for giving me a chance to take pictures for you. I know I was probably the last choice, but I will show you my best work and do my best work for you and hopefully the future. Thank you again."
- Magnolia Harver

I smiled as she seemed very greatful for this opportunity. I replied back to her.

" Hello Ms. Harver, I can assure you that you weren't the last choice. I admire young artist as yourself and will do anything to help them succeed in the things they love. I will be expecting you at the office."
- Maddox Rendall

I leaned back as I bit on my thumb. I was oddly excited for monday to roll around. I shook it off as I loved my job, which I do, and that I am giving a girl an amazing opportunity.


Hello! This is my first story on inkit and I really hope you guys enjoy it. I know it will probably be a cliche for most, but isnt that what we all love? Please leave comments and give me your reviews.

- Kay_H04
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