The Photographer

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Magnolia Rae Harver

"Shit!" I yelled as I quickly pulled my clothes on. I had missed my alarm clock on the most important day of my career as a photographer.

I looked in the mirror and fixed my unruly curly hair. I fixed it the best I could before putting on mascara and a little bit of lip gloss.

I grabbed my keys, portfolio, cell phone, and my purse before running down my steps to my car. It was a 2004 Nissan that I got for my sixteenth birthday.

I put my things in the back and started the car. I speed to the company parking lot. I get out and grab my things before getting inside and catching my breath. I arrived just on time.

"Hello. I am here to see Mr.Rendell," I said to the woman in the front. She looked up and smiled, "Ms.Harver right?" She asked as I nodded, "he will see you, press the sixth floor."

I got onto the elevator and pressed the number six. I waited in the elevator as the numbers rose. I prayed no one got on to delay my time and keep Mr.Rendall waiting.

I arrived at his office door as I knocked. I heard a faint 'come in'. I walked in and smiled at him.

On the inside, I was losing it. He was the most handsome man i had seen. He had beautiful cerulean blue eyes, dark brown hair, and rippling muscles underneath his grey tailored suit.

"H-hi, Mr.Rendell," I said reaching out my hand. He took it and smiled, "Hello, Ms.Harver, I am happy to see you here," He said shaking my hand.

I smiled and sat in the chair across from his desk. "So, where would you like to start?" I asked him.

"I would like to start with you, tell me about yourself and your photography career," He said as he sat back and interlaced his fingers together.

"Okay, currently I work in a photography studio. I take pictures on the side and post them to the media," I said as I explained my career, "I am punctual, hard worker, and my coworkers can vouch for this."

He nodded as he looked through her file, "What are you looking to do with your career?" He asked.

"I really want to create my own studio and do the pictures I wanna do," I explained. I pulled my leg into my lap and I sat up.

He nodded again, "Great ambition, what pictures do you tend to take?"

"I like to take all kinds of pictures, my favorite are showing the human body in all kinds of fashions," I said smiling as I talked about what I truly loved to do.

He smiled, "Alright, can I see your portfolio?" I smiled and nodded, handing him the portfolio.

He looked through it with no expression. "Thank you for your time today," He said. He handed the portfolio back as he stood up.

I smiled and stood as I shook his hand again. "Thank you for the opportunity," I said smiling.

I would be lying if I said I wanted to leave. I never wanted to leave the room. There was a strange feeling that I couldn't explain.

"I'll let you know through email the result," He said as he walked me out of his office.

"Alright. I'll be looking for it," I said as I exited his office, "thank you again." I smiled as I walked away from his office, resisting the urge to look back at him.

I smiled at the receptionist after I got off the elevator on my way to my car. I didn't know what the verdict would be, but I really wanted the job. It would be good paying and get me a start on my studio.

I got into my car and headed to get some food because I hadn't had time for breakfast. I stopped at a little cafe, Zane's cafe.

I walked inside and ordered a cheese and ham omelette. I paid for my food as I sat down and waited for my food. I grabbed my phone and occupied my time.

Soon enough, my food arrived at my table and I began to eat as I messaged my friend, Allison.

"Hey, the interview went well, I think, how is the studio doing?"

"It's doing well. I'm so happy for you! I hope you get the job. Though I'll miss my best friend."

I smiled and texted a while before I finished and tipped the waiter. I walked out. I went to my apartment and began refreshing my email. I wanted it to be now so I wouldn't be so anxious.

Night came soon and still no response. I sighed and gave up as I fixed dinner and then did my nightly routine.

I took a shower, washed face, and then got dressed before getting into bed. I had a rough time getting to sleep due to my nerves.

I soon fell asleep and snuggled close to my pillow as I slept on my stomach.
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