A Lesbian Fantasy- Nikita

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*NSFW Alert* A total lesbian steamy story ahead! One day a ping came up from anonymous lesbian dating chat and her name is Nikita... Explore juiciest secrets and fantasy with Nikita🔥

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

One day a ping came up from an anonymous lesbian dating chat and her name was Nikita. She was looking like a beautiful young lady from her profile picture. She dropped down an address in message and invited me there stating, “Just chill and wine”.
I became curious and found her interesting. I went there and saw a beautiful room. There was a soft bean bag, a wind chime, Dream-catcher seems like she decorated all by her hands. Nikita comes out of the door wearing a body caged bra and she was glowing with her smooth silky hands and legs. She was way beautiful than the picture I saw in her profile. Fresh makeup, dark fucked up lipstick, curly hairs with olive skin tone. She had a bottle of wine in her hand and she invites me into her bedroom with her fingers telling me to come in. I am an explorer of experiences. I came in Mumbai recently in search of best of best sexual fantasies that will be a part of my experience and memories. No love, no game, just me and pleasure! I entered in the room and behind she closes the door. I saw a white bed and a picture frame of Nikita hanged above the bed posing in sexy and seducing manner. Curtains were red and silky. It feels like she really enjoys feels of silky pleasures.
She kept my hairs aside and gently kissed my neck. Adrenaline rushed out my body and I blushed at her. Nikita played her hands on my neck from behind and slowly gently to my arms. She opened up my shirt buttons with feels of her lips smooching my neck. “Relax baby”, she handed me a fine glass of wine and like the colour of red wine I was getting warmer deeper in that red...

My blood was running warm and her silky touch made it seem warmer. Nikita asks me “how’s the wine?” I replied, “Just as red and dark as your thoughts, stars sprinkling up my tongue like a fine wine.”
“It seems like you are passionate, and I felt that impulse in your words”. I thanked her by cheering the glass high. She suddenly runs her hand on my thighs and she seems to know it’s my weakest part. Both glasses aside she grabs me and kisses on the neck and rubbing my thighs as well. It was turning me damn hot. We smooched up and got ourselves naked. Nikita stops me and asks “Can I take advantage of you?” and I turned around her and grinned at her looking into her seductive eyes “What if I let you take advantage of me?” “Then it will be your wildest dream” she moans.

I laid my back, she massaged my ass and slowly oils it. I moan. Steadily running finger down to my vagina poking it. “I never met a horny and seductive girl like you. Damnnn.. you are so wet and hot and it feels so good”, she spanks me hard and I moaned in pleasure with a dirty laugh, She brought up a vibrator and flips me up asking, “Which level of pleasure you want?”
“As much as you can. Just give me the feels and let me know your wildest dreams. Make me cum now”. She grins and volumes up the vibration and puts it on my clit. God!! it was the highest frequency vibration I ever felt, it was so amazing!

My eyes widen up and take heavy breaths. I flush up a good amount of pussy juicy and she inserts her fingers too. Fuck!!!! that was so hard, an immense pleasurable fantasy I ever had. While keeping the vibrator on my clit, she forwards her beautiful round boobs over my face. I sucked up passionately she moans. “Now there you go”, she volumes up higher and in sudden surprise I sucked up her nipples too tight “Ahhh...” she moaned. The whole vibrator got wet and later she inserted in her vagina in medium mode of frequency.

So satisfying her face was. I laid her down sucking her boobs and smooching her in french style. I loved her pumpkin smell sweet perfume which she sprayed near upper thighs and pussy. I turned her in 69 position heading my pussy towards her mouth and her clit on my lips. “I’ll destroy you, babes!” I grabbed her most sensitive part of her clit, that is the centre and sucked up hard nibbling her clit. She was moaning and biting my vulva lips, Nikita was jumping and trying to escape from my arms but I didn’t let the clit slip out of my trappy mouth. I moved the vibrator inside out. She screamed “Ahhhhhh.... fuck me” and then silence up in moan. Both were like waves of a sea in moving curves and eating up each other. She passes out and summed up in orgasm. I turned towards her slowly and said “Itni jaldi out? my dear sex machine?” I laughed with her and cuddled up in sleep. I woke up the next morning with an alarm watching numerous missed calls of mom and dad. I woke up quickly. She made some cereals with an ice cream cup and handed to me with a sweet kiss on my cheeks. I kissed her forehead saying “thank you”. She blushed and I ate ice cream and finished up some amount of cereals and went on my way to go home. On the door she asked me “what’s my score? will we meet again?” I winked at her and replied “Meet you soo Miss Nikita, bye” and I walked off hurriedly...

I hope you enjoyed my fantasy story!
Thanks for reading... It’s my first NFSW write up.

Any similar story request is most welcome.
Just send me a ping u know? 😉

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